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part 9 : Change Of Heart

Riddhima also left to do her packing.

She handed over her home to beejie, beejie become emotional but she know Armaan is best for Riddhima, she will be happy there, she blessed her and ask to come often.

Armaan promised beejie that he will bring Riddhima here to meet her.

They left for India,

They reached Mallik Mansion and Riddhima was in aww looking at the beautiful bunglow, she was looking everything with excitement as she came here after so many years. When she left India she was just two years old.

She happily look everything, her excitement was doubled by Nikki and Muskaan while Armaan observe her smile, her happy face, he prayed God to keep her happy.

Nikki shows her whole house inspite of being tired Riddhima was eager to take a round of Mallik Mansion, she happily observe everything.

But what she loved most was outhouse, it was really amazing off white painted with white and red curtains all around, she happily turn around and smile.

“Woww,,,,,,,,, Nikki, this is really awesome” she said being excited.

“Ye to apko pasand aana hi tha” Nikki said with a mischievous smile.

“Why so?” she asked with a frown.

“Coz, ye Armaan bhai ki favorite place hai, he spend his free time here and yeah when he plan any strategy he spend almost his whole day here only, keep on thinking. Waise ye baatein apko jyada samajh me aayengi as you are also in same field but mere samajh k bahar hai” Nikki said and they laugh.

“Hmm, you are right, actually pata hai kya kabhi kabhi hame kisi case ko professionally handle karne k pahle apna stress release karna padta hai, we need calm environment so that we could focus on that case and think about our strategy and for that purpose this is the best place. I had my special place in Gupta Mansion on terrace” Riddhima smile and said.

“Aap dono bilkul ek jaise ho, I’m really happy to have you as my bhabhi” Nikki hugged her.

Nikki’s eye fall on a closed door and her facial expression changes, Riddhiima noticed that.

“Kya hua?” she asked.

“Kuch nhi, apko pata hai Ammy bhai best hai har baat me, but jab v baat is room ki aati hai he never allowed anyone, kabhi bataya hi nhi kya hai, may be apko bata de, agar pata chale to jarur bataiyega ok” she whisper and Riddhima smile and look towards the door thoughtfully.

Soon they were called by Ananya for lunch.

Riddhima went in Nikki’s room to get fresh, she don’t know where else to go, not in Armaan’s room moreover Nikki drang her with herself.

After taking a shower Riddgima feels relax, she lie down on bed and wait for Nikki to come back from washroom. Her mind was busy thinking about the room in outhouse, she haven’t seen Armaan for so long and thought to ask him.

“Kaha gayab ho gaye ho India aate hi” she msg him.

“Sorry baby, lil urgent I’ll be back in few minutes, miss u” she got his reply instantly and smile.

When she came back to dining area everyone was present there, even Muskaan’s family also came, she met them happily, it was like a family lunch together.

Armaan was sitting infront of Riddhima and wink while sitting while Riddhima blush on his single reaction.

They have their food and Armaan was busy staring Riddhima, she was avoiding him and smile to what Muskaan was saying.

“Ammy” Muskaan said near his ear and he came back from his lala land.

“Ha, kya hua?” he asked looking towards her.

“Khana kha lo, Ridzi ko khane k baad v ghoor sakte ho” she said in her typical smile making everyone laugh while Armaan get focused on food smiling to what he was doing.

“Ammy, relax yaar, wo tere paas tere hi ghar me hai, why you always make her uncomfortable infront of others, atleast dusro k samne to use aise dekhna band kar wasie hi red hui ja rahi hai, but yaar I love her blushing face, oyeee stop it, focuse on food, just food ok” his mind was busy scolding him.

“Waise Ananyaji, apse ek permission leni thi” Muskaan’s mom said making everyone look towards her, what happened suddenly.

“Ha boliye na kya hua?” she replied.

“Actually, ab to hame shadi ki preparations shuru karni hai” she said to which Rahul and Muskaan blush “to mai kya soch rahi thi, Muskaan aur Ridzi dono mere liye ek jaise hain, dono bahut purane friends hain Ridzi waha thi to hame kabhi mauka hi nhi mila milne ka but ab jab Ridzi yaha hai mai chahti hu ki mere dono bachho ki shadi ek saath mere ghar se ho, agar apko koi aitraaz na ho to” she look towards Ananya with a hopeful eyes while Riddhima got tears in her eyes to see the love infact so much love she was getting from everyone. Armaan’s face fell on her request as he won’t be able to see Riddhima.

“Isme aitraaz kaisa, Riddhima v apki hi beti hai, ham to khushi khushi use apne sath laye hain beti bana k, wo hamare liye bahut special hai Muskaan ki tarah. Riddhima beta, tumhe koi problem?” Ananya look towards her but smile looking at her tears she hugged her and said “Ham sab family hain beta aur yaha pe aap ham sab k liye bahut important ho” Riddhima nod her head and smile.

“Woww,,, Ridzi we’ll be together” Muskaan said being excited and she smile.

“Not fair yaar, bahbhi aap mere sath rahne wali thi mere room me I thought” Nikki said pouting and she smile.

“Arey to Riddhima ko to yahi rahna hai kuch din baad, bas wo tere room me nhi Armaan k room me rahegi” Rahul said to which everyone smile.

“Theek hai, but not today warna mai baat nhi karungi kisi se” Nikki said making others smile.

“Fine, mai kal le jaungi Riddhima ko” ,Muskaan said hugging Nikki “Aur fir tujhe kya problem hai tera jab mann kare aa jana hamare paas”

“Ya, wo to mai aaungi” she said.

“Waise Nikki tujhe nhi lag raha hai ki Ammy sad ho gaya hai by this news” Muskaan whisper near Nikki’s ear and they laugh while Armaan glared them.

Riddhima slowly mouthed a Sorry to Armaan but he ignored her, she knew he was getting angry now.

After having food, Muskaan took Riddhima to Nikki’s room and they rest for sometime.

Riddhima being tired of journey fall asleep while Muskaan and Nikki went down after sometime when they saw Riddhima was sleeping.

Soon Muskaan left with her parents and Rahul went for some work.

Armaan was lying on his bed remembering about the family talk, on one side he was happy that everyone was treating Riddhima very well like a princess as her dad wants but other side he was sad that she won’t be living in Mallik Mansion, this thought was making him sad, he won’t be able to see her. He was getting angry on Riddhima that she didn’t said anything although he know that she won’t deny on what elders say but still his heart want to hear that she want to be with him.

Lost in his thoughts he was walking downwards when he saw Nikki downstairs and smile as Riddhima will be alone in Nikki’s room coz Muskaan left.

He ran towards Nikki’s room and open the door, Riddhima was sleeping holding a teddy close to her, he suddenly get a thought of being himself on the place of teddy but to his bad luck it was not possible. He himself make her sad but what to do everytime he think of Riddhima getting away from him make him angry.

Right now he was lost in the beauty sleeping on bed, her hairs were falling on her face covering some portion, he slowly blow air to remove those strands away from her face, the smile adoring her face urging him to kiss her but he controlled himself somehow. He slowly kissed her forehead and left the room.

Riddhima get up slowly opening her eyes feeling some touch on her face but saw no one there, she smile thinking may be she was dreaming about Armaan.

She get fresh and see the time, it was almost night, she hurriedly went downstairs.

“So Sorry mom, I don’t know mai kab so gai” she said standing near Ananya in kitchen.

“Koi baat nhi bachha you were tired and ye tumhari pahli journey thi in India isliye achha hua ki tum so gai else you’ll felt tired wholetime.” She said Riddhima hugged her mouthing a love u to her to which she smile.

“Mom mai kuch help karu apki” she asked.

“Nhi sab ho gaya hai, tum log baitho baatein karo, mai abhi aati hu bahar” she said and Nikki drag her to drawing room.

Billy, Nikki, Rahul and Ridzi were talking, she was wondering about Armaan.

Soon he came and ignored her totally “Bhai I have to think about a case so you know where I’ll be, call me only if its urgent” he said went outside leaving Rahul shocked.

“Pakka iska mood kharab hai, koi baat hui kya?” he asked looking towards them and they shook her head in no.

Riddhima knew it was because of her, since she was leaving to Muskaan’s house surely this make Armaan angry.

She was thinking about what to do to make him smile.

“Armaan kya kar rahe ho tum, mai abhi har baat k liye tumhare paas nhi aa sakti na, plz bhagwaanji show me some way, kaise samjhau mai is buddhu ladke ko, he is really a kid” she murmured to herself.

Nikki got Muskaan’s call and after sometime she talk to Ridzi “Sun Ridzi, I know Armaan gussa ho gaya hoga Mom ki baat pe, although he is happy for you but use bas ye lag raha hoga ki tum uske paas nhi rahogi, Mai aur Rahul dono ko aisa lagta hai ki yaha aane k pahle tum thoda time Armaan k saath spend karo aur use samjhao that you will be with him warna wo kisi cheej pe focus nhi kar payega and I asked Rahul to send you with Armaan tomorrow okay, so just go and make him smile” Riddhima listen to her and look towards Rahul and he nodded as if he knew what Muskaan was going to say.

“Okay” she said and Muski cut the call.

She was feeling happy that everyone is supportive in this family, each and every member she thanked God for getting such a sweet family.

“Pahle Armaan ko manana hoga” she thought.

“Chalo bachho, dinner ready hai” Ananya called them.

“Ha bhai, jao bachho, hame thodi na bhook lagti hai” Billy said making them confuse.

“Means” Nikki asked.

“Mr.Billy Mallik, you are also invited for dinner ok, stop behaving like kid” Ananya know very well he said that to notice whatever she said.

“OH!” Ridzi, Nikki and Rahul said.

“Arey ham to kab ka ready baithe hain, aap hi hame bulana bhool gai, mujhe to laga ki aaj aap hamare sath room me khayengi hamare hath se tabhi bas bchho ko bula rahi hain” Billy said in a flirt way making Ananya blush, Riddhima was watching everything smiling and feel awww on the love of couple.

Ananya controlled her blush and said “ C’mon Billy, kuch to sharm kiya karo, hamare bachho ki shadi hone wali hai and you are really impossible, chalo ab khana khao” making others laugh on how she tried to manage her blush.

“Okay madam, jaisa aap kahe, but bachho ki shadi ho rahi hai to matlab ham apni wife se pyaar v na kare aisa kaha likha hai” he said setting down on his seat.

“Stop it now, and have your food, fir karte rahiyega pyar” she said and bit her tongue to what she said.

“Kya baat hai Mom” Rahul said smiling(he start calling them Mom Dad when they insist so tha he don’t feel his parents emptiness).

“Mom k bachhe, khana khao tum log, mai hi milti hu kya tease karne k liye, I’m your Mom okay” she said getting up.

“Okay okay, Sorry yaar, ham to bas aise hi mazak kar rahe the” Billy said holding her hand.

“Ha to mai v bas mazak kar rahi thi, don’t worry I’m not going to leave food for your nautanki” she laugh and sit on her seat.

“Arey ye Armaan, kaha rah gaya, aaya nhi abhi tak” she asked.

“Mom, wo bhai apne thinking zone me hain” Nikki said laughing to which Riddhima smile.

“Chup kar tu, jyada bolne lagi hai” she said making her stop laughing.

“Sorry” Nikki smile.

“Mom, ab to Armaan ko kafi time lagega waha se nikalne me” Rahul said.

“Ha wahi to, pata nhi kab aayega, din me v theek se khana nhi khaya hai usne” she said getting worried.

“Mom, send his food through Riddhima, I’m sure she will manage” he said looking towards her and she smile.

“hmm,,, Riddhima beta, tum uska khana leke jao, I’m sure wo tumahri baat maan lega, warna waha se nikalna mushkil hi hai aj uska, pata nhi aate hi kaun sa case mil gaya use” Ananya said to which Riddhima nod and left to take his food.

She took a plate full of foods and tried to left when Nikki said “ I hope you know bhabhi ki apko kaha jana hai” near her ears and she smile saying yes.

She went towards outhouse and knocked the door but no response. Armaan was lying on a rocking chair kept there and put headphone. He didn’t heard the knock.

Riddhima slowly open the door and saw Armaan there in a dim light, she smile and move forward.

Armaan feels Riddhima’s presence and a beautiful smile adore his face, he closed his eyes to feel her presence but soon reality strucks into his mind that Riddhima don’t know this place and he open his eyes.

He stood up and look towards the person coming inside, he smile as it was Riddhima, she kept food on a table and move towards him. His anger vanish in a moment when he saw Riddhima but he don’t want to show her. He stood wth a straight face till Riddhima reached him.

“Armaan khana kha lo” she said slowly.

“Mujhe bhook nhi hai” he said and turn to other side.

“Kyu?” she asked standing infront of him.

“Aise hi,bas nhi hai” he said.

“Armaan, chup chap se khana khao” she said keeping her hands on her hips ordering like a wife which make him smile but he hide his smile.

“Nhi khana hai mujhe, tum jao na tumhe to Muskaan k yaha jana hai na” he said and sit on a chair.

Riddhima stood behind the chair and hold his face, he look towards her, she smile and kissed his forehead.

“That’s not fair, tum gussa v nhi hone deti ho” he whines like a kid and she smile on his antics.

She hold the plate and sit infront on him, she took a morsel and forward it towards Armaan “Tumhe pata hai Armaan, I was longing for a family love when I lost my parents” Armaan have the food by her hand while listening her.

“Aur aaj jab, Aunty ne kaha that she wants her both daughter to get married from same house, I was unable to control my tears, pata nhi kaise but God is fulfilling my every wish, I’m getting love and care from everyone, I’m feeling alive, mujhe fir se ek parivar, itna care karne wale rishte mil rahe hain and all because of you, I can thank you whole life for what you bring in my life but I know you don’t like that” Armaan smile on her and have his food.

“Aur fir bas kuch din ki baat hai, tum mujhse mil sakte ho and we could talk fir shadi k baad to mujhe yahi rahna hai, fir tum itna gussa kyu kar rahe ho” she asked looking towards him.

“I don’t know, I just can’t see you getting away from me” he said and make her sit on his lap, he also feed her to which she smile.

“You know what Mr.Mallik, itni asaani se to mai tumhara peecha nhi chhodne wali hu” she said which make him laugh.

“Wo to mai tumhe puri life nhi karne dunga” he said and kissed her cheeks.

“Armaan, stop it” she said and feed him while he feed her.

Soon they finished their food.

She gets and look everywhere “You know Armaan mujhe ye place bahut achhi lagi, I loved it” she said moving here and there.

“Really” he smile cutely.

“Ha, infact I really want to have a outhouse like this but didn’t get time.” She said.

“wo isliye kyunki tumhe mere paas aana tha” he said and tried to hold her hand but she flew away and hide behind the curtain.

They were keep moving playing hide and seek with each other holding curtains when Riddhima got Nikki’s msg “Bhabhi I’m going to sleep aap mere room me aa jaiyea”

“okay, good night” she replied and smile.

Suddenly Armaan hold her being behind the curtain kissed her shoulder, she feel gasped and turn around. The were standing facing each other with a barrier of transparent curtain, both touch each others hand over the curtain, Riddhima turn to other side being shy.

Armaan hold here hand and she stop “Armaan” she whisper his name when he cross the curtain barrier and come to her side.

“hmmm” he was lost in her beauty, he put her hairs to one side and kissed there sensuously which shivers her.

She turn to other side but he hold her and make her look towards himself.

Her eyes were closed and her heartbeat was faster than anything else, he observe her face with his nose tip, making her loose her senses, his hot breathe was moving on her face. He was caring her eyes with his fingers and keep her hairs away from her face, he touch her cheeks, jawline, chin by his thumb making her shiver more in his arms. Her lips were inviting him like always and this time being so close he was not able to control himself.

“I’m loosing my control Riddhima” he whisper almost on her lips and she open her eyes.

All the love she hold for Armaan was visible in her eyes, he don’t need any other thing to confirm, he know she belongs to him only for whole life he wonder where he would hold himself back or not.

They don’t know when the distance between their lips finshed who initiated it doesn’t matter, they were equally lost and enjoying their love with that kiss, Armaan hold her tight while she was holding his head and they were lost in the kiss, that was a promise of love for each other as they were going to leave away for few days.

They parted when they were lack of oxygen and stood hugging each other, Armaan was smiling that now he was feeling better, he know she belongs to her but her every touch make him feel alive.

“Ab chale, bahut raat ho gai hai” she whisper coz more proximity with Armaan will surely lead them to somewhere else.

“Hmm” he said knowing very well why she said that.

They were about to leave the outhouse when her eyes fall on that closed door, she remember what Nikki said.


“Ya baby” he look towards her and come close.

“Armaan, what’s inside that room?” she asked pointing a finger to the closed room while Armaan stood shocked now what to reply her.

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