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part 3 & 4 : Lamhe (AR ff)


part 3 :


At the conference hall all interns were seated for IOTM

Kriti – Well i am really proud of all you .You all have did splendid job, not to forget you all have showed really well but unfortunately we have to chose one intern and that is Dr. riddhima gupta

All were clapping and praising and Anjali were really furious

She just left in Huff

At locker room

All were happy for ridhima

M – kya baat hai Ridhi tu toh shah gayi

An – oh hello armaan kaha hai

M- kyon

An – tumh se matala

Ra – well he left Singapore for conference

An – kya mujhe baate bina

Ra – tumhe kyon batana tha

An – none of ur business

Ra – heyyy

An – bloody roadside people didn't ur parents gave u any manners

Ra – how dare u to talk about my parents u say one word about my parents u'll regret

An – You... they were cut by Dr kritti


They all went quite

Dr K – Dr An – Dr Ra extra three hours today after shift

An – but

Dr K – 5 hours dr Anjali

Dr kritti just left

Ra – i hate You girl and mark my word You'll regreat messing up with me

An – yerK!!!!!!!!!!

They all left home after saying bye to Rahul

And then after finishing their extra work they came back to locker room and Anjali was on break as she still have her 2 hr left

Later at night MALIK MANSION

Kritti was sitting in the lodge and reading Magazine

Rahul came and hugged her and sat beside Kritti

K – kaisa raha tumhara din

Ra – kaisa hoona that mom i had spend three more hours just because of that anjali

K – (cut him ) I heard her

Ra – you know mom she think she love Armaan bhai and she'll make him fall in love with her

K – really like u mean true love

Ra – mom u still believe that what what she said about my parent

K – no i mean she..

Ra – no mom i think she is just stubborn to get him

K – then she might be a spoilt brat

Ra – I agree By the way when dad is coming I am already missing bro

K – In two hours

RA – main receive karne jayo

K – even i want to but shubhankar ne kaha hai unki car airport pe hi hai

Ra – okay (saying that he lay down in her lap)

K – ( brush his hair  ) kya baat hai kafi thak gaye ho

RA – hmmm bhai ka aa rahe hai

K – teen din baad

Rahul didn't knew when he dozed off in her lap and kriti was just caressing his hair

Scene Faded

In a beautiful and big room

A girl was really angry and furious she was just pacing down the room

S – what happen anjali beta

A girl turned around and saw her dad

An – Dad armaan mujhe batae bina hi Singapore chala gaye

S – toh

An – dad i love him and how can u mere matlab he doesn't care for me app uski family se baat karna plzzz

S – okay uski family kaha hai

An – pata nahi

S – last name

 An – pata nahi

S – anything

An - i don't know

S – don't worry beta tum mujhe uska photo de dena and i'll look him

An – (hugs her dad) thank you dad

Scene Faded

Two girls were walking to get ice cream at night

Ridzi – muski tujhe kya lagata hai kon galat hai Anjali ya Rahul

M- anjali aur kon

R – kyu

M – are yaar dehka nahi kaise anjali baar baar armaan , armaan karti hai

R – hai par phir..

M – (shaked her head ) dekh agar armaan sir ko use kuch bataya nahi toh woh kitna badak rahi thi

R - haan

M – par woh jo kar rahi thi woh jabar dasti thi

R – matlab Armaan sir auuse pasand nahi karte

M – kare ga bi koun

They reached the ice cream booth

M – bhayia do double chocolate dena they paid and start liking the ice cream

R – muski bua ko phone aya tha

(Their orphanage wali care taker)

M – kya keh rahi thi kafi din ho gaye hai unse baat kiya hoye

R – kuch nahi bas aise hal pooch rahe the aur hospital bare pooch rahe the

Sudenly there was a guy on the bike

He removed his helment and It is none other than Vivek

His eyes caught ridhima

V- hmm

But before he could get his hand on her they went in their building where they have their own apartment
part 4 : 

Armaan's point of view today
Armaan boarded fight
He was in business class seat 
After he settled down he put his LP away
and lay down for while.  When flight took
 The Air hostage came to him
Ah - hello sir...sir would u like something to drink or eat
A ' (Looked up) well r u on the menu sweetheart
Ah ' sweetly smiled ' sorry to disappoint sir but I am not allowed to
A ' (Act heartbroken) ah my poor heart well thank you I would love to have black coffee.
She left to get coffee
After the while the flight landed at Singapore airport.

Armaan Got to the hotel where
they had booked for the doctors to stay

He called home and told that he has
reached safely then after talking for
a while he hanged up as he was tired
and has an early conferences
So he just went to sleep
Armaan was ready and left to left the conferences room
(As the conferences room was in same hotel)

So In the conferences room all the
doctors was sitting and when suddenly
armaan's eye fell on the girl who just
entered armaan was shocked but
when she saw him her lips formed
an wicked smile she came and sat
front of him and winked at him but
he ignored her as he knew it was the
 best option.
But she said hello to and gave her hand
to shake but armaan ignored her again
G ' What happened Armaan(try to act
Armaan looked at her and gave her
most boring look
 She was PA of on of the doctors
 just he was about to snapped back the conference started so he couldn't say
 anything and ignored her as the conferences ended armaan left to his room and
 sat on the bed
Armaan's thought
Her name Maya (hmm here is the little introduction well
she is evil, can do anything for money and
 same thing she did with Armaan was she
 made a bet with her friends that if she
will make him fall in love with her then
her friends will pay her 10.000 and her
friends agreed as they knew he doesn't
date just harmlessly flirts so they agree
 but she acted innocent and all in front
of armaan and he fell for her and they
started dating each other but it has been
three months they were dating but one
day they were suppose to go on a date
and she told him to pick her up at 7:30
but armaan went at her house at 7:00
And saw her sleeping with one of her
(I will use G for the man she was  ..Ahem... Ahem
M - It was fun (while kissing him on chest)
G - What happened to Armaan
(lay her beneath and starts kissing her)
M -(  evil laugh) he thinks i love
him and he doesn't even know that i am
going out with him just for a bet but
don't u think that he is quite hot but he
doesn't let me near him just stupid hug u
know I wouldn't be surprise to know that he
haven't had his first kiss yet
G - Really (while hugging her from waist)
so he doesn't know that u r cheating on him
M - of course not, okay u can go as he is
coming to pick me up and saying that they
both went to the Bathroom and here armaan
 was in tears and he left home and sent her pictures (that he took to proof so she won't believe argue back or say against him), and
said that we are over she didn't even care
and she didn't know that Armaan is very rich 
 (here is important thing that no one knew
 in collage that armaan belongs from very
rich family and neither in hospital as they didn't want to tell anyone 
 that's why anji don't know anything
about him...) and armaan went home
after that and was very quite
Kirtti and Shub tried to know what happen
but remain unsuccessful but one day he
told everything to Rahul and he told armaan
 to study out of india so he can forget
about that and he convinced Kirtti and
shub  they tried to ask why but rahul
said it will be perfect thing to do for
Bhai and now Kritti and shubhankar
know the reason but they didn't let him
 know that
They know so he moved to further
studies and now he is back and he kind
of forgot about it.
now he was a little disturbed and there
were two more conference and he attended
 the conference and she tried to talk to him
but he always ignore her and the more he
ignore the more she wanted him so after
the conference ended he took the next flight
so he can go back
At Mumbai Airport
A - (Talking on the phone) Rahul kaha hai tu
A - Okay
After Five minutes Rahul arrived on his new
 car he bought

A (looking at the car) not bad buddy
Ra - thanks (but notice something unusual)
Ra - kya baat hai you're not yourself no
hell no more hugs bhai sab...
Armaan told him everything how he met Maya 
Ra - (anger) don't worry bro its past
A - Your right she only saw the half of me
she will see the worse part of me if she try
to cross my way.
Ra - (very excited) bro Angel aa rahi hai
A - (Happy) baby aa rahi kab
Fulll name Arayana Malik
Middle child of Malik Kaandaan 2 years
younger from Armaan and 2 years older 
from rahul and Armaan call her baby to
 irritate her but usually everyone calls her
 Angel and RAhul calls her funny names to
piss her off
She is a business women, single and handles
 the malik empire with the help from shub
 and Armaan Called (marvels gotten from amiiee di) a very know construction company in London and France.
She is totally prankster and jaan of the
malik house. And love to irritate her
brothers and love her family to core of
her heart.
(So I guess done with the intro on Angel)

Armaan and rahul left the airport and
drove to MAlik House.
they reached homee and kirti and shub
asked him about his conferences and alot
 more stuff after they the all went to to

Preview - Aryana's entry and more
Hospital scene...

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