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part 18 : Change Of Heart

After Abhi and Nikki’s engagement family get busy in their marriage preparation as everything was planned in a grand way afterall Armaan Mallik and Rahul Mallik ki eklauti behan ki shadi hai.

Riddhima enjoy every preparation while Nikki hide herself whenever Armaan and Rahul tried to tease her infact Abhi also get involve with them. Sometimes she feel like arguing back with them like earlier days but don’t know why a blush cover her face and she becomes numb.

Riddhima personally check Nikki’s every collection and suggest her few things while Muskaan being food lover handle the food arrangements. Rahul and Armaan were busy in their duties but they were much relaxed as now Riddhima and Muskaan were holding the responsibility.

Abhi and Nikki were happy as they get their love, they decided to listen their family and here family bring all the happiness for them. Nikki was arranging everything happily for her wedding.

“Ammy!!” Rahul called him when Armaan was typing something in his laptop but as soon as he heard his voice shut down his laptop.

“Yup Bro” he look towards him.

“Kar kya raha tha tu?” Rahul asked being suspicious.

“Mai,,,,, kuch v to nhi” Armaan said.

“Nice try Mr.Armaan Mallik but I know you were doing something, now just spell the beans” Rahul said with a stern face.

“Kya bhai aap Riddhima ki line kyu bol rahe ho” Armaan said with a smile.


“Okay fine, it’s a surprise for all of you but for this you will have to wait till Nikki’s marriage” Armaan said and left his cabin.

“Iske dimaag me hamesha kuch na kuch chalta rahta hai” Rahul murmured and left the cabin.

They reached home and Rahul start discussing something with Muskaan while Riddhima came with water, Rahul took one saying thanks while Armaan also hold a glass alongwith her hand.

She look towards him being shocked on his act but he winked at once making her blush. He left her hand after that and she ran away instantly.

Armaan get fresh and came back to hall where everyone was busy in their discussion sitting on dining table as they were about to start their dinner.

“To Armaan tumhari koi different planning?” Billy asked knowing his son very well.

“Kya dad, meri koi planning hogi aur wo v different to mai kisi ko kyu bataunga” Armaan said casually.

“Matlab pakka koi plan hai, bhai batao na please” Nikki become excited.

“Chal oye shakal dekhi hai tune apni aaine me jo mai chalu tere liye kuch special karu aur koi kaam nhi hai kya mujhe” Armaan said making Nikki angry “Aur wasie v I’m too happy that you are going away”

“Whattt” Nikki was hell angry on him and throw a spoon towards him which he catched and said “jungali billi” while others laugh coz they knew very well that Armaan was teasing her.

They were having their dinner when Armaan slowly kept his foot over Riddhima’s while her spoon fell down when she realize what Armaan was doing.

“Kya hua beta?” Ananya asked.

“K,,,,,Kuch nhi mom” she replied.

“Arey to tum dinner kyu nhi kar rahi ho” Armaan asked cheekily.

“Kar rahi hu” Riddhima replied greeting her teeth.

“Oh!!” Armaan said and resume his work while Ridhhima was staring him but he ignored her totally.

Muskaan look towards them and smile knowing something was cooking between them.

After their dinner they went to their respective rooms but Riddhima took a pillow and blanket throw them towards Armaan.

“What?” he asked her.

“You can sleep wherever you want to but not on this bed” Riddhima declared.

“Arey but kyu?” Armaan make innocent face.

“That expression won’t work Armaan, tum pagal ho kya kuch samajh me nhi aata kuch v karte ho” she was hell angry.

“Arey but baby”

“No Armaan just go and sleep” she said and switch off the light.

Armaan move towards the couch and sit sadly not because he had to sleep on couch but he knew that Riddhima won’t be able to sleep properly without him by her side.

After sometime he saw her turning one or other side, he knew she wasn’t sleeping.

He get up and lie on his side while Riddhima look towards him, she was about to say something when Armaan keep his finger on her lips “Shushhh,,,,,, ab so jao araam se” he kissed her forehead and hold her tightly.

She smile and close her eyes, Armaan always read her mind without any word, here she ask him to sleep away but herself missed him but Armaan read her silence. She slept hugging him with a peaceful smile.

Nikki’s marriage celebration start and gang step forward for holding everything in their own hands and everyone enjoy the function. Yes, it was Abhi and Nikki’s haldi and everyone was enjoying it wearing yellow dresses.

They apply haldi on Nikki and Abhi, Armaan too apllied haldi on Nikki but instead of applying haldi to Abhi he went upstairs, everyone wonder why he didn’t apply haldi to Abhi.

They were busy in their thought when they heard Armaan’s voice from upside, they look at stairs but he wasn’t there.

“I’m here buddy” he said once again and everyone become shocked to see him over the giant jhoomar above Abhi.

“Abey Ammy…..” Abhi just tried to say something but stop being shocked coz Armaan throw flower along with haldi over him.

Abhi and Nikki were wholly covered with haldi and look towards Armaan but he wasn’t there now.

“Happy haldi guys” Armaan hug them from behind shocking them.

“Armaan tu pagal ho gaya hai, ruk ek min”Abhi hold him and said.

He hold him and bend him down then apply haldi all over his face dress and wherever he get to apply.

“Oyeee pagal hai kya” Armaan said getting up.

“Tit for tat bhai” Abhi winked “Aur is se pahle ki tu mujhe bole jake Riddhima bhabhi ko haldi laga de” Abhi tried to deviate his mind coz he know that Armaan won’t leave him easily for what he did.

“Good idea Mr.Modi but iska matlab ye nhi hai ki mai bhool jaunga tumne kya kiya hai” Armaan said and move towards Riddhima.

Riddhima was holding a glass of juice and Armaan took that glass away, Riddhima wonder what he is up to, she look toward others they were busy in themselves.

Armaan hold her from waist and drag her towards himself while Riddhima hold his shirt tightly as she bang on him.

“Armaan tum,,,,,,,,”

“shushhhh” he kept his finger on her lips and slowly move his hand on her bare waist covering it with haldi. He slowly trace her hand with his palm applying haldi all over her hand and kissed on her shoulder.

“Armaan, leave me koi dekh lega” Riddhima whisper.

“You are my wife now Riddhima, aur jab shadi k pahle nhi socha kabhi to ab kyu ab to permanent license hai” he winked making her blush on his comment.

“OK, Mr.Husband, but be in your sense abhi apki behan ki haldi chal rahi hai hmm” she said and Armaan came back to reality.

“yeah” he said kissed her cheeks.

Next day they perform mehandi ritual together which was attended by few family guests. They enjoyed a lot while applying mehandi, Abhi don’t want to put mehandi on his hand but to his bad luck Armaan heard this and he alongwith Rahul hold him tight and get mehandi done on his hand. Abhi curse them under his breath coz he wasn’t able to do anything. Armaan himself applied mehandi on Riddhima’s hand and wrote his name.

Riddhima smile looking towards the mehandi.

“Kya hua?” Armaan asked.

“Tumhe apna naam bahut pasand hai na?” She asked.

“Ha specially tab jab wo tumse juda ho, mera bass chale to mai tumhare upar apna naam likh du, mai chahta hu ki sabko pata chale ki tum meri ho sirf meri” Armaan said kissing her cheeks and she smile hiding her blush.

“Oyee hoyee” Armaan said which make her cheeks more red.

Family decide to hold sangeet function together in a hotel so they arrange everything there.

Armaan ask Riddhima to join him as he was going to hotel but she excuse herself and said will join him later on. Armaan was confused but he left coz he had to check arrangements.

Riddhima reached there alone, she was late coz everyone reached there.

“Hey Ridzi where were you? Ham kab se tera wait kar rahe the” Muskaan came and hugged her while she closed her eyes.

“Ha wo kuch samaan lena tha na Nikki ke liye gifts v isliye late ho gaya” she replied.

“Riddhima you okay na?” Armaan hold her safely and asked.

“Ha Armaan I’m fine, chalo function shuru kare waise v kitna late ho gaya hai” she said being excited coz she don’t wanna miss any function.

Everyone enjoyed the function, dancing crazily making others to dance on the beats and came back to house very late.

Next day was the marriage day and whole family was busy in preparation, Ananya was checking arrangements here and there while Riddhima and Muskaan were busy with Nikki’s packing and then get back to work for performing several rituals being Nikki’s bhabhi.

Nikki get ready and looks beautiful in her bridal dress while Riddhima and Muskaan were also looking beautiful in their attire.

Armaan become lost in her beauty as soon as his eyes fall on Riddhima and tried to go close to her but she ignored him knowing very well that he will again do any nautanki and tease her.

“Riddhima meri baat to suno” he hold her hand.

“Ji boliye” she replied cheekily.

“Ab ye kya hai, baby suno na” he said holding her close to himself.

“Armaan hato, koi aa jayega” She said moving back.

“Chikk,, kitni baar bolu tum meri biwi ho” Armaan said.

“I know and abhi apki biwi ko bahut kaam hai kyunki aaj uski eklauti nanad ki shadi hai ok” she replied and and went away.

“Fine Mrs. Mallik maine v bahut kuch plan kar liya hai, dekhte hain ab tum kaha jati ho” Armaan murmured remembering his plan.

Abhi came to take her dulhan away and smile when he reached at the door coz Muskaan and Riddhima was standing on door holding plates but he become shocked when Ananya did his aarti and they both stand infront of door and didn’t allow him to go inside.

“Aise nhi Dulhe miya” Riddhima said.

“Dekh Abhi agar tujhe Nikki k paas jana hai to pahle hame shagun de warna tujhe aise hi wapas jana padega” Muskaan said.

“Ye kis liye? Aisa kaha hota hai ha?” Abhi asked.

“Yaha hota hai” Armaan said coming between Riddhima and Muskaan.

“Ammy tu v?” Abhi was surprised.

“Ha,,,, Abhi chalo jaldi karo warna wapas,,,,”Riddhima said and turn to go.

“Are nhi nhi, Riddhima bhabhi, itni mushkil se to shadi ho rahi hai kyu wapas jane ki baat kar rahi hai aap, deta hu na mai aaplogo ko shagun” Abhi said and gave them shagun.

“Ek minute” Riddhima said and Muskaan handover her money to Riddhima.

Riddhima went outside where a lady was standing “Ye lijiye” she add some more money from her side and said “Ye apke orphanage k bachho k liye aur ab unhe books aur food ki kami nhi honi cahhiye” and gave money to that lady. She thanks her a lot and went away.

Ananya kissed her forehead and smile, Armaan felt proud of being Riddhima’s husband.

Abhi smile and enter inside the house where he was welcomed by few girls.

He sit on his place and priest start rituals.
Riddhima and Muskaan bring Nikki down and ABhi smile when she sit beside him.
Every ritual was performed and Abhi Nikki get married happily.


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