Monday, 5 March 2018


It was raining outside'inside a small house deep in the forest, a young girl laid on a bed'her face was pale'her body seems to be shivering'but not out of cold'this was one summer night'the weather is hot, and the house was lit with many lanterns and candles'but the girl continue to shiver'the girl was actually dying'she seems no longer able to restrain her life from her sickness'a young man came inside the room, holding a cup full of hot liquid'it is a medicine for the girl'

"Baby, you should drink this'it times already for you to have your medicine'" said the man'the girl just shook her head'she pushed away the cup when the man tried to make her drink it'

"I don't want to'I'm dying'what is the use of taking it if it doesn't help me at all," the girl said'she tried to sit on the bed, but gave up when her body no longer able to support her weight'even though she had became so thin, losing weight because of her sickness'her energy no longer able to push her thin body to sit up on the bed'the man sighed'he put the cup on the bedside table'then, he held the girl in his arms'

"I don't like it when you said like that'you shouldn't give up yet'I told you before, I won't let you die'we will be together'until your parents agreed to let us marry," the man said slowly, playing with the girl hair'

"You know that won't ever come true'they hated you'just because you are a carpenter boy'they wanted me to marry that kohli's boy who is a son of a big plantation company'" the girl replied, looking disappointed'she move her body closer to the boy'wanting to just melt into him'his body heat warm her a bit'the man kissed her on top of her head'

"I know'but we shouldn't give up right??? Just like you shouldn't with your sickness," he said back to her'he tried to make her stronger'if she died, he will died too'she is his soul, his life, his everything'losing her will kill him'

"Em'lets make a deal then'if I drink that medicine, will you marry me??? Not a real ceremony you know, I know you still want my parents approval in it'just'well'I wants to wear a ring'a ring that proves to everyone in this world that I once belong to you'I once had your love'I once a special person to you," the girl said, she looked at him, her eyes pleading at him'he bit his lip'then, he nodded'

"You know that you always belong to me and my love always been yours and you will always be the only special person to me'so why did you need a ring to prove it???" he asked her'she is the only girl that will ever be inside his heart'and she knew it well of course'

"Because'if I died one day'I wanted you to remember me that way'that you had once put a ring on my finger'oh, please just do it for me'" she answered him'she had now wrapped her arms around his neck, looking at him straight into his eyes'he fell silent'he was willing to do anything as long as she drink her medicine and happy'and he love her so much'a ring would do no harm at all'he will marry her officially soon enough'at last, he sighed'then he smiled at the girl'

"Okay'I will get the ring now'you be good and drink that medicine okay???" he said'the girl shouted out loud and she hugged him tightly'then, she kissed him on the lips'

"Thank you'I love you Pinocchio," she said after she had finished kissing him'he laughed'she always called him like that when she is happy'Pinocchio was a nickname given to him the moment they met'she called him that way because he like everything that has connection with woods and Pinocchio was made from woods'he would always replied back to her'

"Yeah, call me again that way'you know that is why every villagers thought you are a nut girl'in love with a wood man'and kissing a wood doll'that is me'" then he stuck out his tongue at her'she would laughed happily and answered him simply'

"I'm willing to'no doubt there," then she would kissed him, making him felt that he was the most happiest man ever alive in this world'the man got up from the bed and walked to his closet'he opened the door and took out a box that look so old and ancient'the girl watched him with excitement'she always wondered what is the thing that were hidden inside that small ancient old box'remembering that she had promised to drink her medicine, she quickly grabbed the cup and poured down it liquid down her throat'urgh, a bitter taste'she then looked up at the man again'he had sat on her bed next to her'

"This pair of rings were once belong to my parents'before my mother died, she had told me to have this ring as my wedding ring'she hope that her daughter in law will put it on her ring and then live a happy life with her son'I hope you don't mind'it is quite old'" the man said, somehow looked trouble at the idea'the girl eyes grew wider'her mother in law'how sweet'she is really part of the family'part of him from the very start of his life'she held out her hand'he stared at it for a moments'then, he slipped the ring through her finger'smiling, the girl held out her hand upward, admiring her wedding ring'

"I love it!!! I love you!!! Thank you!!!" she said suddenly'she hugged her man, kissing him all over his face'the man laughed'how silly, only an old ring could make her so happy like this'they simply hugged each other for a long time'wishing that tomorrow they will be able to stay in each other arms again'wishing that God won't separate their ways'but sometime wishes fool us all'and happiness, love and life seems meaningless the moment we lost someone that we really loved'

The next day, the young girl died'she only able to wake up her man, crying in pain as she felt her whole body paralyzed'before she died, she said 'thank you' and 'sorry' to her love life'then, as her tears continued to flow down her cheeks, she smiled and drew her last breath'the man didn't cried at all'when everyone asked him why he didn't shed his tears over his love life, his answered only this'

"Her tears were still warm'but that was her last smile for me'I don't cry because I need to stop my heart from forgetting that very last smile'I try to capture her every moments with me in my heart, thoughts and life forever'"'.

Everyone in the village knew that the couple had once made a promise before the girl fell ill'that was'

"If we had to go separate ways or the fate didn't bring us together, then we will be together again someday, some times, some years where no one can longer set us apart'even dead will never makes us part,"'and their vows was sealed with a pair of rings that they hide somewhere deep in the forest'no one know what happen to the rings'nor did to the man'


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