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part 17: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

'Kyon itna udhaas hai, Kripa! Aren't you happy to move closer to me? We see each other every minute we stay together.' Angad pulled Kripa into his arms when she was silently helping him in packing her stuff. Kripa smiled faintly, 'kuch nahin. Main Mama papa ke saat tumhara ghar aaye toh?  Ek baar mama papa se bhi kehdiya toh? Pata nahin Naina aunty kya kehegi.' Angad lifted her face, 'Mom se darti ho?  Mom likes your family. I agree she has some anger on your parents but she knew that was because of your dada. Tumhey support karne dadi aur mein hoon na? Hum per bharosa nahin hai?' Kripa uncertainly nodded her head. He kissed her forehead, 'abhi se itna dar gayi toh mere saat baaki zindagi kaise guzarogi?' Kripa blushed and bit her lips. He released her lips from teeth bite, 'issey itna satao mut. Mere liye bachakey rakho.' Kripa chuckled in shy and hid her face in his neck curve. Angad sighed aloud, 'I can't wait to go home with you. Khaash, Dadi jaldi pahoonch jaaye.' He tightened his embrace as Kripa shook her head to agree with him.

Both startled when they heard throat settling noise. Both blushed and moved away when they were caught by Devyani and Kirti. Devyani and Kirti exchanged looks and smiled inwardly. Devyani walked to Kripa and circled a hand around her, 'Kyon Kripa! Taiyyar ho?' Kripa shook her head and stared at Angad with shy. Angad conveyed Kripa's fears, 'dadi! Yeh apni mama papa se abhi tak humare barein mein bataya nahin.' Kripa interrupted him, 'nahin naani maa! Mainey batadiya tha. Wo bahut khush bhi hogaye hai. Magar main yeh nahin bataya ki aaj aapke ghar move horahi hoon.' Devyani shook her head with a smile as understood Kripa's fears and stroked her back, 'wo jimmedari mujh pur chod do. Lao tumhari papa ko phone lagake dedo.' She took the mobile from Kripa and talked to Surya and Gayatri.

Gayatri hesitated to accept Devyani's decision to take Kripa home. 'Magar maasi! Kripa wahan Mumbai aakar bahut din hogayi hai. Hum kabhi usse akeley kahin janey nahin diya tha. Abb usse dekhney ko bahut mann kar raha hai. Main baad mein phir kabhi bhej doongi. Abb usse wapas aaney deejiye.'

Devyani understood her hesitation, 'Gayatri! Kripa mere ghar mein akeli nahin rahegi. Mere ghar mein Kripa ki umre ki do ladkiyan bhi hai. Un donon se Kripa ki achisi pehchan hojayegi. Aur Naina bhi aap donon ko bahut yaad kar rahi hai. Tum donon bhi jaldi se yahan ajaao. Tumse milkar bahut saal hogayi hai. Tumhey dekhney ko mann tarass raha hai. Kyon Surya ko bua se milney ki mann nahin kar raha hai?' she chided her. Gayatri laughed and gave the phone to Surya to deal with her directly.

'Bua! Hum Deewali tak wahan nahin aapayengey. Yahan Bahut kaam pending pada hua hai. Hum turant usse attend karna hai. Hum jaroor Deewali pur ajayengey. Abb Kripa ko yahan wapas bhej deejiye.' Surya started convincing Devyani after sharing pleasantries with her over phone.

Devyani smiled at his persuasive conversation, 'nahin, Surya! Main toh Kripa ko abb wapas nahin bhejoongi. Main ussey mere saat lekar hi rahoongi. Itne saalon ke baad mili hai. Tum log issi bahaney iss budi bua ko dekhne jaroor ayengey.'

Surya gave up after a few more minutes' soft arguments. 'Aapki marzi, bua! Kripa ko wapas leney
hum Deewali pur aajayenge. Ek baar Kripa se baat kar sakta hoon?'

Devyani conveyed about Surya's consent and asked Angad to take Kripa's luggage to the car. Surya and Gayatri expressed their fears with Kripa over phone, 'wahan sambhalke rehna, beta! Naina aur Dilip se respects se baat karna. Aur tumhari cousins ke saat pyar se baat karna.' Kripa promised her well behavior before hung up the phone.


Arman checked Ridhima from head to toe as his routine while preparing his breakfast in the morning. Misthy was still asleep as she worked till late night. Both decided to stay home as there was a holiday for both offices. Ridhima came into the kitchen a little late for breakfast. She wore nice purple plain sari with light jewelry. Arman wondered at her simple dress up but didn't comment anything against it.

Ridhima smiled as greeting with her eyes. 'Kya baat hai aaj subah subah saari mein darshan diya?' Arman naughtily smiled with his eyes. Ridhima tied her lips with shy. Arman chuckled again, 'kahin tumhari baat wo Rahul ke saat pakki toh nahin hua?' He gave side looks at her while preparing coffee.

Ridhima frowned and silently walked to help him. He warned her by spreading his hands wide, 'mujhey karney do. Adat chut jayegi.  Khud aagey chalkar akela hi sab kuch sambhalna hai.' Ridhima pouted her lips at his sarcasm. She knew Arman was angry on Shashank's behavior in last night's party.

Arman silently arranged everything on table while Ridhima seriously observed him from corner of eyes. He pulled her and seated in his lap after he finished arranging the breakfast table. She turned her face with angry. He turned back to him and caressed her chin. He bent her face towards him, 'did you convey the message to your papa?' Ridhima stared into his eyes and tried to get up from his lap. He stopped her and embraced in his arms. 'Kab bataogi? Actually mujhey koyi jaldi nahin hai. Tum humesha mere aankhon ke saamney hi rehti hai. Hum roz miltey hai. Bus ek bed share nahin karpa rahey hai. That's only concern I have.' Ridhima snapped on his shoulder with shy and giggled.

'kyon, mein theeki toh kehraha hoon na? Mujhey such much jaldi nahin hai. Unless you are interested in Dr.Rahul as per your papa's choice..' he chided her as tickling her waist. She chuckled and kissed his cheeks, 'you know whom I'm interested in. Agar Rahul ke saat hi jaana hai toh tumhey kyon tung karti?' He kissed her back and moved down to her neck in passion.

'Ahem! Ahem!' Misthy walked to the dinner table to disturb him. 'aaj subah subah love birds kya kusur kusur kar rahey hai?' Ridhima moved away in shy and walked into kitchen in pretext of making coffee for Misthy.

'Dr.Gupta wanted Ridhima to marry Rahul.' Arman informed the news. Misthy was surprised and walked to Ridhima in the kitchen. 'Yeh main kya sun raha hoon, Ridz?' Ridhima faintly tied her lips. Misthy angrily looked at her, 'you have to be strong, Ridz! I don't allow you to ruin Arman's dreams. You cannot do this to him. Tumhara papa se yeh bhi nahin keh sakti thi ki tum Arman ko pyar karti hai?'

Ridhima offended, 'He knew it, Misthy! Bus kal party mein I didn't get chance to speak to him, bahut busy thay.'

'Right! He has time to announce about his wishes in the party in public but this girl is waiting for subh muhurat!!' Arman sarcastically chided as walked behind Misthy. Ridhima compliantly looked at him, 'tumhara janey ke baad papa guests ke saat busy hogaya tha. I waited for him but I fell asleep before he reached home.'

Arman sarcastically spread his hands wide, 'oh right, humey neend ki sak jaroorat thi. SHadi ki batein toh bad mein bhi kar saktey hai. Bechara Arman jayega bhi kahan Ridhima ko chodkar? Usse koyi Ridhima jaisi aur ladki kabhi milegi bhi nahin.'

Ridhima welled up tears on corners of eyes, 'you should be in that situation. Tum bhi toh baat kar sakte they. Jab papa Rahul baat kar raha tha tub tum yeh nahin keh sakta ki Ridhima tumhari hai?' she taunted him as passed him through dining room. He pulled her back as grabbed her hand, 'Kyon kahdoon? Shadi ka baat tumhara ghar se aana chahiye. Samjhey? Don't expect I beg your papa like Atul did. Agar tumhey zara bhi mera khayal hai na abhi jakar baat karo ya jindagi bhar mere liye roti raho. But don't expect me to talk to your papa about our marriage. Samjhey?' he angrily released her hand and walked into his room.

Ridhima stood still staring at his way with tears. Misthy pressed her shoulder as consoling her, 'Ridz! Bhai ka baat bura nahin maan na. He is insecure about you now. You have to do something. Agar tum kahey toh main tumhari naani se baat kar sakti hoon.'

Ridhima wiped her tears and sniffed arrogantly, 'no need of it, Misthy! Main khud apni shadi ki baat kar sakti hoon. Pyar kiya toh darna kya,' she smiled through tears and left.

Next part: Kripa's stay at Khanna House; What would Ridhia do now?


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