Friday, 2 March 2018

Part-2 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Armaan entered the conference room and saw his father sitting with an elderly gentleman who he concluded must be Shashank gupta. He entered inside and heard his dad say "Here son, meet Mr.Shashank gupta. Mr.Gupta, this is my son Armaan." Armaan shook hands with Shashank gupta and sat down across him. They started discussing their plans for their new project but stopped when Shashank's cell rang……… "Excuse me please." Shashank excused himself and attended the call after which he came inside with an apologetic expression and told them "I am sorry……..I'll have to leave. My daughter's flight will be landing anytime and I have to go receive her so we will have to continue this discussion some other day."

Armaan's father interjected "Shashank why don't you sit and discuss the project with me and let Armaan go and receive your daughter?" Armaan was shocked to hear his father's suggestion…… I some kind of a low employee whom he is sending to receive his client's daughter? Why should I go to receive some girl…..girl hmmmm………well maybe I can have some fun…….fine dad bring it on……..

Armaan's thoughts were interrupted by his father's voice "So Armaan can you go and receive Riddhima?"

Hmmmmm Riddhima not bad…. "Sure dad. I'll go." Armaan left for the airport when it hit him that he didn't know what she looked like. He smacked his head and dialed his dad's number who didn't take the call probably because he was busy with the discussion so Armaan stopped his car at a shop and bought a Chart paper and sketch pen and wrote down the name RIDDHIMA GUPTA on it and left for the airport.

"Hey babe……..ya I have arrived here………..But what's wrong with her and why the hell is she not receiving my call…………….WHAT…....SHE IS ADMITTED IN A HOSPITAL………..and you are telling me now……I am coming…….but why can't I see her?………So when will the visiting hours open……….okay fine I'll go see her in the evening…….ya will see you there……bye" Riddhima hung up the call and massaged her forehead which was now aching badly because of worry which was for one of her friend who was admitted in the hospital and now she wasn't able to locate her father amidst the crowd.

"I am not going to talk to him if he has forgotten to pick me up." She muttered to herself and then she saw a tall and broad guy holding a card which said her name.

Whose this guy? He can't be some driver…….no ways he is too handsome to be that……….Man he looks pretty hot………..Well lucky for him Riddhima has a weakness for Indian men……….

She smiled to herself and walked towards Armaan who was busy on phone with someone. She went and stood in front of him and saw Armaan's cell slip from his hand.

Armaan stopped breathing when he saw the exotic beauty approach him and suddenly coming to the airport became the best thing ever.

Dude whose this chic……..she looks bloody hot………look at those curves in her black spaghetti and white capris…… she is a killer and the beautiful face……….hmmmmm what lips? I wanna kiss them and whats with the eyes………..why is she wearing those stupid shades……...I wanna remove them………...hey hold on……… I know her………...OH MY GOD SHE IS RIDDHIMA CARTER……….THE SUPER MODEL.

And Armaan's cell slipped from his hand. Riddhima saw the change of expressions on his face from amazement to hunger to disappointment and then to shock. Riddhima smirked to herself when she realized that the guy was already besotted by her. She picked his cell and handed it to him………..Armaan took the cell………still in a daze but snapped out of it when he heard Riddhima say "Are you here to pick me up?" Armaan frowned and wished that he was but then he shook his head and said "Nope, I am here to pick Riddhima but unfortunately not Riddhima Carter but Riddhima Gupta."

Riddhima smirked and extending her hand towards him spoke in an arrogant voice "Hi! I am Riddhima gupta." Armaan stood expressionless but the very next moment he burst out laughing "Dude…you really want to come with me don't you? Well not your fault…...I have that effect on women and you are no exception."

Riddhima was offended now…..she clearly knew that this handsome hunk was smitten but was trying to act smart so she retorted in a haughty voice "I AM RIDDHIMA GUPTA, DAUGHTER OF SHASHANK GUPTA. Here you can see this yourself." she opened her handbag and took out a photograph of her dad and herself with her mom and handed it to Armaan who was shocked to see it.

The amazingly and stunningly sexy supermodel Riddhima Carter is SHASHANK GUPTA'S DAUGHTER……dude the lucky b******.

Riddhima snapped her fingers in front of Armaan's face who came out of his thoughts and returning the photograph quickly said "I am really sorry Ms.Gupta but I knew you as Riddhima Carter and your being Mr.Gupta's daughter didn't exactly click……...Oh okay now I got it. I read in an interview of yours about that your parents actually got divorced and hence the confusion……."

Armaan bit his tongue when he saw the hurt expression on her face and realized that mentioning her parent's divorce like that wasn't such a good idea. He immediately spoke "I am so sorry. I am such a jerk…...please forgive me. I had no intention of hurting you. I am really very sorry."

He relaxed when Riddhima gave him a short smile and they both went and sat in his car. When they were both comfortably seated he extended his hand towards her and spoke "Hi I am Armaan Malik…..the jerk who has absolutely no sense as to how to talk to a pretty lady like you." Riddhima chuckled hearing that and giving him a sweet smile placed her hand in his. Armaan felt her soft skin in his hand and resisted the urge to kiss it. He looked ahead and started the car and informed her "We'll be going to my office where your dad is waiting for you. He wanted to come but my dad wanted to discuss something so he sent me instead."

Riddhima nodded. Armaan was about to hit the road when his cell rang and he saw his friend Atul's name flashing on the screen. He smiled and picked it up "Hey champ……What's up?"

"Arre kya wats up? I am getting damn bored and where the hell are you?"

Armaan turned towards Riddhima and asked her "Can you speak Hindi?"

Riddhima shook her head and spoke in a very apologetic and sad tone "I wish I could. I have spent my entire life in USA. I used to come here occasionally but was never able to pick the language." He nodded his head and continued his chat with Atul "Kya baataoin yaar……..pehli baar dad ne koi acha kaam diya hai. Unhone mujhe kisi ko lene bheja tha airport aur tujhe yakeen nahi hoga lekin main jab yahan aaya tu mujhe pata chala ki dad ne kisi aam insan ko lene nahee balki ek bahut he khoobsurat aur ek dam pari jaisi ladki ko lene bheja hai. Yaar is ladki ko dekh ke to mere hosh ud gae. Soch raha hoin ki ye muaka khona nahi chahiye." Armaan finished with a sigh and heard Atul say "Dude seriously are you falling in love? You are speaking in Hindi for a change………..I mean since the day you came back from London you never spoke in Hindi much and I had actually started wondering if you have forgotten the language totally but here you are speaking in shudh 'Hindi' Is she some kind of bhartiya nari and you are trying to adopt her culture and language?"

Armaan chuckled and spoke "Abe champ………vo ladki mere saath baithi hai aur use Hindi nahi aati isliye main hindi bol raha hoin……chal ab main rakhta hoin mujhe use drop karna hai……....shyam ko tujhse milne aaoinga."

Before Atul could ask anymore questions Armaan ended the call and turning towards Riddhima spoke in an apologetic tone "I am sorry about that and it was one of your biggest fans but unfortunately couldn't speak English so I was just consoling her."

Armaan knew that speaking in Hindi especially after knowing that she couldn't understand Hindi is rude so he gave the excuse which he knew was one of the lamest excuse ever.

They drove towards their destination and chatted a little in between.

Finally they reached the office and Armaan took her to the conference room and opened the door for her. Riddhima saw her dad and ran towards him, giving him a tight hug and then she spoke in a loud voice "Oh papa aapko pata hai maine aapko kitna miss kiya. Mujhe aapki bahut yaad aati thi aur aaj yahan aake acha lag raha hai." Then turning towards Armaan she spoke "Mujhe yahan laane ke liye aapka bahut shukriya." She finished in her broken accent. While a shocked Armaan stood with his mouth open.


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