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part 12: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Arman and Ridhima exchanged affectionate looks intermittently while drove to hospital after forcibly drawn out from their 'first formal kiss.'  Both were flushed out with their first sweet experience. They could still feel the tingling feeling inside.

She tried to escape his intense stares by busily rubbing her fingers with one another; setting her tendrils behind ears. She occasionally stroked her lips with tongue as she still felt warmth of his kisses. Her cheeks flushed red when she remembered Arman's passion a few minutes ago. He proved to her how romantic he would be. A heat wave passed through her body when remembered his sweet whispers while kissing her. She tried to focus out through window but the occasional throat sets, heavy sighs from his side made her self-conscious. She shyly stared at him from corners of her eyes and drew back her stares when her eyes met his. He caressed his lips with his tongue to feel the softness of her lips that still lingered on his lips. He whistled and hummed leaving tingles in her heart.

"Ridhima!" he softly spelled her name before parking in his lot under the cellar of the hospital. Ridhima paused from getting down of the car and looked at him with questionable expression. He caressed her cheek with his knuckles "I will speak to Dr.Gupta about you. Aaj Rahul ke saat kaam karlo?"

Ridhima was happy for Arman taking the responsibility and agreed to work with Dr.Rahul. "See you at lunch" she closed the car door behind her. Arman followed her "I order for lunch. See you in my cabin at 2." Ridhima shook her head and walked away graciously. Arman wanted to give her goodbye kiss but dropped the thought as he saw Atul entering the elevator.


Kripa tied her half sari ends around her waist and settled behind Angad on his bike. She secured herself to keep distance between them. "Hope, yeh Angad bike dheerey se chalaayega." She prayed silently and waved bye to Devyani and Aaliyah. Anittah and Kartik were busy with their prior appointments.

Angad set his helmet and goggles. Set his rear view mirror to see good view of Kripa behind. He looked at Kripa for permission, "chaley?"

Kripa shyly shook her head before he hit the road. Kripa held the bike seat tightly and tried to balance her on the ride without holding him. Angad wished she drops her hand on his shoulder but didn't dare to tell her. "Kya sochegi? Kahin naya relation ka faida utha raha hoon?" Angad immersed in his own thoughts through his ride as enjoyed her in the rear view mirror.

Kripa felt awkward to sit behind Angad. She was still amused about the whole scenario. Her dream boy 'bava' was none other than the young man in the elevator. "Wo kya sochta hoga mere barein mein? Lagta hai iss riston ka sapna main hi dekhti hoon. Main hi pehla kadam uthaya tha. In logon ko toh mere barein mein kuch bhi pata nahin. Phir Angad ka khayalon mein main kahan hoongi? But I could see the excitement in his eyes. Was he excited to see ME in his house? Kahin unki cousin ki roop mein mujhey paakar kush horaha hai? Ho sakta hai. He showed enthusiasm to make friends with me before." Kripa was confused with her own thoughts about Angad's reactions and unaware of his rear view enjoyment.

Both were completely lost in their own world till Angad applied sudden breaks to his bike when a car cut him from front. Kripa fell on him with a jerk and held his shoulders for support "Ouch!".

"Sorry! Achanak ek ghadi mere saamney aagaya tha." Angad awkwardly apologised.

Kripa embarrassingly shook her head as understood as still gripped his shoulders. "You can hold me", he reassured her after a moment when she was hesitating to hold him. She shyly smiled as lightly held his shoulders.

Angad secretly fixed back his side view mirror to continue to see the reflection of Kripa in it. Her face was flushed at touch of his shoulders. Her second hand softly touched his waist. He wished her to cuddle his waist. "Yeh itni jaldi initiate nahin legi," He affectionately thought about her.

Kripa silently sighed with relief when Angad parked his bike in front of Shah House. She immediately jumped out of bike and embarrassingly stood for Angad's exit. She didn't know if she could invite him inside. Angad was also in the same situation and waited on the bike without shutting off the engine. Both exchanged smiles awkwardly with confused states. Angad checked her from head to toe while Kripa was counting seconds in her mind with escaping looks.

"Phir Kab milenge?" Angad atlast opened his mouth. Kripa swallowed the silence "Mmm. I don't know. Main do din toh chutti pur hoongi shadi ke liye." She reminded him about her leave. Angad shook his head as recollected her words two days ago. Angad stared at her with hesitation to invite her for outing. Kripa folded her hands at elbows with a faint smile for that embarrassing situation. Angad wanted to talk many but some hesitation stopped him.

"Hey, Angad! Tum loge yahin khadi hokar kya kar rahey hai? Andar chalo na. Subah bhi hurry mein chala gaya tha mere awaaz bina suney." Subhanker greeted Angad to ease the situation.

Angad mumbled "wo ghar mein kuch kaam yaad agaya tha." He awkwardly smiled at Kripa. Kripa realized Angad's presence at Shah House while she met other people in Khanna house. "yeh mere liye yahan aaya tha? Magar Naani mujhey insey pehle legayi thi?"

"Koyi baat nahin. Abb toh andar aajao. Kuch muh meetha karkey jaao," Subhanker eased Angad.

Kripa looked at Angad for his response as she subconsciously wanted his presence for some more time. Angad was also thought the same and obeyed Subhankar's invitation. Subhankar took both inside explaining how he came to know about their relationship a few days ago. Kripa sheepishly looked at Angad when he looked at her for confirmation.

Kripa excused herself to run to Sapna when Angad was attacked by bunch of hosts.

"Jaldi se batado tum donon ka mulakhat kaisa huva? Kaisa laga tumhara 'bava' ko dekh kar? Unhoney kuch baat kiya? Did you talk to him anything? What did you do when you saw him?" Sapna showered enquiries when Kripa lay flat on bed with hands on her chest after throwing her handbag on the couch. "Tum chup rahogi ya nahin. Main toh kuch bhi nahin kehpaaya. Usse dekhtey hi mera juban band hogayi thi. Pata nahin mere haat, paon, pura badan kaampney lagi. Bus pura waqt meri aankhein jhuki huvi thi.  I didn't dare to stare at him. Mainey kitna sapna dekhi thi. Ek bhi baat nahin karpaayi." Kripa disappointedly explained the whole time she spent in Khanna house.

Sapna sighed aloud "I was totally expecting this. Tum bilkul darpoke ho. Hyderabad mein itni badi badi baatein karti thi. Yahan unsey milney Khanna house bhi gaya tha. Uski khayal mann mein aatey hi itna Sharmati hai. Abb unsey baat karney mein itni jhijhak rahi hai? Waise Angad ko dekh kar tumhari juban band hona hi tha. Angad bhi kuch baat nahin kiya? Wo kaise react huva tha itni beautiful cousin ko dekh kar?"

Kripa blushed as recollected Angad's excitement on site. Sapna chided at her flushed face and demanded her by tickling her, "aahaan!! toh kuch toh huva hai donon ke beech. Kahin aakhon ke isharon mein hi waqt gujaari ya kuch baat huvi?"

Kripa reddened and shook her head as there was no conversation between them. Sapna sighed "don't worry. Main ussey personally phone per shadi ki invitation doongi. Tum donon phir milsakengey."

Kripa flushed in red "wo yahin hai. Subhankar bhai ne andar le aaya tha." Kripa informed sheepishly about Angad's presence in the house.

Sapna jumped up "are you mad? Abb bata rahi hai ki wo yahan hai? main abhi ussey yahan le aati hoon." Sapna left before Kripa warned her.

"Kripa! Kripa!" Sapna called aloud while brought Angad by hand. Kripa came in front of them and gasped to see Angad in the room. Sapna mischievously smiled when Angad and Kripa exchanged looks "aap donon baatey karo, main abhi kuch meetha aur namkeen bhejti hoon." She left the room before Kripa could warn her.

Kripa was embarrassed "yeh sapna bhi na bina sochey kuch bhi kardeti hai. I'm sorry, Angad! wo.." Kripa searched for explanation and Angad warned "it's okay, Kripa! I can understand. We both are equally excited and confused. Will talk later when we meet again." Angad was not ready to talk to Kripa in that wedding place when all guests moving around the house. Kripa thanked him in mind and gave him a faint smile. Kirti brought some snacks beside warnings from Subhanker and Sapna. Angad bade bye to Kripa with his eyes before having snacks and promised Subhanker to attend the wedding.

Sapna was disappointed but was glad when Kripa informed about Angad's assurance "oye, oye, tumhara bava is smarter than you. Ussey pata hai tum iss shadi ki mahole mein kuch baat nahin karpaogi. Aur wo tumhey akelay mein milna chahta hai. He gave you some time to prepare yourself!" Kripa reddened at Sapna's teases and thanked Angad once again for understanding her so easily.

 Next part: AR romantic lunch; AK next meeting in romantic atmosphere.


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