Friday, 30 March 2018

Part 21:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad made a plan to meet Kripa secretly in the terrace garden after dinner. "Baava! Jaldi bhejdena. Naani maa raah dekthi hogi." Kripa informed as soon as she reached the terrace garden of Khanna house. Angad walked her to a corner place, "tum dadi se kehkar aayi hai?" Kripa nodded her head, "jab upar aarahi thi mujhey pakadli." She apologetically explained. Angad sighed and shook his head sideway, "tum bhi na. Chupkar nahin aa sakti thi? Dadi kya sochegi? Did you tell her you are meeting me too?" Kripa shook her head embarrassingly. He was annoyed, "I want to spend whole night here with you. Now I have to release you soon." She nodded her head "sorry, baava! Naani maa mere peechey hi thi. I couldn't escape her." He silently paused in the middle of the garden and checked around for good place for them to settle.

 Sweet fragrance of Nightqueen creeper was mesmerizing the atmosphere. Kripa inhaled full of lungs and admired the surroundings. "baava! This is so beautiful. Mainey kabhi yahan aayi nahin. Mujhey pata bhi nahin tha aapko ek roof garden bhi hai." He dropped his hand around her shoulders and pulled closely, "issiliye yahan milney ko kahan tha. Din se jada raat ko bahut khubsoorat lagti hai yahan. Jada tak humara close friends' parties yahin hotey hai. Humara engagement bhi yahin hogi." Kripa shied at his words, "abhi se decide kar liya?" Angad cupped her cheek with other hand, "kyon humare shadi ke barein mein tum nahin sochti? Main toh bahut sapne dekhliya. I want to fulfill all my dreams with you. Ek bhi kasar nahin chodunga." Kripa blushed and nodded her head as agreeing to him. He kissed her forehead "tumhara parents kab arahey hai? Why don't you hurry them?" Kripa frowned playfully, "what do you mean hurry them?"

Angad put his face like looking at a dumb, "dint you tell them that you loved me?" Kripa pushed him away and settled on the floor leaning to the parapet wall. "How can I tell them so openly? They guess I dream about you. Aur yahan aaney ki matlab bhi jaantey hai. Waisey bhi wo log Deepavali mein yahan arahey hai na. Khud tumhara parents se baat karengey." Angad joined her on the floor and dropped arm around her shoulder to pull her close, "Deepavali!! Ek hafta baaki hai. Accha yeh batao, tum apni parents ko mere barein kuch bhi nahin bataya?" He became curious and confused about her shyness with her parents. She blushed and nodded her head sideway, "nahin sharm aati hai."

He adorably looked at her shyness and cupped her face with other hand, "you look gorgeous when you blush." She shied and pushed away his hand. He grabbed her hand and locked her fingers in his. He rested his head on her shoulder as his other hand circled her waist. Kripa covered his hand on her waist with hers. Both felt sweet shiver all over body. He kissed her cheek aloud. She shyly leaned towards him as rested her head to his. Both kept silent for a while as played with each other's fingers. They pinched each other's finger tips; stroked each other's palms; pressed them as locked them tightly. They snuggled closely while the light cold breeze caressing their bodies.

"Aur kitne din intezar karna padega tumhey chuney ke liye?" he whispered in her ears. She smiled and looked into his eyes, "you are already touching me everywhere." She complained as their hands and legs touching closely to each other. He hit her forehead with his, "my innocent baavi! Mera matlab hai tere honton ko chuney ka mann karta hai. Tumhey bahon mein lekar saari duniya ko bulaney ko dil chahta hai. Ek baar chuney do, please." She shyly bit her lips to wet them. His eyes stuck over her juicy lips and unintentionally circled his hand around her along with hers in his. His face came closer to hers in the movement. Both inhaled each other's breath. Kripa closed her eyes as if drugged in his passionate looks. He kissed heavily on both eyelids. His lips touched her nose tip. It was cold in the night breeze. He blew hot breath on her through his mouth and stroked her cheeks with his lips. Kripa severely trembled and wet her lips to feel the dryness in the throat. His lips softly rubbed on her lips. She gasped at his warmth and manly touch. His hands tightened around her waist. He pressed his lips over hers. She moaned and he reciprocated. He kissed aloud and tried to probe her mouth.

"Kripa!" Aaliyah's voice brought them into this world. "Aaliyah!" Kripa suddenly released herself and   ran away from him with fear. She paused to look at stunned Angad and shyly smiled. "I have to go." she ran towards exit when she heard the footsteps of Aaliyah's in distance. She turned back at Angad who was still at the same pose with disappointment. She caressed her lips with tongue. He smiled as stroked his lips with his fingers. She blushed away and disappeared.


Arman took Misthy and Ridhima to a restaurant when Misthy insisted for a party on occasion of the reunion. During dinner Ridhima explained about Gupta's rejection and his dreams about Ridhima marrying in a high society. "Toh abb kya karengey?" Misthy questioned.

Arman was silently nibbling the morsel as his jaws tightened with anger and insult. Misthy placed her hand to assure Arman, "bhai! Ismein gussa hokar hum karbhi kya sakte hai? Gupta ji ka apna kuch armaney  hai. He was not wrong. His didn't want to bless you. Toh kya hua? Maanta hoon hum uskey barabari nahin kar saktey hai. Iska matlab yeh nahin hai ki tum Ridhima ko bhul jao. Tum apna pyar ko prove kar saktey hai."

"No use, Misthy! He won't change. Anyway main bua se baat karoonga. Ridhima! Are you ready to go against your papa?" Arman asked Ridhima who was silently waiting for his response. She hesitantly nodded her head.

Arman relieved from his tension, "now we don't care anyone. Let us go to Pune tomorrow."

Misthy warned him, "bhai! Bua ji pune mein nahin hai. She went on some tour with her children in orphanage. We can talk to her over phone."

Arman agreed and decided to call Satyavati on next day.

Misthy left Arman and Ridhima at Ridhima's house and left. "Tum theek toh ho na? Apni yeh decision se tum mudkar nahin chali jaogi na?" Arman asked Ridhima as she was silent most of the time. Ridhima silently nodded her head.

"Arey haan, main toh bhul hi gaya. You like formalities in love. Right?" He immediately knelt down in front of her and took ring out from his finger, "Will you marry me? Agar tumhara papa aasirvaad de ya na de tum mujhse shadi karne ke liye taiyyar ho?"

Ridhima chuckled at his dramatic expression and shook her head "yes, I do." He put the ring which was bigger than her size. He kissed the finger, "I was not prepared for this. Kal tumhey lejakar apni pasandgi ki ek ring khareedoonga." She smiled and kissed the ring. He pulled her in his arms and kissed her lips aloud, "I love you, Ridhima!" She looked into his eyes and kissed back on his lips, "I love you too Arman!" He lifted her under waist and swirled with joy, "I was afraid if I lose you." She bent and kissed his lips, "I belong to you, Arman!" The fear of separation for last couple of days relaxed them in each other's embrace. They reassured their hearts with their passionate kisses that they belong to each other.

Arman's mobile brought them into this world. "Misthy!!" Arman smiled as read the caller's name. Ridhima moved away from him, "jao, raat bahut hogayi hai. kal milengey."

Arman kissed her forehead, "I will wait for you tomorrow, breakfast par." Ridhima promised to meet him as per their usual schedule.


Kripa was cleaning some stuff in Devyani's room when Angad stepped in. He grinned at her and walked towards her.  She blushed at his mischievous looks and wet her lips. Angad lifted his hand to touch her cheeks and paused when he heard Devyani behind him, "Angad! Uthgaya beta?" Kripa softly giggled at his disappointed expressions. He angrily mocked at her and turned towards Devyani, "pranam Dadi!"  He bent to touch her feet.

"Aaj puja par aaya nahin," She complained at his late presence. Angad mumbled, "raat bhar soya nahin, Dadi! Time par uth nahi paya." Kripa rolled her tongue at his meaningful explanation. He winked at her and mouthed "how are you?" She assured at him with loving looks. Both forgot Devyani and locked their eyes. They remembered last night passionate moments between them.

"Ahem!Ahem!" Devyani settled her throat to grab their attention. She adorably noticed the passion and love between them. She boxed Angad's ears when he turned at her embarrassingly, "kal kripa ki maa baap arahey hai tera khabar leney." Angad eyes lit and looked at Kripa for confirmation. She nodded her head as confirming the news. His lips twitched happily but immediately pretended frown, "dadi! This is not fare na, mere khabar kyon lengey. Mainey kya kiya?" Devyani smiled affectionately and slapped his cheek playfully, "tum jo kiya hai Kripa se poochelengey. Apni beti ke liye tera haat toh jaroor mangna padega. Taiyyar raho 'haan' kehney."

Angad shamelessly smiled, "main toh kabke taiyyar hoon, Dadi!" He lovingly looked at Kripa and she blushed at his mischievously loving looks. Devyani smiled heartful and prayed her Gods to fulfill  her grandchildren's dreams.

"Dadi! Kya main Kripa ko bahar lejaasakta hoon?" Angad hesitantly asked for permission.

Devyani looked at him with a big smile and nodded her head side way, "na beta! Aaj nahin. Aaj mujhey Kripa ko lekar bazaar jana hai. Kuch kapedey aur saamaan khardina hai Deepavali ke liye."

Angad and Kripa both were disappointed but couldn't deny her decision. Angad bade bye to Devyani a peck on her cheek, "thank you for good news, Dadi!" He glanced at Kripa and walked out while Devyani and Kripa watched him out.

"Kripa! Jaldi se taiyyar hojao, humey breakfast ke turant nikalna hai. Nahin toh aaj ka kaam nahin finish karpayengey." Kripa obeyed her instructions, "ji Naani Maa!"

Angad peeped into the room when Devyani turned away from eyesight and signaled Kripa. Kripa widened her eyes with fear and warned him to leave. He flew kiss and pleaded to meet him outside. Kripa refused and moved away not to get embarrassed in front of Devyani. Angad clinched his jaws, "main kaise itni naadaani ladki se pyar kar baitha! Ek baar haat lagney do iski khabar jaroor loonga."

Kripa walked into outhouse when Devyani asked to bring something and caught by Angad in the hallway. He hushed her when she tried to question him and pulled to a corner. He locked her in his arms, "abb batao kal kyon nahin bataya tumhara parents ke barein mein?"

Kripa scribbled on his upper chest with shy, "kal mujhye bhi pata nahin tha. Aaj subah hi phone aya hai. Wo Aaj raat ka Mumbai express pakdengey." He kissed her forehead, "bhagwan ne mera dard samajh liya hai. Aur turant tumhari parents ko bhej raha hai. Haina?" Kripa smiled and nodded her head. Angad moved his hands around her to tighten the embrace and brought her face close to his. Kripa's heart palpitated at his closeness as remembered his warm lips from last night. "Baava! Koyi ajayega. Naani maa kuch maangli yahan se. Late hojaoongi toh Wo khud chalkar ajayengi. Chodo, Baava! Please."

He ignored her requests and rubbed both cheeks with his. "Kal raat kaisa laga?" He whispered in her ear sending shivers in her spine. She reddened and tried to release herself, "acha hai! jaldi se chod do." He chuckled and tightened his grip more mischievously, hmm acha laga?".

Kripa heaved a big sigh as gave up. He raised his eyebrows victoriously, "bus do din ka baat hai. Ek baar tumhara parents ney haan kehde humey koyi nahin rokengey. I don't leave you even for a moment." She moved her lips as mocking. She suddenly screamed, "Naani Maa!" Angad didn't believe but his grip was loosened a little.  She availed the chance and ran out of his arms showing her thumb at him, "aasa! Bava! I don't get in your hands again till shadi." Angad laughed at his childish act and stared delightfully at her way out.


"Hope, we don't have any patients today," Arman circled his hands around Ridhima when he got an hour leisure time after his first patient. Ridhima smiled and caressed his cheeks. He kissed her lips lightly and put her hands around his neck. Both mesmerized in each other arms till they were buzzed for next patient. Arman angrily scrunched his nose. Ridhima giggled, "Arman! Duty first." Arman angrily looked at her, "duty first!! hmm? Mera duty hai ki jaroor jaldi tumhey honeymoon pur lekey jana." Ridhima chuckled, "I'm ready." Arman widened his eyes for the old Ridhima come back. She blushed at his surprised excitement looks, "Arman! Jaldi se patients ka kaam khatam karo. Lunch time pur bahar chalengey." He rejuvenated at her suggestion and took care of his patients dutifully.

Arman and Ridhima  went out for lunch as per Ridhima's suggestion. "Arman! Mainey Naani ko batadiya humare decision ki barein mein. She is happy for your decision. She promised to talk with papa again." Ridhima informed about her conversation with her grandmother.

Arman pressed her hand, "I don't care about your papa now. I had taken decision. And we are getting married soon. Aaj subah hi bua se baat huvi thi. She invited us for Deepavali. And we are going there. Ageley hafta hi humara shadi hojayegi."

Ridhima blushed at the thought of wedding. He pinched her reddened cheeks, "aaj hi tere liye ek ring aur sari khareedlengey. Iss kushi mein mere taraf se."


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