Friday, 16 March 2018

part 17 : Change Of Heart

“Armaan kya hua? Aise kyu car rok di tune?” Rahul asked Armaan as he stopped car suddenly.

“What the hell bhai, Nikki ko ham par bilkul v yakeen nhi tha? Usne hame kuch nhi bataya” Armaan was hell angry.

“Oye Armaan, ye bolne k liye tune itni jor se break lagaya tha” Muskaan still wonder on his act.

“C’mon Armaan I mean ya it’s not fine that Nikki ne tumhe kuch bataya nhi but keep yourself in her shoes and then think man she did this for you guys only, for her brothers” Riddhima tried to put some brain in Armaan’s head.

“Haaaa wo to hai, but use ye kyu laga ki hame bura lagega, I know Abhi hamara friend hai but we are cool buddies together infact I’ll be more than happy by this alliance, pagal ladki” Armaan said.

“Aur nhi to kya, Abhi will take care of her as we do” Rahul too joined.

“Fine, then ham kara dete hain inki shadi” Muskaan become excited and Riddhima smiles.

“Wo to ham karenge hi but lets have some fun, beta Abhi just wait and watch” Armaan said with a smirk making others confuse while Riddhima get that something is cooking in his head.

They reached home and slept peacefully with a smile on their face.

Next day,

Riddhima get up and find Armaan almost laying over her holding her from waist and she smile on his act that in sleep also he use to hold her tightly as if she will go away from him any moment. She somehow get out of his grip and went to washroom.

She came back and kissed his forehead, Armaan smile and pull her on himself, she tried to move away but he hold her more tightly. Armaan slowly tickle her in her bare waist and smile keeping his head deep inside the pillow.

Riddhima move his hands away and he again hold her.

“Armaan, tck chhodo na” Riddhima said.

Armaan move his hands away and Riddhima frown thinking how he agree to her but next moment her thought come to and end coz Armaan drag her more close to himself hiding his face in between her neck and hair inhaling her scent and slowly kissed her. Riddhima gets shocked on his act coz it will be hard to control him once he start his romance.

“Armaan, it’s morning now, we’ll have to go down ha” she said caring his head.

“No, I want to spend sometime with my wife” he said holding her more close.

“Mr.Husband you’ll get much time to spend with me but right now we have a lot to do ok” Riddhima said.

“As in?” he asked.

“As in???? Are you kidding Armaan, we have to talk Abhi and his family for Abhi and Nikki’s marriage dude” Riddhima said being surprised.

“Oh!! That one, don’t worry baby I have a better option” Armaan said.

“Then care to explain” Riddhima drove her attention towards him.

“Ohoooo,,,, I will do that na after my honeymoon” Armaan said kissing her earlobes.

“No way Armaan, can’t you see wo kitna pareshan hai. No honeymoon before Nikki’s marriage” Riddhima declared and Armaan jump over the bed and sit being shocked.

“You are kidding right?” he asked.

“No I’m not” she said cheekily.

“But baby…..”

“Don’t baby me Armaan, get back to work and tell me what you want and how?” Riddhima sked sitting on bed.

“Arey yaar,,,,, fine see the plan is…….” Armaan told her everything and her eyes were becoming wide with shock by his plan.

“Armaan, tum pagal ho gaye ho kya, aisa kuch nhi karoge tum” she said being shocked.

“Mai aisa hi karunga Riddhima and infact tumhe v aisa hi karna hai” Armaan said.

“No No No, I’m not gonna do this” she said.

“You’ll have to baby, you want Nikki’s marriage na then you’ll have to help me” Armaan said.

“But Armaan wo,,,,,”

“Riddhima I know they both love each other aur jaise itne din waise kuch din aur fir uske baad ki happiness forever wali hogi” Armaan said and she agreed somehow.

“Good” Armaan said and kissed her cheeks “for helping me”

Riddhima was about to go but stop and kissed back Armaan “Thankss for doing this early” she smiled.

“Usme to mera he faayda hai bina Nikki ki shadi k tum honeymoon pe jaogi nhi aur tumhe koi idea nhi hai ki mai kitni jaldi jana chahta hu honeymoon pe”Armaan winked her.

“Armaaaaaan, you are really shameless” she said and ran out.

Armaan and Rahul discuss something with each other totally ignoring Riddhima and Muskaan which make them angry.

“Abhi batati hu mai isko” Muskaan was all set to attack Rahul but Riddhima hold her and told her everything.

“Waaah!!! Ridzi fir to bada maza aayega” Muskaan become excited and Riddhima shake her head.

“Nikki, tum uth gai kya?” Riddhima knock on her door.

“Ha bhabhi aaiye na” Nikki said.

Riddhima enter inside and Nikki was busy opening few books all over her bed.

“Ye kya Nikki?” Riddhima asked being surprised.

“Kuch khaas nhi bhabhi bas kuch forms fill kiye the uske xams ke liye materials collect kar rahi thi, ab khud ko kahi na kahi to busy rakhna padega na” Nikki said making place for Riddhima on bed and smile painfully.

Riddhima felt bad for her, she just wanted to take away her pain but can’t do coz of her husband.

“Hmmm,,,,, but pahle breakfast kar lo” she said keeping the tray infront of her.

“Mera mann nhi hai bhabhi” she said.

“Nikki if you want to deviate your mind from Abhi to tumhe har tareeke se puri koshish karni padegi, right” she said explaining her.

“Hmm” Nikki nodded and had her breakfast.

“Okay,,,, you carry on, mai thodi der me aati hu” she kissed her head while getting up.

Armaan witness everything with moist eyes and left the place before Riddhima came out.

He hold Rahul’s hand and drag him out without informing anyone.

After some time, Armaan called Abhi’s parents and ask them not to tell Abhi while he called his parents also without informing Nikki, Muskaan and Riddhima.

“Kya hua Armaan, why did you called us here” Abhi’s father asked him.

While Armaan keep on moving here and there thinking whether they will agree on his plan or not.

“Armaan ab tu kuch bolega v, kyu dara raha hai hame” Ananya said.

“Wo actually,,,,, Uncle, aunty, Mom, Dad,,,,,, I have a very important news for you all,,,,,,, Actually Abhi and Nikki love each other” Armaan said and look towards their faces.

They were really surprised at first then that expression was took over by beautiful smile, they hug each other feeling happy. Armaan was still tensed coz he knew that acceptance of alliance won’t be a problem.

“Arey ye to itni achhi baat hai Ammy” Billy said.

“Ha but….”

“Ek minute Armaan, why are you still tensed” Ananya said.

“Mom wo mai chahta hu ki ye marriage k surprise rahe unke liye, unhe koi kuch nhi batayega” Armaan said.

“What Armaan, are you out of your mind?” Ananya said first.

“Tera dimaag kharab ho gaya hai kya Ammy?” it was Billy.

“Beta when they love each other to unse kyu chupana?” Abhi’s father asked.

“Aur tumne hi batai ye baat fir unhe na bata k udaas kyu karna beta?” Abhi’s mom also asked.

Rahul and Armaan kept listening silently coz they knew this blast will be common.

“I also know that but baat kya hai ki Abhi aur mera plan tha Nikki k hone wale husband ko ham bahut pareshan karenge, ab jab dulha wahi hai to thoda pareshan karna banta hai na?” Armaan said with a smirk.

“Armaan maarungi mai tujhe ab” Ananya said getting angry.

“And how could we hide their own marriage? Hame preparation to karni hi hogi na, to bina bataye kaise” Abhi’s mom Shweta asked.

“I know aunty but,,,,,” Rahul tried to say something.

“No Rahul don’t support him in this nonsense” Ananya said.

“Okayyyy fine, I won’t do but please atleast engagement tak chup ho jaiye aaplog, please” Armaan made a puppy face making them smile on his antic.

“Theek hai, but jaldi karna hoga sab” Abhi’s father Mr.Rakesh Modi said.

“Thanku uncle, don’t worry ham handle kar lenge” Armaan said hugging him “Aur jaldi to abhi karte hain priest will be reaching here”

Soon a priest came and check everything then announce engagement after 4 days and marriage after a month.

Soon they left and start preparing for engagement without telling anything to Abhi and Nikki.

“Abhi jara yaha aana” Shweta called Abhi downstairs.

“Yess mom”

“Idhar aa jara apna size bata de yaha aake, tere liye sherwani banwani hai” she said.

“But Mom, sherwani kyu?” he asked.

“Teri engagement k liye, parso teri engagement hai” she told him and he stood there being devastated.


“Ha, tujhe to time hai nhi aur teri maa hone k naate atleast mujhe itna haq to hai na ki mai apne liye ek bahu pasand karu” she said and Abhi don’t understand why so sudden.

“Ok Mom, jaisi apki marzi” he said slowly and went upward hiding his tears from his parents.

Abhi fall on bed letting his tears out, he just think about Nikki he was fully drowned in Nikki’s love but don’t know how to reject his parents wish.

On the other side.

“Nikki sun jara isme se ek dress select kar to” Muskaan said sitting on her bed and showing cataloug to her.

“Kyu bhabhi, koi function hai kya?’ she asked.

“Ha bahut special” Muskaan smile.
Nikki too smile and select a simple dress.

“Tck,,,, not this something heavy yaar” Muskaan said.

“Bhabhi, meri shadi nhi hai jo mujhe heavy dress pehanne ko hoga” Nikki said.

“Of course teri hi shadi hai I mean shadi nhi engagement hai” Muskaan reveal blasting a bomb there.

“Beta we have chosen a boy for you, bahut achha hai wo tera bahut khyal rakhega, aur parents hone k naate itna to haq hai na hamara” Ananya said keeping her hand on her head while Nikki nod with tears in her eyes.

She look towards Riddhima with moist eyes as if asking that Why she don’t stop them coz she know everything and Riddhima tried to deviate her eyes from her face since her pain was killing her.

“Chalo fir jaldi se choose karo” Ananya said.

Nikki’s eye fall on dress and automatically her finger point out a beautiful peach colour dress coz peach was Abhi’s fav colour.

Soon the engagement preparation begin in both houses and both family’s were happy that both haven’t asked for respective boy or girl till now.

Abhi came to Armaan’s house hoping to see Nikki but he was caught by some or other person.

Soon Nikki came downwards and Abhi smile while looking at her, she sit infront of him in drawing room and smile to hide her tears thinking how to inform Abhi about her marriage.

“Hi” Abhi said.

“Hi” Nikki replied.

“Abhi I want to say,,,,” she was about to tell news of her engagement but Armaan stop her in middle.

“Hey Nikki tune suna, Abhi is getting engaged after two days, kitni khushi ki baat hai na” Armaan said sitting beside Nikki and she look towards him with painful eyes.

Abhi tried to hold his tears back.

“Congratulations Abhi” she smile somehow and went from there and Abhi sadly watch her walking away.

“I’m also going” Abhi said.

“Hey buddy, tu itna jaldi kyu ja raha hai? Teri shadi kis se ho rahi hai ye to bata?” Armaan asked.

“Pata nhi, tu v aa jana aur dekh lena mere sath” Abhi said sadly and left.

"Pagal ladka, i wish tujhe sari khushiya mile" Armaansmile looking towards him.

For two days Riddhima remove Nikki’s sim from her phone and kept another sim while Nikki was hell angry on Abhi that he don’t even try to contact her. Abhi was also tensed why Nikki switched off her cell and he can’t even ask anyone.

Both families organize engagement function in a hotel, Nikki reach there and she was taken into a room where she get ready without smile. Abhi too reached with his parents and wonder why everyone was behaving normal and only Armaan’s and his family was present alongwith some common guests.

Armaan hugs Abhi and said congratulation while Abhi was not even in a state of replying back he was missing Nikki badly, he just wanted to see her once, her eyes had lots of questions but he can’t help.

“Armaan abhi bahut ho raha hai ha, jaldi batao in log ko warna mai bata dungi” Riddhima said giving a warning to Armaan.

She was looking gorgeous wearing a blood red colour saare having bead works on border, Armaan was lost in her and just stare her ignoring her question.

“Armaan Mallik, I’m not talking to walls” Riddhima was hell angry now coz she was not able to see sad faces of Nikki and Abhi coz they deserve to be happy.

“Okayyy baby, bata dunga but uske pahle tumhe meri ek baat man ni padegi” Armaan said.

“Fine, mai koi v baat manungi” Riddhima agreed atonce.

“Soch lo koi v baat” Armaan raised his eyes brows up.

“Ha koi v bas ab jao batao” Riddhima said.

“Okay, but tum pahle mujhe ek kiss do” Armaan said leaning on her.

“Armaan NO”

“Forget it, mai khud le leta hu” Armaan said and kissed her without giving any warning to her while she was shocked.

“Thankssss baby, now watch on” he look towards her blushing face and wink.

Riddhima smile shaking her head on Armaan’s act.

“Okay now guys,,,, lets welcome the bride” Armaan said.

Abhi was sitting on stage and think Armaan was calling the girl whom he was going to marry but he didn’t look towards the girl.

Nikki came down wearing beautiful peach colour lehanga putting a veil over her face, she don’t have any desire to look towards the guy whom she was getting enganged a lone tear escaped from her eyes.

Priest did some ritual and ask them to exchange the ring.

Riddhima help Nikki to forward her hand while Armaan help Abhi, Abhi look towards the girl and saw her in his fav peach colour dress, automatically Nikki came in his mind and he look here and there to get her glimpse. Armaan smile knowing whom he was searching and ignoring his eyes he sign him to place ring in her finger.

Abhi hold Nikki’s hand and as soon as he hold her hand both get shocked by the touch. Abhi look towards Armaan and Riddhima with visible tears and they ask him to go forward. Abhi was about to open her veil when lights went off and a dim spot light fall on Abhi and Nikki. Both were on the verge of crying and become happy to see each other.

Abhi wipe her tears and bend down on his knees, everyone hooted for them and he placed ring in Nikki’s finger then kissed at the place.

“I love you Nikki” he said.

“I love you too” she replied and place ring in his finger.

Riddhima sing the song and came towards Nikki giving her best smile which bring smile on Nikki’s face.

Jaana Hai Tujhko
Piya Ke Angna
Saja Le Bindiya
Saja Le Kangna

Pihar Se Aayi Purwaai Ki
Babul Ki Mehki Angnaai Ki
Kehthi Hai Goonj Shehnaai Ki Gori

Muskaan also came towards her while dancing and tickle her.

Pihar Se Aayi Purwaai Ki
Babul Ki Mehki Angnaai Ki
Kehthi Hai Goonj Shehnaai Ki Gori

Jaana Hai Tujhko
Piya Ke Angna
Saja Le Bindiya
Saja Le Kangna

Armaan sing and hugs her while she smile knowing it was their plan. Firstly she ignore Armaan then hugs him coz he was a best brother any girl can get.

Sun Sun Meri Behna
Kismat se Hi Mein Na
Aathi Hai Aisi Ghadiyan

Chun Chun Ke Hai Milti
Mushkil aise Hai Khilti
Sehri Waali Ladiyan
Sawar Le Nikhar Le Na Hum Se Laaj Kar Rabandhu Bhuladu Tu Kudd Pe Naaz Kar
Tere Mann Bhaaye Sada Tujhko
Lubhaaye Sada Tera Mann Chaaha Sajna.

Both Riddhima and Muskaan dance around Abhi and Nikki.

Pihar Se Aayi Purwaai Ki
Babul Ki Mehki Angnaai Ki
Kehthi Hai Goonj Shehnaai Ki Gori

Jaana Hai Tujhko
Piya Ke Angna
Saja Le Bindiya
Saja Le Kangna

Rahul also hugs her and sing while she smile looking towards them.

Dil Dil Miljaate Hai
Milke Kareeb Aate Hai
Saagaron Se Milthi Nadiyan
Na Tann Se Na Mann Se Na To Kisi Bandhan Se Pyar Se Judi Hai Sadiyan.

Abhi hold her hands and squeeze it lightly, a beautiful smile was plaster over Nikki’s face. Abhi sing.

Kabhi Bhi Na Chute Yeh Dhaga Preet Ka
Na Chute Yeh Dhaaman Kisi Bhi Neet Ka
Tujh Pe Bhi Mujh Pe Bhi Chaahye Bas Prem Ras Pal Koi Duja Rakhna.

Riddhima Muskaan took Ananya and Shweta alongwith them and dance.

Pihar Se Aayi Purwaai Ki
Babul Ki Mehki Angnaai Ki
Kehthi Hai Goonj Shehnaai Ki Gori

Jaana Hai Tujhko
Piya Ke Angna
Saja Le Bindiya
Saja Le Kangna.

Everyone including Nikki and Abhi was happy and their happiness was visible in their eyes, Nikki hit Armaan playfully for hiding this and Abhi almost punch his tummy and Armaan said “I told you we’ll tease Nikki’s husband it’s your bad luck that you are going to be his husband” and winked.

“Tu ek number ka kamina hai Armaan really” Abhi said and hugged him.

“Thank God! Ab sab theek hai, finally mera honeymoon trip v bach gaya warna tum dono ki wajah se wo v rah jata” Armaan said and Riddhima glare him for blabbering anything anywhere.


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