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Part 22:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

 "Bhai! Jaldi utho apne honeywala sasural wale agaya hai." Aaliyah whispered in Angad's ears while Kartik watched them adorably with a smile. Angad's sleep flew away and he jumped out of bed, "WHAT? Agaye? They supposed to come at noon, right?" He checked the time.

Aaliyah and Kartik chuckled, "haan, Angad! Unka train ko bhi tumhara bechainee ka pata chalgaya hai." Angad blushed when his siblings started teasing him. Aaliyah hurried him, "Bhai! jaldi se neechey chalo. Tumhara honeywala saas-sasur tera intezaar kar rahay hai."

Kartik slowed him down, "no jaldi, Angad! Aaram se taiyyar hokey neechey aajao. After all you have to impress your would be in-laws." He rolled his eyes teasingly. Angad blissfully laughed and walked into bathroom.

Both siblings exchanged smiles and walked to the living room to meet Kripa's parents.

After a while Angad came down with pounding heart. First time in his life he felt nervous to impress someone most important to him. He saw all elders chatting busily and he sneaked into kitchen where Aaliyah and Anittah were helping Teddy. Both sisters received him as eyebrows moved playfully. He blushed, "What are they saying? Did they talk about me? Kripa kahan hai?" he was curious to know about Kripa's parent's opinion on him.

Kripa entered the kitchen before he finished his words. She smiled at him with shy. He softly nudged her, "what are they saying? Did they talk about us?" Kripa rolled her eyes, "kya kahengey dulha ko dekhey bina? Jao, jaakey unsey milo. Wo bhi apne honeywala damaad  se milney ko bechain hai."   She chuckled graciously and walked to Teddy. Angad moved his jaw as grinded his front teeth at her. Both his sisters helplessly looked at him to make fun of him.

Kripa turned her head blissfully, "Jaakar impress karo agar meri haat maangta hai toh. Abb tak kayi baar pooch liya hai tere barein mein." She took tray of coffee from Teddy and walked back. Angad stopped her at the door, "you mean, can I ask your parents for your hand now?" Kripa blushed to red as both sisters giggled from behind at Angad's shameless curiosity. "How can you ask like that? Let them talk to your parents first." She whispered with shy and left. Angad sighed and left to meet Kripa's parents when his sisters encouraged him.

"Aao Angad! Yahan mere paas aao." Devyani welcomed Angad when he was hesitantly walked to the elders. Surya and Gayatri turned their heads to gaze the handsome groom in front of their eyes. Naina and Dilip proudly introduced Angad. Angad touched their feet at Devyani's gestures. "Aayushmaan bhava!!" Surya blessed him aloud. Gayatri blessed him by caressing his shoulders with her hands. Angad took seat besides Devyani. Surya started interviewing Angad while Gayatri admiring Angad's obedient replies.

Angad in between stole eyes from Kripa who fixated her shy looks on him while seated between her parents. His eyes sparkled whenever she showered appreciation looks at him.

Angad gestured Kripa to meet him privately when talks turned over Surya and Dilip and their better-halves. Kripa walked back into kitchen escaping Gayatri's constant hovering eyes over her. Gayatri already sensed the comfort between her daughter and Angad.

Angad secretly reached Kripa from back door. "Baava! Mama aur papa yahin hai. Aaj se yeh chup chap milna band. We have to be careful about their presence. Agar mama ko kahin shak hogaya toh mujhey abhi wapas lekey jayengey." Kripa whispered as soon as he approached her. He cuddled her from behind, "shak? Main toh yeh yakein pe badal daloonga. Aur yeh bhi kahoonga ki mujhey tumse behad pyar hai." Kripa tried to release herself as mocked at him, "wo to theek hai magar shadi ke pehla yeh pyar vyar mama papa ke samney nahin chalega."  He rubbed his nose on her neck, "wo kya janey pyar kya hota hai.  Yeh sab baton ko chodo. Pehle yeh batao ki tumhara mama papa mujhey dekh kar impress hua ki nahin?"

Kripa rolled her tongue inside cheek, "main kya janoon? Khud poochlo. Wo Deewali ke baad baat karengey. Kyon ki abb soonye maas (no good omens) hai. Abb shadi ke baat nahin kar sakte." Angad was disappointedly looked into her eyes, "Deewali ke liye aur teen din intezaar karna padega." Kripa shook her head and hit his head, "Itna bhi intezaar nahin kar sakta? Abb chodoge? Mujhey jana hai nahin toh mama andar ajayengi. Bahut mushkil se uski samney se nikli hoon." Angad reluctantly released her after some more of her pleads.


"Ridhima! Aaj akhri shift ke baad tum ghar chal rahi hai. Papa will take you home." Anjali informed her father's message when Ridhima came back from lunch. "Kyon di! Aaj ka special kya hai?" Ridhima innocently asked.

Anjali shrugged her shoulders, "aaj hi nahin aaj se teen char din tum humare saat reh rahi hai. Papa ne Deewali ki celebrations ka plan kardiya hai."  Arman frowned at the new development and signaled Ridhima to explain about their plans for Deewali. Anjali exchanged looks from Arman to Ridhima. She left after reminded Ridhima about the plans before Ridhima could speak about their plans.

Arman was frustrated, "tum chup kyon ho? Anjali se apne plans ke barein mein nahin keh sakti thi?" Ridhima was irritated by his taunts, "tum kyon humesha mujhey blame karte ho? Tum bhi keh sakta tha na?" She realized her harsh tone and calmed down before Arman reacted to her. "Mera chup rehney ka yeh matlab to nahin ki main papa ke saat ghar chali jaaoongi. Mujhey Deewali ka plans yaad hai." she hastily walked away leaving stunned Arman. Slowly a cheer filled his face as understood her meaning and he followed her after a while.

Ridhima avoided Arman for an hour as her anger still fused in. Arman tried to pacify her but she was stubborn. "Ridhi! Gussa chodo. Galati hogayi. Aagey se main hi initiative loonga humare barein batane ki. Aur aaj tumhara papa khud tumhey lene aaye toh main unse kahoonga ki tum mere saat Deewali mein Pune jaarahi hai. Happy?" Ridhima gave him sharp looks and he held his ears as if asking for forgiveness. She melted at his dramatic gesture. Arman noticed it and cuddled her as sighed in relief, "tumhara gussa mujhey bechain kardeti hai." Ridhima giggled "that why you irritate me, right?" he moaned as pressed her to him by hiding his face in her hair. She moved closer to him as circled hands around his neck.

While the two love birds were relaxing in their embrace Dr.Gupta entered Arman's cabin. He paused at the door with embarrassment and knocked on the door, "Ridhima!" Ridhima startled and moved away from Arman. Both exchanged looks and she walked towards the door.

"Ridhima! Anjali ne tumhey bata diya hoga. Aaj se tum mere saat rahogi. Aur Deewali ke baad tum wapas Naani ke paas jasakti hai. Yeh mera aasha hai ki tum mana nahin karogi." Shashank Gupta asked as read the hesitation on Ridhima's face.

Ridhima relented, "magar papa! Main Arman ke saat Pune…." Shashank interrupted her, "main jaanta hoon, Ridhima! Tumhara shadi mere haaton se hogi jaise Anjali ki huvi thi. Main Arman ke barein mein sochney laga hoon. Naani ne mujhey sab kuch batadiya. Kya tum mujhpur viswas rakh sakti hai?"

Ridhima was surprised for change in his approach. Shashank moved forward as he noticed Ridhima's softer side, "I'll be waiting for you in the car. Jaldi se ajao." He gave privacy to Ridhima to bid bye to Arman.

Arman looked unbelievingly at her, "you believe your papa?" She came and cupped his jaw, "Arman! Naani ne Papa ko humare plan ke barein mein bata diya tha. Abb papa tumhare barein mein sochne laga hai. He promised me to consider our relation. Yeh toh humare liye acha hi hoga na? Let's give him a chance."

Arman sharply looked at her when she sounded as made decision to go with her father, "you trust your papa! He said he started thinking about me. That means he just wanted time to separate us. Why don't you understand this?"

Ridhima pleaded him to agree for the present proposal, "Arman! Shadi jindagi mein bahut badi decision hai. Aur badon ke ashirvad ke bina humara shadi adhura reh jayegi. Let's give him a chance. Do you think I waste my life in just waiting for his decision? I just want to give him some time to change his decision about you."

She reluctantly left after ten minute arguments and negotiations though he didn't seem to be convinced to her suggestion.

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