Thursday, 15 March 2018

Hello... from an old friend.

Hye everyone! I am Ayushi... and I am an old (older than many here) blog reader/writer. I joined the old blog back in 2008. I wasn't even 17 then. Was a fan of Niha's fanfic and I started with a set of predictions... (it was a thing back in the day, we used to predict what would happen in the next episode) which later turned into an FF... with over 420 parts I think (lost count, sorry). It was named "Muhabbat Ki Raahon Mein". God! Those were the days! Every Friday, I used to post at least 10 parts (don't laugh... I was really into it... and so were my readers, I believe). Friday after Friday after Friday. We celebrated my Century... Then Double Century... And then more. I still remember I was late in posting the update containing the 200th part and Modji put up a request at the top of the blog page, asking me to update! Seriously, those were the days! I remember when I fell sick. Someone had created a post, "Pray for Lovy" and when I got back to the blog, I was welcomed with never ending comments on that post. I also remember when MKRM ended. When not just my readers but my silent readers too came out to express their love, one last time, for me. It was humbling and gratifying! I wish I still had those posts and comments. I wrote another FF, Jab Dill Milley (Volume 1 and 2) and received the same love and encouragement throughout its journey. I just loved being there (here?). I made friends... some of whom have become closer than family now. Anyone remembers Karan Ki Deewani, Mithila? Well, I was Mithila Ki Deewani, Lovy. Still am. Would always be. It's been a long time... 10 years... I am all grown up now. I have tried to come, read here... but life's too hectic. And really, I feel a little lost. I have always been at the writing end. Just felt like catching up today. If any old bloggers are out here, who remember me... tell me how you've been, what you've been doing and the FF's you've been reading (and loving). Will try and check them out. To all the new ones... my young ones... I wish you the same love and support I got from my blog. Trust me, it was overwhelming... and I can still feel jitters, just reliving all those memories. I wish you all will make some bonds here that'll last forever. And I wish you an awesome experience of writing, reading and reliving DMG, day after day.

 Love, Lovy

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