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part 14: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Kartik! Angad aur Anittah kahan hai? Phir sey janey diya? Tum hamesha ussey bigadeta hai. Why do you do this? I wish them to participate in these things.. Wo kabhi kissi parties mein nahin aatey hai. Yeh Anittah toh pehley se hi bahut bigad gayi hai. Aur Angad ko tum log bigaad rahey hai. Kya jaroorat thi aise bhaag janey ki?" Naina fumed as soon as they reached Lonavala. Kartik and Aaliyah stood silently as they prepared for facing her. Dilip tried to calm down Naina but she fumed on him too, "Aap chup ho jaayiye. Har baar bachon ke wakalat karney chaley aatay hai. Yeh log abb nahin seekha toh kab seekhengey. Yeh high society parties, meetings issey kab samajh mein ayega?" she scolded them for some more time in low tone and walked into the function place when Gupta's received them.

After the formal inaugural function everyone headed for light snacks. Dr.Gupta introduced his daughters and Atul along with his subordinates to everyone. Kartik impressed by Arman's personality and instantly made friends with him. They discussed about their professions and learnt about Misthy. Arman was happy to know that Misthy's job was in good hands. Kartik's mind started making sketch of Misthy now.

Naina was impressed by Gupta girls and invited them to her house, "ghar aatey raho, humare ghar mein bhi aapke umar ki ladkiyan hai. You can make good friends." Aaliyah was impressed by Anjali and Ridhima too.

Dr.Gupta was pleased for Naina's impression on his daughters and made up his mind with his own ideas. "Tum bhi aati raho, Aaliyah. Aaj Anittah se mulakhat nahin ho paayi. Agele baar usse bhi ghar ley aana." Aaliyah faintly smiled at Dr.Gupta. She always disliked him since childhood as a doctor for his bitter medicines.


"Dilip! Kartik ke liye aisi ladki chahiye mujhey. Bahut sundar aur susheel hai. Padhi likhi bhi hai. Kitna sanskar hai ussmein. Bus mere donon bte ke liye aisi sundar, susheel aur padhi likhi bahuve chahiye."

Dilip supported her, "aur achi khandaan se bhi hai. You are right, Naina! Humey abb humare bachon ke shadi ke barein mein sochna shuru karna chahiye.." he paused for a moment, "magar Naina! Pehla humey bacha kya sochta hai maloom karna chahiye." He gave his opinion on children's requirements.

Naina smiled as approved his suggestion, "pehla toh Aaliyah ki shadi hogi. Damini bahut utlaav horahi hai usse apni bahu banaaney ke liye. Aur Kartik toh shadi ke liye bahut stubborn hogaya hai. Mein pehele ek baar soochna ki thi. Anyway abb humey ladki pasand aagayi, so, apne soch aagey bada saktey hai."

Aaliyah rolled her eyes as the topic turned on her and silently disappeared to avoid further discussions.


By lunch time Angad became impatient once the important rituals of wedding were completed. He was dying to talk to Kripa. But she was busy in enjoying the wedding though steeling his eyes occasionally from distance. Angad suddenly grabbed Kripa's hand when she was descending into lunch hall after changed her clothes into maroon Anarkali style chudidhar. He pulled her into side room where no one was present.

Kripa was shocked at his sudden pull and gasped. Angad closed the door behind them and pulled her close. She swallowed hard as her both hands were gripped in his two hands near his chest. She sheepishly looked at him, "A.A..Angad! Aa..aap K..K..Kya kar raha hai?" She didn't know how to protest his action and stammered. He softly laughed, "itna hairaan honey ki koyi jaroorat nahin hai, Kripa! Main tumhey khaa nahin jaoonga. I just wanted to talk to you. Abhi tak mouka hi nahin mila. Tum humesha kissi na kissi ke saat rehti ho. Ek minute ke liye mujh se baat karo."

Kripa was startled at his unexpected request and shyly lowered her eyes. He silently checked her from head to toe while she lowered her head. He adorably looked at her shyness and his eyes fell on her fists filled with mehendi. He remembered the girls' teases in the wedding hall and tempted to check the mehendi. He looked into her embarrassing face and opened her fists. Kripa was startled and tried to pull back her hand.

"Dekhney do," he authoritatively held them tightly and stared into the design. He slowly caressed on his name. Kripa's face flushed with blush. His touch raised her heart beat. Angad noticed the turbulence in Kripa's body and moved his chin with naughty thoughts flashing in his mind.

He looked into her blissful eyes as pressed her finger tips, "mehendi ki haaton mein naam likhwaney ka matlab jaanti ho?" Kripa bent her head with shy and tried to pull her hand. "jawab milney tak haat nahin chodunga, jawab do. Iska matlab jaanti ho?" he bent and whispered in her ears. Kripa bit her lower lip and heavily lifted her eyes with blushed cheeks. He felt warm blood rushing all over body at seeing her blush on her face and unknowingly pressed her hands to his chest. Kripa was startled at the touch of his warm chest and felt steam coming out of her body.

"Ahem, Ahem yahan kya horaha hai?" Subhanker all of sudden appeared there and startled Angad and Kripa. Kripa pulled back her hands and Angad embarrassingly smiled at him. Subhanker understood the situation, "arey haan, main toh bhul hi gaya tha. Tum log ek dooserey ko jaante hai na? Kya Tum log khana khaya hai? Main sabko bulaney aya tha."

Angad and Kripa silently exchanged looks with embarrassment. Subhanker eased the situation, "Kripa! Angad ko lunch hall mein le jao." Kripa faintly smiled and led Angad to the stairs.

Angad pulled her hands to pause her on stairs. She lifted her eyes at him and he raised his brows at her as demanding for response "Jawab do." She smiled at his persistence, and stared into his eyes, "mere haaton mein aapka naam ka matlab toh mein jaanti hoon. Magar kya aap jaantey hai main kyon aapka naam likhaya hai?"

Angad was bemused at Kripa's dare challenge. He didn't expect the shy girl had voice. He pulled her close, "matlab wahi hai jo mein sochta hoon?" She rolled her eyes, "mujhey kya pata aap kya sochta hai?"

He joyfully laughed in waves "tum bilkul waisey hi ho jaisa main socha tha."

Kripa shyly lowered her eyes, "abb chaley?" Angad nodded his head and followed her. Both served food in each plate and walked to a corner. "Lunch ke baad mere saat bahar chalegi? Angad asked Kripa.

Kripa nodded her head affirmatively. She came to Mumbai to meet Angad. There was no point of hesitation. Angad was overwhelmed at her responses.


Arman was busy till evening by helping guests, checking new patients, instructing his juniors as Dr.Gupta instructed him so. He didn't get any time to spend with Ridhima though he stole some looks and flying kisses here and there from her. He was restless as she didn't spend any time with him during the day. Dr.Gupta wanted to head back home as soon as Khannas left but Ridhima and Anjali decided to stay back overnight. Atul reassured Dr.Gupta to take care of the woman.

After dinner Atul suggested for a walk into the trail.  Arman let Anjali and Atul take lead as he followed them with Ridhima a few yards behind. "Tum itna door door kyon jaa raha hai aaj?" he pulled Ridhima with his hand around her waist. Ridhima adorably smiled as cuddled his waist, "papa ke saamney aur sab guests ke saamney kya baat kar sakti thi?"

Arman chided her, "right, you are busy with new friends here." He still remembered Khannas drooling over Guptas. Ridhima frowned at his sarcasm, "aisi baat nahin hai, Arman! Courtesy ke liye karna padta hai. I was also missing you.. Waisey flying kisses toh deti thi na?" She looked from corners of eyes. Arman bent and kissed her nose, "that's not enough. I thought as you are scared of honeymoon, you are avoiding me." Ridhima chuckled with shy, "honeymoon? Aaj toh tum kuch nahin kar sakega. Jijoo hai humey thokney." He frowned, "wo kabhi nahin kiya kya shadi ke pehle?" Ridhima blushed, "mainey kabhi poocha nahin."

Arman smiled and kissed her cheeks, "I was just kidding about honeymoon." Ridhima hid her face in his, "pata hai. Aapko itna himmat nahin hai." Arman stunned at her challenge. She blushed and ran away from him. He chased her into the woods.

Both tired of running and settled on a secluded place under moonlight. They panted for a while as laughed, sighed at their madness in chasing each other. Arman drew to Ridhima's lap and hid his face in her stomach. Ridhima stoked his hair back and kissed on his wide forehead. "Tum jaldi bald hojaoge, Arman!" she showed concern as saw his hair inclining back at two sides. Arman smiled, "hmm, issiliye humey jaldi hai honeymoon ki. Kahin mara bald dekh ke ladki bhaag kar nahin jaayegi," Ridhima giggled at his funny comment. He admired her for a moment and bent her to kiss her lips passionately. "I love you, Ridhima!" She stroked his lips, "I love you too."

 Next part: Will AR really come back without honeymoon? AK date after lunch!!


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