Thursday, 29 March 2018

part 20: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad couldn't spend much time with Kripa after Naina took Kripa home from studio. Aaliyah and Anittah made a movie program with Kripa in the night and came home after Angad hit the bed.

Kripa was equally enthusiastic to go with Angad as he promised her to take to a place where no one could disturb them. She hesitated first but agreed at her self confidence. She reminded herself to be strong to keep him in distance before she left the house with him.

"Bava! Where are we going?" she asked second time when Angad was heading in opposite direction to his studio. Angad smiled but didn't reciprocate her question. Kripa's heart was pounding with excitement but with fear at another corner. "Kya bava such much kissi secluded place par le jaaraha hai? What if something happens between us?" She feared as remembered her mother's warnings.

"Are you afraid of me? Don't you trust me?" Angad stroked her head from behind. She shyly smiled at his mind reading. He pulled her arms to his front and placed on his stomach. She rested her chin on his shoulder to balance herself. "Give me your other hand too," Angad demanded as balancing his bike with one hand. She placed her hand on his stomach and moaned; "are you happy now?" He laughed and flew a kiss turning his head half way to her side. She pushed his face away, "aankhein road par." He patted her hand lovingly and took the handle back. She pressed herself to him and tied her hands together on his stomach, "batao na kahan jaarahey hai hum?"

"Jahan hum donon ke siva aur koyi nahin rahengey," he mischievously replied. She bit his shoulder, "no jokes, agar tum such much waisi jagah le jaye toh main bhaag jaoongi."

He laughed again, "You cannot. I lock you in my arms, baavi!"

She smiled and tickled his stomach, "I can do this when you lock me!!"

He screamed aloud, "I lose my balance, baavi!"

She stopped and hit his head with hers in friendly manner. He caressed her cheek, "give me a kiss." She nodded her head refusing, "no way. Wo sab shadi ke baad. Aur mischief karega toh main abhi khudkar bhaag jaoongi." She warned him.

"Bad Girl!" he mocked pretending anger. She smiled and kissed on his earlobe, "bus yahin par kush hojao."

He dramatically wooed at her, "I can be happy with this for now. But I don't leave you without my first kiss today." She blushed and hid her face behind him. He adjusted his side view mirror to see her reddened face.  She pinched his biceps, "baava! seeda drive karo, lagta hai aaj kuch na kuch gadbad hokey rahegi." she warned him as he was almost cutting a vehicle from behind. He patted her hand as reassured her and continued.


Arman woke up with new hopes to see Ridhima in the hospital. Misthy smiled at his cheerful face, "I'm feeling happy for you, bhai! Ridhima ko dekhney ki kushi tumhara chehera par saaf nazar aarahi hai. I wish you goodluck. Zara sambhalke baat karna. Kahin phir se uske saat ladayi mut karna. Bring her home tonight. I keep dinner ready for you."

Arman smiled and warned her, "I don't fight with her. But don't prepare any dinner. Agar saat mein khana hai toh kahin bahar jayengey. Let me talk to her once." Misthy smiled at his reply, "scohlo. Main kabab mein haddi banker toh nahin rahoongi. I have party at my office. Deewali ki party. Mera boss ka koyi ristedaron se reunion horaha hai. So, he is giving party in advance. Deewali time par shayad wo busy hongey."

Arman shook his head and left the decision for her.


Angad took Kripa to kartik's office. Kartik was waiting for them and pleased to receive them at the lobby. Kripa was surprised and angrily looked at Angad for giving her hard time through his ride with wrong intentions. "Welcome princess!!" Kartik adorably showed her way into his office.

Kripa giggled, "princess? Kiska princess hoon, pedda (bada/elder/older) baava?" Kartik patted her head with affection, "tuhi toh hai. Ram Narayan Dada ki waaris. Pata hai Dadi kehti thi ki apna bhai ka ek prince aur ek princess jaroor hongey. Aur wo pincess ko humara prince ke saathi banayengey. Wo bahut sapne dekhti thi. Aur itne salon ke baad tumhara darshan hogaya hai. You don't believe how happy we are to know you." He genuinely explained his excitement as he showed Angad when mentioning 'humara prince.'  Kripa blushed to hear from him when Angad winked at her mischievously.

He showed his office and introduced her to everyone. They walked into Kartik's room after an hour of tour. "Who is she?" Kripa jumped into a brown leather rocking chair placed in a corner with a glass desk and computer. She took a picture in her hand which was placed on a corner of table. "Wo mera assistant ka hai.." Kartik's face flushed when he talked about the assistant.

Angad and Kripa noticed him and made fun of him, "Bahut khubsoorat assistant, pedda baava! Can we meet her today? Can we know more about her?" Kripa bugged him. Kartik tried to hide his smile, "sure Kripa! Kyo nahin. But she comes late today. Kuch permission maangi thi."

Angad nudged him, "bhai! Jaldi batao. Abb humara shadi ke liye tumhey jaldi line clear karna padega. Nahin toh hum aise hi dating karte rahenge bina shadi aur.." he paused and winked when Kripa warned him with her eyes to stop.

Kartik bashfully laughed, "aisi koyi baat nahin hai. I just adore her. Her way of working, talking, everything attracted me. She is very balanced, dignified and matured lady hai. I think she suits me very well. I never expressed my feelings and I didn't even know what she feels about me."

Kripa jumped in front of him, "do you want any help? Main koshish karke pata karoongi." Angad surprised at her colloquies with Kartik, "yeh mujshse siva baaki sabse bahut achisi baat karti hai. Apni shadi ki fikar nahin hai magar bhai ki shadi karne chali aayi." Kartik teased her, "kyon, princess! Tumhey bhi line clear chahiye? Angad se shadi karne ki itni jaldi hai?"

Kripa pouted, "Don't change topic, pedda bava!  Main jitna bhi khosish karoon humara shadi toh tub hogi jab mama papa ko chota baava pasand ayega."

Angad frowned, "main kyon nahin tumhara parents ko pasand aoonga? Mujh mein kya kharabi hai? Kaun karega tumse shadi mere siva?"

Kripa rolled her eyes, "Right. Main hi jo tap-jap-puja karti hoon tere liye." Angad pinched her nose and Kripa snapped away his hand, 'Issey control karna bahut mushkil hai, pedda bava! Jaldi se Iska shadi karvado.." Kripa complained to Kartik as playfully slapped Angad's arms. Angad shrugged his shoulders, "main kabse taiyyar hoon." Kripa mocked at him with her tongue.

 Angad and Kartik both laughed and changed topic to Kripa's parents.


Arman's heart was pondering for Ridhima. He was disappointed when he couldn't see her in his cabin as soon as he reached there. He became impatient in an hour and checked the hall way, lobby, entrance several times. He laughed himself for his craziness but couldn't help doing that, "yahan tak agayi toh andar bhi aa sakti hai na!!" His regular patients wondered for his unusual absent mindedness.

At lunch Misthy called Arman to check as she didn't hear anything from him. "No, Misthy! She is not here. Pata nahin kya soch rahi hai. Atul also didn't tell anything about her. He said she left home in the morning." Misthy promised to check in Naani's house.

Arman was walking in the hallway to buy his lunch in the canteen. His sudden instinct guided him to check the staircase behind the hallway. He opened the door with thundering heart. He saw Ridhima climbing the stairs. He swallowed in relief and waited holding one door open. Ridhima paused at her fast steps on seeing Arman at the door. Both met eyes. They missed each other equally. They checked each other with longing eyes. Arman took initiative and descended one step at a time towards her. She stood still till he reached her. Tears welled up in her eyes and swallowed pain. He wiped her tear drops from edge of her eyes. Her throat dried up and she tried to wet her lips. He caressed her wet lips with his thumb. She closed her eyes to feel his touch. He cupped her face and caressed her cheeks with both thumbs. He kissed her wet lips. "How are you?" he whispered in her lips. She opened her eyes with tears filled and slowly shook her head sideway. "Main hoon na, you will be alright" he affectionately glanced into her eyes. She smiled with sobs in between.  His assurance pulled her towards him and she curled him. He tightened his embrace and kissed her forehead, "humey koyi alag nahin kar sakta, Ridhu!" she looked into his eyes for his affectionate addressing and nodded her head, "I love you, Arman!" He pulled her into his embrace again and kissed her hair. Both relaxed in their warm breath and tight embrace.

"Why are you late?" Arman asked without loosening his embrace. Ridhima kissed his bare chest exposed through his top of the shirt, "muh dikhaney ki himmat nahin thi."

He softly laughed, "ismein tumhara galati kya thi? You could have told me that your papa didn't agree and enquire if I'm still interested in you?" She looked into his eyes and shied at his mischievous smile. He kissed her forehead, "am I right?" She nodded with smile and kissed his chin, "uske liye bhi himmat nahin thi."

He kissed her lips and overlapped his hands behind her waist, "jab pehli baar tumhey dekha tha mujhey nahin pata tha ki tum itni darpoke ho." She shook her head sideway, "darti hoon kahin tumhey kho na jaaoon."

He moved his head sideway, "Never. You are always mine. Kissi ki himmat bhi nahin hogi tumhari taraf aankhein utha kar dekhney ki." She circled her hands over his neck and kissed his lips. Arman caught her mouth and didn't leave till they were out of breath. Both heard their stomach growl while they were in deep passion. Both startled and broke into laughter. "khana khaogi?" Arman offered and she agreed. Both walked out through the staircase for a restaurant.


Dilip came and took Kartik to meet some business partners after lunch. Angad and Kripa left the office without meeting Misthy. Angad took her to Juhu beech and settled in a corner. "Mainey socha tum kahin anjaan jagah le jayega." Kripa relaxed in the sand after removing her sandals. She played with sand around while watched kids playing in distance.

Suddenly Angad pulled her in his lap. "Baava! Kya kar rahey ho?" she shied away to sit in his lap. He kissed her temples, "relax baavi! Tum dargayi thi na ki main kahin sunsaan jagah lekar tumhari faida uthaoonga?" Kripa nodded her head sideway embarrassingly. Angad smiled and embraced her in his lap. "I'm not that bad, Kripa! I know you came from conservative family. And I know you wanted to have your sweet kisses in an exclusive romantic atmosphere. And I will wait for that moment."

She smiled with shy, "mera matlab wo nahin hai, bava!' He hushed her and stroked softly on her lips, "matlab jo bhi ho I liked the idea. I give you that sweet memory in a beautiful manner." She shied and hid her face in his neck. Her closeness awakened his desires in no time. He caressed her long neck with his fingers running goosebumps in her body. She tightened her hands around him. He bent and kissed her shoulder, neck. He softly moved his lips behind her ears. She shivered at his warm touch. He moved her face from his shoulder and looked into her flushed face. Her trembling lips tempted him to touch. He moved forward to bring his lips closer to hers. A cold wave of breeze caressed them bringing shiver in kripa's body. She realized what was going to happen. She recovered herself from the trance like state, "Baava! "ghar chaley?"

Angad moaned with disappointment to come out of his passionate state. She pleaded him when he didn't show any symptoms to move, "please baava! Let's go home." He sighed and kissed her nose, 'spoiler!"


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