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Intro : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Pundit Ram Narayan Sarma 

Pundit Ram Narayan Sarma was a highly respectful orthodox priest in a remote village on the banks of river Godavari in South India. He was known for his vast knowledge in Veda Sastras and was believed in his own culture. The entire village respected his values and followed his advices in their daily living, marriage proposals, and professional matters.

  Nalini Devi

At the age of 18, Ram Narayan was married to Nalini Devi, his maternal uncle's daughter. Nalini Devi staunchly remained loyal to her husband and was respected for her 'pativrata dharm'. .

Devyani Khanna

At the age of 19 Pundit Ram Narayan Sarma took the responsibility of his 8 year old sister, Devyani when their parents died in the same year.

Pundit Ram Narayan brought Devyani under strict rigid traditions and culture along with loads of love and affections.

Ram Narayan was not only an older brother to Devyani but a father, a teacher and an ideal.  He taught her carnatic music, bharatnatyam, basics of Sanskrit language and Vedas, along with Hindi exams such as Visarada and Praveena conducted by The Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha (Andhra).  Nalini Devi taught her knitting and sewing. She looked after Devyani as her own daughter. Devyani never disobeyed her brother come what might.

But love makes you do many things!!

Devyani, at her 16 years of age, fell in love with a pilgrim, Raj Khanna who was on business tour during River Godavari Pushkaras. Ram Narayan was completely against this marriage because of caste and cultural differences. Devyani went against her brother's wishes and stepped out of the house with Raj Khanna.

Since then there were no communications between two families.

52 years passed in life span of Devyani. Now she is 68 years. She had a son, Dilip, daughter-in-law Naina, and grand children Kartik, Angad, Aaliyah, Anittah.

Khanna Family:

Naina             \

 Angad Khanna


Devyani didn't visit her brother even on his death. But She was aware of her brother had a son Suryaban, daughter-in-law, Gayatri and granddaughter Kripa.


Surya-- Gayatri                                                                             

     Let's see if they met each other any time in future!!!! And if yes ' HOW?????

 Gupta Family:

Dr.Shashank Gupta                         
    Dr.Anjali Gupta                           
Ridhima Gupta


Dr.Shashank was family doctor of Khannas. He had two daughters, Anjali and Ridhima. Anjali believed in status, money, just like her father. Ridhima believed in love and relations as she was vastly influenced by her naani. Both sisters were opposite in nature and always fight with each other whenever they stayed home at the same time. Dr.Anjali, an ob-gyn specialist, married to Dr.Atul, veterinary doctor, who settled as 'ghar jamai'.

Malik Family:


 Dr.Arman, Pediatrician was the eldest of the three Malik siblings. Next came Atul followed by their only younger sister Misthy.     Misthy was a graduate in Arts.


 Bose Family:

Damini Bose                                                                                 
Prithvi Bose

Sapna Shah

 More characters would come when story moves forward.......


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