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prologue & Part 1 : Santaan



"Armaan Malik you have to marry Ridhima and I dont want anymore dicussion over it".Saying so he left the room as Armaan sighed helplessly.
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"Ridhima beta bhool jao Kabir ko and move on.""But dad..." "No Ridhima its final You have to marry Armaan Malik"Her dad left before Ridhima could reply something more.

Part 1:

Armaan was doing his workout in gym so that he could divert his mind.Whether he seems a guy who has a great empires hold but deep down some close people are only aware of his hearts situation
which is in terrible pain.Soon the clock struck 7 O'clock he got up wiping his face and body with towel he got out of gym and was served with juice which he gladly took.Sipping it he moved towards his room putting the glass at side he went in washroom and had bath.Coming out he wore casuals and moved to a small room attached with his.It was a large from inside with pink walls covered with barbie between there was a cradle having some soft toys hanging over it as the baby stirred.Armaan quickly moved to baby "Oh my baby doll is up.Good morning Angel."while the baby smiled and started sucking his collar"my angel is hungry abty dada marry ko bolte hain feeder lane ko " Going out he asked  marry to bring her feeder while he snuggled her closer as the milk arrived he made her drink soon she finished it and he moved to her wardrobe taking out her frocks and matching accessories he took her to bath which they both had blast in.Then he made her ready doing lotss of masti.When she was fully ready he took her to his room making her sit on bed he gave her toys and moved to cganging room leaving door ajar he wore formals and then took her down making her sit in her baby sitter he had his breakfast and then kissing her a lot of times he bid her a bye.

Meanwhile a girl woke up and took the photo frame from under her pillow and continue staring at it while tears flowed down her face.She heard the knock wiping her tears she answered the door and her dad was standing she made  him come in.he came and said "Ridhima beta ek bht acha rishta ha .."Ridhima interupted "Dad not again" he said "Ridhima akhir kb tk  tum uski yaad me rahogi?"
She fell silent "Ridhima beta bhool jao r apni zindagi agey bharao" "But dad""No Ridhima you have to marry Armaan Malik" saying so he left the room.Ridhima moved to her wardrobe getting clothes she went into bathroom.
Armaan worked for some hours then he called up his home and asked marry about his angel getting to talk to her while she only spoke dada he ended and got back to work then he went to have lunch at home.this was his routine working long hours and spending time with his angel only.
But today on a special order of his father he had to meet a girl which was very good he has rejected many girls but today it was told to have worked.He doesnt want to marry he can live his life with his beautiful angel who was a special package he is living only for her.If she wasnt there he would have died but now he doesnt trust anyone.He dont wanna marry because how will a girl behave with his angel is more hurting.He dont want the girls who wanna marry to his looks and power but they step back after seeing his angel thats y he has said no to marriage.
But now he is sitting in restaurant waiting for the girl he had to meet on his father's strict order.Soon he saw a girl entering he composed himself to welcome her he made her sit and sat himself he talked to her a while.When he felt a tap at her shoulder he turned around to see a girl wearing simple shalwar suit she was beautiful."Yes" Armaan said. "Armaan Malik ??"
"Yes I am and u?" "Ridhima Ridhima gupta" as soon these words left her mouth he turned around to see the girl he smiled at  her and said going near her"I am sorry i misunderstood""oh baby thats fine"she moved her hands at his face and kissed his cheek and went away Armaan quickly made ridhima have seat and settled himself."So miss gupta" While ridz fumed at his flirtacious ways as he was having time with another girl while she took time to come.She very unhappily sat while he asked "How are you?" "Um good :)" "Armaan coming to the right topic now u know for which matter we are meeting so please i want to tell you that m not really kind of obssessed with u girl my dad gave me strict instructions to marry you and i cant say no so its a yes from my side the later decission is yours" and she left the reastaurant while he was just looking at her retreating figure.
Rids very cleverly moved out expecting a complete no from THE ARMAAN MALIK.

Later in afternoon her dad knocked her door and pulled her in embrace"oh my dear m so happy after ages" seeing this she was getting suspicious but she reciprocated the hug.
She spoke"hm dad what is it that u r so happy?" "My baby Armaan has said yes for you as he wants to marry very quickly so next weekend is ur marriage on grand affair but other function would be held in a low"
But her mind was still on the word yes"How is it possible?" She said shocked.
Her mind was not able to get that despite of her odd behaviour this person is willingly marrying "is he nsane or what?"

These all questions were roaming in her head.

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