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Intro & part 1 : Lamhe (AR ff)


Dr Armaan Malik - Senior Doctor at Sanjeevni and co-head of upcoming interners

Ridhima Gupta - orphanage, simple, sweet and new intern

Anjali Sharma - rich ,daughter of buisness man Mr Shashank Sharma an spoit brat and a new intern in sanjeevni

Atul Joshi - same as DMG a new intern

Muskaan Chadda - same AS DMG and ridz's best friend and aslo as an orphanage and new intern

Rahul Malik - younger Brother of Armaan and new intern in sanjeevni

Dr Subhankar Malik -  (same as DMG only toward His Wife Keerti) father of two proud son's and dean and owner of Sanjeevni

Dr Keerti Malik -same as DMG i mean StrictWink and pillar (strength) of the house and loved her family to death.

Mr Shashank Sharma - thinks he can buy anything for his lovely Daughter even love

 part 1 : 

We see a huge Malik Mansion

It is huge in  beige color has a huge lawn at the front and a huge pool at the back. NOW we enter in mansion

A lady enters and sat at the dining table

A lady - Good Morning Subhankar

Su- good morning Sweetheart

Ke- sharm karo kuch, donno bache doctor ban gaye hai aur app flirt kar rahe ho

A young handsome young Man show up on dinning table

M– Good morning lovely people

Kr&Su – Good Morning Armaan beta

Kr- aaj 9 beja ja raho ho

A-    Yea mom aur phir rahul bi toh aaj duty join kar raha hai

Su- Go wake him up he has to report at 10 make sure u treat him like other intern's

A - Of course dad

Just then rahul walks in wearing white shirt and blue jeans looking handsome as usual

Ra – good morning all Oh My god i am so excited u know by the way i was wondering who is the in charge of interns

A – well rahool that is a surprise he smirked

R- why bhai why won't you tell me i even asked you last night" he pouted

 Sub – we should leave before u start again

After a while the all left for sanjeevani Armaan ,Kreeti and Sub left for their duties and rahul went to locker room as he was bit early after 15 min someone enter

Man  - lagta hai yehi hai locker room pata nahi mera baad meri landlady mere bacho ka kya haal kare gi main unko bahot miss karo ga mere bache (muttered to himself)

Yes u guessed it right that is atul

At –saw some one there who was talking to some one on the phone "hey main hoon atul new intern aur app bi new intern ho"

Ra – yeah main bi new intern hoon Dr rahul

Suddenly there was a noise both turn and looked at the two girls were laughing on something and entering in locker room and rahul was lost in one of them beauty

Atul just ran to them

At  - hey app bi naye interns ho aur main bi Atul joshi hoon aur yeah hai rahul naye intern

Ra – (moved toward them) hello

Mu – hello main hoon muskaan and yeah hai riddhima meri best friend hai

R – hey (gave beautiful smile to Atul and rahul)

Just then a tall and slim girl enter enter as usuall atul moved toward them

At – hey main Atul joshi

An =- To main kya karo Bloody joker pata nahi kaha kaha se a jate hai

Which shocked all of them

Mu – oye teri intni himm.

Just then the announcement


Ra – Chalo Duty calls

All left to nurse station

All – good morning Ma'am


Kr - excuse me

Ra – sorry mam

Kr – well so welcome to sanjeevni and I wish you all the very best for ur career and in sanjeevni it is really important to be on time and be active all the time because someone's life depend on you and in know that you have just finished collages but please behave mature. Well I will be your temporary head but Dr Armaan will be your resident head well let me show u around then well meet Dr Armaan in the conference room.

They all left and Dr Kreeti Showed them around They all were impressed by the machine and all the stuff and praise it except ANJALI SHARMA was so busy with her phone who was seen by Dr Kreeti


An – yes (but still busy with phone)

Kr – Dr anjali put the phone away NOW

An – yes ma'am

Conference room

All the inters were sitting and all doctors except Armaan and Dr Subhankar

They both enter

Dr  Sub– Well I am Dr  Subhankar and welcome to sanjeevani and I would only tell you to respect your professional and do everything with your heart and Interns This Is Dr Armaan (point toward Armaan ) Your in-charge

Dr Ar – Hello interns welcome to sanjeevani  I am pretty sure Doctor Kreeti has already introduced to everyone so' I'll start with my work so please report at 10 in my cabin.

Armaan's cabin

A – So how about we'll start with an introduction and what field you are interested.

M – Muskaan Chadda wants to became Obstetricians

At – Atul joshi wants to became Child Speciality

An – Anjali Shashhank Sharma wants to became kidney specialist

A – Dr anjali it would be better if you only prefer your name because it is you who are doctor not your father I hope I made my self clear

All other tried to suppress their giggles

A – Well continue

Ra – Dr rahul wants to became cardiologist

R – Dr Riddhima Gupta want to became Gynecologists

A – Good well please collect your Id cards and pagers please make sure you always attend your pagers and take ur pagers seriously well for now ajj app sab genral ward main hoge so u'll get familiar and try to help each other and also I'll be joining u later to guide u so get going interns and you will working straight 48 hours


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