Thursday, 22 March 2018

part 2 : Lamhe (AR ff)

 it has been 1 month since the internship has started and everyone made friends with each other except ANJALI

For Rahul & Muskaan  - They had started Fight but they both know they feel something toward eachother and nobody know that rahul is Armaan''s brother in hospital to anybody
Atul - always talk about landlady and try to calm muskaan when RM they fight and really good friends with RM and Ridhima
Well Coming to Armaan And RIDHIMA - they keep bumping with each other and and ridhima Blushs a little and Armaan smile but they don't talk
And Dr Kreeti  - she saw her both sons how they look at MUSKi and Ridz so she knew they both like these girls and even she likes their choice but haven't talked to them about it
Anjali - she is totaly obessed with armaan and his tattos and looks she asked her dad to talk to armaan about anjali being his wife
And shubhankar is out of country on meetings


General ward
They all were checking patients also talking

At ' yaar yeh hamara senior kitna Fun hai na but jab maine phela ouse dekha to laga kahafi serious hoga

Mu ' haan bhi

R ' hello main hoon apki nayi doctor Ridhima Gupta (Well minne was out of town as armaan has send her to  london for her test (not operation guys) for two months so now she is back armaan gave ridhima her incharge as he can trust her and know that she'll be able to handle that wild express

P - to app bhi mujhe kadvahi pills degi

Radhima gave her sympathy loook to see a small girl suffering from cancer

R - apka naam kya hai

P - Mera naam minne hai

R - are yeh to bada hi pyaara naam hai

Just then armaan came and kissed minne's cheek

A ' hello girlfriend

M - hello boyfriend

A - chalo apki davavi  ka time ho gaye hai" and minne pouted in anger

A ' agar app ko chocklate leni hai to
M - nahi

A ' Dr ridhima app inhe inject kar degi

R - lekin yeh bahot chotii hai main kaise agar

M ' okay app lagolo hamesha blackmaling karte ho par akahri bar ha jo choclate par hi maan rahi hoon

He injected her and got up

A ' Dr Ridhima app jab bi bache ko injecte karo to divert there mind it always help and I know it is hard to see kids suffer

R ' yes s'sir I w..ill

A ' good and don't be nervous

Ridz nodded her head

Armaan left


At 4:30 all intern in the cafeteria having break

At- itna kaam thak gaye

Ra - hai bi

Mu - waat laga di

Armaan came

A ' Hello Interns do u mind if I join u

Mu- yes sir (hesitantly)

Ra - haan sir ayai bathiya please be comfortable main appke liye kuch laooo

Mu ' (wisper) oye khote wo tuje rectal exam,dede ge itna maska math laga

Ra - kya kaha khota

Mu - hai kya kar lega

They start fighting and here riddhima was lost how Armaan saved her when she was about to slip

(She was coming to cafe and bumped into Armaan she thought she would land and get hurt but nothing happened and opened her eyes to lose in ocean blue eyes. Blue eyes were lost in green eyes after they realized what position there in she was blushing and armaan was admiring but they came back to reality when armaan's pager rang )


 Thinking about that she blushed and armaan smiled seeing her face getting pink and knew what was she thinking

At ' Guysss

All looked at him

Ra&Mu ' kyon chilla raha hai

At - yaar sir yahi bathe hai (almost wisphering but ar heard it)
A- new more intern is going us soon and also intern of the month is coming up

Anjali came - (Very seducevily)  hello dr Armaan and brush her shoulder with his shoulder while sitting

Armaan felt uncomfortable but ignored it well tomorrow at confrence hall at 7PM sharp

All -yes

Armaan left as he got pager

At - wow intern of the month and new intern

An - whatever and please behave front of the board of members when thay are presenting me the award i am sure you don't want to embrass sanjeevni or armaan

Ra - Excuse me mind your own buisness

An - what..

Muski (interpt) oye chal chaliya ridz muje iski bakwas nahi suunni...

They for Left and also anjiali left for home as it was their end of duty and Armaan and kreeti satyed to finish the arrangement for IOTM

Later at MAlik MAnsion Armaan and rahul were sitting in Game-room playing pool

RA - bhai i think anjali apko pasand karti hai

A - rahul kuch or nahi baat hai karne ke liya

Ra - kya isme mera kya dosh hai agar woh apse obbessed hai toh main...(saying that he started runing becoz he know how irritated armaan gets when they talk about Anjali).

Armaan has start chasing him after a little time on the masti they went to sleep


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