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part 19: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad opened his eyes when the sweet melodious voices chanting 'Ganesha Pancharatnam" in the morning. His lips twitched mumbling "KRIPA!!" he jumped down of his bed and ran down to the living room to see his beloved. Devyani and Kripa were chanting religiously with closed eyes and folded hands. He adorably glanced at Kripa who looked angel in her white silk chudidhar with loosely left wet hair.

"Jaldi nahaake agaya toh Kripa ke saat puja bhi kar sakta hai," Aaliyah whispered in Angad's ears. Angad closed his eyes to calm his anger for disturbing his dream like state. He angrily looked at Aaliyah from corner of eyes. "You can sit with Kripa for a while till she finishes her puja along with Dadi!" she ignored his anger and advised him. He grinned slowly as the idea stuck into his mind. He nodded his head with a big cheer and ran into his room by passing two steps at a time. Aaliyah smiled at his craziness and walked to kitchen.

Angad finished his shower in five minutes and emerged into devotee duo in his white kurta-pajama. Kripa sneaked through his closed eyes and hid her smile. Angad greeted her with his smile and softly rubbed her arm with his. Kripa mocked anger on him and pointed to the deity to divert his focus. Devyani noticed the silence commotion between two grandchildren and patted Angad's hand in friendly manner, "bhagvan par dhyan rakho, Angad!" Kripa giggled when Angad tried to cover his embarrassment. He tied his lips and warned to take revenge on her in his style later.

Rest of Khanna family joined them at aarati. Kripa distributed aarati and Prasad to everyone. She walked into kitchen in pretext of helping Teddy and Naina for breakfast. "Tum rehney do, Kripa! Main karleti hoon." Naina warned softly when Kripa tried to take work in her hands. Kripa smiled, "karney dijiye aunty! Main chupse nahin bhait sakti." Angad adorably watched Kripa and silently walked to her when Naina was at dining table to serve Dilip and Devyani.

"Hey, baavi! Jaldi se taiyyar hojao. Breakfast ke baad tum mere saat kaam par aa rahi hai."  Kripa opened her mouth for the plan, "naa, bava! I have to help Dadi for coming Deepavali festival. I promised her. Waisey main tumhara saat aakar bhi kya karoongi. Kamakah tumhey disturb karti hoon." Angad sighed, "you disturb me either way. Mera dhyan toh tum par hi rehta hai. It will be far better when you are around me. So, better come with me. Dadi ka kaam toh khud sambhal sakti hai."

Kripa tried to avoid but Angad gave his ultimatum and walked to breakfast table. "Kripa! Tum bhi breakfast karlo. Aaj kaam par jana hai na?" Naina didn't know about her arrangements with Prithvi. Kripa smiled, "Nahi aunty! I left the job. Hyderabad janey ke baad phir join karungi. Abb mama papa aaney tak ghar mein hi rahoongi." Naina was not pleased at her decision but kept silent.

Angad interfered, "Mom! Actually I want to take her to our office. After working with Bose Studios, she might be interested in our studio too." Naina exchanged looks at Angad and Kripa. Kripa silently focused on her breakfast and Angad was waiting for her approval. Naina nodded her head as she couldn't find any excuse to stop them.

After breakfast Kripa took few minutes to get ready. "Itni deir kyon karti ho? Pata hai main kitna baichain  se wait kar raha hoon yahan?" he softly scolded Kripa as turned his car towards studio. She pouted her lips, "kitni deir kardi thi? Dus pandrah minute hi hai na? Itna besabar kyon ho?" He quickly pulled Kripa's head and pecked on her cheek, "mere liye pandrah minute bhi pandrah saal ki tarah hai. I can't wait alone, dahling!" She blushed and pushed him away, "romance baad mein. Focus on the road." He laughed and turned his face as switched on the radio. He hummed along with the songs.

Kripa observed him till he stopped at a traffic light, "baava! Main kabhi tumhara gana nahin suna tha." Angad grinned with sparkles in his eyes, "jaroor sunaoongi, baavi! Hum miley bhi kahan. Elevator mein toh gaa nahin sakta. Aur kal pura din Mumbai ghoomney gaye they. Gana ka mouka hi kahan mila tha." Kripa smiled as agreed, "abb gungunaraha hai na. pura gana gao. Studio pahoonchney mein waqt toh lagegi na." Angad nodded his head and pinched his cheek as started singing his favourite song "pehla wo pehla pyar tera mera soni..pehli mulakhat hai… Kripa blushed throughout the song as Angad's stares and song leaped her heart.


As soon as Shashank left the scene, Ridhima silently swallowed her tears and walked into her room to lock herself away from others. Naani thought to give her some time to digest her father's disapproval. Anjali and Atul left for hospital as both had appointments with patients for the day.

Arman was unattentive for the whole day thinking about Ridhima. He called her several times but Ridhima didn't respond his calls. He knew Ridhima went to her father's house along with her Naani. He guessed what might have happened there since Ridhima didn't contact him.

Arman became impatient by evening and called Atul, after a long debating "Atul! Ridhima kaisi hai?" Atul was confused if Ridhima already informed him about Gupta's decision. He hesitantly replied in monosyllables. Arman understood clearly by now and clinched his teeth silently. "Atul! I want to talk to Ridhima. Can you put her into line?" Atul still was not sure about the information as he left the house as soon as Shashank left the house, "Arman! Main subah se hospital mein hi hoon. I don't know where Ridhima was. Can you call Naani or Gupta's home? You might get some information about Ridhima?"

Arman was angry in disappointment and punched on the desk, "damn it! Yeh Gupta ki kya problem hai? Kya apni beti ke liye mera haat bhi nahin maang sakta? Mujhmey kya kami tha? Why he ill treats us? I teach him a lesson. Apnon ko door karney mein kya takleef hota hai ussey jaroor bataoonga. Yeh Ridhima bhi kyon chup bhaithi hai? She could talk to me! Wo khadoos Shashank 'haan' nahin kahey toh kya hoga main Ridhia ko chodunga nahin. Wo meri hai. Aur humesha rahegi. I don't allow Dr.Gupta to do whatever he wants to." He decided firmly and left home to check Ridhima at home. He didn't want to talk to naani. He wanted to solve the problem directly with Ridhima.


Angad showed his studio and Kripa compared his with Prithvi's. She enjoyed clarifying her doubts about certain equipments throughout her tour. Angad didn't get much chance to take Kripa closely as Naina and Kartik reached the studio in an hour after them to discuss about the new project. Angad guessed that they came to check on Kripa and him. He could peck on her cheek when Naina and Kartik were away from their eyesight for couple of times. Kripa mockingly wiped his wet kisses, "Aunty ko shayad tumhara barein mein achi tarah pata hai. Issiliye tum par nazar rakhney aayi thi." He laughed aloud, "so you also noticed mom's unwanted presence." Kripa hid her smile and turned away from him. He grabbed her two arms from behind and pulled her to a corner, "kal studio ki bahaney kahin door chale jayengey. Where no one could trace us," he whispered in her ears. She widened her eyes, "noway, I'm not going with you anywhere else." He cuddled her from behind and rubbed her neck, "you cannot resist my offer, my dear baavi! Hum jaroor jaa rahey hai." She was tickled and tried to push him away. He tightened his one hand around her waist and lifted her face towards him. "Tell me, don't you want to spend time with me alone?" he whispered in her lips. She shivered at his closeness, "Baava! Chodo mujhey. Koyi ajayega." He stroked her nose with his, "Aaney do. I don't care. Pehley yeh batao tum aaogi ya nahin." She nodded her head as agreed to his plans to release her from his arms as soon as possible. He grinned, "Good girl!" he bent further to touch her lips. She pushed him forcefully, "abhi nahin." He laughed but disappointed. "kab?"He mischievously rested his hands on waist. She rolled her eyes and thoughtfully played her forefinger on her cheek, "hmmm. How about … in a wonderful romantic moment a beautiful kiss." She winked at him and ran away from the room. He bashfully laughed behind her and followed after a moment.


After dinner Arman was rocking in a chair massaging his tensed veins on forehead with his fingers. Misthy walked to him with fruit dessert. She noticed Arman had only half of his regular meals; avoided snack; had couple of more coffees than usual. She caressed his hand and tried to sooth his worry. He smiled at her with tight lips. She silently sat near his feet and caressed his calves and hands.

"Did you call her?" Misthy broke the silence after a while. He tied his arms on chest and closed his eyes to stop tears at the edge of eyes. He swallowed his tears and settled his throat. "mila nahin." Misthy smiled and patted his hand, "let me try." Arman looked at her with hope. She raised her eyebrow at his eagerness. He blushed with a short smile and stroked the tear drops from corner of eyes..

"Naani! Main Misthy bole rahi hoon. Kya main Ridz se baat kar sakti hoon?" Misthy got naani's mobile. She immediately gave the phone to Arman and walked out to give him privacy.

"Ahem, Ahem," he settled his throat when he heard Ridhima's low greeting from other side. Misthy paused at the door and enquired him with her eyes. He shook his head and she silently encouraged him to continue to speak. Arman waited till Misthy left the room.

"Kaisey ho?" he softly asked Ridhima. He could sense Ridhima was in tears on otherside. "Why don't you come to work? Yeh kya bachpana hai? Aur kitne din muh chupakar baithogi? I want to see you tomorrow at our regular time. Samjhey? Aaogi na?" He sounded authoritative and pleading at times.

Ridhima silently sniffed without agreeing orally. Arman understood her silence as agreeing to his orders. He wanted to ask her to come back immediately but his ego stopped him to plead her more. "Wo bhi ek baat keh sakti hai na? Why doesn't she speak something. Somehting about her father? Nahin, wo nahin kahegi. Gupta ki beti jo hai. Milney do ek baar  iski khabar loongi." He angrily thought in mind though his heart longed to listen to her voice. "Thanks! See you in the morning. Goodnight." He hung up before Ridhima decided to speak out.

 Next Part: AR reunion; AK more romance in privacy!!!


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