Saturday, 3 March 2018


"Should I tell her now?" he whispered to his friend, while standing on the side of a dance floor.

"Ask her when ever you feel comfortable, do you have the courage to ask her now" his friend asked patting his back.

This was the first time Armaan Malik has fallen head over heels for a girl. She was no ordinary girl for him, she was sweet, innocent, a wonderful friend, a great cook, and if his dreams do come true, his future wife. He really loved this girl, but life isn't always fair to people. For the first time in life, Armaan Malik was shy to speak to somebody, although they have talked a lot, when ever he tried to bring out the question of love, his mouth wouldn't open.

This was it, the last night to let out all feelings, as this maybe the last time they see each other. An end of the year party was thrown for all graduates, and being in their final year of college, all are going separate ways. Armaan on the other hand didn't want to go separate ways; thinking about him not seeing her was hear breaking for him. He wants to have a future with her, and be with her forever.

Lost in his own thoughts, and looking at her dreamily, his friend looked at him confused, "Armaan, I think you should tell her before it's too late" he said slightly pushing Armaan out of his thoughts. "Rahul I don't know about this man, I mean I wanna tell her so many things, but I just can't get the words out of my mouth' my lips are like stuck together with crazy glue in front of her" he said shaking his head negatively.

Rahul chuckled at his love struck friend, "you might loose her forever man" he said in a sad tone. Armaan finally inhaled all the courage, and walked up to her.

He saw her standing next to her friend Muskaan, and talking. She was laughing, smiling, frowning at each sentence, her expressions were just amusing. He smiled looking at her shining green eyes, and walked up to her.

"Hey Muskaan, hey Ridhima" the way he said her name sounded so soothing, and melodious.

"Hey Armaan" she said in her sweet gentle voice, as he closed his eyes, and inhaled her precious voice.

"So Armaan, you think you're ready?" Muskaan said winking at him. Armaan gave her a deadly glare, as she disturbed his confidence. Armaan finally realized why he had come here, and instantly fear of rejection struck him.

Muskaan was enjoying the low self-esteemed Armaan, that's was love does to a person. Being Ridhima's bestfriend, she knows how both feel about each other. She found out Armaan's feelings from Rahul, as he and Rahul are love birds.

"Ready for what?" Ridhima said, slightly confused as she saw the mischievous smile on Muskaan's face.

"The thing you were never ready for" Muskaan blurted out to her coward friend.

Armaan looked at her nervously, as Muskaan pleaded him to express himself with her eyes. Armaan nodded a no to her as his lost his words again, making Muskaan to sigh deeply.

"What was I never ready for?" Ridhima asked, making them look at her.

Armaan shook his head negatively, not to tell her the truth. "Umm' ready for, ready to move on in life Ridhz' Armaan is fully ready, but you can't even get over college" Muskaan said, as she sighed in relief. Ridhima nodded her head positively as she was going to miss her college life.


Armaan walked to Rahul, with his head bowed down. "Couldn't do it buddy" Rahul said, shaking his head negatively. He felt bad for Armaan because his friend has never been put into such a situation. Armaan was the guy who was never fearful, and asking a girl out would be a nothing for him. But love had to play around with Armaan, and attract him to Ridhima.

For the past two years, Armaan has been eyeing Ridhima. He was fighting with his feeling for her, in a course of one whole year. Finally his friend realized he has fallen for her, and for another year, he tried his best to tell, but remained unsuccessful.

He sat down on the chair, looking around the dance floor, and noticed all the couples dancing together. They looked so happy and contended to be in the arms of the person they loved. Suddenly his gaze fell on Ridhima, and she was slow dancing with ABHI! Furry raged within him, seeing them like this.

"Okay guys this is the last song for the night' now I want everyone on the dance floor" the DJ spoke, as everyone obeyed him. "Close you eyes, and take 5 steps back' 3 steps to your right, and 2 step forward' and the person you land with is your dance partner" all did the as the DJ said, and opened their eyes.

Armaan opened his eyes, and immediately stared into the piercing green eyes. He couldn't believe his fate, his 'dance' partner was Ridhima.

"Hi" he whispered into her eyes, and he felt nervous. "Shall we" he put out his hand for her to dance with him. Ridhima nodded her head positively, and took a hold of his hand.

He placed his hands around her waist, while she placed hers, around his neck.

"You look beautiful today' I mean not that you don't always look beautiful' I mean you always do look beautiful' but today you just look exceptionally beautiful" he said timidly, trying to make himself clear.

Ridhima slightly smiled at him, "hmmm' Mr. Armaan Malik is trying to flirt, if you have to flirt use one of those pickup lines you usually use" she said laughing at the funny lines.

"Hey, those pickup lines may be cheesy, but they always work" he said defending the creators of the pickup lines.

"Okay use one and I'll see if it works" she said playing along.

"Okay here's one' Are you a parking ticket, because you got fine written all over you" he said winking at her, while she laughed at him.

"Apart from being sexy, what else do you do for a living?" he said again, as she laughed whole heartedly.

"Okay I can only think of two more now' I was blinded by your beauty, so I'm gonna need your name and number for insurance" he said cheekily.

Ridhima couldn't stop laughing at his cuteness while saying those lines. He watched her laugh, and smiled at how beautiful she looked. Suddenly something kicked within him; courage went through his blood circulation.

"I love you Ridhima" he said, as she stopped laughing, looking at his serious face.

"What?" she asked again, still thinking she's in dream mode.

He leaned forward and kissed her cheek gently, and she shivered in his touch, "I love you" he whispered inside her ear, as she closed her eyes.

"Armaan" she whispered, still in a daze as to what he said.

"Ridhima" he whispered back, as his breathe kissed her face.

"You can fall off a building, you can fall out a tree, but baby, the best way to fall is in love with me." he said, as he was just a millimeter away from her lip.

"I already fell Armaan' in love with you" she said smiling, as he looked at her with a true sense of happiness.

"Ridhima you' you really love me?" he asked again, still in a daze.

"I love you Armaan" before he says anything else, her lips covered his. He was taken back at first, but soon gave in as he felt her soft lips. She felt so good, and pure, and only his, he thought.

As they broke out of the kiss, he looked at her merely, "I love you" he hugged her, as he couldn't take the happiness inside.

"So where are you going after this is over?" he asked her, still not believing that she's all his.

"I have to get home, and get ready to go to Saanjevini" she said with a gloomy look on her face.

"NO WAY! Don't tell me you're going to be an intern there?" he smiled happily, as she nodded her head sadly.

"Ridhima, I'm going to be an intern there also" he said shaking her merely.

Ridhima looked at him in surprise, "Are you serious' we are going to work together' Oh my God! This day can't get any better' first you confess and now we are going to be together again' it feels like a dream" she said, she hugged Armaan tightly.

"This is our little dream sweetheart" he said, as he kissed her forehead. "You wanna ditch this and go to the beach" he asked, as she nodded a yes.


Both held onto each other as they walked through the sandy beach. Armaan put his hand around her waist, while she put her hand on his shoulder, as they settled on the ground. The night looked absolutely beautiful, as the stars above them shinned.


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