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part 15: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad took bike from Subhanker soon after lunch to take Kripa out. He got call from Aaliyah just before leaving the premises, 'bhai! Aap kahan hai? Kripa se mili? Did you talk to her? Kaisi hai wo? Kuch kaam bani?' Angad laughed at her flow of questions, 'Aaliyah! Can we talk about this later?' He was embarrassed to reply Aaliyah's questions in front of Kripa. Aaliyah smiled, 'okay bhai! I understand. Actually I called to inform you that Dadi was trying to reach you. Usse turant phone karna. Bhoolna nahin.'  Angad smiled meaningfully as he knew why Dadi was trying to reach him.
Aaliyah might have already passed the information to Dadi about Angad's meeting with Kripa at Sapna's wedding and Dadi might be waiting to bring Kripa home. His guess was right. 'Angad! Tum bataya nahin ki tum Kripa se milney jaaraha hai.  Abb tak Sapana ki shadi toh ho chuki hogi. Tum Kripa ko lekar yahan aajao. Tum uss se milchuka hai na? Kaisi hai who? Kahan hai? Tera baat huva uss se?' Angad wiggled his head at his perfect guess. He gave his mobile to Kripa, 'Dadi wants to talk to you.' Kripa twitched her lips as answered Devyani's call. 'haan, nanima! Hum jaroor ayengey.' Kripa gave back the phone as soon as Devyani invited Kripa home.
 Angad was disappointed as he obeyed at Dadi's authoritative orders. Kripa chuckled as she noticed his disappointment. He wanted to spend his time with her alone. Angad raised his eyebrow at her, 'kyon huss rahi hai?' Kripa shook her head sideway, 'kuch nahin.' Angad insisted, 'kuch toh hai, batao. Kyon huss rahi hai.' Kripa hid her smile and refused to speak out. Angad waited for her reply, 'I'm waiting for your reply.' Kripa pouted her lips at his perseverance, 'tum bahut ziddi ho.' Angad smiled in his husky tone, 'adat daaldo abhi se.' Kripa widened her eyes and blushed at his inner meaning. Angad adorably memorized her blushed face and headed home.

Kripa noticed Angad setting rear view mirror to see her image. Her heart leaped at his intentions and heat flushed over her body. She became conscious but stole his eyes occasionally. Kripa jumped down as soon as he stopped his bike in the front porch of his house. 'Naani Maa!' Kripa ran into Devyani's arms when she was welcomed at the entrance. Both greeted each other with warm embrace. Devyani walked Kripa into the house while Angad followed after parking his bike.

'Tu chocolate cake pasand karogi?' Devyani asked Kripa after an hour of exchanging pleasantries from both sides. Kripa gasped in joy 'cake? I love cakes. Kabhi kabhi bahar hi small pieces khaati hon. Ghar mein anda lana mana hai. Sapna ki ghar mein uski maami bahut achisi cakes banati hai. Main aksar wahi jaati hoon cake khaney.' Kripa excitedly walked behind Devyani into kitchen.

Meanwhile Angad updated his meeting with Kripa to Aaliyah in detail. She advised Angad to take some pictures of Kripa while she was in the house. Angad thanked Aaliyah for reading his mind.

Kripa was continuously chattered about her family and past about her grandfather. She suddenly noticed Angad busily snapping his camera on her in different poses. She pretended anger and he pleaded her with his eyes. She suddenly got a mischievous idea to tease Angad. She mocked, squinted, put tongue out to annoy Angad. Angad warned with his forefinger as if he would take a lesson later. She held her ears as if asking for forgiveness. He smiled and mouthed 'it's okay!' Devyani was busy in arranging other dishes for Kripa and didn't notice the game between the two cousins..

Kripa suddenly changed her speech into her mother tongue 'Telugu.' Devyani was surprised and pleased at Kripa's change of language. She heart fully chattered in her language as she felt nostalgic. Kripa giggled to see Angad's enquiries about the unknown language. 'Naani Maa! Lagta hai aapka pota humare bhasha ko samajh nahin paa raha hai.' Angad frowned at her statement as he noticed her gestures pointed him. Devyani twisted her brows at Kripa's statement and noticed Angad outside the door. She smiled at Kripa, 'mera pota? 'bava' kehke pukaro. Acha lagta hai.' Kripa blushed and looked cheekily at Angad. Devyani looked apologetically at Angad and walked to him.

Kripa chuckled at Devyani's empathetic looks and cuddled her from behind as giving side glance to Angad, 'Naani Maa! Itna humdard honey ki koyi jaroorat nahin hai. 'Bava' toh kabse humara baat chup chupke sun raha hai.' Devyani patted Kripa's cheeks and invited Angad to join them, 'Idhar aao angad! kahan they abb tak? Tum bhi humare saat baat cheet kar sakta hai.' Angad in his complained tone giving side glances to Kripa who received them with her adorable smile, 'it's okay dadi! I don't want to interfere in your private chat.' Kripa giggled, 'hum koyi private baat nahin kar rahey hai. I'm just teasing you. Wahan chup chupke kyon humare baatein sun raha tha? yahan humare samney aa sakta tha na?' she rolled her eyes as she wanted him to confess about his photo shooting. Angad moved his jaws and chin together as slightly clinched his teeth, 'humey chup chupkar batein sunney ki koyi adat nahin hai. Bus yoohin natural poses lena chahta tha.' He played his camera in front of her. Devyani was happy to notice the acquaintance between them. She walked away in pretext of checking the status of her cake leaving them alone.

Angad gestured her to follow him into her bed to show her pictures. She promised with her eyes to join him later. 'Naani Maa! Cake bahut acha khushboo derahi hai.' Kripa inhaled strongly and tried to taste it with her finger.  Devyani warned with a pat on her hand and smiled, 'abb jakar 'bava' ko bulakar aao cake khaney.' Kripa was looking for a chance and immediately ran into Angad's room. Devyani proudly stared at the way Kripa disappeared as her dreams seemed to be coming true.

'Hey, Angad! Cake is ready. What are you doing?' Kripa asked standing at the door while Angad was seriously working at his computer. She checked the whole room at one glare. Angad got up in excitement and walked to her with folding hands, 'Andar aao. I'll be honored!' Kripa broke into laughter for his dramatic reception. She curiously checked the room again.  She admired silently at his life size self posters on two walls behind his bed. His guitar and Tenor Saxophone were hung next to his wardrobe. Angad settled back in his chair and observed Kripa silently.

She turned to him after few minutes 'aap kya kar raha hai?' She leaned over his chair and was stunned to see her picture on his computer, 'what are you doing? Mere photos'..?' She blushed as understood his intentions, 'mere photos aapka computer mein kya kar raha hai?' He grabbed her hand and pulled close to him, 'aaj tak mein tumhari ek bhavana kiya tha. Aaj tum mere samney ho. Tumhari picture save karke roz dekha karoonga.' She was blushed to beet root red. He opened her fists and read name in other hand, 'Yahin naam se mujhey pukar rahi hai na? 'Bava''  kya matlab hai iska?' Kripa shyly explained, 'tumhara addressing'. All male cousins from mama and bua side are called 'bava'. Angad looked into her eyes, 'I liked it. Call me with that name. Aur yeh 'aap! Aap!' bhi chod-do. Doorsi lagti hai.' he touched her hand to his cheek and kissed her wrist. Kripa shivered vulnerably as blood flushed into her face. He admiringly looked into her face. 'Naani bula rahi hai cake khaney.' She tried to escape but he tightly gripped her hand, 'you don't want my pictures?' she blushed with lowered eyes and shook her head negatively. Angad frowned, 'Kyon?'

Kripa pulled her hand hard, 'you are in my heart. I don't need any pictures.' She ran in jet speed to Devyani before Angad recovered from the sweet feeling what he got from her confession.

Angad and Kripa dearly stuck into eye looks while enjoyed the fresh chocolate cake made by Devyani. 'Dadi! Can I take Kripa out to show Mumbai city?' Angad asked Devyani when Kripa silently refused to go with him. Kripa was embarrassed for his open request. Devyani agreed with cheerful smile, 'yeh koyi poochney ki baat hai? Jaroor lejao.  Aur Kripa ke liye kuch dresses bhi lekar aao. Wo aisey hi chali aayi aur humare paas uske kapadey nahin hai.'

Kripa warned, 'Nahin, Naani Maa! Main raat ko chali jaoongi. Kal subah Sapna ki bidayi hai aur main wahan rehna chahta hoon. Waisey bhi main mama aur papa ko bataya nahi aapke barein mein. Kal shayad uss se baat karpaoongi. Phir kal raat tak aapke ghar aajaoongi.'

Dadi was disappointed but agreed as Kripa has valid reason behind her decision. Angad and Devyani decided to drop Kripa at Shah House after showing city. Angad authoritatively demanded Kripa to hold him from behind while he was riding. Kripa was hesitant initially but got used to enjoy his proximity soon. Angad showed her Gateway of India, hanging gardens and chaupaty beach. They had golas, famous bhel puri.  Both enjoyed each other accompanies. Angad filled his camera with numerous pictures of Kripa.

Kripa shook her head with sigh at his craziness and ran away into park, 'Aur kitna photos loge? Bus karona?' Angad continued snapping, 'Tumhey photos nahin chahiye, magar mujhey hur jagah tuhi nazar aana chahiye. I fill my room with your pictures. Common, give me some poses.' Kripa frowned, 'abb aur nahin. Humey ghar jana hoga. I think it's going to be rained.' She refused to pose noticing the dark clouds in the sky. Angad ignored her warnings and continued his snapping.

As Kripa predicted, the rain started in no time. She jumped like a little girl to play with rain drops. Angad dragged her into a nearby gazebo 'barish mein bhigoge kya? Mera camera kharab hojayega.'

'Baarish mein bheegna mujhey acha lagta hai,' Kripa sprinkled rain drops on Angad and ran away from him. 'Kripa! Mera camera mein pani daal diya na!' He chased her. She showed her tongue and played around the gazebo with him.

Kripa stopped at one place and played with rain drops, 'Angad! Yeh bearish jaldi bund hojayega na? We are getting late. Subhanker bhai must be waiting for us.' Angad called Subhanker immediately and informed about the delay. He reached her to join in enjoying the rain drops along with her. He cupped her fist in one hand as circling her waist with another, 'I told you to say 'bava'.' He whispered in her ears. She shivered as his touch ran goosebumps in her body. He touched her fist to his cheek, 'main tumhey kya bulaoon? 'baavi?''(Curtesy to me_iq aka Iqra for giving idea to use this-bavi- word for KripaEmbarrassed) Kripa giggled at his question, 'Telugu mein 'baavi' ka matlab hota hai 'well'. You can call me Kripa only.' Angad kissed her temples 'I like 'baavi'. She giggled and leaned back to his body with closed eyes. 'Tum kyon huss rahi thi jab dadi ki phone aayi thi?' he softly asked in whisper. She slowly opened her eyes with surprise to turn to him. 'Tum bhoola nahin?' and continued with smile, 'Tum mujhey bahar lejaana chahta tha na? Aisey hi mere saat ghoomna chahta tha na, jaisey abhi tak hum ghoom rahe thay? Naani Maa ka phone se tumhara plans fail hogaya hai. Tumhara date cancel honey ki disappointment tere chehre pur dekh kar mujhey hassi aagayi thi.' She slowly explained.

 He laughed in his baritone, 'you absolutely read my feelings.' She raised her eyebrows at him, 'did you fulfill your dreams now?' He hit her head with his as rubbed their noses. 'Yes, with your wonderful cooperation.' She shyly hid her face in his chest. She noticed over his shoulders that the rain had stopped, 'Bava! Chalo, bearish bund hogayi hai. Humey jana hai.' Angad was disappointed, 'tumhey itna jaldi kyon hota hai humse door jaaney ki?' Kripa laughed, 'kyon ki main kal phir tumse jaldi mil sakoon.'


'Arman! ARMAN!' Ridhima hurriedly woke Arman up from his sleep. Arman opened his eyes, 'subah hogayi?'

He noticed darkness all over place, 'Why did you wake me up?'

Ridhima pushed him down from her lap and stood up, 'baarish honey wala hai.' She showed dark clouds built up in the sky. Arman sighed and walked arm in arm, 'baarish hua toh kya hua? Donon ek saat bheeg jatey. Kitna romantic hoga!!'

Ridhima blushed, 'mujhey pata nahin tha tum itna romantic bhi ho sakta hai.' He pulled her in his arms and cuddled, 'abb tak tum mujhey pehchanta bhi kya hai? Kuch pehchaan karvadoon?'

Ridhima smiled at his naughty question. He lifted her chin and kissed her upper chin, 'I love you, Ridhima!' She glared deep into his eyes, 'I love you too.' He brought both faces closer and bent to kiss her lips. She turned her face and ran away, 'baarish shuru hogaya hai, jaldi chalo.' She ran towards their cottages when rain became harder.

Arman couldn't find Ridhima in the front hall and walked inside calling out her name. She settled in a swing in the closed patio, cuddling her legs to her stomach with hands around them. He reached her and circled his hands around her, 'kya jaldi thi itna daud kar aaney ki? I wonder if you were the same Ridhima who pestered me all the time.' Ridhima chuckled and leaned back to him. He cupped her face with one hand and stared into her eyes. A breeze with slight rain sprinkled over them. Ridhima shivered for the cold sprinkle and cuddled Arman. He was also had the same effect and covered Ridhima in his arms as if protecting her from rain sprinkles. His face ended up in her neck curve and inhaled her scent.

The close proximal of their bodies raised their heart beat. Arman tightened his cuddle and kissed her neck. She gasped at his soft touch of lips and pressed his head to her neck. He moved his kissing through jaw to cheeks. He looked into her face and touched her parted lips with his. The intensity of the kiss grew up when Ridhima took initiative to reach inside his mouth. His hands caressed her back restlessly.

Arman paused and looked into Ridhima's face. She closed her eyes as if drunk in his love. He kissed her eyelids and nose. He softly touched her cheeks with his lips and carried her inside. He laid her on the bed and tugged under bed cover. He kissed her forehead and whispered, 'Goodnight, sweatheart!' Ridhima opened her eyes and held Arman's hand when he was silently turning to leave. Arman stared at her and sat beside her. He stroked her wet tendrils behind the ears and kissed her forehead. 'Aaj ka situation ka faida nahin uthaoonga, Ridz! Abb bahut late hogayi hai. Sojao. Subah jaldi uthna hai wapas jaaney ke liye.'

Ridhima didn't leave his hand like a child held mother's hand while dropped into the school in first days of school. He smiled and gave a deep kiss, 'mujhey bhi bahut jaldi hai ek honey ki. But we have to wait till we get approval from elders. Kal humare barein mein apne dad se baat karo. Let's hurry for our wedding.' Ridhima shyly lowered her eyes. 'Goodnight!' she whispered as she realized what he was meant just now. She stopped him when he got up from bed, 'kal papa ne ek party rakha hai iss clini ki opening ki kushi mein. I will inform him about us after the party.' Arman smiled with excitement and waved goodnight with flying kiss.

Next part: AK romantic second day; Will Ridhima inform about them to Dr.Gupta?


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