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part 9 & 10 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

Green Room

 Riddhima , Nicole ,hard kaur & Savio was there & Amit & neha was discussing with them self . camera men was sitting in one sofa doing his same work. There where two photographer also they where clicking different different photo of Savio & hard kaur in there dance perform dress.

 After same time Bhaichung & Sonia also enter how was out side on the stage talking to judges & there fan. & iqbal & prachi also enter from back side. now only Armaan was left. They where watting for Armaan only so they can start discussing.


 Armaan Room

 Armaan come & take out his wallet. There was his & his love pic was there.he started at that picture for same time.

"u no na, I am missing u a lot, I wan't to talk to u, but still u       r not allowing me to take with u, just going away from me, but don't think that if u will keep ignoring me then I will forget u      by ur behavior , but I will keep trying to talk with u & I CAN NEVER FORGET U keep this in ur mind" said Armaan looking    at the picture.

"now, I have to plan same thing, so that u can talk with me or I can also say u have to talk with me" said Armaan "ok now I have to go" said Armaan closing his wallet "but why didn't u came to wish me luck " said Armaan with sad face looking at his wallet.

 then keep his wallet safely in his Mini bag in which he care his phone,laptop,perfume & one diary was already there. No one no that he has keep his love picture in his wallet. No one dare to touch any of Armaan thinks even Rahul & Armaan mom is not allowed to open his wallet or the small bag.

After giving last look toward the bag Armaan left for Auditorm. That was his routine he always talk to His love before his shoot start for JDJ & even in the morning when he get up from his sleep & at night before going to sleep.


in green Room

 There was a loud noise from audiences. so they come to known that Armaan had come but they where watting for him to come in Green Room. After greeting every one & his fan. Armaan come to green Room.

 "ok guyss no lesion first then u can talk to each other" said Amit & Armaan seated in his place near Nicole "Bhaichung & Sonia u both will perform first in ur couple dance & then hard kaur & Savio u both & last Armaan & Nicole ok" said Amit. Every one nodded there head

 " & after couple dance there will be sole dance, in which Armaan u will perform first & then hard kaur & then Baichung ok" said Neha. "Prachi , iqbal & Riddhima u r entry will be first then the couple dance." Said Amit "so prachi u r going to dance & iqbal u also going to dance right" said Amit "right" said iqbal & prachi

"& Riddhima u r going to sing" said Neha for replay Riddhima nodded "which song" asked Nicole "Mohabbat Aapse" said Riddhima "wow, I like u r that song a lot " said Hard kaur " If I am not wrong then u have also written that song right" said Iqbal "yes" said Riddhima

"ok so final Prachi will dance first then, iqbal & then Riddhima u will sing & after every dance finale partner will come on the stage & the chorographer also" said Amit


part 10 : 

after same time the show started with Shweta & rohit.After same chit chat like "welcome to JDJ3, today is sami final" & then they told that they have surprise for them so then they call a Prachi calling her a guest.

they move a side, lights where of & then a song start playing . in the middle of the stage prachi was dancing.

after prachi dance they announce that she will be Bhaichung partner for finale.

after that there was iqbal performation. he was dancing on daddy's cool title song & then they announced that iqbal will be hard kaur partner.

Now every one was watting for Armaan partner. They new that it is gauhar but they wan't to see there dance & Armaan also.

Then Mohan Announced Riddhima to came on stage by calling in intercom, when Riddhima come on stage all the people where happy seeing her, but same where only watting for Armaan only, so they thought that if see will go then Gauhar will come & then Armaan will come .

When suddenly there was light off ,Riddhima was standing in middle of the stage the tune start playing & slowly Slowly Riddhima start singing, people where  happy to here the song.

Riddhima Sang

Din chadhe, mujhse pooche nazar,
Kaun tha sapno mein raat bhar,
Aap ka hi tha asar,
Ab aap hi ho humsafar,
[Mohabbat aapse, aapse aapse aapse,
Aqeedat aapse, aapse aapse aapse]-2 times
Hoo hoo..haa haa'ho ho ho..
Haii yeahh..ho ho ho'

Sharbati nazron mein aap hain,
Makhmali palkon ke paas hain,
Aap to ehsaas hain,
Ab khoob hai aur khaas hai,
[Mohabbat aapse, aapse aapse aapse,
Aqeedat aapse, wohoo whohoo]-2 times

Kahin naa kahin yeh dil jab aata hai, ahan
Ghadi do ghadi ko tab samjhata hai, oho
Dil o ka dilo se bhi kuch naata hai,
Yeh dil duhraata hai,
Mohabbat aapse, aqeedat aap se,
Mohabbat aapse, aqeedat aap se,
Mohabbat aapse'

Dilruba kehta hai aapko,
Dil khuda kehta hai aapko,
Har dafa yeh aapko,
Kehta wafa hai aapko,
[Mohabbat aapse, aapse aapse aapse,
Aqeedat aapse, aapse aapse aapse]-2 times
Ho ho..haa'ho ho ho'

The song was just started but people start clapping . they where so lost in the song, enjoying the song. After same time the song ended. The people where clapping same where also saying "once more, once more". The judges where also happy , saroj khan had already whistle in the middle of the song.

"that was wonderful Riddhima, I can't say anything alse, becoz I don't have word to say, I have heard u singing in TV but here in front of me it's totally Different I just love it" said Saroj Khan . Riddhima start moving toward Saroj Khan & Saroj Khan get up from his Seat & take  100 rupees not & give that to Riddhima.

 All the people where clapping same where whistling also.Armaan had Already come from green Room to stage & standing next to Rohit.

 "Riddhima it's was Mind-blowing" said vaibhavi. & then Juhi also told Riddhima that see was Awesome Rohit & shweta also said that it was too too good.




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