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part 16: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad as usual was in hurry for his routine morning meeting with Kripa in the elevator. He was busy whole night in arranging Kripa's photos in his computer and all over his room. He spent whole night in recollecting the evening he spent with her. Kripa's longing looks kept haunting him. Kripa was also equally excited to know each other and reluctantly bade bye in the night when he dropped her at Shah House.

Angad already wished Kripa as soon as she got up. Both were looking forward for morning meeting.

Tera mera pyar Pehlaaaa......

.hai pehlaaaa...  Pehli yeh mulaqat haiiii....
JO keh rahi hai aankhein Woh keh rahi hai baatein Jaagi tu bhi saari raat haiiiii.....
 Pehlaaaa.......hai pehlaaaa... Tera mera pyar  Dil Pe chalaaa naa/ jab zor koiiiiiiii....
Dil Pe chalaaa naa/ jab zor koi Tu mere Pas aa gayiiii hai,
Main tere pas aa gayaaa...  Pyaasi hai teri saansein...
Pyaasi hai meri saansein... Uspe yeh barsat haiiiiii....
  Pehlaaaaaaa.......hai pehlaaaa... Tera mera pyar
 Kab se the hum tum/ Tanha akeleeeeee...
Kab se the hum tum/ Tanha akele Aaj Tujhe/ chain gayaa....
Aaj mujhe chain gayaa....
Baahon mein meri tum Baahon mein teri hum
Aur yeh/ Jawaan raat haiiiiiii... Aur yeh/ Jawaan raat hai
Pehlaaaaaaa.......hai pehlaaaa... Tera mera pyar  Ruk si gayi hai...
 teri meri raaheeeeein Ruk si gayi hai
 phir raahein hum jo /saath aa gayeee hai,
manzil ke pas aa gaye.  Aaye the kahaan se donon?
jaayenge kahaanpe donon? Yeh to ab/ kise yaad haiiiiii...
 Pehlaaaaaaa.......hai pehlaaaa...
Tera mera pyar Pehla yeh pehla/ Pyar tera mera sony

 "Kyon bhai! Subah subah itna mushkura raha hai?" Kartik chided in whisper at his young brother during breakfast. Kartik, Aaliyah and their parents reached home late night. Dilip and Naina didn't know about Kripa's visit.

Angad blushed as came out of his day dreams, "kuch nahin, Kartik! Bus aisey hi.." he paused as remembered Kripa again. Aaliyah and Kartik exchanged looks and played eyebrows as teased Angad. Aaliyah and Kartik knew about Kripa's visit but secretly exchanged their excitement as Naina and Dilip were also present at the dining table..

Angad impatiently waited for Kripa at the elevator, "aaj bhi late aana hai kya?" He thought 10th time before he saw Kripa running towards elevator in her usual manner.  "Thanks", she adorably acknowledged Angad when he held the elevator for her. "Tum kahin Olympics mein participate karney ki koshish toh nahin kar raha hai?" Angad pressed their floor number with a grin on his face when Kripa was calming her palpitating heart. Kripa shyly laughed and shook her head sideway.

"Hur roze aise doudtey kyon aati ho? Kuch waqt ke pehle aa sakti hai na?" he was annoyed as showed little concern about her. She smiled, "aisi baat nahin hai. Mere aankhon ke saamney  elevator chut jana acha nahin lagta. Issey catch karney ke liye doudti hoon. But not for that I get late for work." He stared into her eyes with his hands in pant pockets.

She shyly swallowed when his eyes checked her from head to toe. He held his hand for her. She placed her hand in his with pounding heart beats. He pulled her close and circled his hand behind her waist when more people walked in the next floor. She kept her head low when his fingers softly played on her waist.

"Aaj lunch ek saat karengey?" Angad asked when reluctantly took leave from her. She agreed as he promised "I'll pick up at 1." She kept turning her head at Angad till she was disappeared into her suit.

Mannan noticed the interaction between Angad and Kripa from distance, "Tum wapas kub aya tha? Yeh ladki ka chakkar kya hai?" asked when Angad walked into his store. Angad explained about his meeting with Kripa. "Wah! Kya love story hai bhai! You are lucky, donon ladkiyan ek hi nikla hai? WAW!!" Mannan patted Angad's back. Angad agreed with blush at his comment.

Angad came to pick up Kripa before scheduled time. He patiently waited in the lobby for an hour till she finished her work. Angad held Kripa's hand and walked to his bike.

"Hum kahan jaa rahey hai?" Kripa broke the silence after Angad switched on the engine. He snapped her nose, "I want to take you to a good restaurant." She hesitantly asked, "We have good restaurants in our building too." Angad seriously looked into her eyes "Haan, hai. But, I wanted to spend some valuable time with you. Hope, you don't mind." She shyly nodded as agreed to his plan and took back seat. He authoritatively put her hands on his shoulders and set the rear view mirror to see her image.  She noticed it and shyly hid her face behind his back. Angad purposely rode in high speed so that Kripa would hold him tightly. He took long drive and took her to a beach restaurant. Kripa noticed Angad had already booked two seats for them. He walked her to a corner place where a small couch and a chair were arranged for them near the wall.

Angad settled closer to her and took her hands in his. He was already made plans to take Kripa home tonight. He looked into Kripa's eyes and kissed her fingers "Tumse milney se pehle teri yaadon mein jeeta raha.  Tere barein mein ek kalpana ki thi. Tum bilkul mere sapne jaise ho. But you are luckier than me. You know that I exist in this world. Magar mujhey tere barein mein bilkul pata nahin tha. Mujhey abhi bhi yakein nahin araha hai ki tum mere saat ho. Raat bhar main so nahin paya. Tere yaadein satati rahi. I missed you so much."

Kripa smiled, "agar main tumhara sapna jaise nahin ho toh? Agar main exist nahin ho toh? Mera matlab hai ki agar tumhara maama ka ghar mein ek ladki nahin hai toh?"

Angad twisted his eyebrows with a grin, "tumse pyar kar leta. Mere elevator friend se." Kripa giggled, "Agar mein kissi aur se pyar karti toh?"

Angad rubbed her hands to his cheeks, "mujhey apne pyar pur bharosa hai. I know one day I get my dream girl."

Kripa didn't leave him easily, "agar ..agar NA ho toh?" She stressed on 'NA' to tease him.

Angad pretended careless and rolled his eyes as looked at her from corner of eyes, "koyi toh ladki bani hui hogi mere liye. Uss se hi pyar kar leta."

Kripa frowned and tried to pull her hands, "jao wahi 'koyi ladki' ke paas."

Angad laughed loudly and tightly held her hands in his. He cuddled her with one hand and kissed her cheek, "wo 'koyi ladki' yahin hai, mere paas." She pouted her lips and turned her head away from him. He turned her face to him and showed his cheek demanding a kiss. She shyly kissed his cheek. He thanked her naughtily to make her red.

"When are your parents coming?" He changed the topic after ordering their food. Kripa looked into his face, "wo do din ke baad Hyderabad aarahey hai. Wahan se ek do din mein yahan ayengey. Shayad ek week lag jayegi. They might ask me to come back also. They haven't confirmed their plans yet."

Angad frowned and disagreed at her thoughts, "Abhi abhi aayi ho. Don't go away so soon, Kripa! Mein tumhey janey nahin doonga." She smiled and leaned to his shoulder as she had the same feelings about him. He embraced her and lifted her face to see into her eyes, "in do dinon mein aisa lag raha hai ki hum ek dooserey ko kayin salon se jaante hai. I can't live without you, Kripa!"

Kripa cupped his cheek, "I feel the same, bava! Buchpan se tere barein mein hi sapne dekti aayi hoon. Yahan Mumbai tumhey dhoondney ke liye aayi thi. Abb tere dil mein mere jagah jaan ne ke baad wapas nahin jaaana chahti hoon. Magar papa zidd karey toh.." she paused a moment to swallow her fears. She continued, "Aaj Bose studio mein mera aakhri din hai, issiliye late hogayi hoon."

He was confused, "what do you mean last day? Tum resign kardiya?" She smiled, "resign? Yeh mera permanent job nahin hai. Main toh yahan kaam seekhney join hua tha. Papa ko shuru se hi mera yahan Mumbai mein kaam karna pasand nahin tha. I promised him to leave the job after Sapna's wedding. Aaj mera last shooting hua tha. Kal se naya commitment hogi. I thought to leave before I start the new one. Anyway, Prithvi had already promised me a job in Hyderabad. He has some friend in Ramoji Rao studios."

She turned her tone into teasing, "Mera ghar toh Hyderabad mein hai mama aur papa ke saat. Main yahan kaise rahoongi. Sapna ki shadi ki bahane papa ko raazi karliya tha. Abb wo rokengey nahin."

Angad was disappointed at her explanation "I bring you back. Wahi shadi ki bahane. Mere dulhan banakar." Kripa bent his head to kiss on his cheek, "main jaldi wapas ajaaoongi, bava!" Angad was happy, "sure, baavi!" Kripa blushed and lowered her eyes. He lifted her face and stroked his thumb on her lips, "tum mujhse shadi karogi na?"

Kripa lifted her eyes heavily and closed immediately at his intense looks. He kissed on her eyelids and bent to kiss her lips. She hid her face in his chest to avoid the touch. He pressed her head and whispered, "I'll wait."


"Hi!" Arman turned at Ridhima's greeting. He checked her from head to toe. She was looking gorgeous in colorful Anarkali style dress. He wanted to pull her in his arms immediately but realized she didn't show up since morning. They went to the clinic directly from Lonavala due to urgent call from Dr.Gupta. They didn't meet at lunch as Ridhima got busy with Dr.Gupta.

"Phursat mila milney ke liye?" Arman taunted while walking into kitchen. Ridhima followed him silently as she knew there was no use of arguing now. He didn't allow her to help in making snacks, "abb tumhara ghar mein party hai na. kyon yahan aayi thi?" Ridhima realized that Arman was not invited for the party as the party was to near and dear of Gupta family only. "Why don't you come on my behalf? Mere guest banker aa sakta hai na?" Ridhima tried to convince him.

Arman turned to her with a faint smile, "Is this an invitation?" Ridhima searched for words, "Arman! You know papa invited close friends only." Arman nodded his head as understood the point, "right! I'm not a close friend like Rahul!" Ridhima couldn't reciprocate to his sarcasm. He walked to her with folded hands at elbow, "what do you want to convey? Tumhara papa ko yeh bhi yaad nahin hai ki hum apne damad ka family hai. He doesn't have courtesy to invite us. Hum apke friends' list mein nahin hai. Aur tum mujhey convince karney jaarahi hai. I don't have any interest in partying with your family. Samjhey? You can leave now." Ridhima was in tears at his harsh refusal but couldn't ignore the reality in his accuse. She knew how Atul tried to convince her father to include Mallik family into the guest list. Somehow her father had no good rapport with Mallik family. Shashank neither invited his own subordinates except Rahul, as he was from another reputed and close family of his. Ridhima couldn't question her father about the rift between two families. Anjali also didn't give much importance when Ridhima tried to convey the issue, "Papa ki marzi hai; hum kyon iss maamley mein padey. Arman aaney se na-aney se kuch farak toh nahin padta." Ridhima couldn't explain how she wanted Arman in the party. "Papa ko humare barein mein sab kuch bataney ki mauka toh milti thi!" Ridhima thought in mind.

"Yahan khadi khadi kyon time waste kar rahi hai. Jao, party enjoy karo. Aur tumhara promise pura karo. Don't say you didn't get any chance to convey." Arman's voice brought her out from her thoughts. He reminded Ridhima about her assurance on their love affair. She twitched her lips to hide tears at the corner of her eyes.  Arman felt bad for hurting Ridhima and cupped her face. "I'm not angry on you, Ridhima! Bus thoda upset hoon. I expected invitation from my boss if not from your father or Atul's father-in-law.  Bus yeh umeed karta hoon ki kal subah goodnews ke saat mujhey jagao gi. Jagaogi na?" Ridhima smiled through tears at Arman's persuasion. He softly kissed her lips, "bahut khubsoorat lag rahi hai. Khaash aaj raat tere saat bita sakta." Ridhima cuddled him as he embraced her. "I hope for the same too, Arman!" He kissed her forehead and inhaled through her tendrils.

"Tumhey drop karoon??" Arman asked after relaxed in her embrace.  Ridhima lifted her face to see into his eyes and nodded head confusingly. She wanted him to drop her so that both can spend some more time together. But she had fears at the same time, if Arman spoils his mood after reaching the venue for not been invited for the party.

Arman smiled at her confused state, "I don't get upset, promise. Let me drop you. Issi bahaney mujhey bhi aur waqt milegi tumharey saat saat bitaney." Ridhima smiled relaxingly at his positive approach.

"Promise me you won't get upset after reaching the party place." Arman laughed at her fears. He seriously thought for a second, "Do you still want me to come as your guest?" He gave second thoughts for her invitation. Ridhima widened her eyes with hope. He kissed her eyelids, "give me few minutes, I come back." He quickly changed into formal navy blue suit with light pink shirt. He showed his cheek for a kiss when Ridhima admired his dressing. Ridhima plotted a kiss with shy.

Arman tried to cheer up by pressing Ridhima's hands and caressing her cheeks till they reached the venue. Ridhima enjoyed his company and plotted several kisses whenever Arman demanded. Ridhima stopped before got down the car, "Arman! Thanks for coming with me." Arman kissed her chin by holding her hand, "it's my pleasure, Ridhima! Tumhari kushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon. I promise I won't get upset even your papa insults me. But remember you have to stay around me."


"Dadi wants to pick you tonight from Shah House. Kal se humare saat rahogi." Angad whispered in Kripa's ear. His hands circled her tightly and her hands caressing his around her waist. They went to juhu beach after lunch and settled in a secluded corner. Devyani called to enquire about Kripa and conveyed how eager she was to pick up Kripa. "Bava! Kya mera aana jaroori hai kya? Mama aur papa aaney tak main Subhanker bhai ke ghar mein hi rehay toh?" Kripa was hesitant to move to Khannas house because of Naina's hospitality. But she didn't tell that out.

Angad was confused, "kyon mere ghar aaney mein kya hesitation hai? Ya, Mujhse darti ho? You should be jumping to stay with me." He sounded teasing her. Kripa blushed at his naughty teases and kept quiet by nodding her head. "I can't wait to see you in my house, Kripa! Abhi jaakar tumhara saman pack karengey. Ek ghanta mein dadi wahan pahunchegi." He took Kripa to Shah House with excitement.


Shashank's face had fallen low when he saw Arman with Ridhima entering the party. "Ridhima Issey kyon saat lekey aayi?" he murmured in Anjali's ears. "Papa! Arman is a good friend of Ridhima. Aur donon ek saat kaam kartey hai. We didn't include his name in guest list but ussey bulana galati toh nahin." She knew how Ridhima was craze about Arman. She also knew that Atul wanted to fix Ridhima's match with Arman. She got a chance now to support the relationship of Arman with Ridhima.

Shashank reluctantly nodded his head and tried to avoid Arman. But Ridhima pulled Arman to him, "papa! Arman is my guest at tonight party." Shashank couldn't avoid greeting Arman at Ridhima's straight introduction, "Nice to see you here, Arman! Actually we thought to invite only close friends. I didn't know you are closer to Ridhima. Anyway, enjoy the party," Arman wanted to respond immediately but remembered his word to Ridhima. But he couldn't leave Shashank without any statement too, "Thanks for accepting the truth that I'm Ridhima's close friend." Ridhima fearfully looked at Arman and he reassured with his eyes. She didn't want any confrontations between the two men. Shashank tied his lips and nodded his head.

"Ridhima! Let's receive the other guests." He pulled Ridhima's hand without giving any choice for her to say anything.

Arman greeted Anjali and Atul hugged Arman as welcomed him. All walked to new staff of Lonavala clinic. Arman kept gazing Ridhima and she was longing to reach Arman. But Shashank didn't give any chance for her to leave him as he took her to one after one guest till the dinner time.

At dinner Atul pulled Ridhima to Arman and the four had dinner together in a corner away from Shashank and other guests. After dinner Shashank invited all guests to enjoy the Dj at the party. He pulled Rahul to the dance floor with Ridhima. He gave a grin at Arman to show his choice for Ridhima. Arman fumed inside but kept smiled for Ridhima. She couldn't disobey her father and danced with Rahul as gave helpless excuses with her eyes towards Arman.

"I think Rahul would be the perfect match for Ridhima. He is from a good family. His parents and I are good friends. What do you think, Atul?" He commented aloud enough to convey Arman. Atul was in dilemma and as usual didn't disobey his father-in-law. He gave helpless looks at Arman.

Arman flared his nostrils but kept gazing Ridhima and Rahul on the dance floor. He slowly walked to them and asked Ridhima for dance with him. Ridhima happily left Rahul and joined Arman. Arman gave victorious looks at Shashank. Shashank reciprocated his angry looks and walked to them. "I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you. But I have to take Ridhima. Some guests are leaving and I want her to be with me. Common, Ridhima!" he pulled Ridhima with him before Arman said anything.

Arman was left alone as most of the staff from both clinics left. Anjali and Atul were busy with other guests. Ridhima was stuck with her father.

Arman waved bye to Ridhima and left before she walked to him.


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