Sunday, 18 March 2018

Last part : Change Of Heart

Nikki left for her sasural alongwith Abhi, everyone in the family were happy coz she got her love and a best family that any girl would dream of.

Nikki perform rituals in her new family and was happy with Abhi.

Next day Armaan and Rahul went to take Nikki back for her pagphera ritual. They were excited to get Nikki back, just one day and they missed her so much. Whole house feel lifeless although Riddhima and Muskaan tried to cheer them up but they also missed Nikki a lot.

“Nikki” Armaan enter and called her.

“Oye Ammy hamari behan ka sasural hai ab chillla mat” Rahul said.

“Areyyyy chhodo, behan ka sasural baad me bhai pahle ye hamare dost ka ghar hai” Armaan said.

“Exactly” Abhi came and hugs them “Rishtedaari side me rakho yaar”

“Bhaiiiiiii”Nikki come running and hugs them.

Armaan hold her up and swirl around.

“Kitna miss kiya mujhe?” Nikki said.

“Chal ja, tujhe koi kyu miss karega, ham to khush the hamara peecha chhuta tujhse” Armaan said.

“Hawwwwww” Nikki stood pouting.

“Nikks we miss u yaar” Rahul said.

“I know bhai” she smile and said.

“And I know sabse jyada mujhe mere is Pagal bhai ne miss kiya” Nikki said and hugs Armaan sidewise “Warna aise chehra chupa k nhi bolta”
Armaan hugs her turning towards her feeling emotional “Missed you yaar” and a lone tear comes out of his eyes which he tries to hold when his eyes fall on Nikki.

They share a group hug till then Abhi’s family also came there. They enjoy breakfast together and ask Abhi to come in evening and then he’ll take Nikki alongwith him as their reception will be held on the same day.

Nikki came at Mallik Mansion, Ananya become emotional but they feel happy looking towards perfect smile on her face, she was glowing and looks extremely beautiful.

“Hey Nikki,,,,,,,,, miss you a lotttttt yar” Ridhhima hugs Nikki and Muskaan too joined them.

“Ha yaar Nikki tere bina to ghar hi achha nhi lagta” Muskaan said.

“Bhabhi I miss u guys too” Nikki said.

“Chal rahne de baatein banane ko Abhi se fursat hi nhi mili hogi isko” Armaan said teasing her.

“Ha jaise apko kabhi time nhi milta Riddhima bhabhi se” Nikki retort back to Armaan and Riddhima look towards her being surprised.

“Nikks” Riddhima greeted her teeth.

“What? Apne nhi dekha apne husband ko?” Nikki said and everyone laughed.

They spend a happy day and become sad in evening as Abhi came to take Nikki back as she will be getting ready for her reception but they were happy coz Nikki was happy.

After sometime Abhi Nikki along with Ananya and Billy left for reception venue while Armaan Rahul Muskaan and Riddhima followed them.

The reception party was pretty grand affair and everyone enjoyed a lot. Armaan Riddhima , Rahul Muskaan and Abhi Nikki did couple dance enjoying with each other. Slowly other guests left and only family members were present wrapping up the function.

Ananya Billy, Muskaan’s Mom Dad and Abhi’s Mom Dad were standing talking to themselves when young buddies also came there.

“Dad mujhe kuch baat karni hai” Armaan came and said.

“Ha beta bol” Billy said.

“Umm,,,,,, I have something for Nikki Abhi and for us also” Armaan said with a smile and hand over an envelope to him.

Everyone was curious what’s inside but Billy stood shocked holding the envelope. He never ever dream that Armaan will do something like that.

“Aisa kya hai Billy?” Ananya become restless and took envelope from his hand.

Her reaction was also the same, now it was high time for Muskaan, she wasn’t able to control herself and hold the evelope from Ananya’s hand.

“It’s a family tour package for Mom Dad, Mumma Papa and Uncle Aunty for a week” Muskaan shouted being excited.

“Wowwww,,,,,,,, Armaan that’s awesome” Abhi too said.

“Kya achha, tum bachho ko jana chahiye is time aur tum hame bhej rahe ho” Muskaan’s mom said.

“Ha wahi to” Abhi’s mom also said while gents were smiling.

“Areyyy isme kuch aur v hai” Muskaan said and open other papers also.

“It’s a honeymoon package for Abhi and Nikki in Paris,,,,, woahhhhh!!!!” Muskaan become excited.

“Armaan, Paris kyu?” Ananya asked.

“Wo Nikki ka dream place hai” Abhi said and Armaan smile looking towards them while Nikki was becoming all red as her brother and family was deciding her honeymoon spot.

“Thanksss buddy” Abhi hugs Armaan and wink looking towards Nikki.

“Aur ye hai,,,,,, ummm,,,,, are ek aur honeymoon package ,,,,, its for,,,, Rahul and Muskaan,,,,,, hain???????? Armaan ye hamare liye????” Muskaan look towards him and he nod with a smile….

“Woww,,,,, but kaha ka hai?? Ek minute mai khud hi dekh leti hu,,,,,, its in OMG!!!!!! Ammy Switzerland I love that place” Muskaan shout and Rahul close her mouth with his hand to stop her.

“Thanku Ammy thankuuuu so much” Muskaan side hugs him and Riddhima smiles.

“Aur ye pakka tumhara hoga, ek min jagah dekhne de,,,,,,” but before she could see the place where Armaan Riddhima were going for honeymoon Armaan snatch back the paper making her shocked.

“Apna dekho na, mera rahne do” Armaan said.

“Ammy that’s not fair, tune ham sabke destination dekh liye” Muskaan said.

“Wo isliye kyunki ye sab plan maine hi kiya tha, to mujhe to pata rahega hi na” Armaan said with a smirk “Aur jaha tak meri baat hai, wo ham aake bata denge ki kaha gaye the, kyunki abhi tak to Riddhima ko v nhi pata hai”

He look towards her and she pout.

“Okay guys,,, this was my surprise” Armaan said.

“It was indeed a surprise buddy, the best one” Rahul and Abhi said.

“And the main point is Muskaan bhabhi ne excitement me time nhi dekha and we’ll have to leave soon coz everything is ready, hamari flight 2 hours baad ki hai and family walo ki flight kal dopahar me, so aap sab jaiye rest kariye kal subah nikaliyega and you guys hurry up, teeno ki cabs bahar hain with all your belongings jo ki maine shift karwa di hai rest you’ll get there, so go get your cab and rush towards the airport.”Armaan said and they get back to reality.

They meet elders and left for airport as their flights were from different airports for their honeymoon destination.

“But Armaan ham ja kaha rahe hain?” Riddhima asked when they sit inside the cab.

“C’mon baby, you’ll get to know pahle waha pahuch to jao” Armaan winked at her.

“Armaaaaaan” Riddhima said.

“Don’t you try Riddhima, waise hi tumhari wajah se hamara honeymoon itna late hua hai coz tumhe Nikki ki shadi k baad hi jana tha, ab chup chap chalo” Armaan said and Riddhima look towards him being amused by the way he was talking.

They reached airport and Riddhima smile looking towards him coz he was smiling thinking about his plan, they board on flight and Riddhima sleep being tierd.

When her sleep break she look outside and smile looking towards the place, they reached at airport and came out with Armaan. She was looking towards the place they were in Hawaii.

Riddhima loves the place and hugged Armaan tightly being excited.

They move towards a hotel had their dinner and rest for sometime hugging each other. Armaan mix something in Riddhima’s drink and she slept by it’s effect.

Armaan gets up after sometime and call someone. He slowly pick Riddhima up without disturbing her sleep and place her in car and drove away to a place where he decided and then place her in a yatch and move towards his destination. she was yet sleeping byu the effect of pills.

"Beta Armaan ise pata chala na ki tum ise unconsious kar k laye the to pata nhi kya karegi tumhara" Armaan murmured to himself.

Riddhima gets up around 3 a.m. in dawn drink water and look here and there, she found no one around. She gets up and look outside and feel awww while looking towards the sea, she came out while running and open her arms being happy and took a deep breath, she looks around and feel happy being a water lover as she was on an island.

She search Armaan but didn’t find him. she run to a side looking towards a piece of cloth kept on sand, she took the red cloth and find flowers kept there, a beautiful smile form on her face and she kissed flowers. There was an arrow made towards a direction.

She rush towards it as it was quite dark but stars were showing her the way. She got another bouquet and smile remembering Armaan, she just wanted to hug him tight.

Moving towards the direction indicated on sand she reach upto sea shore and stop being surprised. There was a single stage cum open room decorated with flowers and candles, she was left in aww as the scene was very beautiful, white curtains were flowing by the wind and light music was making the environment so romantic. She enter inside water and walk upto the stairs to enter inside.

Whole floor was covered with soft mattress and lots of cushions while candles all around making it a perfect romantic place. She closed her eyes breathing deeply and Armaan hold her from waist.

She feel his touch and smile. Armaan bend upto her ears and said “All for you my beautiful wife, you like it?” he kissed her earlobes.

“No” she shake her head in a no while looking towards him.

“No?????? kyu?” he look towards her being surprised.

“Coz I loved it” she said keeping her hand around his neck.

Armaan smile on her words and hugged her, moving his hand sensuously on her waist.

Riddhima shove him away and tried to move but Armaan hold her hand then drag her towards himself. She collapse on his hard rock chest and feel shy, their heart beat was beating faster than anything else.

Armaan traced her face with his nose tip and Riddhima shiver feeling his hot breath on her face, she move away when Armaan hold her hand and hugs her from behind. He put her hairs to one side and kissed her bare shoulder.

“Armaan” Riddhima moan his name making him more crazy for her.

Riddhima shyly tried to move but Armaan lie her down on mattress and kissed her eyes which were closed due to their proximity. He kissed her cheeks and look towards her lips which he always wanted to kiss without regretting for a second. He look towards her but her closed eyes were already a permission for him. he slowly captured her lips and kissed her with a promise of being with her always while she too respond.

After their kiss Riddhima slowly open her eyes only to see love, desire and passion in Armaan’s eyes. She knew now she is all Armaan’s and she wanted to be his in every way but before that she also had a surprise for Armaan.

“Armaan” she utter his name holding his cheek with her hand.

“Hmmm” he was fully drowned into her beauty and don’t want to come out of it.

“Armaan, I have a surprise for you” she said with a shy smile.

“Really?” he become happy.

“Hmm” she shake her head.

“Kya???? Batao na?” ARmaan asked being impatient.

Riddhima hold his face with her hands and cares his hairs “You always wanted to show that I’m yours na?”

“Hmaesha” Armaan said like a kid and kissed Riddhima’s hands.

“I did that for you” Riddhima said.

“Means?” Armaan didn’t understand.

Riddhima smile and turn around, Armaan look towards her back but didn’t find any clue about what Riddhima tried to say. Riddhima move her hairs away from her back and kept it one side.

Armaan saw something imprinted near her hairs but leaving the thought of her getting inked he move closer but get the biggest shock of his life coz his thought was true. Yess, Riddhima got the tattoo of his name over her nape alongwith the neck lining where she can easily hide it with her hairs and show it whenever she feel like.

“Riddhima ye tumne,,,,,,,, It pains while getting inked baby” he immediately touched her tattoo and kissed there while Riddhima close her eyes feeling his lips on her skin.

“No, it don’t coz I was doing it for you and your precious smile make me forget every other things” she turn around and said with a smile.

Armaan kissed her forehead and touched her tattoo.

“Thankuuuu so much baby, I love you more than anything else, thanks for being in my life and declaring yourself as mine, I love you soooooo much” Armaan said while holding her hands.

Both lying on mattress with each other.

“Armaan, thanks to mujhe bolna chahiye, you came in my life as a blessing and turn everything fine for me, you CHANGED MY HEART and make me alive, you make me feel special warna mai to hasna v bhool gai thi, you gave me everything a sweet happy family, love, strength, support and most importantly you are mine and will always be, you are my heartbeat which make me believe that I’m alive and I’m all yours, please mark me as your own, for always” she said looking towards his eyes and he smile on her words.

“You will always be mine baby” he said and kissed her lips forgetting the whole world and they took their relation to another level marking each others body soul as one. Leaving every worries and fear to flew away and just happiness ahead. The moon, stars, water and moving winds were the witness of their love which was so pure and trustworthy like their realtion.



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