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part 8 : Change Of Heart

Everyone was whispering among themselves on dining table before Armaan and Riddhima join them. Once they reach, all went mum. Armaan wonder what’s going on but get no clues.

Riddhima and Muskaan serve them breakfast.

“Riddhima” Ananya called her.

“Ji Aunty” she look towards her.

“ohoooo,,,,,, start calling me Mom like Armaan do” she said and Riddhima smile bending her head down.

“Beta tumhe koi kaam to nhi hai na aaj?” she continued.

“Nhi Au,,,,,Mom, kyu?” she replied.

“Aise hi, I just want to spend sometime with you to socha puch lu” she lied.

“Mom, apko command karna chahiye puchna nhi, afterall it’s your right” she smile and they began their breakfast.

“Bhai, kya chal raha hai ?” Armaan whisper in Rahul’s ear.

Rahul look towards him as if he asked any silly question “Fogg chal raha hai” he said and get busy in his breakfast while Armaan looked him being mouf.

“Very funny, mai inke dimag me kya chal raha hai ye puch raha hu, they are behaving strange” Armaan poked his elbow in Rahul’s tummy.

“Pata nhi yaar” he said coz Ananya and Muskaan glared him which was not seen by Armaan.

After breakfast Billy took Armaan to meet someone while Riddhima and Ananya stayed at home. All others including beejie also went somewhere without informing Riddhima. Leaving all these thoughts Riddhima get busy with Ananya, she liked her, her nature was same like her mother. Riddhima got that feeling after so many days thus she want to cherish every moment, she showed her everything and talked about everyone, infact they become emotional while talking about Riddhima’s parents and family but Ananya sooth her and promise her that she will get all the love she deserve.

They had lunch together then rest for sometime.

During evening, Riddhima got up to see no one was there in house, she search for Ananya but was not there, she got worried and called Armaan, as no one was picking her call.

Armaan console her and reach BGM as soon he could make. They search here and there but get no clues. Suddenly Armaan got a msg.

“Stop searching me Armaan, Riddhima k room me jao, there is a surprise for both of you, get ready and come soon, we are waiting here.”

They become confuse and rushed towards Riddhima’s room. Two gift packs were kept there written Armaan’s name on one while Riddhima’s name on other.

They boggled what’s going on and open the gift.

It was a beautiful lehanga kept inside of their favorite color sauce wala red, she smile looking towards it and Armaan got a sherwani kept in his packet.

“Ye sab kya hai Armaan?” she asked looking towards him but he was also unaware like her.

“see this note”

“Get ready fast and sit in the car standing outside the house”

“Yr hamare gharwale v na, puri tarah se kaabu me kar chuke hain hame, I think koi party wagairah hogi, let see, tum ready ho jao” Armaan said and she move towards washroom while he changed there only.

Riddhima get raedy in that lehanga and came out, Armaan turn around when he heard the knob of door he was left dumbstruck and breathless when his eyes fall on her.

She was looking like eternal beauty which might vanish due to touch but here it was in real, she was coming towards him looking here and there avoiding eye contact coz she knew Armaan wouldn’t leave any chance to tease her.

She tried to move towards dressing table to wear jwellery kept there but Armaan hold her hand when she crossed her.

“Armaan, chhodo na” she tried to free her hand.

But he was lost in her beauty, he drag her slowly towards himself and hugged her from back side.

She closed her eyes feeling his hot breathe on her neck while he kissed her slowly moving her hair to one side.

“How could you manage to make yourself more beautiful everytime you come infront of me” he whisper in a husky voice near her ear making her smile.

“Armaan, don’t act so filmy” she tried to bring him down from his lala land.

“Really” he asked turning her towards him under his hold.

“yeah,, see you are acting like a lover boy now” she said trying to be normal.

“Sab tumhari galti hai, tumne ek cool handsome police officer ko lover boy bana diya hai, it’s all your fault” he said making faces and she smile looking towards him.

“okayyyyyy,,,,,,,, so Mr.Cool Handsome Police Officer let me get ready, everyone will be waiting for us hmm” she said correcting his sherwani’s collar.

“Theek hai, abhi chhod deta hu but will see you later at night, be prepared” he said leaving her hand.

“We will see that Mr.Mallik” Riddhima said suppressing her smile.

“Sure baby” he winked at her.

She was wearing jewelries when Armaan again got a chance to be around her. He stood behind her and helped her to wear her jwells while kissing here and there.

“Armaan, stop it” she whines and he smirk.

“Mai kya kar raha hu, I’m just helping you” He said.

“Koi help nhi kar rahe ho tum, you are just teasing me ok” she said glaring her.

“Arey nhi, see I’m just helping you wearing this ear ring” he said seriously looking towards the ear ring and tried to put it in her ear but as he did his work again kissed her earlobes.

“Armaan, tum na, tum rahne do, mai kar lungi, tumhe bas pareshan karna hota hai” she said turning towards him and make him sit on bed.

“Arey yaar, tum to kuch karne hi nhi deti ho” he said pouting.

She smile over him and get ready fast and they left the room. A car was waiting for them outside, they sit inside and driver drove them away.

“Armaan, tumhe koi idea hai kya plan hai sabka?” she asked getting excited.

“Ha hai na”he said.

“Kya” she asked with the cutest smile.

“Wo,,, yahi ki mujhe thoda time spend karne ko mile tumhare sath” he said not getting anything in his mind.

“chikkk, Armaan tum v na, bas jhoot bolna aata hai tumhe” she said and sit quietly.

Soon they reached their destination, Armaan hold her hand and she came out, they move holding each other’s hand, it was all dark and Armaan switch on the torch of his phone.

They move forward when a light fall on them, and Riddhima get shocked when she look aroung it was Gupta Mansion, she was hell shocked as she was standing at the place where she lost her family and same was the reaction of Armaan, he worried for Riddhima.

But before anyone could say anything they heard Ananya’s voice.

“Riddhima beta, hame pata hai tum yaha nhi aana chahti kyunki tumne apne apno ko khoya hai yaha pe, lekin beta ham tumhe apne sath le jane k liye aaye hain to unka aashirwad v chahiye isliye ham chahte hain ki tum yaha apne ghar se, jaha tumne unke sath waqt bitaya hai, tumhari yaadein hain yaha aur tum khushi khushi yaha pe bitaye hue waqt ko yaad karo jo ki tumhari life k best moments the” Riddhima got tears in her eyes, she was feeling blessed to get such a lovely family where everyone feels about other’s emotions.

Armaan wipe her tears and she smile to her fullest “Nhi Armaan main nhi roungi, mujhe yaha pe apni achhi achhi yaado ko mehsus karna hai” Armaan nodded and they move forward as if they were climbing few stairs.

“But sab log hai kaha?” she asked.

“Yaha” they said together and lights were switched on.

Riddhima look every corner of house, it was decorated beautifully, she smile looking around moreover she was surprised to see herself and Armaan on a beautifully decorated stage.

Ananya came and she hugged her tight, “thanku Mom thanku so much for the best gift of my life. Mai sach me kabhi himmat nhi juta pati yaha aane ki but apne meri thinking hi badal di, thanku”.

“Bas hmm,,,,,,, no buttering, ab chalo jaldi karo aaj tum dono ki engagement hai, tumhare ghar me tumhare gharwalo k aashirwaad k sath, I’m sure wo jaha v honge apni beti ko khush dekh k bahut khush honge” she said smiling which make Armaan and Riddhima shocked.

“Engagement” they shouted together.

“Ya buddy. Kyu tujhe nhi karni hai kya?” Billy said coming towards him.

“Nhi maine aisa kab kaha, wo to aise suddenly so” Armaan make up his words.

“Isliye sab log gayab the ghar se” Riddhima asked smiling.’

“Ha bhabhi, isliye to ham beejie ko leke aaye, coz we know aap kitni attach hai yaha se” Nikki said hugging her.

“Thanku so much, aap sab ne mujhe bahut bada surprise diya hai, mai ye moment kabhi nhi bhoolungi” she said with smile and hugged Muskaan.

Armaan smile looking towards her coz her smile was genuine and reaching to her eyes.

Soon they exchange rings and got engaged in presence of their family.

Armaan and Riddhima took elders blessing, after that Armaan hold her hand and move towards a corner where Riddhima’s family was present in form of photographs. Yes their photos were hanging on the wall, Riddhima got tears in her eyes when her eyes fall on them.

Armaan joint his hand “Mom Dad, bhai,di, everybody, I know Riddhima apki Princess hai, aap sab ne use bahut pyaar diya hai, Mai use apke jitna pyar to nhi de paunga but I promise aap sab k baad agar koi uska khyal rakhega uski care karega to wo mai karunga. Hamari family me use koi problem nhi hogi, wo bahut khush rahegi waha pe, I swear mai use sari khushiya dunga, bas aap logo ka aashirwaad chahiye” he bend his head down making everyone emotional.

Riddhima kept her hand on his shoulder and smile, he too respond her and they move towards their family.

“Yaar Ammy teri engagement ho gai, yakeen nhi ho raha hai” Rahul said.

“Kyu bhai” he asked.

“I mean hame nhi laga tha ki tu shadi wadi k chakkar me padega” Muskaan said.

“Sach me yaar, padne wala to nhi tha but isne kahi ka nhi chora” he openly flirt with Riddhima making her shy.

They enjoyed a lot there, having dinner with each other, they danced on a lovely song while everyone cheer up for them. Everyone danced together and Riddhima felt blessed to have a such a lovely family.

They returned late night to BGM and left to their rooms being tired, others slept.

But Armaan was all awake, he wasn’t believing that they got engaged. His smile was not leaving his face, he was dreaming about Riddhima, their upcoming life.

Same condition was with Riddhima, she was sure that Armaan and his family was best that any girl could get. She was smiling remembering the moment they spend together.

Soon she got Armaan’s msg “Missing me?”

She smile holding the phone but didn’t replied.

“Reply Riddhima, I know tum soyi nhi ho”

“and why you are so sure about that?” she texted him.

“see, your msg is a proof, bdw Mrs.Would be Mallik tumhare room ki lights on hain and you can’t sleep when lights are on right” Armaan replied and she bit her tongue.

Mrs.Would be Mallik name was giving her goosebumps. She knew Armaan would tease her once he get her blushing look.

“So jao Armaan its very late”

“Arey aise kaise so jau, aaj to celebrate karne ka din hai, hamari sagai hui hai aaj” he texed her with a wink emojie and kissed her pic on his phone.

Soon she heard a knock on her door, she know very well it was Armaan but hesitate to open the door.

“Open the door yaar”

“Nhi Armaan sab log yaha pe hain, tum so jao pahle jake” she replied.

“Fine, mat kholo, mat mano meri baat, mai v yahi rahunga” he replied.

And she open the door instantly, Armaan knew she will open the door so he hugged her tight as soon as she open the door.

“Chalo mere sath” he said dragging her with himself.

“Arey but kaha?” she asked and he shushhhed her by putting his finger on her lips.

Armaan lift her up in a bridal style and move out of bungalow making her shocked.

“Armaan, kya kar rahe ho kaha le ja rahe ho?” she asked but he didn’t replied.

He make her sit on the front seat and took hold on driving seat.

“Armaan ha,,,,,,,” she stopped when he came deadly close to her.

“Tum chup nhi rah sakti thodi der Riddhima"

“But mai to,,,,,,,”

Armaan pecked her lips making her shocked.

“Armaan tu,,,,”

“You are still talking” he said again leaning towards her.

“No,,,,,,No, I’m not” she showed a jipped up sign and he smirk,

“Good, now sit like this” he said and start the car.

He stopped the car somewhere near a restaurant and ask her to wait for him.

“Ye ladka v na pura pagal hai, ise bhook lagi thi to ghar pe nhi bata sakta tha, mai kuch bana deti but nhi, ise to shauk hai dramebazi karne ka, God knows is field me kaise aa gaya.” She was talking to herself after few minutes unaware of the fact that ARmaan was listening everything coz he came back till then.

“I heard that” he said.

“I meant that” she said without realizing that it was ARmaan but jerk up and look towards him when he open the door.

“Armaan wo,,,,,,,,,,,, to ma,,,”

Armaan again pecked her lips making her shut up “You are still talking baby, waise if you want we can continue like yesterday, isiliye tum baar baar bol rahi ho ki mai tumhe,,,,,,,,” she stop him keeping her hand on his mouth.

But push him away when she realized what he was talking.

“Tumhara dimaag kharab ho gaya hai Armaan, kuch v bolte rahte ho” she hit him playfully getting angry.

“arey nhi mai to bas,,,,,,,”he know if Riddhima get angry then it would be difficult for him to handle.

“Mai to bas kya ha, kab se dekh rahi hu main nhi bol rahi hu to tum shuru ho” she said hitting him but fall over him on seat and hold him tightly.

They look towards each other and get lost in their eyes, they were sharing their happiness through eyes. He blew some air on her face removing her hair fringes which were blocking his views.

“Oyeee hoyeee” he whisper in a husky voice making her more red.

“Armaan,,,,,,,,,, “ she gets up and sit on her seat “ham yaha kyu aaye hain?” she asked sitting properly.

“Isliye” he showed her icecream.

“What,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ham itni raat me, yaha pe ice cream khane aaye hain” she asked not believing Armaan took her here for ice cream.

“Ya, mujhe apni fiancĂ©e k sath ice cream khani thi isliye yaha aa gaya leke, any problem?” he look towards her while opening the ice cream.

“NO, not at all Mr.Mallik, but next time agar apko ice cream khane ka mann kare to ghar pe hi bata dijiyega, shayad ghar pe v ice cream available ho” she said suppressing her smile and hold her ice cream.

“Wo kya hai na, Mrs.Would be Mallik, ghar pe wo feeling nhi aati jo yaha pe is waqt is car me hai” his voice become heavy but she didn’t look towards him.

She knew her one move will make him forget every other thing and that will be not good for sure.

She was having her ice cream when her eyes fall on Armaan, he smashed some ice cream near his lips, she make him look towards her and wipe them with her hands, he smile but again got an idea.

“Chikkk, Riddhima, you don’t how to wipe ice cream” he said with a pout.

“WHY? I did that, see” she make him look In mirror getting boggled.

“I’ll show you how to wipe icecream” before she could react Armaan leaned on her and kissed her lips sucking extra ice cream near her lips making her shocked she took time to register what’s going on.

Once she realized they were kissing in car in middle of night got goosebumps, Armaan bit her lower lip slowly when she didn’t respond and soon she also give in to the kiss.

They get apart after few minutes due to lack of air and her eyes were bend feeling shy.

“Yummiiieee” he said which Riddhima gave him a question look “ICE CREAM Baby” he said chukling making her frown.

“And see I wiped your ice cream” he said moving the mirror towards her and she blush more looking at the red color of her cheeks .

“Next time mujhe batane ki jarurat nhi padegi right” he said and start the car winking at her while she sighed shaking her head.

They drove back to home and went to sleep after Riddhima gave Armaan’s medicine and he kissed her forehead to wish her good night. He so wanted to be with Riddhima to sleep with her holding her near himself but he will have to resist himself as neither riddhima nor he himself would like to do anything for which they can’t control themselves.

Next morning, everyone was packing their luggage which make Riddhima confused.

“kya hua Mom Dad, aaplog bag kyu pack kar rahe hain” she asked while keeping their tea on side table.

“Kyunki ham wapas ja rahe hain beta” Billy said taking his cup.

“Wapas, itni jaldi?” she gets sad.

“Hmmm,,,,,” Ananya too joined them.

“Abhi to aaplog aaye hain aur kal engagement fir itni jaldi kyu ja rahe hain, abhi to maine theek se time v nhi spend kiya aplogo k sath” she said getting tears in her eyes.

“Arey bachha don’t cry, I was saying ham sab ja rahe hain and you are our family to aap v chal rahi hain hamare sath, afterall hame bilkul v achha nhi lagega India me tumahre bina tumne do din me itni aadat daal di hai apni” Billy said keeping his hand on her head.

“But dad mai kaise, itni jaldi” she was getting worried.

“Jladi nhi hai beta, we arrange this before coming here, hamne tumhari authority se baat kar li hai, tum chaho to India me fir se join kar sakti ho aur tumahre sare papers v ready hain, rahul ne sari taiyari kar li thi, you don’t worry for anything. Tum bas ye decide karo ki tumhe hamre sath chalna hai ya kuch din baad” Billy said.

Riddhima got tears in her eyes how much they care for her, she look towards Ananya with moist eyes, she also shook her head and she hugged them “Thanku so much Mom Dad, mai aaplogo k bina yaha kya karungi, mujhe meri family k sath rahna hai.” She said making them feel proud on her.

“Chalo fir packing kar lo tab” Ananya said and she stood up being excited, she was happy by the name of India.

“Dad, mai kya soch rahi thi, beejie did a lot for me, to kya mai ye ghar beejie ko de du, jab tak wo chahe yaha rahe” Riddhima said with hopeful eyes.

“ofcourse beta, wo v tumhari family hai, tum jo chaho decide kar sakte ho, I know you will always be right” he said with a smile.

“chaliye ab packing kare” Ananya said when Armaan enter inside.

“Kaisi packing Mom” he asked.

“Ghar jane ki wapas nhi jana hai kya tujhe, yahi rahega gharjamai ban k” Ananya said making him shocked.

“But Mom, itni jaldi Dad” he look towards Billy, he don’t want to leave Riddhima here.

“theek hai ise nhi jana to rahne do, Chalo Riddhima beta tum apni packing kar lo” Billy said giving him another shock.


“ha ab tujhe nhi jana mat ja, Riddhima to ja rahi hai hamare sath”

“Arey to mai chal raha hu na, maine kab mana kiya, mai abhi packng kar k aata hu” he said and rushed outside.

“Pagal ladka” Ananya said and Riddhima smile on Armaan’s antics.

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