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AR os : Amour

Armaan is the son of a rich business man, named Jai Mallik. Armaan lost his mother after his birth and is the one and only son of Jai and the apple of the eye for the little yet cute Mallik Family. Jai Mallik is really a kind and a friendly man, who, even though is rich, does not show any discrimination on poor.

Armaan, since his childhood, is bought up by his nanny, Padma, whom he considers as his own mother. Padma stays in the Mallik's out house, with her one and only daughter Riddhima, who is just one month younger to Armaan. Shashank, Riddhima's father, expired when Riddhima was 2.

Jai treats Riddhima as his own daughter, and sometimes, takes her side instead of Armaan's while Padma takes Armaan's side and does not let him feel alone.
They were all like a family and have a great bonding.

Armaan and Riddhima in their childhood, used to go to the same school, and were good friends. But when Armaan came to his grade 5, he got an opportunity to go to London and study in  one of the top school's there along with Rahul Garewal, son of the best friend of Jai Mallik. Jai suggested to Padma that, he will send Riddhima too but Padma was not in a position to agree since
she thought that, she can not stay away from her daughter. She did not want to leave Armaan even and the same with Armaan but thought about his future and gave him her blessings to score great in his future and career.

Now, Armaan specialised in his Masters of Business Administration, while Riddhima became a doctor and is working as a gynecologist in Sanjeevani, Mumbai. Finally, it is the day for Armaan to come back.. All these years
Armaan stayed there and occassionally, Jai used to go and visit him. He used to write letters to Riddhima and fell in love with her through the letters and never told her about it and it is the same case with Riddhima.
Their sweetnothings turned into effection and love for eachother.. They have not proposed yet but are waiting to express their feeling
to eachother, when they meet each other.

Today, Armaan is coming back and Riddhima is all excited to meet him and the same with Armaan. Jai, Riddhima and Padma go to receive him.. Everyone is excited to see him.. Till date, Padma and Riddhima had only seen him in his photographs, but today, she is going to see her Armaan infront of her eyes.

As the flight landed announcement was made, we can see a smart and handsome yet cute guy walking out with his trolley full of luggage.. As they see him,  Padma and Jai run to him while Riddhima just keeps looking at him..

Armaan: Hi Padma aunty.. Hi papa...

Padma: Arey mera beta itna bada ho gaya... Kissi ke nazar na lage..

Jai: Hey Armaan.. Nice to see you back son. Mujhe bohot khushi ho rahi hai ki, from now on, you will be staying with us forever.

Armaan: Yeah papa.. Forever.. By the way.. Riddhima kahan hai ?

Both of them point towards Riddhima, while Armaan leaves his luggage and runs towards his first love, Riddhima.

Armaan: Hi Riddhima.. (He says shying away a bit)

He thinks: She is really looking like an angel.. Beautiful...

Riddhima: Hi Armaan.. How are you ? (In a very shy manner)

He thinks: Awww.. She has an angelic voice.. How cute...

Armaan: I am good. Heard that, you became one of the Mumbai's best surgeon?

Riddhima: Yup.. And I am really happy to hear that,
you topped your graduation exams...
Armaan: Yup.. I did... Hmm.. I am here forever now..

Riddhima: Yeah.. Come lets join others..

Armaan: Okay.. Lets go...


Armaan and Riddhima, go to many places, which they visited in their childhood, and made loads of fun. Jai, somewhere in his heart felt that, Armaan and Riddhima look like made for eachother. Armaan will be having
 15 days of break before he joins his office and will be waiting for Riddhima
to finish her work in her hospital and then they used to go to beach or a
restaurant or wither have an ice cream..

Padma used to cook all his favourite Indian dishes for him with Aloo Parantha everyday as a compulsary. She used to treat him with all the love and used to pamper him just like she did when he was a kid and Armaan was more than happy to get her motherly love and to feel her caring nature after a long time.

As 10 of the days pass by, Armaan and Riddhima came to know more about each other and felt more for eachother and confirmed to themselves that, their wait in now ended and they are meant for eachother.

It automatically became a point and a fact that, they always stayed with eachother except for some moments but they were very rare.

Armaan decided that, he will propose to Riddhima and Riddhima thought that, she is in love with him.. that is fine.. but where is he and where is she. She is just a daughter of his nanny. She is just like his employee.
The only question which raised in to her mind was.. Does she have the status to fit in as his wife ? She also had a doubt about whether he loves her or not..
She didnt understand whether their relationship is one sided or mutual.


More days pass. Now Armaan started going to his office and also decided that, he will propose to Riddhima on her birthday, which is the very next day..
He smiles at his way of surprising her.


Riddhima: Armaan.. Mujhe kahan leke jaa rahe ho ?
Aur yeh aankhon par patti kyun hai ?

Armaan: Please riddhima yaar.. Thoda sa intzaar karo na..

Riddhima: Armaan.. Mein gir jaoongi.. Mein theek tarah
se chal nahi paa rahi hoon..

Armaan: Oh come on Riddhima.. Mein hoon na..
Why will I let you fall down ? huh ?

Finally, Armaan opens the band from Riddhima's eyes.. And Riddhima will get pleased and extremely happy and emotional by the surprise given by him...

She noticed that, they are in his guest house, and the room in completely decorated with golden and red ribbons..

There is a cake in the centre of the room, on which it is written

"Happy Birthday My Angel"


Riddhima: Armaan.. Yeh sab.. (With a breaking voice, since she gets emotional)

Armaan turns her towards him..

Armaan: Hey Riddhima.. Tum.. Ro rahi ho.. Chalo.. Chup ho jao.. Koi bhi apne birthday ke din par rote hai kya ?
and whatever i have done is for your eternal friendship...

Riddhima: Thanks a lot Armaan.. You are the sweetest in this world.

He gives his signature smile and takes her to the cake. She blows the candle and wishes god to give Armaan's love to her and make it possible the, she will stay with him forever... She feeds Armaan some cake and he does the same too..

Armaan starts singing Happy Birthday song for her and when she gives an "Enough" look, he stops singing and pulls her into a side hug. Both of them loose themselves in eachother, but due to their luck,
they ger distracted from their hug...

Armaan, bends on his knees giving a shock to Riddhima.
She thought that, it might be a dream but then realised that,
he is doing it in reality.


'Riddhima, I fell in love with you through our letters.. And after i came here..
Mujhe yeh yakeen hua hai ki, you are the girl I have been
waiting for and you are my true love Riddhima..

I love you and I will be there by your side forever Riddhima..

Will you please marry me and make my life complete ?

Riddhima is shocked at this.. The thoughts of status vs. true love started
fighting in her mind. Her mind is saying something while her heart
wanted her to voice something else.

Armaan notices that, and continues speaking...


"Riddhima.. Just speak out what your heart says !!"

"Do you love me too ?"

'even though if you dont love me, it is okay. I promise. I will not force you"

Riddhima: in that case, I love you too Armaan..

Both of them hug eachother and have tears in their eyes...

They soon, part from the hug..

Armaan cups her face in his palms and speaks...

Armaan: Riddhima.. Mujhe abhi bhi yakeen nahi ho raha hai ki..
You just said that you love me..

Riddhima: Yeah.. Armaan.. I loved you and I love you too.. But...

Armaan: But what Riddhima ?

Riddhima: Armaan woh.. actually.. woh kya hai na.. ki.. woh..

Armaan: Stop fumbling Riddhima.. You can share anything with me...
Please spill the beans.. NOW !!

Riddhima: Armaan.. Can you ever think.. Will I ever be equal to your status..
I am just a daughter of your nanny.

Armaan cuts her inbetween..

Armaan: Shut up Riddhima.. Dont you dare to say like that again... I love you means I love you.. And dad also want you as his bahu.. You just can not
think like this and break both of out hearts..

Riddhima: Sorry.. Lekin.. How does uncle knows ?

Jai, comes out from the curtains behind them...

Jai: Tan ta tai.. Aise pata hai..

Riddhima: Uncle ?

Armaan: Haan Riddhima.. Its papa.. He was also kind of desperate
to know your answer... I told him about my plans just a couple of days ago.

Riddhima blushes while Jai blesses both of them..


Soon, they tell to Padma also about that and she tells that, if Jai, Armaan and Riddhima are comfortable with this relationship, she is also fine with it.. Armaan and Riddhima will be happy at this..

They see an auspicious date and get Armaan and Riddhima engaged...


Riddhima: Armaan.. Tum inta kyun chilla raha tha phone pe..
Shayad rahul ko bura laga hoga na..

He makes himself comfortable in her lap by placing his head on her lap..

Armaan: No chance Riddhima.. That moron wont feel anything like that... He did not come for our engagement yaar.. How can I forgive him.. You only tell...

Riddhima: Hmm.. But he is going to come tomorrow right..
So, I think you should forgive him...

Armaan: Arey yaar.. Hamare engagement ho chuki hai.. Ab woh yahan
par aake kya dance karega..

Riddhima: Baaki ke functions bhi hai na Riddhima...

Armaan: Haan.. Point hai... Khair chodo.. Hamesha doosre logon ke khayal rakhti ho.. Zara apne hone waala pati ke liye bhi thoda sa care karo na.. (Day Dreaming)

Riddhima: Accha.. Kya hua hai aap ko ?

Armaan: Bohot dard ho raha hai..

Riddhima: Kahan pe..

Armaan: Yahan par.. (Points towards his forehead)

Riddhima kisses there, making him smile.. Big smile
He then points towards his eyes and cheeks and then lips..

Riddhima: Dhat.. Badmash...


Armaan and Riddhima go to pick up Rahul and get him home...

After they reach Mallik Mansion, Riddhima will excuse
herself for making some coffee for Rahul,
while Rahul and Armaan go to Rahul's room (Guest Room)

Armaan: So, how was your journey dude ?

Rahul; Amezing yaar.. Those Air Hostesses were amazing actually..

Armaan: You will never change and talking to you is waste of my time...

Riddhima: Hey guys.. Some coffee for both of you...


Two days pass by.. Riddhima will be waiting for Armaan to come home since he had promised her that,  they will go out for some shopping for the wedding.. She waits for him and after waiting for 2 long hours,
she dails his number and after 10 rings, he picks up his phone...

Riddhima: Armaan.. Where are you ?

Armaan; Heyyyy.. Riddhuuuiiiammaaaaa... (In a sloppy and drunk voice)

Riddhima can hear Rahul's voice from the other side.. She concentrated on what he was speaking  since she found that, Armaan was not his own self and was behaving weirdly... And even his slang was weird...

Rahul: Kya yaar.. Bachelors party enjoy karne ke liye hai.. Masti karne ke liye hai.. Why are you wasting your time on phone ?
Look at that hot chick there.. She is waiting for us dude.. Lets go and enjoy. Your freedom is going to break within few days.

He snatches the phone from armaan and cuts the call, leaving Riddhima on the other side feeling low and dazed.. She never thought that, Armaan was a kind of guy, who encourages going to bachelor party's and pubs and move around girls..
But today, what she listened on the phone made her heart pierce.. But yet.. She made herself strong, thinking that, there wouldnt be his fault and there might be some mistake and she thought that, she will never break her trust on him.. She just wants to see him... And will not come into conclusions even before...

she waits for another 3 hours and finally hears the horn of the car.. Armaan comes our of the driving seat, and enters along with an equally drunk Rahul.. Rahul does not notice Riddhima and leaves to his room, while Riddhima, actually knew that, Armaan hated the smell of Alcohol and thought that,
Rahul would have forced him..

Armaan will be making his way to his rooom, while he will be about to trip on the stairs,  Riddhima rushes to him and supports him by placing
his arm around her shoulders...

Armaan: I love you Liddhima..

Riddhima: ARMAAN !!

Armaan: Haan mein almaan hoon.. tumhala chota shaa almaan (talks in a baby voice, making riddhima melt)

Riddhima: Armaan.. Dekho.. You are drunk.. You need to take rest...

Armaan: No jaanu.. You know na.. I hate sharaab and its stinkyyy smell...

Riddhima: Armaan.. Chup chap chalo...

She takes a night dress for him from his wardrobe and asks him to refresh and change.. As he comes out, she comes with some refreshing drink for him and asks him to sleep...

Riddhima, somewhere felt bad to see Armaan in that state but
her heart always told her that, here wouldnt be any fault of Armaan
and Rahul might have forced him...


Armaan: Oh my goodness. My head is aching.. Oh my god...

Riddhima: Armaan.. tum uth gaye.. lo yeh coffee peelo...

Armaan: Riddhima.. Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho ?

Riddhima: Woh actually, kal tum sharab peeke aaye ho na..
Bachelor party se.. So...

She shifts her gaze downwords, making Armaan feel guilty..

Armaan: Riddhima.. I am really so sorry.. Actually, Rahul told that, he had some important work and asked me to drop at the city square hotel and when I went there, he forcefully took me inside... I am so sorry Riddhima..
I am really feeling guilty now.. I actually, dont like to go to such kind of parties and get drunk you know na...

But I never touched any drinks.. I just had coke..

Then it lit in his mind..

Armaan: (Continuing) May be thee coke was having drink mixed in it.. Sh*t.. I am so sorry Riddhima. Please forgive me..

Riddhima: Armaan.. Tumhe safai dene ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. I know well about you and I have trust on you.. Jald hi jald naha kar neeche aajao.. Naashta tayaar hai aur hume shopping par bhi jaana hai..

Armaan: Thanks a lot Riddhima..I will just be back.. Love you..

Armaan found himself on the moon after coming to know that, she trusts him so much and he promised to himself that, he will never let her trust down.
Riddhima: Love you too...


There is another 3 days for the marriage.. Riddhima took a leave from the hospital and as she came back, when she came to know that,
Armaan's friends came to meet him from london.

She headed towards his room to welcome them and say hello to them, but was stopped in her tracks near the door when she head
Armaan speaking something about her...

Armaan: Oh come on.. Do you think I am in love with her head over heals.. I am not a mad guy.. Okay.. I will dump her after 10 days of our marriage..

Where is she and where am I ?

I am the most elegible bachelor of this Business World and she is just a mere employee of mine.. I can not love her anytime.. She is not a world beauty even

She is a poor creature, who trusts me and loves me from her heart..
But she will get to know about my true colours soon guys...

I always have a doubt. She is just after my money and wants to trap me by
being emotional with me and making me feel her so called love.

I just hate her.. And I will show her what Armaan Mallik is. I will let her
know what is trust and faith and so called AMOUR, LOVE, PYAAR, ISHQ..

Rahul: Waah Armaan.. You are the real dude man...

Armaan: Ofcourse..  I am Armaan Mallik.. And I can keep up my reputation...

Suddenly, he finds the door gets opened and leaves shocked..

He finds Riddhima there... She will be having her eyes red and full of tears making Armaan more sad..

He rushes to her immediately and hugs her..

Armaan: Riddhima baby.. Kya hua ? Tum ro kyu rahi ho ?

Even though he didnt knew the reason of her crying, he got tears in his eyes after seeing tears in her eyes... Riddhima suddenly lets his arms go off her.
She shrugs herself from his arms.

Armaan gets shocked at this. He still did not understand the reason for Riddhima's behaviour and is expecting that, something wrong would have happened with her. The others in the room understood the reason and felt bad.

Armaan: Riddhima.. Kya hua baby ? Rote hue tum bilkul achchi nahi lagti ho. Stop crying Riddhima.. If you have any problem, tell me. We can sort out.

Riddhima: Shut up Mr. Mallik. I never knew that you thought about me in such a way that, I am just marrying you for your money. I never thought that, you think so cheap about love and relationships.

Armaan: Riddhima.. I really did not mean them.. Trust me..

Riddhima: That was what I have done till date Mr. Mallik. But not from today.
I told you on the day you so called "PROPOSED" to me...
I told you that, I might be unfit for you.. I do not belong to your society and status... But you never listened to me and explained me that, it does not matter in love and you asked me not to think about that...

I am never interested in your money nor I will have some interest in it in future

Thanks a lot for everything Mr. Mallik. You lost my trust and love for your today, which you will never get back in this lifetime....

Good Bye..

Armaan cried and ran back of her until the gate but found her leaving the house in an auto. He felt disgusted on himself for uttering all those words just for a game. Yeah.. He was playing a game with his friends...

Yeah.. All their friends were making pranks on him when...

~|| Flashback ||~

Rahul: Hey Armaan.. Whom do you like the most in this world ?

Armaan: Riddhima..

Saniya: Hmm.. Then lets play a game.. You know.. A play back time Armaan.

Armaan: Oh come on !! NO pranks Saniya

Sam: Oh.. You come on Armaan. You played many pranks during mine and Saniya's wedding. So, you will have to face it now..

Armaan: Okay. But it should not be rude and irritating.

Saniya: Okay. But once after we tell your punishment, you are not supposed to backoff and it is a promise on Riddhima that you should not backoff.

Armaan: What ? It is difficult.

Sam: You dont have any other option. You would have thought while teasing us

Armaan: Ouch Okay...

Saniya: Hmm.. Armaan.. You love Riddhima a lot na.. So, you will have to talk against Riddhima.. You will have to talk like, you hate her a lot and you are not interested in marrying her and blah blah blah. No backing off dude...

Armaan: ShockedShocked WHAT ? ShockedShocked How can I do THAT ??
I really love her and I can never do that...

Sam: Okay fine.. You cant keep up your promise on Riddhima.. You are not telling in real na dude.. But promise is a real one...

Armaan: Okay fine...

~|| Flashback Ends ||~

Armaan: Why the hell did I accept that non sense ? Why did I ? My Riddhima left ME ? She left ME ? She did not trust ME anymore ? But why ?

Saniya, Sam and Rahul come running to the gate to find
Armaan on his knees crying bitterly..

Saniya: I am so sorry Armaan.. I was jjust giving a payback..

Armaan: Angry Pay back ? After ruining my life.. What more do you want ? You all are not my friends. Did you come here to spoil my wedding ? If you want me to live peacefully, please leave this place. Today you made me play this game, day before yesterday, Rahul took me to a surprise batchelor party and mixed drink in my coke. Why the hell are you playing with me life ? Please get away.

Sam: We are really sorry Armaan..

Armaan: If you want me to live my life peacefully, please
leave me alone and go back to you country.

Rahul: How can we live without you Armaan ?

Armaan: I can live without you guys.. Thanks for everything. I also played praks but I never played such a kind of cheap one. What I played on you was, just to dance for 50 mins continuously with your partner and something like that. I never tried to ruin your lives, due to which you have ruined mine today.
Please get out of this place. I am so sorry but I could not help.

Armaan rushes inside and dials Riddhima's number but finds her disconnecting his call. He tried again and again but his call was getting disconnected.

He waited near the gate for her to come, because, she can enter the
out house, only through the main gate of the Mansion.

4 hours pass by and finally Jai's car comes into the mansion. He is fuming with anger and disgust on his face was clearly seen. He found Armaan sitting on the steps of the enterance and found him crying, his eyes were red and swollen, he looked like a mad person, who got lost somewhere.

Jai: Armaan !!  Tum ne Riddhima se saath aisa kyun kiya hai ?

Armaan: Papa.. Please listen to me..

He explains everything to Jai and Jai gets shattered after listening to everything.

Armaan: Papa.. Riddhima kahan hai ?

Jai: Dead It is too late Armaan.. Padma and Riddhima met me in our office and they broke the rishta with us. Padma resigned from her job and they left this city even. Riddhima told me what she had heard from you. As far as I knew, Riddhima was not such a kind of girl who will lie and at that moment, I was not having any reason to stop them and was unable to stop them. I am so sorry Armaan. Padma did not even accept her deserved final pay and bonus for serving you for all these years. She said that, she got what she deserved and she does not even want a single penny. In return, Riddhima paid me for investing in her education sice her childhood. I lost my Riddhima Armaan.. I lost her...

Armaan just left the place and went into his room... He was determined that, he will get her back at any cost. He desides that, he will search for her until he finds her. He goes to the backyard's outhouse, where Riddhima and Padma used to stay. He finds all their things there only. He looks around and goes into Riddhima's room and admires the picture of her's on the wall and reads her journals. yeah.. Riddhima loved writing short love stories and used to send her all her writings through emails or letters. He used to enjoy and appreciate them.

Tears strem down his face as he recollects the facts again.


Next day, he makes his way to Sanjeevani and pay them a huge sum of money and get the information about Riddhima and gets the facts that, she made herself get shifted to Amritsar's Care Hospitals. As he went to Care hospitals, he found that, Riddhima got reshifted and skipped from there even and his money did not work in the Care institution, as Riddhima already requested them, not to share her transfer information or identity with anyone and if they do so, she warned them that, she will file a case in the court against them and there was no option for Armaan and his search stopped for a while...

4 years pass by. Armaan was still not loosing the hope of getting Riddhima back.
He is now on his way to Germany. He is on a company project and is forced by Jai to go and take care about that project. It is a deal with Excel Pharmacuticals.

They will be releasing a new type of medicine and Mallik Enterprises is the main funding source for them and there will be a mutual deal and a partnership.


He reaches there, and will be making his way to the taxi, when suddenly, a group of cop's cars will be chasing another car, and inturn, armaan will be hit by the car and he faints down. As he lies in the pool of blood, cops rush towards him and look at his ID and then, call to the chief of excel pharmacuticals and hospitals and inform about him, and with the help of them, they immediately admit him there in Excel Hospitals...

He slowly opens his eyes, as he finds some converstion between two people.

Doctor: Es ist o.k. Schwester. Geben Sie ihm bitte seine Arzneimittel jetzt. Ich werde gerade zurckkommen. Ich muss die Einspritzung fr ihn bekommen
(It is okay sister. Please give him his medicines now.
I will just come back. I need to get the injection for him)

Sister: Sein o.k. Dr Riddhima. Ich werde aufpassen.
(Its okay Dr. Riddhima. I will take care of him)

Armaan immediately shifts his gaze towards Riddhima and finally finds her there after 4 long years, which were like 4 decades for him. But he found her going out. So, he shouted at the top of his voice.

Armaan: RIDDHIMA !!!

She comes back and looks at him...

Riddhima: Mr. Mallk, are you fine ?

Armaan: I.. I lovee.. you.. I.. I love you Riddhima. I can not live without you. Please dont leave me Riddhima. I will die...

Riddhima: Mr. Mallik, how are you feeling now ?

Armaan: Riddhima, for you I am Armaan.. Your Armaan..

Riddhima got fed up and speaks..

Riddhima: Mr. Mallik, I am not your attending doctor. I belong to the Pharmactuicals department and not the hospital department. Your attending doctor had to rush to some other place immediately, so, I will be attending you for the next two or three days. And please do let to the notice of sister anny if you have any inconvenience here. thank you..

She tunrs to Sister Anny...

Riddhima: Schwester Anny, ich werde jetzt abreisen und werde in ein paar Momenten mit der Einspritzung zurckkommen. passen Sie bitte auf.
(Sister anny, i will be leaving now and will be coming back in a few moments with the injection. please take care.)

Armaan looked at her in shock. She was speaking pure German in their own slang. He never understood what she spoke, but yet felt good to
listen to her when she sopke in that language.

Riddhima came back with an injection and knowing that, he was irritated and scared of injections, she gets an anesthesia spray and sprays it even before injecting him and Armaan felt super happy to know that, she still remembers his likes and dislikes, just like 4 years ago...

Armaan: Thanks Riddhima.

Riddhima: Its my duty Mr. Mallik.


More days pass by. Riddhima will be taking care of Armaan but did not give him a chance to speak a word or did not give him an opportunity to explain..

Finally, Armaan tried to explain her enough.. Today, he can not wait longer.

He waited for her to come as usual. He is now able to walk and is better but not yet discharged. As Riddhima came inside for her rounds, he scooped her in his arms and closed the door and pulled her behind the curtains in the attached changing area and hugged her tightly...

Riddhima gasped and tried to free herself but is unable to and finally gave up.

He cought hold of her and explained everything about what happened. Riddhima was not in a position to believe him, but he did not give up. He turned his phone on the speaker and called to Rahul, Saniya and Sam and all of them started apologising to him and begged him to talk back to them..

Riddhima finally realised and for the first time, hugged him back..

Riddhima: I am sorry..

Armaan: Its okay Riddhima.. My fault was also there.. I am sorry too..

Riddhima: I love you Armaan...

Armaan: I love you too


4 months later.. Armaan and Riddhima, on their honeymoon

Riddhima: Armaan.. Please.. Chodo na mujhe.. I need to go to bath..

Armaan: Uhhumm.. Pehle yeh toh bolo.. Subah joh keh rahi thi.. Woh kya tha.

Riddhima: Sie sehen so sub und erotisch und handsone und reizend aus, dass ich Sie gerade dicht halten und Sie kussen und Sie fur immer lieben will

Armaan: Woh mujhe bhi pata hai Riddhima.. But what is the meaning.. Please tell na.. Jab bhi tum kuch confess karna chahti, agar aise bologi toh,
mujhe kaise pata chalega ? Please bolo na....

Riddhima: No..

Armaan: Mere kasam... I am not going to leave you today..

Riddhima: Hmm. Okay.. Fine.. But you are not doing to tease me again. Promise me..

Armaan: Promise baba... Ab batao toh sahi..

Riddhima: Okay.. I said that..
You are looking so cute and sexy and handsone and adorable that, i just want to hold you tight and kiss you and love you forever

Armaan: Oye hoyye...

Riddhima: Blushing Armaan.. I told you even before..

Armaan: Okay.. No more teasing now..

Riddhima suddenly gasps as she finds him taking hold on her.
They make love and talk sweet nothings for hours and hours, go for some shopping and finally drift in to sleep in eachothers arms.

This is how they spent their honeymoon and after that, they come back to Mumbai and lead the happiest life even and soon become proud parents of their cute but naughty son, Ryan Armaan Mallik, who is as naughty as his father.


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