Saturday, 17 March 2018

AR os : Sweet Forgiveness

She sat down there on the stool, drinking, glass after glass. "Give me another shot," she said firmly to the bar tender. The bartender looked at her perplexed, "Ma'am, you just had about 7 of those' would you like a soft liquor, or water instead" he asked slightly worried. "NO! LISTEN TO ME' IF I WANT ANOTEHR SHOT, GIVE IT TO ME' AND STOP CARING ABOUT ME, HE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT ME, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU'" She frightened the bartender off, and he quickly gave her another shot.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?" came a voice from the door. He quickly ran inside and grabbed the shot from her hand. "Ridhima, are you crazy, why are you drinking so much' I mean seriously you look drunk'" he said grabbing a hold of her, as she was slipping through her seat. "Don't touch me Mr. Malik'" she said shrugging off his hold.  She picked up the drink again, but before she can sip it, he took it away. "No, I said no more drinks'" he said firmly pulling her up from her chair.

He grabbed her wrist, and tried to pull her out of the bar. "Armaan, LEAVE ME" She said stringently. "Stop touching me' if you can do what ever you want, so can I...". Armaan let go of her hand at that moment, "fine go ahead and do what you want" he said acting as if he doesn't care.

Ridhima walked away gleefully, and walked up the stair to the dancers. As she walked up the stairs, all eyes were gazing at her, including his. As she stepped on the middle of the floor, the spotlight hit her.

Her back was towards the crowd, when suddenly she put her hands to her side. Both the sides of her dress contained zippers.

She sensually moved her hips, from side to side, and smoothly pulled down the two zippers. The guys were whistling, and cheering her on to go down more.

Armaan looked around and made a disgusted face, as the guys were eyeing on Ridhima. He pulled his hands into fist, and proceeded to walk towards Ridhima.

As he was walking up the stair, all the girls were dying, due to his good looks. "He's damn sexy" came many voices.

Ridhima turned to look at Armaan approaching her, and she tried to back away. Before she can back away, Armaan held her, and put her over his shoulder.

"It's my way or the highway baby" he said walking out of the club, with her still hanging on his shoulder.

She tried her best to break out. She punched him, kicked him, but he didn't even butch with pain.

Armaan gently placed her inside his car, and began driving back home. "Why the f**k would you go to a bar," he asked furiously. "I can do what ever I want... it's none of your business" she said answering back with the same tone, and folding her arms on her chest.

Armaan halted the car as they reached home. Ridhima got out of the car furiously, and slammed the car door hard.

She was about to walk in, when suddenly she felt a grip on her wrist.

Armaan grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. "Now tell me, what's up with this act" he said holding her firmly.

Ridhima looked away angrily, "You' you left me, and on a very special day "she said finally letting out the reason.

"Ridhima you know I had to go on this business trip' and you're the one who made me go' I protested but you forced me' then why are you mad for... I should be the one mad" he said pouting at her.

"No, you still left me, and how was I supposed to know it was for 2 WHOLE DAYS... did you know how lonely I felt" she said in a childish voice.

Armaan smiled at her cuteness and kissed her forehead passionately. "I'm so sorry baby, I promise to never leave again'" he said holding his ear.

Ridhima at first ignored him, and showed some attitude to him.

She looked at him again, and saw him pouting with his puppy dog eyes, making her heart melt.

Ridhima kissed his forehead with love, and hugged him tightly, "I missed you so much Armaan". "I missed you too baby" he said hugging her back.

"Oh wait I forgot something" he said walking back to his car, while she looked at him confusedly.

"Happy 1 year anniversary baby" he said giving her flower and a chocolate with a heart shape cover. Ridhima took them happily, and opened the chocolate immediately.

"Yummm' these are such amazing chocolates Armaan," she said eating them like a slob, as the chocolate stains went around her lips.

She felt Armaan's gaze on her as she as ate the chocolate, "Ummm' you want some?" she asked giving him a chocolate. He nodded a yes, and immediately captured her lips with his.

As he sucked on her lips passionately, she immediately gave in. He sucked her lips, and chewed on them as if they were chocolate.

"Happy Anniversary baby" he said once again, breaking from the kiss. "I love you Armaan," she said hugging him.

It was a beautiful night, as the moonlight smiled at the lovers, embraced within each other's arms.


Luv SAZ!

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