Monday, 19 March 2018

Part 1 : The Royal Wedding (AR os)

Dear diary,

“Every girl wants a guy, who hugs her when they’re watching a scary movie! Who gives her a jacket when he himself is feeling cold, who will always be the one to make her laugh. Who will never complain, never stare at other women, never stray. Who will be romantic and not scared to say ‘I LOVE YOU’, most importantly he will love her for who she is!”

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

Who had imagined that I might find such a guy in my life? I for one DIDN’T!

I remember getting this text when I was moping in bed, one Saturday night, my friends were all out with their boyfriends , this wasn’t a day when I joined any of the other singles to celebrate ‘being single’, I was tired of everything, being miss goody two shoe’s, being single! I wanted to do something out of the way for once……

Three weeks after that night I met a guy, who was a friend of my bestie’s boyfriend, I had always considered muskaan as my sister and Rahul was a great guy! We’d all hang out together once a while, we were all at nikki’s party when we came across each other, his name was ARMAAN!

A decent guy from our own uni, Yale! But I’d never noticed him, but then again, I dint particularly join mah friends in guy gazing!  He was supposedly a braniac, a jock and also a gentleman, well, well, well in other words too good to be true!

But who ever knew that as time flew by, I would actually find a friend in him. He turned out to be what people said he was, but what they dint mention was that he had a heart of gold, he was outgoing and fun, I never understood why he befriended a shy, introvert like me but after a lot of silent thinking I let go of it, coz he was my best friend by then, he knew almost everything about me, he was just there for me always!

I loved spending time with him, gradually I started having stronger feelings for him, I brushed those feelings away as I felt they were just a result of us being together all the time, to get those feelings to go away I started avoiding him, I was scared to spell them out or get any kind of clarity about it, what if he never reciprocated to those feelings? And I was left to nurse a broken heart?

In the start he would ask me why I was behaving the way I was, if he had done something wrong? But how could I tell him what I felt for him! And I couldn’t even blame anyone for it bcoz I was the one falling for him, he never said anything that way, gradually frustrated by me he stopped bothering me, we even had a spat on some silly issue and since then he left me alone!

Not being able to stand the hostility and not strong enough to let go of my feelings for him so easily, I broke down and blurted out everything to Muskaan, she too was ruffled by how I treated Armaan, who I claimed was my best friend in the past few weeks. She coaxed me like a true friend that she was, but the hollow feeling in my heart was not ready to heal….

The next day as I settled in my usual spot by the pond, I heard the rustling of leaves and as I turned I saw Armaan standing there grinning impishly! That smile would always leave me enchanted, those dimples took my breath away as usual, I forced a smile of my own and tried making a normal conversation, but I knew I was failing miserably

Armaan: so how have you been? After disowning me?

I looked at him in surprise what did he mean by that? Unknowingly I muttered under my breath “when did I ever own you?” I bit my tongue hoping that he hadn’t heard me, I looked up to see his magical ocean blue eyes staring into mine, and there was just something so different about them, I tried but couldn’t figure it out, I lowered my eyes and tried to think of something to say when I heard him say in that soothing velvety voice “You always did, from the day I saw you”

I replied in a pathetic ‘huh?’ as he slowly took my hands into his and stared right at me and said, ‘you owned me from the very first day I saw you Riddhima’, I blinked at him in surprise, he understood that I was thickhead who didn’t understand riddles or even things that was said once

So smiling he said ‘I LOVE YOU, I always did, but never said it coz I dint want to jeopardize what we shared’ my eyes were wide in wonderment as he said those words, he actually liked me? No correction LOVED me? Oi ! am I being played? Nah he wouldn’t hurt me that way, I still gaped at him as he got up and pulled me on my feet

My eyes popped out of my sockets as he whispered into my ears, ‘ a lord is supposed to get down on one leg and confess to his lady, I thought that it would be quite a shocker if I did, but I wouldn’t mind obliging if you’re fine with it’.

I pulled him infront of me and glared and mumbled ‘A lord?’ he looked down embarrassed, I tugged at him again and said’ what do you mean a lord?’

Armaan: ridz I’m lord. Armaan Stefen Duncan of Hampshire

Ridz: WHAT? Lord of Hampshire? You never told me, you kept it from me, we’re best frnd’z for crying out loud!

Armaan: hush! Hear me out please sweetheart

I glared my absolute best at him and tapped my foot demanding for an explanation

Armaan: no one really knows except Rahul and the dean! Rahul is my best friend since I can’t even remember and dean knows because of the formalities but other than that you are the 1st to know baby, I just wanted to fit in, not to be treated different! I was so bugged of people who wanted be friends only becoz I’m a lord, I’m not just a lord, I’m much more than that, I’m ARMAAN! And I wanted the world to see that for a change and not all the royal bloodline!

You know me and fell for me for who I am, as I love you for who you are! I hope it makes sense what I’m trying to say!

His explanation did make sense actually and the look on his face, those eyes pleading to me silently and the nervousness on his face, the look on his face of a kid being caught eating a chocolate stealthily made me smile.

Ridz: its ok, I understand!! And I do LOVE you…..

To this day I can clearly remember the smile and delight on his face as I uttered those words, they are etched in my memory forever!

The days that followed were a mixed bag, I don’t know what else would describe it better, that summer break myself, Muski, Rahul and Armaan went to Hampshire. Armaan had already met with my parents, who were delighted to see him! But, now it was my turn to meet his dad sir. Stefen Duncan.

The break was indeed enjoyable as dad oh I mean stefen who insisted I call him dad bonded well with us, we came back to pursue our final year at Yale and now I was Armaan’s fiancĂ©e, he had proposed during the break and I had squealed in joy and uttered an YES! Around mid-semester the news broke out that we were engaged and that gave rise to media field trip, we dint particularly enjoy it but, we put up with it!

We 4 graduated out of yale with great scores, armaan and me neck to neck but finally armaan topping our class! And today here we are in HAMPSHIRE around 1 year 6 months from the day we first met, in anticipation to be wedded, I still can’t believe that this was happening, but I guess I should get accustomed to it

We’re getting married in HAPMSHIRE as they was no option not to, and Armaan’s grandmom Lady. Julia Duncan wants us to have THE ROYAL WEDDING!! Stefen also seconded that as he felt that the late. Gayatri Duncan, Armaan’s mom would have loved that too…..

Gosh, I really have to go now dear diary, because moms already bugging me to get a good nights sleep before THE DAY, yeah I’m going to be lady. Riddhima Armaan Duncan tomorrow, more so, I am getting wedded to the man I truly LOVE, my ARMAAN!!


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