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Sathiya (AR os)

armaan and riddhima are finally married after a 2 year courtship. both of them are now on their honeymoon, to switzerland. let us look into whats cooking between them and in their life.

as the sun rose, and as its rays penetrated into the curtains of the honeymoon suit,
there, were the love birds, who were holding eachother in their arms and sleeping peacefully, who completely made themselves drown into a dreamy love land.

as she opened her eyes, she found her husband sleeping with a cute frown on his face. she always loved it. it has just been 5 days since they got married and every morning, she is making it a point that, she admires his sleeping face. an emotion of love rushes through her veins as she ruffled his hair with all the love she has for him. he is her everything, he is the reson for which she is living now. she can not imagine a life without him. in their 2 years of courtship, her days started and ended with armaan. yeah, the thing was that, their love was not the love at first sight, nor they hated eachother when they met. they just met like that, and became good friends,
and further, they discovered their true and eternal love for eachother and today,
they are on their honeymoon, which, she is sure that, it iis going to be the most memorable.

he left like, he was in heaven, with having her by him. he never understood why.. whenever he gets tensed, or stressed up, even a message of riddhima can cool him up. she is his medicine for everything. thats why he always tells her that, you are really a great doctor. whenever i have stress, you cure it without using medicines. your one word or your presence is enough.
by having an elegant hobbie of framing poems, armaan instantly framed a poem for riddhima,
which made her feel like an important part of his life, and which made her feel contended.

Drop a tear,
It releases the fear.
Feel her near,
and tell it to her ear
I'll love you to the end of years.

his chain of sweet and riddhima's dreams are broken when he feels something really soft on his forehead. he opens his eyes, and finds his beloved wife riddhima, showing him how much she loves him. he slowly shifts on to the top of her and showers her with warm kisses, which portrayed about how much he loved her.. he then withdrew himself from her, and tenderely made himself comfortable beside her, while she rested her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arm round him and they spoke for a long time. in their relationship, armaan riddhima, are more of friends. they talk about each and everything, they share everything. may be this kind of relationship makes their union strong. they were unseperable.

he walked all alone for a long time, in the hotel's garden smiling to himself and thinking about how they met. his smile grew and touched his eyes, when he remembered their first meeting.

it was the charity function, organised by the sanjeevani group of hospitals, where riddhima used to work as the senior doctor, while armaan, who is a successful business personality and the producer of many indian television show's, is the chief guest for the function. even though being the producer of the shows, he gained many fans for himself, as he was extremely handsome.
the crowd increased as they saw him approach. the group of people rushed towards him and asked for his autograph, while he kindly obliged himself and tried to sign as many as books.

he moved forward, towards the stage, where he was introduced to the senior doctor of the hospital, Dr. Riddhima Gupta. they had a normal conversation and after a few days, they accidentally and fortunately met eachother in one of the hotels, where riddhima came along with her friends, her co - doctors, where as, armaan came one a business meeting.
riddhima invites him to join them, whenever he finishes his meeting and there, started their friendship. they exchanged their numbers and the hours they used to speak kept on increasing.

they soon, started going out whenever they used to feel lonely. the beaches and malls of mumbai became one of their most favourite places. they started sharing each and everything with them. they individually, realised that, there is no life for them without eachother and the empty space in their lifestyle and heart is filled by the other companion... they feared of loosing their
friendship, if they are going to reveal it. anyways, the time was supporting their love.
it forced them to confess their heart's feelings to eachother.

yes. it was the day, on which as armaan and riddhima entered riddhima's house, they got the biggest shocks ever. there was the guy's family, who came to see and meet riddhima.
armaan's heart started tearing into peices right at that moment. but he decently introduced himself to everyone, while padma rushed riddhima into her room and forced her to get dressed.
she told that, there is no such kind of pressure and if she does not like the guy, she can give a simple rejection and these are just for a formallity to know the family and the guy.

in the guy's family's request, riddhima and the guy were given some private time to discuss anything they want. as riddhima led both of them towards her room, armaan kept observing her from a distance and tears started brimming in his eyes but as usual, he controlled.
even though he was talking to everyone there during the meantime, but his heart was with riddhima only and was thinking about what will happen to him if she says yes...

the guy's family left while armaan went to riddhima's room. he entered without knocking, since it is now usual for them. armaan is now more like a family member to the gupta's instead of an outsider. he found riddhima, casually, taking her clothes from her wardrobe....

armaan: riddhima, kya hua ? tumhe woh ladka passand aaya ?

riddhima: oh come on armaan.. give me a break.. did you look at him ? he looks like a mini size chimpanzee.. he and me ? never.. he is such a pain.. i will never want him as a friend even..

with this, armaan's face brightened up, which did not go unnoticed by riddhima. yeah. she kept on concentrating, more on armaan's expressions than the guy or his family. she decided to confront as it is the high time and somewhere she felt that, armaan has feelings for her.

riddhima: what are you thinking armaan ?

armaan: what ?

riddhima: come on armaan.. you cant hide from me okay. now tell me. what were you thinking and why were you so low since a few mins ? dont try to hide from me. a promise on me, that you are going to speak the truth, only the truth. come on armaan.. i know you are hiding something.

armaan: Shocked Embarrassed Ouch riddhima.. woh.. riddhima.. i am .. like.. hmm.. kind of.. its.. you know..

riddhima: no armaan.. i dont know.. please tell armaan..

armaan: riddhima, i love you and i can not live without you...

there was a deep silence in the room.. armaan bowed his head down, due to regret and ashamed of himself since he now, has broken the meaning of their friendship by
confessing her that, he loves her. he didn't knew what to do.

his world came to a standstill, when he felt a pair of lips on his. even though it took some time for him to regester what is happening, he kissed her back with all the love he had for her.

they then, spoke to padma and shashank gupta, who were more than happy to get armaan as their son - in - law. they immediately agreed and performed armaan and riddhima's marriage.

he thought about how lucky he was and thanked her from his heart. if she would have never initiated that confronting session, they would have never been in this position today.
he then remembered the event, that happened in the shopping mall on that evening and how riddhima got angry with him and is ignoring him. yeah.. she is sleeping in the room,
while armaan is roaming in the garden, thinking about all their moments...

since riddhima being a shopaholic, armaan decided that, they will spend their 1st day of honeymoon on shopping only and riddhima will happily agree to it.

they head towards the mall, where a group of indian girls are also present and as soon as they see armaan, they rush to him and start asking autographs and photographs. due to the bunch of girls, riddhima gets pushed away from armaan, and stands in the back of the crowd, and is not even able to see him clearly. she smiled and felt happy to see her husband's fans but as the time passed, those girls were not moving from him, which made her turn red and annoyed Angry

they asked him to sign on their arms, hands, back etc.. and armaan, who was helpless, has to do it but he ignored many of their requests gently, by behaving in a way that, he did not hear them due to the commottion in the place. they then asked for photographs and he said okay since he had no other choice. they were pushing him from all the sides. they hugged him from side and took the pictures and one of the girls made riddhima leave the place, when she came from the back of armaan and rounded her arms around his neck and rubbed her cheeks with his.

riddhima just left that place and went to the nearest cafeteria in the mall, and sat on a chair where she can not find armaan and his so called fans or whatever. she ordered for a hot coffee and started sipping it and since she felt a bit lonely, she called to Padma, and they started a conversation. riddhima soon forgot about how sad and annoyed she was just before some time, and got cheered  up instantly. but her anger rose once again when armaan came rushing to her.
she, at once, felt bad since she left him like that. she disconnected the call immediately but her anger rose again when she saw a lipstic mark on the side of the nape of his neck.

thats it, she called for the bill, ignoring armaan's presence and while armaan was about to pay the bill, she requested him not to in a very formal way and left the place without creating a scene and with armaan following her. they both went to the hotel in a different taxi but entered the room at the same time. armaan pleaded riddhima telling that, there was no fault of his...

riddhima: okay armaan.. i understand.. those girls are only like that.. what happened to you ? that girl was kissing you and you were like.. enjoying ? huh ? you once did not say no to them...

armaan: Shocked what ? Shocked they kissed me ?

riddhima: Confused are you in your senses.. yeah.. that girl was kissing you from the back..
if you want the proof, let me show this...

she took armaan to the mirror and helped him to look at the lipstick marks on his neck. armaan was more than shocked. he felt so choked between those girls that, he was only trying to come out by giving them two or three autographs and he really did not realise. he samcked himself mentally. he tried to explain to riddhima but she went into the washroom to change and when she came back, she directly went to the bed to have a nap.. armaan thought of having some fresh air

he thought of going into the room and seeing her.. as he entered into the room, with the spare key, he found her reading a magazine. she does not look angry nor happy. she is just looking normal. hence, he decides to cheer her up in his own way. he gives a naughty smile.

he slowly came n stood behind her n sensually asked near her ear
Armaan-did u miss me?

Riddhima- no (slowly)

he slowly put his fingers under her chin n brought her face up...

Armaan- did u miss me?

Riddhima- no

he kissed her forehead..

Armaan- did u miss me?

Riddhima- no

armaan placed his lips on her beautiful, big green eyes...

Armaan- did u miss me?

Riddhima- no

he kissed her nose

Armaan-did u miss me?

Riddhima-no[she was melting under him but was still adamant]

he came very near her rosy lips to kiss but just gave a peck near it

Armaan-did u miss me?[in his deep husky n firm voice as if this is the last time he is asking]

Riddhima-yes[very slowly like just moving her lips into yes]

n finally armaan captured her lips into was sweet n simple kiss but soon turned into the passionate n intense one  after each passing moment......

After some time, they both slipped into the bed  exploring each other n their
bodies cuddled to one another thinking about their life ahead.

the next morning, when they woke up, armaan is deeply thinking of something...

riddhima: kya hua, kya soch rahe ho ?

armaan: i have another poem for you...

Dreams take me to another place and time
When my life had reason and rhyme.
I was so happy and in love...
God sent me a gentle 'dove'
She loved me so, more than anyone 
I will ever again know.
The talks we had while lying in bed...
She gently caressed my face and head.

Deepu & Archita

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