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part 13: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Arman succeeded in taking back Ridhima as his assistant. First, Dr.Gupta suspiciously looked at Arman but Anjali recommended about Arman's proficiency, "papa! Agar Ridhima Arman ke saat kaam karengi toh usse bhi thoda medical field mein interest lagegi."

"Kal subah Lonavala new clinic ki udghatan pur tum donon attend kar rahey hai," Dr.Gupta ordered when signing the necessary papers for Ridhima's reinstate.

"Double profit in one stake" Arman played his eyebrows at Ridhima after reached his cabin. Ridhima twisted her eyebrows "kya matlab?" Arman pulled her in his arms "matlab yeh hai ki tumhari reinstate ki kushi mein kal hum donon Lonovala mein ek chota sa honeymoon mana rahey hai!!" Ridhima blushed at his sweet whispers. She tried to push him "no honeymoon, nothing. Aapke soch pur kaboo rakhiye, Mr. Arman! Ek kiss jo dediya abb pura honeymoon ki plan kar raha hai?"

Arman didn't lose his grip "kiss is like an appetite, Ridhima! Tum kiss maangliya aur main honeymoon deraha hoon. Be happy for surprise incentives."

Ridhima chuckled "I don't need any incentives. I'm happy with your first kiss. Wahi ruk jaaye toh behetar hoga." She turned to walk away from him.

Arman mischievously pouted as placed hands on waist, "happy? Ek kiss se hi itna kush hogayi hai? Mainey socha formal kiss ke baad formal honeymoon bhi maanglogi."

Ridhima rolled her eyes and gave side glances, "haan maangloongi waqt aaney par. Mera reinstate karvaney pur toh succeed hogaya hai. Abb mere haat bhi papa se maangley. Tab tumse wo huq bhi maangloongi."

Arman tied his arms around her from behind, "wo huq toh sirf tumhari hai. Aur tujhpe huq mera hi hai chahey shadi ho na ho. Aur koyi tum pur haat bhi nahin laga saktey, samjhey? Anyway, mera haat maangney ki bhari toh tumhara papa ka hai. Mere jaise damaad aise hi thodi milega?" Ridhima smiled as she didn't notice the inner meaning of his words.

Arman demandingly whispered in her ears, "kyon, tere liye tumhara papa mera haat maanglega na?" Ridhima shook her head affirmatively. Arman kissed her temples, "toh abhi jaakar batado. We can plan for quick honeymoon tomorrow."

Ridhima pinched his biceps 'itni jaldi nahin. Aur honeymoon ke baat abhi nahin. Tumhara dil ko kaboo mein rakho." She tried to release herself but he held her tightly "let's first have our lunch. Yeh honeymoon ki responsibility toh mein sambhaloonga." Ridhima reddened and walked to serve the meals for both.

Ridhima couldn't return home with Arman in the evening, as Dr.Gupta wanted her to help Anjali and Rahul in preparations for inauguration on next day. Arman was disappointed but didn't plan to stay back with her.

"Aaj sham ko snacks toh nahin milengay, thoda muh toh meetha honey do," he grabbed Ridhima into his arms before he left the hospital.

"Arman! Koyi dekhlega. Yeh staircase ke alawa aur jagah nahin mila pyar karney ke liye?" she felt discomfort on staircase besides the elevator.

Arman smiled "yahan janetors ke siva koyi aata jata nahin hai. This is the best place to spend time in cozy." Ridhima pouted "main raat ko ghar aoongi. Abhi toh chod do mujhey, please."

Arman made her promise to meet him even in the late night after giving his share of a deep passionate kiss. "Ohh, Ridhima! This is an addiction. Jab tak tumsey nahin mila tha main bilkul sida sada aadmi tha. Abb ek minute ke liye bhi tumse door nahin rehpaa raha hoon. Kya jaadoo hai tujhmein?"

Ridhima chuckled and kissed his lips "see you in the night." Arman sighed in sweet pain when Ridhima left after chain of kisses.


"Angad! Tum kahan jaaraha hai? We have to go to Lonavala for Dr.Gupta's new clinic inauguration. Wo personally humey bulaya hai. We need to attend it without fail." Naina stopped Angad who was hurriedly heading to attend Sapna's wedding. Angad tried to escape but he was forced to accompany them. Kartik, Anittah, Aaliyah and Angad headed in one car while Dilip and Naina took another car.

"Anittah! Tumhey Raj ka ghar mein party per jaana hai na?" Kartik asked after few minutes of drive while they were heading towards Lonavala Hwy. Anittah corrected him, "Raj ka ghar nahin, bhai! Unka estates mein picnic party hai." Kartik less cared about the details "whatever, main tumhey wahan chod deta hoon aur sham ko return hotey waqt pick karoonga." Anittah was pleased for the arrangements and thanked him.

"Angad! Tujhey Shah ke ghar chod doon. Tum subah wahin jaana chahta tha na?" Kartik asked hiding his smile after dropping Anittah on the way to Raj Estates.

Angad was startled at his enquiry, 'Kartik! How do you know? What will mom say? Why are you doing this? Anittah ko Raj Estates mein chod diya aur mere ko…"

Kartik laughed "arey bhai! Mujhey pata hai tum Kripa ke saat rehna chata hai. And mom wants you to focus on your work. Aur Anittah uss clinic ke jagah apni friends ke saat enjoy karna chah thi hai. Wo bechari wahan clinic ki inauguration per kya karengi? As long as you don't go on wrong paths as an elderly brother I support you all." He reassured as an elderly sibling to them. "Anittah ko hi dekho, she wanted to enjoy the picnic. Anyway main aur Aaliyah hai na tum logon ka kami pura karney ke liye. You people enjoy your life."

Angad was pleased at his support and got down in the midway to Shah House after took best wishes from Aaliyah and Kartik.


Angad found Kripa in young girls' crowd who excitedly were sharing their mehendi colors on hands from last night. She was looking gorgeous in white gagra with bead work all over it. Her big jhumkas were dancing along with her head movements. Her tikka on forehead was playing at her wide facial expressions. All were fooling around one and another. Other girls were teasing Kripa to see the design of her mehendi. She was running away from them to hide the secrets in her hands by closed fists. She mischievously showed her fists and held her tongue out as they missed to catch her. Kripa crashed into some old ladies and got back sweet scolds from them "arey sambhalkey. Issey koyi sambhalney wala aaney ki waqt hogaya hai." Kripa laughed at them and ran away.

Angad stopped at the hallway only and adorably watched her from distance as no one bothered him to recognize there at that time. Kripa ran towards him when Sapna's cousins chased her "Hey Kripa! Batao tumhara 'bava' ka naam kahan hai. Abhi se unka naam haat mein likhliya tha?" They were shouting, screaming and running behind Kripa to catch her, while Sapna was brought into the hallway behind them. "Chalo ladkiyan baraat aaney ka waqt hogaya hai. Sab apne apne kaam sambhalo." One of the elderly relative of Sapna warned all the girls around there.

"Hum apne kaam hi sambhal rahey hai, Chachi! Sapna ke saat saat Kripa ka bhi shadi karvadenge. Dulha bhi ready hai," one of the naughty girls yelled back as paused chasing Kripa.

Chachi turned to her "kaun hai wo dulha?"

"Wahi dekhne chaarahi hoon, Chachi. Wo dulha inki haaton mein chupa hua hai." The girl tried to catch Kripa but Kripa escaped her and crashed into Angad.

"Hoye ooye! Dulha khud mahjood hai, phir haat ki rangon mein dhoondney ki kya jaroorat thi?" Sapna yelled when she noticed Angad. Chachi warned Sapna, "baraat aney wala hai. Itni jore sey chillao mut." Sapna chuckled and played her eyebrows at Kripa. Kripa warned Sapna with her eyes and greeted Angad with a smile. Subhanker came in time and took Angad to receive the groom party "acha huva angad tum bhi agaya hai. Khanna pariwar ki taraf se tum bhi humarey saat baraat ki swagat karney chalo."

Kripa was relieved but disappointed at the same time and walked back to Sapna. "Itna udhaas mut hojao. Wo bhi tumhey chahta hai, issiliye subah subah tumsey milney agaya hai. Bus ek raat ki baat hai. Kal subah tum apne sasural jaa sakti ho."

Kripa warned her "don't say sasural. Koyi sunlega toh kya sochengey? Wo meri naani ki ghar hai. Bus wahi huq se jaarahi hoon."

Sapna groaned cynically and teased with her eyes. Kripa blushed "yeh secret tum aur mere beech mein hi rehney do. Pata nahin wo log aur angad kya sochtay hai  mere barein mein."

Sapna pinched Kripa's cheeks, "mujhey toh Angad ka aankhon mein pyar hi nazar aata hai."

Kripa twitched her lips, "pyar!! Kaisa pyar? Uski Cousin pur? Ya, Kripa pur? I need to clarify this first."

Sapna sighed, "abb yeh naya twist mut khada karo. Donon log tumhi ho. Yeh shayad uska luck hai. Aur partially tumhara bhi."

Kripa shook her head sideways, "not mine. I would never love him as 'kripa'."

Both chatted till Sapna was asked to take to mandap. Kripa emerged with Sapna's friends and cousins while Sapna was busy with the main rituals. Angad and Kripa couldn't talk to each other except exchanged looks from distance as both were surrounded with the guests.


In early hours, Ridhima slowly sneaked into Arman's room to see him in deep sleep. She slowly tiptoed to his headboard and bent over him to blow light air on his lips. Arman groaned as inhaled the sweet fragrance from Ridhima "Ridhima!!" he stretched himself and opened his eyes to see Ridhima's smile in front of his eyes. He cupped her face and kissed her chin. "Tum such much mere paas hai ya yeh koyi sapna dekhraha hoon?" he whispered as brushed her lips softly with his. She giggled "goodmorning!" He frowned to check his watch "goodmorning? I thought it is still late night." Arman got up and walked into bathroom in his navy blue- red night shorts and vest. She stood up with a moan "kal raat bahut late hogayi thi aur papa ke ghar hi ruk gayi thi."

Arman peeped out from the bathroom door, "subah bhi wahi rehna tha. Lonavala mein mil letey!"

Ridhima understood his sarcasm but patiently explained her helplessness, "tujhey maloom hai na mujhey iss medical field mein koyi interest nahin hai. Agar mein Lonavala jaaoongi toh tere liye aur tere hi saat."

"Tum baat toh bahut meethi meethi kehti hai" he leaned to the bathroom door and looked affectionately at her. She rolled her eyes, "gussa thanda hogaya toh jaldi se nahakar aajao. Main coffee ki intezaam karti hoon." He grabbed her wrist and pulled towards him, "why don't stay here till I take shower?" She rolled her tongue, "just stay? Don't you need help for shower?"  She snapped her finger on his chin and disappeared before he realized her naughtiness. He smiled as caressed his chin, "wo bhi karvadoonga ek din, Ridhima!"

"Goodmorning, Misthy! Had a nice sleep?" Ridhima greeted Misthy with tea cup. "Thanks, bhabhi!" Misthy lazily took the cup from her. Ridhima surprised at her new address, "bhabhi?"

Misthy chuckled, "I'm so happy to see you in the morning with tea cup, Ridz!I want to see you soon in my house as my bhabhi. Tum aise roz maa jaise chai pilati raho."

Ridhima sighed, "khaash tumhara bhai bhi yahi sochta."

Misthy twisted her brows, "kyon, Bhai abhi tak propose nahin kiya?"

Ridhima twitched her lips, "your bro is slow. He takes his own time to confess. By the way why don't you join us? Lonavala achi jagah hai. Hum teenon ghoomengey phirengey." Misthy refused with smile, "Nahin Ridz!  My boss is also on leave today. I have to finish his work before his return. Tum log jaaon aur masti karo." She left to get ready for her work.

"Arman! Agar jijoo humey ride diye toh tumhey koyi aitraaz hogi?" Ridhima hesitantly asked when Arman was having his morning coffee. He frowned, "Atul? Wo kyon yahan aakar pick karega?"

Ridhima spilled the truth, "Actually he dropped me here in the morning and is waiting with Naani."

Arman nodded his head as understood and cursed him, "saala yahan tak aagaya magar ghar aaney ki himmat nahi hai," he turned to Ridhima, "Why don't you go with him? Mere surr kyon khaati hai? I would rather sleep lazily than going with him."

Ridhima pouted her lips "jijoo acha hai, kyon uss pur itna naraz hotay ho?"

Arman seriously looked at her "bahut pyar hai apna jijoo pur!!" Ridhima walked into kitchen "uski wajah se hi hum miley they. He only helped me to meet you. Pyar nahin toh aur kya hoga?"

Arman changed his tone to soft, "Ridhima! Humare shadi ke baad Atul tumhey kya lagta hai? Jijoo ya devar?"

Ridhima was confused at Arman's sudden question. She circled his neck with her two hands, "wo jo bhi ho humara rista toh yahin hogi na? pyar ka rista! Aur yeh gussa chod do shadi ke baad hum sab milkar rehengey." Arman removed her hands and turned to walk to his room, "main ghar jamai nahin banoonga. Tumhey meri patni bunker yahan aana hoga."

Ridhima was confused at whole conversation "Mainey kab poocha ghar jamai banne ki? yeh Arman ko kya hogaya hai? Atul jijoo se itna narazgi? Kewal ghar jamai honey ki wajah se?" she shrugged her shoulders and seriously walked behind Arman.

She helped him to wear the coat and he gave her side glances. "Agar tumhara papa mujhey ghar jamai banney ki condition lagayi toh kya karlogi? Kissi aur se shadi karlogi?" He teasingly looked at her but Ridhima took his words seriously and moistened her eyes.

"Haan!"She turned her head before he noticed the tears and walked out to the car.

Arman bid bye to Misthy and walked out. "Ridhima ko chot pahoonchana jaroori hai kya? Kyon rulata hai ussey? Atul ka gussa Atul per nikalo. Bechari wo kya karegi? Lonovala pahoonchney se pehle unse maafi mango," Misthy advised him before he left. Arman twinkled his eyes mischievously, "I like her angry face. Bahut cute lagti hai. Don't worry I take care of her." Misthy nodded her head with a smile as understood his mischief.

Ridhima was still wiping her eyes after half an hour driving. Arman suddenly parked the car on roadside and turned to Ridhima.

Ridhima didn't look at him and he turned her face to him by holding her chin. She lowered her eyes to hold her tears at the corners of eyes. Her cheeks and nose reddened with anger. He caressed her lower jaw with his thumb and softly kissed her lips. "Maaf kardo, Ridhima! Main toh mazak kar raha tha." She was silent for a moment without replying him. He pampered her by caressing her cheeks with his; by kissing on nose tip, and on eyelids. "I cannot bear your tears, sweety! Please maaf kardo."

She sniffed "Mazak ka bhi kuch hud hoti hai. kyon baar baar ghar jamai ki baat karta hai? Did papa ask you for it?" She angrily looked at him.

 "Please! Kehdiya na mazak kar raha tha," he softly apologised with innocent expressions. She smiled through tears and hid her face in his shoulder. He kissed as relieved into her hair, "tumhey kya lagta hai, main kissi ko aise hi tumhari kareeb aaney doonga? Agar koyi tumse shadi karney ki soch bhi liya na uska sur phod doonga." He cursed like a child. She burst into laughter as pounded her fists on his chest. He held her hands and kissed them with naughty smile in his eyes, "I love to see your anger. Bahut cute lagti ho." Ridhima sniffed with smile, "agar such much main kissi aur se shadi karliya toh tum sachi usska sur phod dega?" Arman pretended seriously thinking, "hmm, main nahin phod sakunga, shayad kissi ko hire kardoonga uska haat, paon thodney ke liye." She giggled at his genuine reply. Arman pulled her close and cupped her face. He slowly brushed her lips for his deep kisses.


At wedding hall:

About five or six young girls were running upstairs with closed decorated shoe boxes of similar design pretending with shoes of the groom to confuse the groom's party. No one knew which woman carrying actual shoes.

"Angad! Ussey pakodo. Wo dulhey ka jhootey churakey jaa rahi hai," a young man yelled for help when Angad was descending the stairs. Angad without second thought held the hand of the young woman passing him just at the time.  He was startled to see Kripa in his hands. Kripa was shocked at his sudden grabbing too. Both were confused for sudden physical interaction between them. She hardly swallowed and he loosened his grip at her startled looks.

Kripa noticed the groom's friends ascending towards them. She checked her other team mates who were already escaped to lobby upstairs. She was stuck with Angad alone. She dared to speak up, "Angad! please chod do na. Mainey kabhi Hyderabad mein aisey rasame nahin dekhi. Mujhey aaj yeh mauka ki maza leney do. Mera haat chod do na. Wo log ooper aarahey hai. Wo mujhey pakad lengey. Please, meri madat karo na." Angad was melted at kripa's soft, sweet, cute and innocent pleadings. He smiled as reassured her and released her hands.

Kripa jumped up in two steps at a time thanking Angad loudly. Angad was completely mesmerized at her closeness and childishness. He adorably watched her jumping like a little child for winning the actual shoe box. He didn't even hear the groom party yelling, "arey yaar, Angad! aisa kaisa chod diya yaar! Kya kiya uss ladki ne? Humara Amit ka jhootha uss ladki ne lekey gaya."

All bride team mates congratulated her for successfully snatching the shoe box from groom team, "wah, Kripa!Tumhara bava  is so cute. Tujhey aisey hi chod diya? Kya jadoo karliya rey?" "Tumney aisa kya kahdiya tha, wo  bina sochey chod diya tha?"

Kripa realized what she had done with Angad and adorably looked at him. She waved her hand as thanking him. Angad was awestruck at her beautiful reddened and cheerful face.

Next part: AR romantic night in Lonavala; AK close confrontation


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