Tuesday, 13 March 2018

part 16 : Change Of Heart

Next Morning,

Riddhima wakeup in Armaan’s arm and smile as he was holding her from waist carefeully even in his sleep also. She ruffle his hairs lightly and he frowned. Riddhima somehow manage to get herself free and left to washroom.

She came after 20 minutes, wearing a beautiful red net saree having work on borders, she was tapping her wet hairs by towel and spin them to other side due to which some water drops fall on Armaan breaking his dreamy sleep.

He open his eyes to see his one and only wife and smile looking towards her as she was getting ready. Riddhima feel some gaze on herself thus she look towards Armaan but he closed his eyes. She shake her head and resume her work.

After that, she tried to wakeup Armaan but he was sleeping like there will be no tomorrow.

“Armaan, utho na” she shake him but he covered his face and move to other side.

“Armaan get up, chalo utho na” she come towards his side and said.

But he hold her hand drag her toward himself swiftly making her shocked.

“Armaan kya kar rahe ho chhodo mujhe k,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

“shushhhh” he kept his fingers over her lips.

“Uth jaunga but uthane k liye you should give me my morning kiss Mrs.Mallik” Armaan said in husky voice making her shiver under his hold.

“Ar,,,,Armaan” she just took his name.

“Hmm” he was looking towards her lips when someone knocked the door.

“Ridziii” Muskaan called her.

“Arey yaar”Armaan frowned pouting.

Riddhime giggle and got up looking towards Armaan, she move forward then suddenly turned around and kissed Armaan on his cheeks then rushed forward leaving smiling Armaan behind.

“Good Morning Muski” Riddhima hugged her.

“Good morning, lets go” they move downwards.

Ananya hugged them and ask them to prepare any sweet dish for their first rasoi. Riddhima and Muskaan happily prepared everything. 

They were about to arrange breakfast on dining table when Ananya asked Riddhima to call Nikki.

Riddhima thought to talk Nikki and move towards her room, she knocked but seems like Nikki was in washroom thus Riddhima enter inside and look here and there.

Suddenly her eyes fall on diary kept on bed, it was open as if someone was writing. She look towards it and become shocked.

Nikki came outside and become shocked as Riddhima was standing emotionless looking towards the diary.

“Bhabhi, listen please meri baat suniye” Nikki said.

“Nikki” she utter this.

“Bhabhi, aisa kuch nhi hai” Nikki look towards her.

“Nikki, tumne mujhe v nhi bataya, you don’t even trust me” Riddhima was feeling hurt.

“Bhabhi aisa kuch nhi hai actually,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” she continued.


Nikki was returning from Sweden and was happy coz she was going to meet everyone in her family.

Abhi was coming from Sweden after solving a case.

Nikki rush towards her seat when she get imbalanced and fall on a boy sitting just beside her seat and he hold her from wasit when she fall. 

“Excuse me” she become angry.

“Excused” he said still holding her.

“Leave me” she hit his foot and he left her immediately.

“Pata nhi kaha kaha se aa jate hain, ladki dekhi nhi ki shuru ho gaye” Nikki murmured.

“Excuse me, aap mere upar giri thi madam, maine invite nhi kiya tha apko” he mocked her.

“Yeah, but ladki ko pakadne k liye hath jarur badh jata hai” she glared him and he didn’t said any word.

After sometime Nikki felt asleep and her head bend on Abhi’s shoulder. Abhi look towards her innocent face and smile. He let her sleep and himself relaxed keeping his head back on seat.

At that time they both don’t know about each other’s background as Nikki left India when she was quite young and Abhi don’t know about Nikki being Armaan and Rahul’s sister.

Nikki wake up and found herself on Abhi’s shoulder, she felt bad about shouting on him and look towards him, he was in sound sleep. She smile and look outside, Abhi wasn’t fully sleep he notice her smile.

Beacause of rough weather flight land on an airport declaring it as emergency landing for almost 5 hours.

Nikki came out looking around for something to drink when she saw a cold drink can infront of her.

She happily took it and said “Thankuuuu” but looking towards him her smile vanish “why so helpful” she said irking him to the core.

“Actually, I don’t want to help you at first place but you were looking for cold drink and this was the last can available there, if you don’t want I can keep it back” he said holding back the can from her hand.

“No, No, its okay, thanx” she mubble and took sip while Abhi smile.

Both were attracted towards each other.

After sometime,

“Agar tum chaho to bahar ghum sakte hain thoda coz filght late ho gai hai kuch hours coz of clouds” abhi said.

“What??” she become shocked but again become relaxed coz no one knew about her arrival as it was a surprise for everyone.

“Okay, I don’t have any other option” she said and move forward leaving him behind.

“Ye ladki v na, pata nhi kyu itne attitude me rahti hai but fir v cute hai” he said and went behind her.

They came outside and roam here and there, irking each other but totally enjoying each others company. One thing was common that they never talked about their family and background.

Nikki was annoying him and he shoved her away when some random guy hold Nikki. Abhi become angry on the guy and ask him to leave her.

“why man? You were shoving her away then let us have some fun with her” he said pushing Abhi aside while Nikki was calling for help.

Abhi move towards them but another man hit him from behind and he fell down while Nikki shouted “NOOOOOOO”

Abhi get conscious and look here and there for Nikki, he look towards the wet mud as rain start just now due to which he regain his conscious. He follow the dragged path as they took Nikki dragging.

Abhi saw a house alone and run towards it, he broke the door and enter inside. That guy was about to kiss her when got puched by Abhi.

Nikki run towards him and hugged him, Abhi nodded at her and make her stand behind him while he beat them black and blue as they tried to molest a girl first and secondly it was the girl with whom he fall in love few minutes ago.

Nikki was shivering due to cold and hugged him tightly, he patted her head and hugged her.

Nikki fall unconscious in his arm and he become worried as she was having fever also, he can’t even take her outside.

He made her lie down on husk and called at airport, they informed him that flight will go only after rain and ask him to wait there till rain stop as it was heavy rain and assured him to receive them.

Abhi was waiting for car to come but Nikki was shivering more by passing of time. Abhi being a police officer can’t see anyone in that condition.

Although he start loving her but her detoriating condition left no choice for him, he took off his clothes and lie beside her covering her fully under him giving her body heat.

Nikki felt him, she somehow open her eyes but looking at him she snuggle more into him to feel relax.

After sometime when Abhi felt that she was better now he made her wear few clothes which become dry till then and get up. Soon a car arrived and he kept Nikki inside, she was so close to him he observe her closley but control himself.

They reached airport and Nikki get up till now, Abhi said sorry to her but he was happy that he didn’t crossed any limit and save her.

Nikki said thank you and move towards washroom to change her clothes.

She came out and Abhi hold her hand carefully, she admire him. he took her upto her seat and made her sit properly and sit beside her.

She tried to say something but he shushed her and made her close her eyes and sleep.

They reached India and Abhi got an important call of Armaan from office thus he rushed towards exit in hurry as he had to report there else someone innocent will get punished.

Nikki tried to call him but she don’t even know his name. she felt sad coz she fall for him in first meeting.

She went towards home and somehow forgot him for sometime while meeting her family members after so long. But at night again his thoughts, his face cover her mind.

Next day, Armaan called Abhi on lunch as they saved an innocent person.

Abhi was buying flowers when he saw Nikki on the same shop, he follow her. Nikki feel someone behind her so she move back and become shocked to see him.

“Tum” she become happy but again gets angry coz he went away like that.

“Yeah, mai Actually I’m sorry mujhe bahut jaruri kaam tha isliye aise hi chala gaya” he said.

“so what? Mujhe kyu bata rahe ho?” she said making him angry.

“Kyunki” he kissed her lips and look towards her shocked face “I’ll soon find you, abhi mai jaldi me hu” and left the place.

Nikki was standing there with angry, happy and emotional feeling.

Abhi reached at Mallik Mansion when Armaan observe his face outside only.

“Kuan hai wo ladki?” he asked.

“Bataunga, khojne me meri help karna” he said and they move inside.

He met everyone and Rahul called Nikki, she came down running and colloid with Abhi. Both were shocked to see each other.

“Abhi, she’s my sister Nikki” Rahul introduced them.

“And he is our best buddy Abhishek Modi” Armaan said and they fake smile.

“Waise tune bataya nhi us ladki k bare me” Armaan asked looking towards Abhi when Nikki also saw him, the pain in his eyes were visible.

“Leave it yaar, shayad wo meri kismat me nhi hai” he said and move towards Billy uncle.

Nikki stood there silently.

“Ise kya ho gaya, abhi khush tha abhi udaas” Armaan murmured.

Abhi met Nikki next day in café.

“Nikki I love you” he said staright forward making her shocked “yesss, and I know you also love me, but still we can’t be with each other, mai ek friend hoke friend k sister k bare me aisa nhi bol sakta, kaun manega ki hame ek dusre se pyaar tab hua jab ham ek dusre ko jante v nhi the” he said and she nod.

“Mai v Armaan bhai ka trust nhi tod sakti, agar unhe pata chala ki mai unke best friend se pyaar karti hu to unhe pata nhi kaisa lage, shayad wo apni dosti ya apni behen k pyaar me se kisi pe trust na kar paye and I don’t want to loose my family, mai apne pyaar k liye apna ghar nhi tod sakti” she said in tears.

“don’t cry Nikki, I promise mai kabhi kuch aisa nhi karunga ki Armaan ya Rahul ko pata chale that we love each other” he said wiping her tears.

“Tum kya karoge?” she asked.

“Mai parso Australia chala jaunga, aur koshish karunga ki yaha na aana pade” saying this he get up and look towards her.

She was also crying by the pain she was giving to Abhi.

“Nikki” Abhi called her and she look towards him “Can I hug you for the last time” he requested her.

She felt helpless and hugged him tightly crying hard, revealing her love for him, he also got tears in his eyes. Then he came out of hug kissed her forehead and left.

Flashback Ends.

"That was the last day i met Abhi, then i directly met him in marriage function" Nikki was saying while crying.

“OMG! Nikki, are you crazy? Tumhe apne bhai pe jara sa v bharosa nhi tha, atleast you should tell him” Ridzi hugged crying Nikki and console her.

“Bhabhi, I trying to forget him, kyu wapas aa gaya wo” she asked crying.

“Coz he loves you” Riddhima said and Nikki look towards her “yes, he loves you a lot, his eyes says it all and don’t worry everything will be fine” Ridzi said with smile.

Nikki become normal in few minutes and they came down, everyone enjoy the breakfast and gave shagun to Riddhima and Muskaan.

Soon they were preparing for pagphera rasm, Mr.Chadhha came to take his daughters home while Armaan and Rahul was supposed to take them back in evening.

Armaan was texting Riddhima but her mind was busy thinking about Abhi and Nikki.

Armaan again msg her giving her option to choose about their honeymoon destination but Riddhima was lost and replied NO to honeymoon which made Armaan shocked.

Armaan was trying his best to reach upto Riddhima as soon as possible coz he was worried by her answer.

Rahul and Armaan came for dinner and to take their wives back at home. They enjoyed their dinner but Armaan was lost in his wife sitting infront of him looking breathtakingly gorgeous.

Riddhima glared him and he winked at her when again her reply make him think about her decision.

“What was that reply for?” he asked slowly.

“Will tell you later on, I was thinking something else” she said and Armaan took a releaxed breath that his honeymoon plan was safe.

While coming back from Chadhha Mansion, Riddhima told everything to Rahul,Muskaan and Armaan. 

Armaan’s expression start changing from the moment Riddhima narrates everything and atlast he stopped the car suddenly with angry face shocking everyone by his beahaviour.


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