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part 18: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Arman became restless for the whole day but tried to keep his feelings to himself. Ridhima was not shown up at work for the whole day. He could see Dr.Gupta in his usual manner. He didn't show any disturbances. Arman was worried about Ridhima by the time passed by. "Yeh ladki kahan gayi thi? Lagta hai Dr.Gupta ko bhi kuch bataya nahin. Wo bahut normal se behave kar raha hai. Yeh Ghar mein bhaitkar kya kar rahi hai?" He thought of calling her several times but suspended the thought for giving more time to her and himself too.

"Kya hua bhai! Missing Ridz?" Misthy asked when Arman hopefully turned his head towards her.  Misthy brought snacks for him instead of Ridhima that evening. Misthy knew the argument between the two lovers and she guessed they didn't meet whole day. She came from work early and prepared dinner along with the snack for them.

Arman shook his head and crunched on the snack. Misthy stroked his hair, "kyon bechari ko tung karte ho? Why don't we talk to Dr.Gupta? Wo poochey ya hum poochey kya farak padta hai. Hum toh uss se kuch dahez, rivaaz toh nahin maang rahey hai na?"

Arman shook his head disagreeing as his eyes fixed in air, "yeh rivaz ya dahez ka baat nahin hai Misthy! I want Ridhima to come to our house in a traditional way. I want a big formal wedding with all elders' blessings. Tujhey pata hai Atul ko uss ghar mein kya izzat mila hai. Na Anjali uska respect karti hai na uska sasur. I don't want to be like that. Aur pyar karte waqt Ridhima ko maloom hona chahiye na ki uski papa humey pasand karey aur izzat se accept karey? If she cannot convince her own father wo aagey jindagi mere saat kaise guzaaregi? I don't want to elope with her."

Misthy nodded her head as he had point to some extent. She decided to visit Ridhima in her naani's house and left in pretext of work in the kitchen. Arman lay on bed to relax his longing heart for Ridhima.


"Itna kuch hua aur Ridhima toh mujhey kuch batayi nahin. Subah se apni aap ko kamrey mein band karkey bhaithi hai. Mainey socha kuch sar dard ya apni papa se ladayi huvi hogi." Naani walked to Ridhima's room and knocked on the door. Misthy explained about the whole story about the two lovers as soon as she visited her.

After few minutes of constant pursuance, Ridhima opened the doors. She turned away from them to hide her swollen face. Misthy and Naani dropped arms around her as seated beside her. "Yeh kya pagalpan hai, Ridhu! Tum kabhi Arman ke barein mein mere ko bataya nahin. Aur yeh kya haal banakar rakha hai? kyon itna rorahi ho? Papa ne kuch kahan?" Naani started enquiring Ridhima about her state.

"Ridz! Agar Dr.Gupta ji ko manjoor nahin hai toh hum hai na baat sambhalney? Kyon itna ro rahi ho? Tumhara papa se kuch baat hui?" Misthy started soothing her.

After few more minutes of reassurances from both ladies, they learnt Ridhima didn't yet approach Dr.Gupta. She was upset about Arman's behavior. She expected his approach in Atul's style. She already knew how much her father was upset in Anjali's case.

"Tum yeh sab sochke kyon pareshan horahi hai? Main hoon na sab sambhalney? Agar papa nahin maaney toh hum manayengey." Naani reassured Ridhima of her promise.

Misthy tried to take Ridhima home but she refused bluntly, "baat agaey badaney ke baad hi main Arman se miloongi." Misthy smiled at her determination and bade bye after wishing her goodnight.


"Kripa! Main tumharay liye Anittah ki kamare mein arrangements karva diya. Make yourself comfortable there." Naina informed after formal pleasantries between the whole family and Kripa. Anjali was overreacted, "Mom! How can you arrange my room for her? Main kahan rahoongi?" she disliked the thought of sharing her room with outsider. Naina warned her with her eyes, "Anittah! Tum Aaliyah ke room mein reh sakti hai. Anyway we had planned to move your room there after Aali's shadi."

Anittah pouted with anger. Kripa felt embarrassed, "Aunty! Main kahin aur rahooongi. Mere liye Anittah  kyon takleef uthana hai. Let Anittah stay in her own room." Anittah was pleased for Kripa's polite refusal. Aaliyah smiled at Naina and Kripa, "haan, mom! Kripa mere saat reh sakti hai. Waisey bhi main shadi aaj ya kal toh nahin kar rahi hoon na, jis ke liye Anittah abhi se meri room mein shift ho."

Naina tried to convince the girls and Devyani interrupted, "Naina! Kripa kahin nahin rahegi. Wo mere saat mere kamrey mein rahegi." She didn't like the open discussion in front of Kripa. Angad wanted to offer his room but hesitated in front of Naina. He would happily take Kripa to his room if Naina was not there.

After dinner all kids gathered in Devyani's room while Dilip and Naina retired to their room. "Kya hua, Naina? Are you okay? Looks upset??" Dilip showed his concern as Naina was pacing up and down in the room after changed into night gown.

Naina looked sharply at him. Dilip turned his looks from her to his business magazine, "kabhi kabhi tum kyon itna insistent hoti ho?"

Naina sighed and lay beside him, "Dilip! Angad Kripa ki ore keencey chala jaa raha hai. I need to keep an eye on them till I see kripa's parents. Anittah ki kamra humara kamra ki side mein hai. Main aaney jaaney walon ka khayal rakh sakti hoon. Aaliyah ki kamra Angad ka karma uss taraf hai. Wo donon ek dooserey ke baton ko  bahut maantey hai. I don't want Aaliyah to interfere in this matter. Angad can easily access Kripa in Aaliyah's room. Main jo keh rahi hoon wo tum samajh raha hai na. Acha hua mama ney Kripa ko apne kamre mein rakh diya. Dilip! Main abhi kehdeti hoon. Kartik ka shadi meri marzi se hogi. Angad ka toh bharosa nahin hai. Wo apni dadi ki baton mein agaya hai."

Dilip heard everything she said, "acha hi hai na? apne family ki ladki ko pasand karna buri baat toh nahin hai. Kabse mama apni parivar se Milan chah rahi hai. Tumhey Kripa ki barein mein kuch objection hai kya?"

Naina nodded her head sideway, "nahin Dilip! Kripa achi hai. Mujhey pasand bhi hai. Pata nahin Surya aur Gayatri kya chahtey hai. I don't want Angad to hurt himself like mama was because of her brother. Magar ek baat kehdeti hoon, Kartik ki shadi toh meri marzi se hogi."

Dilip laughed at her determination and affectionately circled her shoulder, "Kartik kya chahta hai kabhi poocha? If he has no problem, do as you wish. Mainey kabhi tumhari baat mana nahin kiya na?"

Naina shook her head and reassured him, "Kartik ke barein mein main sab kuch janta hoon. Wo Angad jaisa nahin hai. Abhi tak wo shadi ke liye na-na karta raha. Abb main ussey manaloongi."

Dilip agreed, "tum wo Gupta ji ki betiyon ko pasand karti ho na? kuch pata kiya uske barein mein?"

Naina smiled, "you took word from my mouth. Main kal hi Gupta ji ko phone kardoongi. Ridhima is the perfect girl for Kartik."


Angad kept on playing his finger tips on Kripa's waist over Aaliyah's back. Devyani, Kartik and Anittah were immersed in Devyani's childhood talks. Kripa warned several times with her eyes and whispers but he ignored her. Aaliyah kept smiling at their play and tried to move away to give them privacy. But Kripa begged and forced her to sit in between them, "tum yahin raho. Tum chali gayi toh,  mujhey tumhara bhai ko sambhalna mushkil hojayega." Both giggled drawing everyone's attention and made Angad pout his lips.

Angad warned Kripa in whisper to take her to his room. Kripa widened her eyes and rolled them as challenged him. "Naani Maa! Aaapki bachpan ka batein bahut hogaya hai. Abb hum meri cousins' ke bachpan ke batein suney? I want to hear more about them." She coyly asked Devyani in Telugu. Everyone exchanged looks as they understood not one bit of Kripa's talks except 'baava' 'baaki log.' Angad thought she complained about him. Anittah and Aaliyah guessed it was  about them but not sure what she asked for. Devyani understood their confusion and explained what Kripa asked for. Angad was relieved and compliantly looked at Kripa. Kripa winked and mocked by mouth as challenged his playfulness. She slowly moved nearer to Devyani and leaned on her to avoid Angad's mischief. But Angad was cleverer than her and settled other side of Devyani. He started stroking his fingers on her back from Devyani's behind.  Aaliyah chuckled at his mischief and silently settled between Kartik and Anittah, opposite to Devyani trio. Kripa enjoyed the childhood stories of Khanna children along with Angad's naughtiness. She teased Angad when the topic came on Angad's childhood crankiness.

After an hour Aaliyah, Anittah and Kartik retired to their rooms. Angad secretly flew a kiss towards Kripa and left after ten minutes.


Ridhima and Naani reached Gupta house in the morning 8 before Shashank left the house. He was surprised about his mother-in-law's sudden visit, but suspected something serious matter about Ridhima. Before Naani would spell the beans Shashank informed about Naina's offer, "Mama! aap bahut achi waqt mein aya hai. Abhi abhi Khanna ghar se rista aya tha," he glanced at Ridhima and continued, "humari Ridhima ke liye. Unka bada beta Kartik ke liye apna Ridhima ka haat manga tha. Bahut acha khandan hai. Ladka se hum miley bhi they. Khandan ka business sambhalta hai. Bahut handsome aur prospective bachelor hai. Apna Ridhima bahut lucky hai. Main chahta hoon yeh rista pakki hojaye."

Naina and Ridhima exchanged looks. Anjali stared at Ridhima and walked away with Atul to avoid any interference. Naani settled her throat and decided to put a break on flow of praises from Shashank's mouth. "Shashank beta! Yeh toh such much bahut achi baat huva. Humari Ridhima ko kaun pasand nahin karengay?  Jiss ghar mein jayegi wahan kushiyan bhardegi. Magar mera ek vinnati hai, beta! Ridhima apna Atul ka bada bhai Arman ko chahti hai. Wo donon ek dooserey se shadi karney ki faisla le chukey hai. Main issi mamley mein yahan aayi hoon." She disclosed the suspense to put a full stop on Shashank's dreams.

Shashank was upset about the recommendation from Naani. He became serious once he heard about the love story. "Mama! shayad mera parwarish mein kuch kami rehgaya tha. Mera bhi kuch khwaab tha. Apna barabari ka gharana mein in donon ka rista karvana. Afsos ki baat hai ki donon betiya apni marzi se apne jeevan saathi chunliya. Aur wo bhi ek hi gharana  se. Na maa baap ka shahara na ristedaron ka." He sounded sarcastic at the end of his statement.

Naani tried to convince him, " Arman acha khandan ka ladka hai, Shashank! Unka ristedaar bhi hai. Satyavati bada pyar se apna bhai ka bachon ko dekhbal ki thi. Aur Padma bhi tujhey maloom hai. Arman aur Atul ki mausi. Hyderabad mein bada nephrologist. Arman aur Atul koyi anaadh nahin hai. Acha padha likha bhi hai. Aur tujhey kya aitraaz hai iss rista ka?"

Shashank shook his head in disbelief, "anaadh! acha khandan! Wo Satyavati Devi khud ek anaadhaalay chalati hai.Bhai ke anaadh bachon kop ala tha." His looks fixated at Atul who was playing with puppies in the porch while Anjali was having her breakfast. He pointed at them, "Aur baat aaya uska padhayi ka. Dekho wo Atul kya karr raha hai. Kutton ka doctor hai aur hur waqt un kutton ke peechey time pass karta rehta hai."

Naani and Ridhima exchanged looks. Ridhima was surprised at her father's thoughts and opinions about Arman and Atul. "What is wrong in running an orphanage? Why is papa so against Arman? Aur Atul jijoo ka aaj ka halat ka jimmedar Anjali aur papa hi hai na. Unhoney hi jijoo ko ghar jamai banakar ghar ka dekhbal karney ke liye kehdiya tha. Kyon papa ko uss khandan se itna nafrat?"

Shashank sighed atlast after an hour and half arguments, "mama! Agar Ridhima ko apni marzi se shadi karni hai toh main ussey rokunga nahin. Magar yeh shadi mere marzi se kabhi nahin hogi. Iss shadi ke liye mera aashirvad nahin milega. Kitne ache aur badey khandan se riste aarahey hai. Pata nahin kyon inlogon ko uss Mallik khandan ka rista hi pasand aya tha." He left disheartened.

 Next part: What is Arman's reaction? Will Angad keep his hands off Kripa?


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