Tuesday, 20 March 2018

last part : The Royal Wedding (AR os)

I can’t believe that it certainly has been a year and odd since I first saw her, and believe it or not fell in love with her AT FIRST SIGHT

It probably is the most cliché thing to be heard, ok fine so I won’t say it was love at first sight, but I certainly did like her a lot when we were introduced! Well she for one has no idea that I knew quite much about her before we actually met…

She was Rahul’s friend, more so my fave Muskaan’s bestest friend ever! Rahul and Muskaan had been going around, and I had joined them on various occasions and had heard a lot about this ‘Ridzi’ person! We had never met, but had got a vivid idea about her due to an ever raving Muskaan and Rahul who always spoke dearly of her!

Unknown to Rahul and Muskaan I conducted a little research about her on my own, because? Oh well I don’t really know why! But she was in every conversation without really being present there and the other being pure curiosity to know about her …. OK fine, maybe, just MAYBE I was a li’l jealous of the way they spoke of her!

Her name was RIDDHIMA TATE, she was supposedly the miss. goody two shoes according to the girls, but then again I knew there were all pretty pissed that the guy they would love to be with, only really spoke to them because he wanted to know about this some other girl, so I never really believed all they said….

Otherwise she was said to be an introvert, brainiac, smart, and had a kinda sensual edge in her, well all in all she was a weird combo in my eyes, what was more of a surprise was that I had never come across her even though we were from the same university and moreover had common friends!

It was Nikki’s party when I finally met her, RIDDHIMA, she was dressed in a pale lilac dress, with minimal accessories and make-up! They had said that she was a shy introvert and also a whole other deal but what they could never justify by their description was her natural gorgeousness!

The way her forest green eyes looked into mine, while she spoke and the innocence that they portrayed blew me away, I had seen loads of girls in Yale! There were blondes, red heads and brunettes but never a timeless beauty like the one that stood before me …..

I was indeed smitten by her and everything she did, her smile, the honesty in what she spoke, the loyalty, the care and the innocence! I had no clue how time passed and in due time we turned into GOOD umm no BEST friends! But never did she know of the deeper feelings that I harboured for her ….

I dint even come forward with them, As I feared where that would end the good things, I let things go as they are. Rahul and accidently Muskaan both knew very well of the feelings that I had for riddhima !!

In some time it so happened that she started ignoring and avoiding me, I tried speaking to her at first, but then I lost my patience and left her alone, it was as if I suddenly had turned invisible! The pain that inflicted was unbearable, I silently pined for her……

One such night, as Rahul and me sat drinking a couple of beers , the bell started ringing off the hook, Rahul cursed the maniac who was at the door and opened it, and in ran a grinning muskaan, unlike usual she dint bother giving poor Rahul a second look and ran straight at me and hugged me no probably strangled me with all her might !

Once Rahul successfully pulled her away from me, she started jumping around and narrated what had happened a few mins ago, she told me about the breakdown that Riddhima had, where she bared her heart and admitted that she LOVED me and was scared that I would probably not reciprocate to it, and abandon her!

That was the answer to all my miseries! The next day, I had turned up at Riddhima’s usual spot and confessed my love for her OH but that was not all I said, I also told her of my true identity, which made my meek Riddhima glare and scare the hell outta me! But as they say “ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL”

I know today that the saying is very true as I stand in the church at the altar, gazing at my LOVE, my wife to be, walk towards me looking ever so stunning in the white wedding gown…

It is a ROYAL WEDDING as my mom would have wanted it to be, I gaze at my dad who is smiling proudly, and I know he loves Riddhima as his own daughter and he believes that my mom late. Gayatri Duncan would have been delighted by my choice!

I also look at my best friend turned best man for the occasion, Rahul standing beside me who playfully thumps my back and grins at me, though I know that his eyes are looking for his beloved, Muskaan and Rahul are ever so glad to see their two best friends getting hitched.

The veil surely does not cover the glow on my beloved’s face as it also does not cover the wee bit of sadness etched that I know is because she has to leave her loved one’s behind !

I grin at her and hold out my hand as she grips it and joins me at the altar, she gives me a dazzling smile as I whisper to her “you look beautiful”, the priest smiled at us and started the ceremony

The vows were read out, the rings were exchanged and the thunderous applause filled the church as the ‘I DO’S’ were uttered, the series of ‘awwww’s’ following it as our lips met as we were pronounced MAN AND WIFE!!

I looked into those green beauties to see happiness and beads of tears form, I gave her a side hug trying to tell her it was allright, I tried lightening the situation by saying that, next it would be my best man’s and her bridesmaid’s turn and we’d irritate the hell out of them.

She grinned at me and she shook her head at my banter which may have looked senseless to others but which she knew was a way for me to stop her from crying!  She squeezed my hand and smiled assuringly conveying that she was fine….

To the 1000 others who sat through the ceremony, it may be ‘THE ROYAL WEDDING’ but for the both of us it was THE DAY OF OUR LIVES, we were furthermore each other’s!

The shy, introvert, best friend of mine RIDDHIMA is now LADY. RIDDHIMA ARMAAN DUNCAN, my wife and my eternal love!


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