Sunday, 4 March 2018

Part- 3 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Shashank's cell rang and he excused himself and Abhimanyu too left the room so now it was Riddhima and Armaan alone in the room.

Riddhima walked up to Armaan who still had his mouth open in shock……….placing her finger under his chin she closed his mouth and finally she did what she was avoiding to do from a long time……...she burst out laughing seeing which Armaan turned red, visibly embarrassed and then he remembered the words he had said in the car and he was even more embarrassed but then when he looked at her he forgot everything about his embarrassment……….he stared at Riddhima with a tender and dreamy expression on his face.

Man she looks like an angel……oh god she is adorable…...wish I could cuddle her but today I know that looks can be soooo deceptive………..she looks so innocent but she is so clever……….dude she fooled ME………ARMAAN MALIK……..I mean how could she……..I should hate her but she is looking like an angel right now and I am getting that sweet feeling of kissing and cuddling her all over again…… Armaan you can't have that feeling for her…… have to show her that you are the boss and that nobody messes with Armaan Malik.

Armaan folded his arms across his chest and pouted at her. Riddhima looked at his baby like cute face and melted……..She held both her ears and mumbled very cutely "Sorry Armaan but that's what I always do with people who think I can't understand Hindi and then I always come to know what they think about me." still holding her ears she added with a devilish tone "What are you worried for? You only said good things about me. So I have nothing against you." She started chuckling again……………..She looked at Armaan who was now frowning at her" she quickly held her ears once again and spoke in the cutest voice she could make "Please Armaan I am sorry. Won't you forgive me Armaan? Please." Armaan finally smiled and Riddhima returned his smile. He was about to say something when Shashank entered the room and asked Riddhima "Riddhima are you ready to go home?" Riddhima smiled at him and waving goodbye to Armaan she left the place.

"Dad I have to go to the hospital and I'll come back home with Rahul so please drop me at the City hospital." Shashank frowned and asked her "Why do you want to go to the hospital?" Riddhima could sense the worry in his voice……….so smiling she told him "Dad don't worry…… of my friends is admitted there so I have to be there and meet her as soon as I can. Don't worry……I'll be home on time." Shashank nodded and dropped her at the hospital and told her before leaving "Riddhima come home on time okay. We have to go for dinner to Armaan's place." He drove off leaving a confused Riddhima behind. She wasn't confused because of his words but because of the expression that she saw on his face and then her eyes widened and her hand went to her mouth.
Oh no dad is once again trying to hook me up with an Indian…...ARMAAN MALIK……...hmmmm he is not bad…… fact I think he is really really hot and sweet as well but that doesn't mean I'll get married to him……...Dad really needs to grow up……..but I have to say this time dad's choice isn't bad unlike other times…....humph well let's see what happens today?

Riddhima turned around and entered the hospital.

"MUSKAAN" Riddhima yelled angrily on the top of her lungs the moment she entered the ward. Three heads turned towards her.

"Riddhima…...when did you come? You should have called me. I would have come to pick you up." Rahul walked towards Riddhima and was about to hug her but stopped when he saw the angry expression on her face. Riddhima walked towards Muskaan, who was lying on the bed with a tube inserted inside her wrist and there was blood flowing through it…….She looked straight into her eyes and spoke "HOW DARE YOU? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TRIED TO COMMIT SUICIDE……..YOU DIDN'T THINK ABOUT US EVEN ONCE? WE HAVE SOME RIGHTS OVER YOUR LIFE AND YOUR LIFE DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU ALONE…….IT BELONGS TO YOUR PARENTS……….HOW COULD YOU BE SO HEARTLESS?" Riddhima stopped when she saw the tears in Muskaan's eyes and a few nurses staring at her….probably because of her yelling....but she wasn't done yet and she was still mad at Muskaan. She sat down opposite Muskaan and then spoke in a soft but firm voice "Why Muskaan? Why did you do this? Don't you care about us? Is he the only one you care about? Just because Vivek betrayed you, you were ready to leave all of us. Do you have any idea how much we all love you and your parents…...they would have died without you Muskaan." Muskaan covered her face with her fingers and remembered how Vivek had betrayed and hurt her……..he had promised to love and cherish her all his life and they were going to get married next month but one day she got a phone call from some guy who told her that Vivek was cheating on her and she decided to follow Vivek and found him in a room with some girls……..he had cheated her……..he had broken her heart into a million pieces. She had tried to kill herself but Rahul had brought her to the hospital. She cried harder after remembering everything once again. She felt someone's hand on her shoulder…….she opened her eyes and saw Riddhima sitting next to her with her eyes filled with tears……

"I am sorry Muskaan. I was rude but I couldn't help it. When I came to know about all this I was angry on you for even trying this. Muskaan I can't even imagine my life without you……….you mean a lot to me Muskaan. You can't leave me……..I won't let you leave me……I will never let you go…..

Riddhima continued murmuring the same thing again and again till she broke down and her tears started to flow……....she was shaking with fear of loosing Muskaan, the only person who she trusted more then anyone in the whole world. Muskaan was the one who had helped Riddhima in every tough situation and had been there when her parents had gotten divorced and now to imagine her also leaving her……she couldn't bear it.

Rahul walked towards Riddhima and consoled her. Finally she stopped crying and hugged Muskaan who hugged her back.

"Promise me you won't ever do any such thing again?" Riddhima asked Muskaan with her hand extended in front of her. Muskaan placed her hand in Riddhima's hand and replied "I won't I promise. I am sorry for hurting all of you so much." Both the girls smiled and then Riddhima turned towards another girl sitting at the foot of the bed and spoke in a reproachful tone "Priya why didn't you inform me? I didn't even know about this till I reached here and the doctor told me all this."

"I am sorry Riddhima. We didn't want to worry you. Muskaan is fine and she just promised you that she would never do such a thing again. So now relax and go home. You need to rest and you landed this morning and here you are fussing over Muskaan already." Riddhima agreed to leave after some time. All four friends sat down and chatted till Riddhima left and Muskaan dozed off. Rahul dropped Riddhima home.

"Hmmm……what do I wear? I think I should wear something traditional or maybe something casual so that Armaan doesn't think that I dressed specially for him."

Riddhima debated for some time and then decided to wear a red suit with very little work on it. It was well-fitting and enhanced Riddhima's beauty and curves.

Riddhima left her hair open and checked herself in the mirror……..She didn't look like the supermodel and the super glamorous Riddhima Carter…...she was the sweet and charming Riddhima gupta once again.

Armaan might not be impressed seeing me in this red salwaar kameez…..but this is what I truly am…… Indian at heart...I might be a supermodel but this is what I like to wear the most and anyways who cares whether Armaan Malik likes this or not.

Riddhima smiled and went outside to her dad who was waiting for her in their car. Her father smiled and said "Riddhima gupta you look stunning."

Riddhima smiled shyly at her father and they drove off to Armaan's place.


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