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Last part : Santaan


 Part 9 (last part)

 It's a weekend Armaan and Ridhima both were now in Sydney,Australia.It's been 2 weeks since their arrival and now both were quite annoyed being in the house only.Armaan and Ridhima decided to move out as Rhea and Arim after having breakfast greet them on the dinner which Ridhima cooked for al. She still didn't talk with Rhea and now somewhere this behaviour was affecting Armaan badly as he expected them to just spend sometime with them and knowing he must be hiding his true emotions only so that Ridhima would not be more upset than she already was.

She thought to go out somewhere Ridhima dressed herself in a light blue colour sari of chiffon and made him also ready to go out because she wanted to roam around Armaan was continuously rejecting the idea.but at last gave up both went to a nearby places had a cup of coffee in an open restaurant near the beach from where beach was clearly seen.Both enjoyed their time together and were coming back when an accident caught their attention they ran To the victim as the accident was very swear.As Armaan quickly searched for the helpline of Sydney Ambulance while Ridhima turned the girl and tears flew down her cheeks she screamed "Armaan".

Seeing the face Armaan trembled and fell on his knees jerking the figure holding her in his arms when  ambulance came and both sat with the figure inside the people around moved away and the crowd dispersed soon.Inside Ridhima kept leaving kissses on the face of the figure while Armaan tried comfort her though his head was thumping hard with a fear of loosing his dear. 

They reached the hospital and the lifeless body was taken to operation theatre.Ridhima sat on the couch placed outside while Armaan just stood trying his luck to find some hope.And after a while a surgeon came outside when Armaan rushed to him "Doctor How? How's..."

"We need blood immediately O-negative "

"Ridhima O...O-negative..."Armaan said stammering.

"Mine is B+ and damn you too don't have"she spoke trying to wipe her tears.

"I will ask the blood bank has it or not"Armaan said running to the counter.

Getting a no from there Armaan contacted as much as people he could as there's no one he particularly knows here much.


On another hand a girl dressed in black in formals came inside hospital while a few people were behind her she went towards private room and after coming out of their her eyes laid on a man who was holding a phone speaking "Please do it soon I want the O-negative blood immediately please do it soon"

Hearing his words a shock came to her and she rushed to the reception counter as her eyes were having tears."is there someone who needs O-negative blood??"

Seeing a nod spoke again"Who???"

"Someone Rhea Malik"as soon the receptionist informed.

"I...I have  ...where to go" she asked

Seeing ahead she saw the couple panicking.she rushed to them."Mama ...Dad"

Hearing the voice Armaan and Ridhima looked up to see Angel standing there."Angel"the words escaped Ridhima's mouth and both hugged each other crying hard.

"Mom dad I need to go Rhea needs me "seeing a question in the eyes of her parents.

"I am O-negative"smiling she wiped the tears off Ridhima's face and got up from her lap once hugging Armaan she left to the operation theatre as Armaan Ridhima looked inside seeing their both daughters laying on the beds as one was transferring blood to another.Armaan pulled Ridhima near her as the sight was worth seeing their daughter was back with them.With the availability of blood the surgery of Rhea went successful. She was still unconscious Arim was informed when a All was fine and he seemed crazy that nobody told him but when he was met with Angel inside Rhea's room he was shocked his parents seemed happy.

"Angel Di "Arim said as he came shocked completely as a fear came in his heart that Angel might have told their parents the truth and he will lose them.When he saw Angel opening her arms wide for Arim to come feeling relaxed he moved and happily hugged Angel somewhere he knew he missed her.But something's don't let good things happen.

"Arim you came baby we forgot to tell you we couldn't think anything straight.Wese bhi , All is Well that ends Well. Right ???"Armaan said seeing his children in front of him fit and fine a feeling of contentment erupting in his heart.

"Right Dad"Angel said wishing she could live like this forever.

"Oh Ms.Right ab aap kahin Nai jarae.I very angry at you for leaving all contacts with us we missed you so much tu he hmari yaad nai ayi???"Ridhima spoke as tears were shining in her eyes.

"Mom I am so sorry"Angel said as she also felt bad and cried hugging her mother.

 Feeling really emotional seeing the sight he averted his gaze from their to see Rhea gaining conscious.he moved to her bed as Arim also nudged his mom and sister.

Angel grew tensed with that and quickly spoke."Mom I will come in a while"

"But beta you should take rest after donating blood" As soon Ridhima said Arim's ears shot up and another guilt took over him so Angel di donated blood to her he wont now let her go he would definitely fight with Rhea for his di he said in heart.

"I will be back"before Ridhima could say more she was out of the room.

"Isme kya howa??"Ridhima said "kuch nai idr ayo aur Rhea ko dekho she is gaining conscious " Armaan said.

"Mama"Rhea spoke as soon she opened her lids.

"Yes bacha I am right here"Ridhima said holding her hand kissing softly.

"Thank you mama aap hi ne dekha tha na mujhe I saw before fainting I fought so much with still u saved me"Rhea spoke.

"Mama is always there for you"Ridhima said shuddering the thought to lose her any kids.

"Now stop crying you guys have a family problem?? "Armaan said as he kissed Rhea on forehead over the bandages.

They both smiled at him.

"Rhea don't say thanks to mama say that to di because she's the one because of whom you are fine today she gave you her blood" Arim said a tinge of taunt depicting in his tone.

"Angel!!! is that true??"Rhea said praying that it won't be true as she won't be able to face her sister if it would.

"Yes I will call her and you'll apologise ok?" Arim said warning her.and left quickly to find Angel.

There he saw her crying her heart out in an isolated area of hospital sitting leaning on the wall.

"Di" he moved and hugged her.

"I am sorry di. I am really very sorry the way we behaved was totally unacceptable still u left.Please forgive me di.Arim said weeping too.

"It's ok don't say sorry ok!!"Angel said quickly happy that her brother understood her.

"Chalo mjhe apse km hai Utho bhi di"Arim said getting up and taking her to the room of Rhea.

"Arim ye tu.."Angel tried protesting.

As she moved inside she saw Rhea weeping silently while her parents were a bit confused.

"Di"Rhea said seeing her she tried to get up but Angel quickly moved to her asking her not to exert herself.

"I am so sorry I committed a sin I spoke so badly with you ever since I got to know about you being not our sister by blood but today what an irony di my own blood relations were unable to donate me blood and you were I am sorry.Please di come back to us we all need you mama stopped talking to me ever since you left us.please do come back and I am so sorry for behaving badly with you m really very sorry I will do anything you want."Rhea said being really emotional she had fought for her life today she knew that nothing is more precious than living some happy moments with ur loved ones.

Removing her tears off Angel hugged her"it's ok Rhea tum itni bari batein kdr se seekh gyi and stop it and when my family is with me why will I go anywhere else hmm???"Angel said forgiving her instantly she loved her siblings too much.

"Now cheer up mom dad ab aap dono q chup ho" Angel said

"So you left her because of her" Ridhima said pointing to Rhea.

"No mom ab bad ye sab I want to see all good aur if ab koi larai hui tou i would  leave"Angel said seeing agony in eyes of Ridhima. Well hearing her words all spoke in unison


"Haha now when will she get discharged we would throw a party as soon she will leave the hospital " Angel said As  once again whole family was together.


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