Monday, 12 March 2018

AR os : Raindrops

He woke up as the suns rays hit him. And smiled. For the first time he din grudge about getting up early.nIt was special today. Something told him he was going to get a long awaited gift today. A very long awaited indeed.

Armaan Mallik got up from his bed n took his shower with all the leisure. He had turned 23 today. And he was excited. Not because it was his birthday. But because he had a feeling tht today was important. How? He did not know! But his senses said tht they were going to meet.Somehow!!

She woke up the usual way. A jog and a workout. But thr was a different smile today. She had a beautiful dream last night. Dream that they had finally met.But how she did not know. She did not know whether it would ever come true but something made her feel tht somewhere they were going to meet today.

Sighing, Riddhima picked up her towel and went in for shower. She had to join the gang to go and wish Armaan for his birthday.

He went about his daily routine. His parents wished him and his friendz appeared at his house with a huge box of chocolates n lots of wishes. They all dug into the chocolates right there.

He had no plans. Inspite of everyonez insistence he had not wanted any party or celebration. He promised them all tht he would give them a party later. So they peacefully sat opening up the gifts they had brought for him.

Rahul and Muskaan had given him a watch of his favourite brand. He got perfumes, goggles, cell phones and many thingz more from the rest. In the end he opened the one last remaining gift. It was from Riddhima.

It was a photo frame engraved with Friendz on it and a picture of their whole gang after a cake fight they had. He smiled at the memory. It was indeed the best gift.

"Thank you Riddhima", he said politely. "Its very beautiful"

"Your welcome Armaan" she replied sweetly and that was all they conversed. Infact it was all they ever conversed.

Armaan Riddhima. And Riddhima and Armaan. They were not enemies. But they were not friendz too. They were not loverz, but they coudn't even deny that they felt something for each other. And that feeling alone kept them apart from each other. That feeling alone was like a betrayal to the memory they each had personally. That feeling alone was a threat alone to the lifelong wait they had endured so far.

But unaware were they that they shared a common memory. Unaware were they that they had endured a common wait. Unaware were they that that feeling was a gift from god they had been blessed with very long ago.


A girl sat in a park, alone watching the children play. She was 9 yearz old and wanted to join them too. But she was sad at the same time. Her family life wasnt rocking and she alwaz felt depressed about it.

"Hi", she heard a boyz voice n looked up at him. She could tell he was his age. He had eyes of concern. But she had been thought not to talk to strangerz.

"Hi...but i don't talk to strangers."...she relpied...trying to sound polite.

"Oh......i was jus wondering if we could have a match...?" he asked her sounding polite.

She looked up questioningly. He continued.

"Actually ur d only girl who seems to be my age here...i wanted to play basket ball with someone. Therez a small court here for children. And i was wondering if u could join me."

"But i dunnu u...." she replied innocently.

"Never mind tht....i promise i wont hurt u...plz...just one match."

"Oh...ummm..ok...but u won't ask me anything abt myself.....i cant tell anything to strangers..." she said matter of factly n he smiled.

"I won't" he promised.

They started playing and found each other perfect at the game. Neither of them could win it. And finally when they got tired...they sat down panting and laughin.

"Your a good player...Basket" he told her.

"Basket??" She questoned.

"Yeah...since we promised we won't ask each other anything about ourselves...i will call u Basket..howz that??"

"That soundz good.....but what should I call you??"

"Ummmm.......U can call me Maan.......its not my name....but i guess i wdnt mind u calling me tht.."

"OK....its good!"

"So ...Friendz??" He asked strtching his hand.

"She took it after a while and the moment their hands started to rain.

She sprang up jumping in the rain and he joined her. They played again for a while in the rain and then finally exhausted sat on the bench enjoying the rain drops.

She stretched out her hand and her fingerz began to play with the raindrops rhythimacally. he watched her fingerz and was mesmerised.

"Hey I want to learn how u do tht.." he said wid the eagerness of a child.

She smiled and joined his hands with herz...moving his fingers with herz as they both played with raindrops. Unaware were they that someday these raindops would bring them together again. Somehow Someday!

One month passed and their friendship grew stronger. They never spoke about each other but about everthing. For some reason that God found sensible, they had forgotten the promise they had made, yet their identities never came in between in them. She was basket for him and he was Maan for her. They played basketball everyday and whenever it rained, she joined hands with him and thought him how to play with the rain drops.

One day, as he came to the park on their usual time he did not find her. A little boy came upto him and gave him a letter saying that his friend had asked him to give it.

He sat on the bench and opened it to read.

"Dear Maan,

I am sorry. But I won't be able to come today, Or any other day for that matter. I am going. Far away from this place. Dad got a transfer. I did not know about it. I was told only today morning that we had to catch a flight. And i wished tht i knew where u lived so that i could wish u a proper good bye. I am sorry again.. Our friendship was the most beautiful relationship i ever had and i will alwaz cherish it. I promise to come back Maan. When I don't know. How we will recognize each other... I don't know...but i trust god. And one day we will meet. I will alwaz remember you. And the raindrops.


He finished reading the letter and clung it to himself. He din cry but the sense of loss overtook him. And though he was very young, he realised that he would wait. Wait for her to come back all his life.

As he surfaced back from the memories of his childhood, he heard the chatter around him. He glanced around and saw Riddhima talking sweetly to Muskaan. For some reason again that God alone knew, whenever he saw her his eyes stayed on her until sumthng else distracted him.

He had met her last year. She had returned from US and was Rahul's cousin. He was mesmerized by her green eyes the moment he saw her. And it was for the first time that some girl had instantly reminded her of his Basket. But he brushed away the thoughts immediately and that made him stay distant from Riddhima. Though he could not deny that thr was some attraction between them.

Riddhima too sat thr day dreaming as she alwaz did about somehow meeting him. She was lost in his thoughts. She had gone away to USA and returned to india only last year. She had become friends with everyone through Rahul who happened to be a cousin of her. As she grew up, her insecurities about her family left her. She realised that fights were common between every couple n so was d case wid her mom dad. But they loved each other. And she grew up, she also realised tht Maan was the only true friend she ever had. And within her memories that friendship grew into love. The love she had promised that she would return.

And she did return. But did not know how she was going to find him. She tried going to the park but it was no more jus a litttle children's park. It had been developed into a big one and was always crowded with people during d day. Finally she left ot to god.

She had met Armaan and found him a good person. But the vey fact that he reminded her of Maan made her stay away from him fearing that she would fall for him. They kept their distance and somehow she knew that even Armaan was keeping a distance and was thankfull for it. She knew they were attracted but she din wwanto harbour or nurture that feeling.

In his life of 16 yearz after Basket had left...Riddhima was the only girl who was threat to his long wait.

In her life of 16 yearz since she had left Maan, Armaan was the only one who thretened her search.
She glanced around and their eyes met as se saaw him watching her. And as they both had felt today to be a special day,they dinno why, but for the first time they did not break their eyelock. They saw a hope in each otherz eyes and somehow got an assurance that today that hope would come true.

Everyone had a casual yet special dinner at Armaan's home and in the end decided on a hangover. They chit chatted aimlessly n finally fell asleep in those positionds only. It was still around 8 and they were exhaused.

Riddhima's sleep broke around 9. She glanced around and saw all the couples sleeping peacefully in one or the other comfortable positions. Armaan wasn;t there in the room and she guessed him to be up in hiz room.

Slowly n quietly she left the house and walked towardz the park which was quiete near. Something in her told her she needed to visit it today. She walked to it slowly and went to the bench they used to sit on. The basketball court was still there. She was grateful tht d park was deserted. She sat their and spoke to herself, aloud.

"I had promised I would return Maan."

Armaan stopped in his trackes as he heard those wordz. He had been in the park since an hour and was now leaving to get back home. He turned at the voice tht rang out in the silence and wondered if he was imaginig it.

"See I am back" Riddhima continued talking. "But where are you? I want to meet you. See . idid not break my promise. You Basket came back and is waiting for you. I love you and I wil wait my whole life."

Armaan's senses did not know how to react. He was happy, shocked, surprised and what not. His basket was none other than Riddhima. And Riddhima was none other than his Baksket. He was on top of the world.

He took a step forward to meet her but that instant it started to rain. And within secondz they were drenched, she still unaware of his presence.

He came up behind her and her whispered in her ear "I love you".

Thinking herself to be in the exact dream that she had seen last night she whispered back.."I Love you too".

But the moment he touched her hand she jerked it away instantly realizing tht this was not a dream n there was some1 bhind her. She immediately turned only to find Armaan gazing at her, not with a look of beheld emotions but with the look of a long awaited return.

"I.....I..I am sorry...i was expecting someone else." She said fumbling at wordz realising tht she had tld him I love you.

He smiledat her and moved closer as she stood thr rooted to the spot. She tried speaking again.

"I din mean what i said...i ..i ..." but she was stopped as he placed a finger on her lips. She stood there mesmerized by his very much like her Maan'z.

And that thought brought her back. She broke the eyelock and turned around trying to fight her feelings. But he din give her that chance. He pulled her to him, her back still to him and she jammed into his chest too shocked to protest in any way.

He interlocked her fingez with his and strched out their hands and played with the raindrops just as she had taught him. Realization started dawning on her and what he spoke next could declare her to be d happiest person alive.

"You had promised to remeber me. But You had also promised to remeber the rain drops. Did You forget that Basket?"

She turned to him instantly and looked up at him.

"Its you?" You are him?'

"Yes its me basket....your Maan."

They hugged then tight realizing that the long endless wait was over. That they had finally found each other. Their love and memories had triumphed and finally they were in each otherz arms.

Love alwayz finds a way!!

Love u guyz

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