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AR OS : Ice Princess

She skated her way towards the exit of the rink, where many jornalists were waiting for one sentence or atleast a word for her fans. She answered all the questions with a lot of patience, avoiding the commotion in the stadium as well as a special set of people, who are unable to avoide their gaze on her and are trying to make themselves comfortable
in the VIP seats of the 1st row in the Gallery.

While on the other side, she never noticed that special group of people, who are sitting so close to her in the gallery, watching her since the past few hours, without even blinking their eyes but as she skated closer to them, she did notice and recognise them but did not pay a single glace towards them, and decided to give all her attention to the journalists, who are craving to take her valuable message. She did accept that, their presence, all of a sudden, effected her a lot..

But she still maintained the sweet smile on her face and tried to remember the moments, she had been enjoying, the compliments, love and effection she had been receiving since few hours. She is also very determined with the most important fact that, her husband, her first love,
her reason to live, will never leave her hand.

Her chain of thoughts are broken by one of the journalists,
who was trying to ask some question to her.

- "Mrs. Riddhima Mallik, how are you feeling after taking away your
65th award along with the title "Ice Princess" ?
Can we have the pleasure to know about your feelings ? "

Riddhima replied...

- " Today is one of the special days of my life. Today is making me reminisce
all the factors and the most important person in my life, without whom,
I would have never reached to this position."
She continues

 "I am really feeling glad to see that, people have recognised my dedication towards ice skating and I am even happy to know that, they even want me to do enormous number of shows...
And Friends.. I will definitely do more shows... JUST FOR YOU...

For whatever I am today, I would like to thank my only family, my everything in this world,
my husband, Mr. Armaan Mallik. I always had dreamt of being the best ice skater and
a role model for many other people, who are interested in ice skating, but I never had the opportunity or initiative to achieve my dreams. As my real life angel, my god, Armaan Mallik
walked into my life, he showed me a way to achieve my dreams, by laying a ladder,
creating a way to convert my dreams into reality and to reach the destiny of my dreams,
where I have finally reached today by becoming the


I would also like to thank all the judges and my most favourite fans and audiences,
for all your support and love. I would like to thank all of you for turning
my day beautiful and for creating yet another fortune in my life.

Thanks a lot again.

Everyone in the Gallery cheered for her.. They were really crazy about her. Especially, the girls aged 10 - 23. They wished to raise their arms, high in the air, and skate their way, on the ice, carrying a feel of grace, charm and all they wanted was, just to be like Riddhima Mallik.

Her one autograph mattered so much to them, and they felt like, it is a pride to have her autographed poster with them. They even used many day to day merchandise of
Riddhima Mallik, which had a signature of her's.

Never an opportunity, was available for any other ice skater. This was for the first time, that, the Sports Authority announced such an appreciation because, she was the unique and a real


She skated her way our of the rink, and as she made her way near to the edge, she was embraced into a warm hug by Armaan Mallik, her husband, who is a successful business man, very popular in the business society but can not be really considered as popular as compared to his wife Riddhima Mallik. She was a super star and each and every person, throughout this world, knows who she is and are totally mad about her. The craze she has amongst the people across the world, was more than the craze for the Bollywood or Hollywood stars.

Armaan: Congo wifey. I knew that, you would do it.

Riddhima: Thank you hubby. When you are there with me, nothing will go wrong.. Waise Armaan.. Tum ne dekha, wahan par, VIP seats mein Mr. and Mrs. Shashank Gupta baite hue hai. Woh log na, jab mein interview de rahi thi, ghoor ghoor he aise dekh rahe the..
Oh my gosh.. Why the hell did they come here.... After doing so much to us ?

Armaan: Riddhima.. I know what has happened. And I also dont know what they are doing here. May be, they are invited by someone from the Sports Authority. Who knows ?
Now jaan, Stop worrying.. Ans start enjoying.. You were just.. Fabulous on the show today.

As Riddhima was about to take her shoes off and shift into her normal shoes, he just lifted her up, and got her out of the rink and placed in the seat, and placed the shoes infront of her legs while she smiled at him. All the people in the gallery smiled and cheered for their love.

The Gupta's gave a murderous look to Armaan and Riddhima. They had to attend this occassion, just for some social obligation. They never ever wanted to see her face. They had all the hatred for them, in their eyes, but were unable to do anything. She was now not their daughter, but the wife of her so called husband "Armaan Mallik", whom they never wanted as their son in law. They wanted her to be a successful doctor, which she did not agree for, point number one, and point number two, they wanted her to get married to the best neurosurgen in this world, which she did not agree for even. They hated her, since she was not happy with both her decisions. But they felt glad and happy that, she is no more theirs.
They just smiled at an evil thought thinking that, Armaan would, one day, throw her our of her home, since she is more popular than him, and they expected a huge
ego problem to go inbetween them.

On the other side, where Riddhima and Armaan are sitting, there was Muskaan, Riddhima's assistant, who was not allowing the children to come and meet Riddhima. They children seemed like 8 - 10 years old and they were all looking sweet, wearing Riddhima Mallik T-Shirt,

Riddhima: Let them in Muskaan.

Muskaan: Okay Riddhima..

There was no limit for the joy of the kids. They were over the moon to get the permission from their favourite star. She just told her Personal Secterary to let them the permission.

Riddhima: Hello Kids !! Please.. Come here..

As they saw her, they just kept their autograph books infront of them, asking her for
an autograph. Riddhima signed all of their autograph books immediately
making them feel glad and special.

One of the Kids: Ice Princess, we are really happy to meet you.

One more kid: I always saw you in TV.
But you look more prettier and elegant than you look in TV.

Another Kid: Riddhima Mallik, you are the best. I love it when you do the flips and you still stand on your feel with those shoes. Oh my god. You are sooooo cuteee when you do it.

Riddhima and Armaan gave their million dollar smiles and embraces all the kids together.

One of the kids handed Riddhima.

Riddhima: Oh my.. Oh my.. That was so adorable. Thanks a lot kids..

Armaan: Hmm.. I even have something for all of you..
Armaan spoke to the kids, as he bent on his knees, inorder to reach the level of some of the kids

Kids: What ?? Big smile

Armaan took out some toffees from his pocket and gave each to all of them.

Kids: Thanks a lot Princess and Mr. Mallik. You both are more sweeter than we had imagined.

Riddhima: Same goes to you sweet little princesses.

Armaan and Riddhima made their way to their home, where they found more journalists, grouped outside their home. They gave a small message and waved a good bye to all of them.

Riddhima: Oh my god.. Finally.. We are back to home...

Armaan came from the back and started nuzzling her hair, while he spoke to her.

Armaan: Yeah.. We are finally back home.. But..

He continued to speak, while he lifted her in his arms and made his way to their room.

Armaan: You are now going to take ample of rest my Ice Princess. You have skated so much. Aren't your legs hurting ?

Riddhima: Uhhum.. No.. You have an important meeting in the evening na..
Why dont you start preparing for that ?

Armaan: Oh no Riddhima.. Aaj koi meeting nahi hai. Maine saare meeting ko cancel kar diya. Today is only.. FAMILY TIME... And no office works. Okay.

He placed her on the bed and walked towards their wardrobe, and pulled out some towels and moisturisers for her. He knew that, she will be having her feet aching, but she will not tell him anything. He made his way back to her, settled on his knees, near the foot of the bed, took hold of her feet and started massaging her feel with the cool moisturising lotion.

Riddhima: Armaan !! Thats so sweet.. You always know what hurts me the most...

Armaan: I know jaan.. Tum ne pehle bataya kyun nahi..

Riddhima: Armaan.. Aise koi baat nahi hai. Mujhe laga tha ki, it will go.. Actually.

Armaan: My dear " Ice Princess ", you have not skated for the first time and it is not your first experiance.. Between.. I am a fool yaar. I know about you so well, and yet asked you again. It is your signature habit of not treating your feel properly... huh.. Sleepy

Riddhima: ARMAAN !!

Armaan: WHAT ?

Riddhima pulls him in one instant, hugs him closer to her and just stays like that for a moment. Armaan also understands that, she needed him very badly, especially, after seeing her parents there, in the skating rink. Her parents asked her to walk out of their house, when she shared her dream of ice skating and her love for him with them. They just pushed her out of their house, without a single word. He understood how she would have felt when it happened.

Armaan: Jaan. dont worry.. see... you have you with me.. and i love you so much.. and you have the whole world loving you.. and see.. we are even going to shopping this evening... so, let us enjoy... let us forget about all the bad things.. today is such a special day for both of us. so, let us live it to the fullest.. okay.....

Riddhima:  Armaan, I still remember the day, when my dad said that, I am the culprit of the house, I was not destined to born in the house...  They threw me out of the house and closed their doors for me Armaan. Not even my mom reacted......

Armaan: Shh.. Riddhima.. Jaan.. Dont remember the past..

Riddhima: Armaan.. I love you.. And...

Armaan: I love you too Jaan..Till today, we lived for eachother, and from now on,
 we are going to live the same forever.. I will be there for you.. And you will be there for me.

He keeps kissing her and soothing her with his sweet nothings and love filled words.

Riddhima: Jaan.. I have to tell something to you...

Armaan: Bolo na...

She starts playing with his shirt buttons, and suddenly, shifts all her weight on to him, leaving Armaan amazed and shocked at her sudden act...

Armaan: Riddhima !! (He takes her name lovingly)

Riddhima showers his face with kisses, which were full of love and effection, and then whispers in his ears... " You are going to be a proud daddy of a cute little baby boy or a girl"

He was left with another shock and the hugest surprise of his life. The giant gift, which anyone can ever give him.. He loved the way she pronounced the confession.

He hugged her and twirled her all around the room..

After 2 years...

Riddhima: Ryan baby. Please.. Yeh aap ke liye achche nahi hai.. Please beta...

Armaan: Riddhima.. Jaan.. kya hua ?

Riddhima: Dekho na Armaan... Yeh headphone ke saath kaise khel raha hai..

babyheadphones.jpg baby headphones image by mindylea3

Armaan: Baby.. Idhar aao papa ke paas.

Ryan gives an animated look towards Armaan, and crawls towards Armaan, and
places his head on his lap, sitll with the headphones in his hands...

Armaan: Ryan baby.. Can papa have this please ?

Ryan: Uhhhuuooooo....... niiiiiiiiiii....

Riddhima giggles at his baby voice...

Riddhima: Kya baby.. hmmm.. kya uhooooo niii.... pleachhh mummy ko dedo na beta..
aaj hum bahar bhi jaayenge... Puhleeeechhhhhh.....

Ryan immediately gives the headphones to her, while Armaan smiles at both of his babies. Yeah. Riddhima was also his baby.. Whenever she speaks to Ryan in her babyish language,
he always felt that, he had two kids and not just one...

Armaan and Riddhima, keep their promise and take Ryan to the amusement park. As usual, Riddhima got the crowds near her, but the guards protected the three of them. They had a great moments and went back to home. After some days, they found someone at their door step, none other than, Shashank Gupta and Padma Gupta.

Riddhima: How could I help you please ?

Shashank: Riddhima beta.. Please.. Ek baar hamae baat suno na..

Riddhima: Please sit Mr. Gupta. My husband is not available right now.

Riddhima calls Armaan, and he comes out of the room with Ryan. He gets a shock to see Shashank again after the day during which, she got her Ice Princess title.

Riddhima: Armaan.. Here is some one to meet you.

She immediately takes Ryan from him and goes into the room..

Armaan: Mr. and Mrs. Gupta. Aap aur yahan ?

Padma: Please Armaan beta.. Hume maaf kar do. Hum ne bohot badi galti ki hai.

Both of them start crying falling on the floor on their knees and start begging Armaan, while Armaan, being kind hearted, pulls them up and forgived them, but told that, he will never force Riddhima to forgive them, because, he told that, he personally knew and felt what Riddhima
had went threw, when they pushed her out of their house. Riddhima heard all their conversation, and somewhere deep in her heart, it pierced so hard and she also wanted to forgive them.


Armaan: Riddhima, I only asked them to stay here. Now, they are badly wanting me, you and Ryan jaan.. They have realised their mistake and want to be a part of our family.. Whats wrong ?

Riddhima: I know Armaan.. But you..know.. It is not so easy for me to share the same rapport with them like before.. It is really hard for me... I mean how can I ? You will be going to office and I will be all along with them.. I am scared that...

Armaan: No Riddhima.. This time, listen to me.. Even though I am busy, I will try to show up most of the time in home. Okay.. Now lets go and accompany them at the table.


As the time passes, Riddhima understands that, her parents have changed a lot of
views about her, and wanted her back badly.


One day...

Armaan had been to his office. Just like a routine, Riddhima practiced her ice skating in her personal rink in the backyard of her house, then, helped Armaan with all his things and ensured that, everything is in position and is ready for him and then dressed Ryan and now, was teaching him how to say things like, Mumma, Papa, Boy, Girl, Apple, Bat.. and more...

Shashank, finally decides to talk to her openly... As he enters Armaan and Riddhima's room, he finds his daughter teaching pronounciation to his grandson. He felt proud thinking how mature his daughter turned into. She is now a responcible wife, the sweetest and most caring mother ever, and for the world, she was the ICE PRINCESS.

Shashank: Riddhima beta !!

Riddhima: Jee.. Boliye.. Aap ko yahan parr aana pada.. How can I help you /

Shashank: Aaj mujhe bolne do beta... Mein bohot galat tha.. Mein foolish bhi tha... I always hated Armaan and your dream of ice skating.. I always cursed both of you and wanted you to repent for the decision taken by you, to marry armaan... I wished there was some ego problem between both of you.. But.. I realised such a b*****d I was.. Please forgive me beta..

Armaan comes from behind. Since he finished major works in the office, he came back to home, to spend some time with his wife and son.

Armaan: Papa. Shayad Riddhima aur mere popularity ke beech mein bohot farak hai.. Chahe woh, aur bada hogi, I might sponsor her from Mallik Industries and make her more popular but I will never think that, she is like a competition for me. If I was having the idea of suppressing her, I would have never sent her to the best Ice Skating school. I love her papa. And I even know that, she loves me the same. She might be Ice Princess, but at home, she is my Jaan Riddhima.

Riddhima: Haan papa.. Mein aur Armaan ek dusre se bohot pyaar karte hai..

Listening to PAPA word from her mouth, both Shashank and Armaan are left amazed, along with Padma, who is standing near the door, listening to the conversation...

Finally, the family gets united...

Shashank: Riddhima, today, I am feeling proud to be your father, and I thank god for giving such a sweet daughter to me. Today, I not only  accept you as my daughter Riddhima Mallik, but also like MY ICE PRINCESS. Welcome back !!

Riddhima: Thanks a lot papa..

She hugs Padma..

Riddhima: I love you mumma...

Padma: Love you too beta...


As one more year passed by, Armaan and Riddhima are blessed with their daughter, whom they named Shriya, and loved her equally, along with Ryan, who is now, going to his play school.

Once in a month, Shashank and Padma fly to Paris, to meet their daughter, son in law and their sweetest ever grandchildren.

Riddhima gave many more shows, and Armaan also got many business opportunities and his company now, swapped from the list of top 20 companies of the world to TOP 10 Companies of the world.....



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