Thursday, 22 February 2018

part 7: A reason to Live (ARSH)

A few months had passed by. Armaan and I grew closer in our relationship, Muskaan became the sister I never had, and I found a mother in Muskaan's mom. My life was heading in a progressive direction. There were times that I remembered my family, but I never let it get the best of me. Sure I missed them, but I realized that sulking and crying wasn't going to bring them back. I needed to move on. And Armaan and Muskaan helped me through that move.

Today was Muskaan's engagement. She was doing her hair and make-up done while I unfolded her outfit. It was absolutely stunning. It as a white and maroon lehnga choli with golden embroidery. It was picturesque. I admired the detail of the whole outfit.

"Muskaan your dress is amazing! When did you get it?" She put her comb down and looked at me from her mirror. "Mom bought it awhile back. It was just at the shop for fitting and all that so I didn't get it until a couple days ago." I continued to admire the dress. "So Shilpa, what are you wearing?" I went to my room and came back with an outfit. "This." I unfolded it and held it up for her to see. "How is it?" She glanced down the outfit, "Wow Shilpa! It's beautiful! I love how there's a slight hint of red in the brown color." I smiled wide, "Thanks Muskaan! Armaan got it for me." She raised her eyebrows, "Really now?" I looked up at her, "Before you start irritating me about Armaan, how about you get ready?" She plopped herself on the bed disappointed, "Fine..." I helped her change and made some final adjustments to her dupatta. "Done yet?" I sighed, "Muskaan it's your engagement, shouldn't you be picking out every detail that needs to be fixed and not me?" "I'm not that picky. As long as it doesn't fall off my body while I'm walking, I'll be fine." I just shook my head.

As we both finished getting ready, there was a knock at the door. I ran to it and cracked it open. Once I saw Muskaan's mother I opened the door and let her in. "Both of you look beautiful!" She walked up to both of us and gave us a hug with a kiss on our forehead. "Muskaan, you're going to go down in a few minutes. Rahul is getting anxious." "Make him wait; he deserves it for not calling me back yesterday even though he said he would." Muskaan's mother and I chuckled at the response. "Yo, don't make him suffer more than he already is." I turned to see Armaan walk into the room and stop next to me. She turned to the mirror and looked at herself. "Yea, yea whatever."

I looked at Muskaan as we waited behind the door waiting to go out into the main room. "Getting nervous?" She shut her eyes and was shifting from one leg to another. I grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. As the door opened I heard her take a deep breath and we walked out. The crowd cleared the way as we walked to the stage area where Rahul stood waiting for Muskaan. I handed Muskaan's hand into his, gave her a hug and walked off stage. He helped her to the seat right next to his and both of them sat. I could hear Muskaan's and Rahul's family complimenting couple. They truly did look beautiful. "I say we get engaged too." I turned to see who had whispered in my ear and found Armaan leaning toward me. "Armaan, you scared me!" He gave me a hug, "Sorry Shilpa, didn't mean to. By the way, you look magnificent in that outfit." Still hugging him, I looked up to see him looking down, "Thanks." His response was a kiss on my forehead.

After the photos of Muskaan and Rahul were taken alone, people began to go on stage to take pictures with the couple. Armaan, Muskaan's mom and I were up first. Armaan and I sat on both side of the couple; Armaan next to Rahul and me next to Muskaan. Muskaan's mother stood behind the couple with her hands on each of their shoulders. Following us, many other people went on stage to take pictures. I could see Muskaan getting annoyed in between each picture. I couldn't help but giggle. "What are you giggling about?" I jumped when I heard the voice. "Armaan! Stop sneaking up on me like that! That's the second time!" He just chuckled at a frightened and annoyed me. "You can tell Muskaan is getting annoyed." She looked over just as a family left and another one was going. "I think you're right." He chuckled once again. "But this should be the last one. Everyone else has already taken a picture." I turned back to the couple to see that the last people had just finished taking pictures. Muskaan took a sign of relief and called me onto the stage to sit with her. I grabbed Armaan's hand and pulled him onto the stage with me. "Oh my gosh I'm so glad that's over with!" She leaned back into the seat. "There are still pictures to be taken for the actual exchange of rings, Muskaan. So don't get too happy." "Shut up Rahul! At least I can breathe right now."

I ran to the room to get the rings for the couple. When I got back on stage I handed them to Muskaan's and Rahul's mothers. Muskaan's mother gave her the ring and placed it on Rahul's finger and he also did the same. The crowd clapped for the newly engaged couple. I heard Armaan whistle really loudly behind me which caused laughter to spread in the crowd as well. Muskaan turned to give a deadly stare at Armaan which only made him laugh more. I sat down next to Muskaan again as everyone walked off stage just to chat with her some more. When I went to get off the stage the lights of the room were shut off. I just stood in place because I didn't want to walk and end up falling off the stage. I tried to adjust to the darkness but it didn't work. Just then the lights turned back on. I was about to walk but noticed Armaan kneeling before me. "Armaan what are you doing?" He reached for something in his pocket and when he pulled it out and showed I was in shock. I looked around at the crowd developing around the stage to see what was going on. I turned to Muskaan and Rahul and saw them smiling at me. "Shilpa." I turned my gaze to Armaan once again. "These past few months have been filled with every emotion you could think of. But there is one emotion that you made me feel ever since you gave me a chance at this relationship. Happiness. Despite everything that you went through, you continued to keep the happiness alive in our relationship and are continuing to do so. Shilpa, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" I was one the verge of tears. I handed him my hand, "Yes!" He got up and held his arms open for me. I instantly brought myself to him. I could hear the crowd cheering for us. He moved his head away from mine and looked at me. "I love you Shilpa." An even larger smile broke out on my lips, "I love you more"

Armaan's parents made their way over to the stage and gave us both a hug. "Congratulations both of you. Shilpa I'm glad you said yes, he's been planning this for a long time. He was very nervous all day." I looked over at him to see him looking down smiling. "Aunty." "Not Aunty, call me mom." "Mom, I couldn't think of anyone better for me than Armaan." I leaned onto his chest as he hugged be back. "I'm glad beta; you both make a lovely couple." "Congrats Armaan!" We both turned to see Rahul and Muskaan walk over to us. Muskaan came to me and hugged me, "Congrats Shilpa!" "Thanks guys. Congrats to both of you too!"

"Shilpa I'm so happy for you!" The engagement was over and Muskaan and I were in her room changing. "Muskaan! Shut up already! How many times are you going to say that?" "Sorry. But I'm really just so happy!" It was almost 2 in the morning and I was way too tired. Ho could Muskaan still have energy. "Ugh, Muskaan I have no clue how you still have energy to jump around. I'm dead tired." "I'm tired too!" "Good! I have an idea! How about we go to sleep then? Good night!" I made my way to the door despite the slow movement of my feet. "Fine, good night." She jumped into her bed and I shut off her light before leaving.

I laid down in my own bed and shut my eyes. But I opened them again and brought my hand up. I looked at the ring. I loved it. It was silver with two loops in the middle. On top of the loops was a diamond in a heart shape. And on one side of the heart were two tiny diamonds. A small smile appeared on my lips. I continued to admire it and soon enough, my eyes closed.


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