Saturday, 31 March 2018

AR os : You Fool, I Love You!

She turned to look at the clock as she sipped through her fifth glass of coffee. "He's gonna get it today" she mumbled furiously, as she cured him under her breath. "Stupid, idiot, that gay loser' he thinks he can just ditch me like that, I'll show him" she said, drinking her sixth cup of coffee.

She looked back to see if her was here yet, instead she found a guy staring at her, with intense gaze. She looked away furiously, and awkwardly, "Weirdoes" she said, shaking her head.

"Excuse me ma'am, is this seat taken" the person asked, pointing to the chair next to her. Ridhiam thought about it for a while, "Uhhh' no it's not, you may sit here" she told the stranger. "It's a pleasure to sit next to a beautiful doll like yourself," he said in a flirtatious, yet complementing voice. She slightly blushed at his comment, "so, what's up with all this coffee drinking?" he asked, as she drank another cup.

"Don't even ask, I was supposed to meet up with this asshole boyfriend of mine, but he ditched me" she said irritably.

"Get out of here! Who would want to ditch a beauty like you, that guy must be a total retard," he said, while she agreed with him.

"Do you love him?" the stranger asked, while she looked away from his gaze.

"I don't know' I thought I did, but I don't know anymore," she said, with a face that shows confusion.

"May I help you clear this confusion' but for this I'm gonna have to touch you?" he said, politely. Ridhima looked at him, and thought for a while, "hmmm' Okay fine, as long as it's not inappropriate" he nodded at her condition.

The stranger came behind her, and put him to palms on her eyes, so that she can't see anything. "Now remember all the moments with him, and how your life will be with out him," he said, as he whispered inside her ears.


"OUCH" she winched in pain, as she just twisted her leg. "Ridhima' Ridhima you okay baby" he said, as he saw her slightly tear up.

"How many times do I have to tell you to be careful' now look at what happened' I told you to stay away from heels, yet you don't listen to me" he said, not in an angry tone, but rather a concerned tone.

"I'm sorry" she said innocently, hoping he would relax with her charms. As he looked at her pout, his lips formed into a smile, making his heart melt.

He kissed her cheek gently, making her giggle, and blush at the same time. "Let me go put something on our leg" he said holding onto her shoulder, and making her walk.

"Ouch, I can't walk Armaan" she whined, as Armaan smiled at her. "No problem baby" he said picking her up in his arms, and walking towards a room.

He settled her on the bed, and took some rubbing oil, to alleviate the pain. "Are you still angry at me?" she asked, with her same pouting innocence. "how many times did I tell you not to wear heels, I told you one day you would get hurt, now look what happened" he said, yelling at her. "Armaan, I been wearing heels for the last 5 years of my life' it's okay, the heel part just got rusted, that's why it broke" she said, nodding at how much he cares for her.

Armaan looked at her swollen foot and ignored her gaze on him. "doesn't listen to a word I say' and now look what happened' doesn't understand that it pains me more than her, and yet she goes rebelling" he murmured under his breath, while she just giggled, and looked at him with love.

The frown on his face proves him concern for her, as he rubbed her leg. She looked at him, as his love for her has always been unconditional. She moved her palms to his face, and gently rubbed his cheek, still captivated by his love.

"I love you Armaan" she whispered, as he looked into her green eyes. Her eyes hold all the love and passion for him, which always attracts him to her.

He lifted his face to reach hers, as she bent down to his. Both captured each other's lips at the same time, and gave in right away. "I love you too" he whispered against her lips, as he reattached them.

As the lovebirds continued their romance, Shashank, Ridhima's father walked by the room, to see them laughing and giggling with each other. At first he thought of them as just as friends, but once he saw them kissing each other, anger boiled within him.

"Dr. Ridhima, and Dr. Armaan, please proceed to Dr. Shashank's cabin" the speaker announced. "I wonder what dad wants to talk to us about?" she asked Armaan, as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Are you two done having your fun, Dr Ridhima, and Armaan" he said coldly, with anger in his voice. "Excuse me sir, we don't understand" Armaan asked politely, with fear in his eyes.

"JUST SHUT UP MR. MALIK! Do you take me as a fool; I saw what was going on in the room just 5 minutes ago" he scream, as Ridhima and Armaan looked at each other.

"Dad, just try and under'" Shashank stopped her from saying anything. "DON'T CALL ME YOUR FATHER! I am not your father," he said angrily, as tears brimmed down Ridhima's face.

"Dad" she whispered, as Shashank gave her an angry look.

"I AM NOT YOUR FATEHR DAMMIT! Don't forget your adopted!" he yelled, as Ridhima looked at him baffled.

"I really love him dad," she said, with tears.

"I told you never to get so close to him' I told that when you two were becoming really great friends' I also told you how he was Ridhima, he's not the right boy for you' the decisions not mine Ridhima, it's yours, either you pick Armaan, or me" he said coldly, as both Ridhima and Armaan looked at him perplexed.

Before Ridhima can say anything, Armaan stepped in. "I'm sorry sir, but I never meant to shock you this way' Your right, I don't deserve Ridhima, but I couldn't stop myself from falling in love with her. Whenever I see her, I feel content, and warm, knowing that I have something to live for' but love has made me selfish, I can never see Ridhima part from her family' She may be adopted, but she always took you as her ideal father, and I can never allow her too choose me over you' I'm sorry Ridhima, but he's your father' and you should stay with him," Armaan said walking towards the exiting door.

Right that moment, she felt as if the life is being sucked out of her body, just then she realized, Armaan was her life, and she can't let him go. "Armaan wait" came a whisper from behind him.

"Dad' no wait sorry, Dr. Shashank Gupta, your right' Armaan doesn't deserve me, because he deserves a whole lot better' I don't understand why you always think negative of him, I mean he ahs plays around in the hospital, but he does all his work too' He knows his limits, and the fooling around he does, is to make the kids smile' You've always seen him do pranks, but did you ever see how concentrated he is to his work. Did you see his devotion to being a doctor? Then why dad, how can you just separate your daughters love from her" she said, as she wiped off her tears and looked at Shashank.

"People like Armaan don't deserve love' He always plays around with other girls' don't you see that Ridhima" Shashank asked Ridhima, trying to pull some sense into her.

"He used to play around with girls' USED TOO!" she said. She widened her eyes as she heard the door behind her close, and turned around to see Armaan gone.

5 minutes later!

Tears rolled down his eyes thinking about losing his Ridhima. How can I live without her? He thought, but suddenly felt somebody's arms around him.

"You left me Armaan" she cried on his back, as he turned around.

"Ridhima' what are you doing here and what about your dad?" he said, wiping of her tears.

"He never loved me Armaan, he just wanted me so that I can marry his friends son, so he can make profit" she said sobbing, and holding onto Armaan.

She felt Armaan's rage, as he pulled his hand into a fist, 'take me away from here Armaan" she said, trying to calm Armaan's anger.

Seeing the fear inside her eyes, he nodded and exited the hospital with her. "Armaan, I can't live without you by my side" she said, embracing him.


"I will die without you Armaan" she whispered as she opened her eyes.

"I'll die without you too" he whispered against her ears, and kissed her cheek lightly.

"Okay so are you done with your acting, now I can be back to Armaan Malik right?" he asked, happy that she loves him so much.

"Hmmm' but next time your late again, I'm not gonna even make believe you're a stranger, I'm just gonna walk away" she said, crossing her arms.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I was stuck in a surgery, the patient became more critical, so it took two extra hours" he said, hugging her.

She felt relaxed in his arms, as she hugged him back, "fine it's okay, and good plan to make me realize how much I love you" she smiled, and pinched his cheek.

Both stood up, with their arms around each other, as Ridhima paced her head on his shoulder. "Say it again Armaan".

"You're a fool Ridhima' and I love you so much," he said kissing her forehead.

The beautiful moon smiled at them, as the couple walked holding each other, with both lost in each other's love!

Luv SAZ!

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