Wednesday, 21 March 2018

AR os : My Messiah!

"We didn't send you her to romance with boy's… We strictly asked you to seduce him and get him to sign the papers," her step mother said grabbing her away from his arms.

"ARMAAN!" she screamed hopelessly as their hands separated.

"RIDHIMA" he ran after, but was too late as her stepmother pushed her inside the car, and drove off. Tears dropped from his eyes as his love was being taken away.



He tossed and turned on the bed, as sweat formed on his forehead. Panic erupted through his mind, and fear took over as he lost his love. Armaan closed his eyes as he remembered the time she told him the truth about herself.


"I thought I can get away with this, but I can't… I mean who can do this to you, you're like a savior, a messiah… you help other's in struggles, and me… I can't believe what I've turned to…," she said as she landed on her knees.

He stooped down and sat down next to her, and made her look up. He pressed his lips against her forehead, making her look into his eyes, with tears brimming down hers.

"So why do you want to tell me the truth now, when you have me?" he asked with passion inside his eyes.

She stood up and stepped back, "I… I don't know why, all I know is that I don't want to be involved in this sick scam, and mess around with your feelings".

"Do you have a reason for this act… I mean you don't seem like a girl who likes to mess with others," he asked moving to her.

She looked into his eyes and knew he trusted her fully. She also knew that it was time to come clean. "My stepmother… your business partner, Mrs. Gupta… After my father's death, she took over the company… and well she thinks low of me… Throughout the past 7 years, she took me as a slave… I had to work for her to stay inside the house… Now she's threatening to sell me off if I don't help her get a deal signed by you…" As he heard that, he pulled his hands into a fist, trying to prevent his anger.

"All she wants is money… she even tried selling me to this person when I refused her offer… The man tried to rape me, but I pushed him away and ran straight to her foot for forgiveness…I decided to take on her deal to seduce to into signing this." She turned towards him, "Armaan I am really sorry for playing this game with you… you're a good man Armaan, and you don't deserve this… After I saw you helping out all those in need, I was actually happy… but I felt disgusted at myself for playing this nasty game…Please forgive me" she asked folding her hands in front of him.

Armaan hugged her instantly, as she looked hopeless. "I had a feeling you weren't that type… you hesitated every time I touched you" he said smiling and wiping her tears away.

Suddenly a woman came and pulled Ridhima away from Armaan.


Armaan jerked open his eyes, as the horrible incidence took over his head. She looked so scared and frightened of that woman, whom he can collect was her stepmother. He knew what he had to do. Armaan sat up and made a plan to get his love back.


"Stupid bitch… I told you to get that f**king paper signed, and you… you disgusting whore" Padma Gupta shouted as she slapped Ridhima aggressively. She stopped instantly as she saw a paper that was held by Ridhima. It was that same deal, and it contains Armaan Malik's signature.

She smiled at Ridhima gleefully as she had the job done. Suddenly her smile changed into a perplex expression as Ridhima throw the paper in fire.

Padma immediately pushed Ridhima on the ground, making her head smash onto the floor. "How dare you deceive me you bitch" she said taking out a belt. "I'll show you what you have done" Padma said wiping her.

"Ahh… Mrs. Gupta please… Ouch…" Ridhima cried winching in pain. She wiped Ridhima, leaving behind gushed of blood. The whip prints of blood were left behind her soft skin. She cried as the pain was unbearable.

"Now rot, rot and die.." Padma said kicking Ridhima in the stomach.

Ridhima crouched into a ball shape figure and grabbed her stomach, as it pained.



"Gupta Mansion" he read once again. As he opened the gate, he was let in shock at the scene in front of him.

"RIDHIMA!" he screamed out her name, as she still lay on the ground. She looked so weak, and dead laying there on the ground.

"Armaan" she murmured softly, in a whispered tone, as all her energy was drained out.

He opened his arms wide out to claim his love.

She looked up with swollen eyes. She looked as if she hadn't eaten in days, and cried forever. She stood up clutching onto her stomach, with the unbearable pain from that kick.

She weakly, forcefully, limping, ran into his arms. Both their arms clasped into each other, as she cried out the pain for the last few days.

"Armaan… you finally came Armaan" she cried in his arms.

Armaan held her protectively and cursed himself for not finding her earlier. "I'm sorry Ridhima… I promise nothing will hurt you ever again" armaan said assuring her defense.

He wiped her tears, and carried her in his arms, taking her away from this hell town.

Ridhima looked up at him thankfully, and looked at God thanking him for a messiah.


"Extra… Extra, Gupta Industries gone bankrupt" screamed a newspaper person.

Ridhima looked at Armaan and smiled happily as revenge was taken. "Did you do this Armaan?" she asked suspiciously. Armaan looked up guiltily "guilty, as I can ever be my love" he said holding her. They looked at the television as Padma proved to be involved in a swindle.

"She got what she deserved" Armaan said placing his arms around Ridhima. Ridhima smiled at him and hugged him tightly. "I love you Armaan," she said. Armaan kissed her forehead, "I love you too" he said appreciative of God that he found his love.

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