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part 11:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad hastily parked his bike and bumped into Aaliyah while running into the house. His face turned red at Aaliyah's mischievous looks. He rubbed his ears and neck expecting some teases from Aaliyah "itna deir kardiya? Kahan they aap?"

Angad searched for words but revealed the truth of his visit to Shah House. Aaliyah put hands on waist "hm, humse jada hoshiyar banney gaya tha?  Itna jaldi hai aapki dulhan ko dekhne ke liye?"

Angad blushed "Kahan hai wo? I want to see her now." He cannot hide his enthusiasm.

Aaliyah chuckled at Angad's eagerness, "abhi deir hai usse dekhney mein. Pata hai aap kaisa lag rahay hai? Too tired, as if you fought with someone or came by running direct from Hyderabad, bina fresh hokay aap uss sey nahin mil sakta hai, Bhai! Yeh Dadi aur Mom ka hokum bhi hai. Kya sochegi wo apna dulha ko iss tarah dekh kar?"

Angad laughed with slight disappointment, "Aaliyah! I was tired of travelling so much in one day. Please, abhi mujhey ussey dekhna hai." Angad walked inside with thundering heart.

Aaliyah stopped him, "Abhi wo dadi ki room mein tiayyar horahi hai. Dadi ki kushiyan ki koyi boundries nahin hai. Hum sab toh dadi ko nazar bhi nahin arahey hai. Unhey toh har jagah Kripa hi dikhrahi hai. But I tell you, bhai! She is beautiful, I liked her."

He tried to head towards Devyani's room but Aaliyah forcefully stopped him and pushed towards stairs for his room.  Angad pouted disappointedly, "ek baar dekhney do na, Aaliyah!  Let me just have a glimpse of hers, please."

Aaliyah shook her head sideways, "No way! You waited till now, aur kuch deir roke saktey hai. First go and fresh yourself."

Kartik came behind her "Bechari ko thoda waqt do, Angad! Pehla din hi darayega kya?" Kartik teased Angad. "Kripa se milney ki aur bhi waqt hai. Abb sangeet sabha shuru hogi. Meanwhile you can get ready."

Angad was puzzled and Aaliyah explained, "You know very well about Dadi's sentiments. She already called pundit ji for puja. And we expect Dadi will recite for Kripa." Kartik added, "That's what we expected." Aaliyah continued, "We all ready to hear them," Kartik reminded him, "Now you can go and take shower."

Angad sighed and stomped to his room when he was confirmed about his chances to see his girl were zeroed down. Aaliyah and Kartik busted into laughter seeing Angad's curiosity.


"Hi! Good Morning!" Ridhima's sweet voice greeted Arman who was buttoning his shirt after shower. His face lit to see her fresh in the morning. "I'm ready to go with you. Breakfast laga doon? Misthy chali gayi na?" Ridhima asked as folded her hands to the front.

Arman nodded his head affirmatively checking her from head to bottom with a hidden smile. She wore dark bottle green silk suit with matching light jewelry. She frowned at his scrutiny and checked herself as if there was anything wrong with her dress up. He tried to hide his smile, "hum kahin shadi pur jaa rahey hai?" She moved her lips sarcastically at his comment.

He teased her with naughty looks, "Tum mere saat hospital jaarahi hai ya kahin shadi pur? Aisa taiyyar hokar tum kaam karogi? Aur tum iss tarah sajakey mere saamney rahey toh mujhey kaam pur dhyan kahan rahegi ?"

She pouted her lips and rolled her eyes, "main kaam thodi karney jaa rahi hoon? Main toh tumhey entertain karney jaarahi hoon." She cheekily looked at him from corners of eyes. He rolled his tongue through cheeks inside mischievously and stepped towards her. She stepped back to escape his closeness and he hastily pulled her in his arms. She giggled when his fingers played around her waist.

"Entertain karney aarahi hai? kya entertain karogi? I'm ready to enjoy it," he mischievously pressed her to him. She reddened at his mischievous challenge.

He softly rubbed both nose tips, "actually tum bahut sajakey aayi ho, why don't we go to register office of marriages instead of hospital?" He thought he was still making fun of her dress-up. But Ridhima was shocked at his direct proposal all of sudden. He demanded her response with his naughty eyes. She frowned and pushed him away before he realized what was happened to him "tum kitna unromantic ho, Arman! First kiss bhi iss tarah diya tha ki kuch khaas nahin tha. Aur aaj proposal bhi iss tarah kar raha hai jaise ek mamooli baat hai?" she pouted and stomped her feet towards exit.

Arman took a while to understand Ridhima's words and hurried to hall to block her way out. "Hey, Ridhima! Ek minute! What did you say?" he held his hands out to block the exit door and looked into her face. She turned her face with anger. He noticed her eyes moistened. He turned her face towards him by holding her chin "Look at me, Ridhima!" He brought his face close to her when she looked into his eyes with tears filled eyes. Two tear drops were ready to escape her eyes. "I didn't know you took my words so seriously," he shook his head sideway to warn her from tears. But those tears were already dropped over her soft cheeks. He kissed the drops, "do you think we need to be so formal? Kya humey pata nahin ki hum donon ek dooserey ko kitna chahta hai?" his serious tone turned into mischievous, "haan, I admit my mistake that I didn't kiss you properly," he moved his lips to stop his laughter as giving side glances at her. Ridhima couldn't stop smile through tears and fisted on his chest. He laughed loudly as relieved and pulled her in his tight embrace. He moved her tendrils and wiped her tears of joy. "SO, now can we have a formal kiss?" She blushed and shook her head negatively and hid her face in his chest. He lifted her face and brushed her lips with his thumb gently. "I need to give you a kiss today, Ridhima! Tum such much bahut khubsoorat lag rahi hai. Ek gift toh tujhey jaroor milna chahiye." He bent without waiting for her response and bushed her lips with his. He kissed them three times aloud and looked into her face. He kissed lightly her closed eye lids and descended towards her nose, upper lip and chin. He glared at her once and couldn't stop his temptation to touch her lips with his deep kiss. She closed her eyes as her heart was pounding so fast. Her knees were shaking and she thought she was faint. Both lost in their own world in their first kisses for a while.


Angad dressed in white silk kurta pajama as per Aaliyah's selection as usual and hurried himself to Devyani's room. He was thrilled since he learnt that his dream girl was more eager than he was. He was excited as she took a step forward than him to find out him and his family.

He descended the staircase in two steps at a time. He rushed towards Devyani's room before Aaliyah and Kartik stop him. He couldn't control his fast pounding heart and stopped at the door.

Devyani was putting the tikka on Kripa's hair part "mera khwaish tha ki main Aaliyah aur Anittah ko aisa saj doon. Magar wo donon ko inn kapadon mein dilchaspi nahin hai. Itney saalon ke baad tujhey saj kar meri bachpan ko yaad kar rahi hoon."

Kripa sat on Devyani's bed with back shown. She wore yellow half sari with maroon silk long skirt with matching blouse. She braided her hair with paranthas at the end and flowers on top. She wore all jewelry from head to bottom. He could only see her side pose and one dangling ear hanging. He tried to figure her out and slowly stepped inside by calling out Devyani "Hi, Dadi!"

Devyani smiled with joyful eyes "Aao, Angad! Tumhara hi raah dekh rahay hai hum."

Kripa was startled at the name from Devyani's mouth and was frozen at same pose where she was setting her tikka. Angad hugged Devyani and turned his face over Devyani's shoulder to see Kripa. Kripa slowly lifted her face as she slowly put down her hands from her forehead. Both Angad and Kripa looked into each other with widened eyes. Kripa slowly got up from bed and stood in front of Angad. Angad released Devyani and faced Kripa completely.

Angad had no boundries for his happiness when his dream-come-true-in front of eyes. "She was none other than his elevator friend Kripa; whom he met last few days without fail; whom he missed badly in her absence; whom he wanted to console the other day. No wonder he was attracted to her so easily. His elevator friend was his dream girl. He was so lucky. He won't have any more confusion between two girls." he thought in mind. His face lit up with a big smile as eyes sparkled with happiness. His heart hummed in thrill.

On the other hand Kripa was frozen to realize that her 'bava' was none other than the elevator guy that she met for last few days. The same guy that was so enthusiastic to make friends with her since she joined the Bose academy. She couldn't believe her eyes and stared into Angad's eyes as shocked with surprise. "Issey kehte hai "bagal mein bacha aur nagar mein dindora"..main pagal ki tarah mera 'bava' se milney bekaar Khanna House aayi thi; yeh toh mera samney hi tha. Subhankar bhai ne Angad Khanna ke barein soochana diya tha. Main hi nahin pehchan paayi. Ek baar unka pariwar ke barein pooch liya hota! Abb huva kya hai. Bus do teen din dukhi thi. Abb naani toh aagayi humey leney." She thought in her mind as her eyes widely fixated on him.

Devyani noticed the astonishment between two grandchildren and smiled herself. She dropped her two hands on both and introduced them to each other. "Angad! Yeh hai mera bhai ki poti. Kripa. Humey dhoondeney aayi thi, Subhankar Shah ki behen Sapna ki shadi attend karney Hyderabad se aayi huvi hai. Kal raat mein issey ghar le aya tha. Yeh aaj se yahi rahegi. Mere saat." She exchanged looks at Kripa "Kripa! Yeh hai Angad!  Mera sabse pyara pota."

"Hi!" Angad's voice was filled with mischief and joy. He greeted her as if a stranger.

Kripa reddened with shy when his mischievous tone touched her heart. She mumbled 'hi' without moving her eyes from his face. He raised his eyebrows at her secretly.  Both realized each other mental status at that time. They wanted to share their happiness with each other but hesitated in the presence of Devyani.

Kripa lowered her eyes with shy when Devyani exchanged looks at each other. He affectionately memorized her adorable smile and sparkling eyes. He wished Devyani leave them alone at that moment. He dropped his hand around Devyani's shoulder, "Dadi! Yeh akeli aayi thi?" He asked as if he didn't know anything about her. He secretly raised his eyebrows at Kripa for reply though he addressed Devyani by mouth. Kripa nodded her head before Devyani responded to his enquiries.

Devyani understood Angad's intentions to talk to Kripa "Abb puja ki waqt hogaya hai. Pundit ji bula raha hai. Bahar chaley? Baad mein donon ek dooserey ko theek se pehchan kara sakte hai." Kripa blushed at Devyani's words as she knew Angad's inquisitiveness as she studied him enough for last few days.

Angad laughed embarrassingly when Devyani warned him. She walked them out by cuddling them on either side. Both stole eyes from each other till they entered the hall.

Angad walked to couch in the center of the hall where Naina and Dilip sat with Kartik and Anittah. Aaliyah stood behind them with folded hands at elbows. Both sisters wore nice Punjabi suits while Naina wore simple Kanjeevaram sari with matching jewelry set. Dilip wore silk dhoti and kurta while Kartik matched Angad with silk kurta pajama.

Devyani seated Kripa near the puja mandir under mantel where pundit arranged everything for the puja.  "Pundit ji! Yeh hai mera bhai ki poti hai. Pehli baar humara ghar aayi hai. Aap theek se insey puja karva deejiye." She instructed the pundit and settled beside Kripa.

Kartik raised eyebrows at Angad to enquire Angad's opinion on Kripa. Angad blushed and Aaliyah whispered in Kartik's ears "bhai ka chehra dekh ke nahin pehchan saka? He was flattered." She didn't reveal the truth about Angad and Kripa knowing each other before.

Kripa stole eyes from Angad intermittently while puja was performed for an hour. He cheerfully smiled at Kripa whenever his eyes met with hers. Naina was fuming inside on seeing Angad's attraction towards Kripa. Aaliyah and Kartik enjoyed the eye steeling games between Angad and Kripa. Dilip completely concentrated on puja ritual while Anittah enjoyed her IPod though physically present at puja.

Angad patiently waited to end the puja while admiring Kripa without hesitation anymore. Devyani asked Kripa to join her in aarati songs. Both recited couple of classical carnatic songs. Anittah joined them with violin, Dilip with Tabala and Aaliyah with Taalam. Devyani made it practice for all to join together whenever any puja was performed in Khanna House. Dilip adopted both Punjabi and Andhra customs in his family as far they won't harm Naina's feelings.

Kripa got up to take blessings from Naina and Dilip on pundit's and Devyani's instructions. Naina kissed Kripa's forehead as blessed her "jeetey raho!" Her eyes fell on Kripa's neck, "Yeh Gayatri ki necklace hai na? Mainey present kiya tha jab uski shadi huyi thi." Kripa touched her necklace and shook her head "haan, aunty! Mama ne Sapna ki shadi mein pehn-ne ko di thi." Naina smiled affectionately, "it's okay. I'm glad she still saved it as my remembrance," she genuinely appreciated Gayatri.

Devyani engaged Kripa all the time and made her sit with her at lunch table. Angad didn't get any chance to speak to Kripa as the whole family surrounded them all the time.

"Naani! Abb mujhey jana hai. Sapna mere liye wait karti hongi. Main shadi ke baad phir aap se miloongi," Kripa asked permission to take a leave after lunch.  Devyani affectionately caressed Kripa's back "aaj main bahut kush hoon. Tumhey dekh kar aisa laga hai ki main mera bhai se hi mili thi. Shadi ke baad yahin aa jaana. Surya aur Gayatri se baat nahin hopaayi. Dasarrah ke baad shayad baat hogi."

Kripa smiled "haan, Naani! Mama, papa Dasarrah tak Mysore mein hi rahengey. Unkey paas toh mobile nahin hai aur maussi ke number toh mujhey yaad nahin hai. Main Sapna ki shadi ke baad aap ke saat rehney jaroor aaoongi." Kripa got information from her close neighbour about Surya's and Gayatri's visit to Gayatri's cousin in Mysore for Dasarah celebrations for ten days.

Devyani called for Angad who was busy in Naina's room, "Angad! Kripa wapas jana chahti hai. Tum ussey Shah ke ghar chodkey aajao." Kripa insisted to go by taxi but Devyani strictly warned her to obey her instructions. Naina wanted to drop Kripa in car but Dilip took the car for his work.

Angad was excited as he got a chance atlast to be alone with Kripa since he met her.

Next part: AK share their feelinags;  AR in full roll of romance!!!


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