Monday, 5 March 2018

Part 28 : All for your love

arman nodded and replied slowly : “today dr. smith stopped sumit’s chemo.”

hearing it all became silent but muski uttered : “yeh toh achchi baat hai,means sumit is fine now..”

arman glared her and started sipping his coffee while rahul uttered : “maine kaha na tune jarur chori karke medical paas ki hai.mujhe toh shaq hota hai tu doctor hai bhi ya nahi...

arman uttered looking at rahul : “dr smith talked to dr williams..he said no need to come india of him...when I requested,he said only.....aise situation me patient ke paas raho,usey khush rakho.ab usey chemo dena ya uska kuch new treatment karna uspar torture karna hoga.”

atul uttered : “I saw his reports yesterday..his brain’s tissues ,nerves started damaging..

arman nodded and bent head.rahul uttered slowly : “means kuch dino me wo kisiko pahchan nahi payega?his brain will stop working?”

arman nodded again and got up and uttered in a teary voice : “yaar,maine kuch dino ki leave li hai..bas sumit ke paas rehna chahta hun.”

anjali uttered in a sigh voice : “riddhima kaisi hai?”

arman smiled painfully and uttered : ‘she became totally silent. sirf sumit ke paas baithi rehti hai.thank god ,sapna is there with her.sumit ne riddhima se kaha hai ki uske jane ke baad uski choti behen sapna ka khyal rakhe,usse fight na karey.he made friendship between them and you know riddhima sumit ki koi baat mana nahi karti.sapna bhi ab riddhima ka bahut khyal rakhti hai.”

just then arman’s mobile started was sapna...”bhai,sumit bhaiya aapko bula rahe hain,kuch bata karni hai unko.”

arman uttered : “bas 2 minute me aaya sappu.”

he went from there running.all were sitting silently.suddenly they heard sobs of muskan.she was sobbing badly while mumbling : “babaji,aisi takleef kisiko mat dena babaji..please..”

rahul heaved a sigh and uttered : “meri duty hai..children ward me,i am going.”

anjali uttered : “rahul wait,I am also coming. mera toh aaj off tha but arman gave me responsibilities of mini...

atul uttered sighly : “i am worry about mini also.”

anjali nodded and they went for their respective duty with a heavy heart.
arman saw sumit was lying on the bed.where sumit’s mumma was talking with riddhima.she was saying something but riddhima was stood there bending head. seeing arman,sumit uttered in a complaining voice : “arman,tum riddhima ko zara danto..tumne hi usey bigada hai.”

arman smiled and uttered : “tum ho na dantne ke liye sumit.”

sumit uttered with a sulking face : “mai isey khub danta karta tha isliye good girl thi,ab bad girl ban gayi hai.”

sumit’s mumma uttered : “riddhima ne kal se kuch nahi khaya arman, aur abhi usey chakakr aa gaya,wo toh achcha hai ki sapna paas hi thi,usne sambhal liya.”

arman asked surprisingly : “fast?”

sumit : “haan kahti hai mere liye fast rakhi hai,mannat manga hai.tum hi batao agar aise mannat purey hote toh kya duniya me koi marta? sabhi mannat maangkar sari beemari thik kar dete,hai na?”

arman didn’t think what he could say so addressed sapna : “sappu tune bataya nahi?”

sapna uttered : “sorry bhai,riddhima ne kasam di thi.”

sumit’s mumma uttered : “mai aur sapna isey le jakar canteen me kuch khilati hun,arman beta,aap sumit ke paas tabtak rukoge?”

arman uttered : “sure aunty..aaj meri duty nahi hai.”
after they went,arman sat beside sumit while holding his hand.a silence occured for sometime then sumit uttered slowly : “arman...wo table ke drawer mein kuch hai tumhare liye.”
arman nodded and opened the drawer and got a diary there.he gave sumit a question look. sumit smiled sighly and uttered in a weak voice : “bahut kuch tumhe batana tha...ruddhima ke baare me...humdono ke sapno ke baare me...riddhima ke aise kuch secrets,jo tumhe mere jane ke baad help karta usey samjhne me..i wanted to tell you arman,par riddhima mere paas rehti thi,i could not say in front of i wrote in this diary...yeh apne paas mera gift samajhkar rakh lena.”

he started panting...arman made him to drink water then uttered : “aur mai toh tumse sari baaten sunna pasand karunga..tum thik ho....

but sumit stopped him and uttered : “kuch dino me mai bhul jaunga tum koun ho..riddhima koun hai..mai koun hun..and its good for me,phir is duniya se jaane me takleef nahi hogi...

arman kept finger on his lips and uttered with a wet voice : “bas sumit...aisi baten mat kaho..hum tumhe jane nahi denge....

sumit smiled sighly and closed his eyes.tears started wetting his cheeks...arman wanted to stop him but he had also the same situation...the worst thing and the harsh truth of this world is the death..where everyone is helpless to accept it.

“Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.”

and that was the last conversation of arman’s with evening sumit became unconcious.sumit’s mumma,arman,riddhima,sapna,dadi and dr. shshank stayed there for the whole day,arman discussed with doctor for a brain surgery but dr refused totally because it would not work. he said : “dr. arman,ab sumit ko takleef dena thik nahi.we are helpless..sorry.”

at afternoon sumit got consciousness. everyone was happy seeing it.but there happiness turned into grief getting that sumit was not recognizing anyone. sometimes he looked at them and trying to talk,his lips trembled but words not coming from his mouth only tears were flowing down and sometimes he was only staring everyone with a blank expression.

2 days passed like this.arman and everyone was stayed there day and night.they were the witness of sumit’s unbearable pain which was making him to scream like a mad cry loudly like a baby.....and slowly he stopped responding to doctors also.

and the time came when his heartbeat started beating rapidly and then slowly...very uttered something in a low voice to sumit’s mumma,who’s eyes were raining constantly...she nodded, wiped her tears,held sumit’s hand,kept his head in her lap ,caressed his hairs,cheeks and uttered in a calm voice : “jao beta...mere krishna (bhagwan) ke god(lap) me,jahan tumhe koi takleef,koi dard chu bhi nahi payega..”

she folded hands and prayed while having tears : “bhagwan,mere bete ko is dard se mukt kar do..”

sapna dumped on the chair and started crying while hiding her face into palm.dr. shshank went from the room while dadi tried to give support riddhima,who was standing like a statue but arman was totally numb!he had seen many deaths after becoming doctor but never thought himself in this position when someone ,his very own would go in front of him like this and he had nothing to do. he turned and punched the wall in anger.tears started flowing down his eyes ,he wiped it and came to sumit and called slowly : “sumit...

all were surprised to see that sumit responded...he opened his eyes with great difficulty...tried to smile looking at arman. arman yelled : “see doctor...sumit ko kuch nahi hua hai..he is fine..please dr. do something.”

but not getting any answer he held sumit’s hand and uttered : “tumhe kuch nahi hoga sumit...i am here..mai tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga...

he looked at sumit in horror getting his pulse was going down very fast..he caught sumit’s hand in his palm to keep it warm and felt sumit was trying to write something in his palm with his shivering,cold was “riddhima”.....arman bent near his ears and whispered : “promise sumit..i promise..”

sumit opened his eyes once,looked around.may be he wanted to see everyone,who gave him love..was with him till his last moment ..wanted to share his pain....and didn’t want to let him go.he shivered once and closed his eyes forever leaving everyone shattered!..broken and devastated.....!!

love u all

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