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part 4 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Aunty! Abb Kripa ki perfect match  Kartik se hoga ya uska chota bhai se? Are you sure Naina Aunty got a boy that time? You said you never contacted them since the past incidence?," Sapna asked eagerly as soon as Gayatri finished narrating the past.

Gayatri smiled "itney sawal? Perfect match? Tumko kisney bataya ki Kripa ki baat uss ghar mein hogi? Pata hai na hum donon pariwar mein koyi terms nahin hai? Humey shak tha ki Devyani mausi se Nanaji (Nalini Devi's father) contact mein tha. Unke guzar jaaney ke baad humse koyi mausi ki baat karne ka prayatne nahin kiya, babuji ki darr se. Pata nahin Naina beta ko janam diya ya beti ki. Kartik toh dus saal bada hai. Humey kya pata wo log kya soch rahey hai aur kaise hai."

"True, aunty! Dadaji toh guzar chukey they. Abb Khanna pariwar ko reject karney wala yahan toh koyi nahin hai na?" Sapna played her eyebrows at Kripa with mischief "waise Khanna pariwar ko bhi nahin maloom hai Kripa ki barein mein, haina?"

Kripa pressed Sapna's hand secretly for expressing doubts on her behalf. Sapna reassured her with her eyes and waited for Gayatri's response. Gayatri smiled as she knew Kripa also wanted to know about Khannas "Kripa toh Nanaji guzar janeey ki chaar saal baad paida huyi thi. Chalo, abb yeh batein bahut hogaya hai. Tumhara uncle aatey hongey, khana ka intezaar karna hai mujhey." She left into kitchen leaving the two friends for their privacy.

Kripa walked behind Gayatri as Sapna got call from her brother Subhanker.

"Kal ka program kya hai, Kripa?" Sapna entered kitchen after her call. Kripa shrugged her shoulders "kuch kaas toh nahin hai. Kyon?"

"Amit Mumbai araha hai. Aur ek hafte mein shadi karkey chala jayega. Bhai abhi call kiya tha. He asked me to leave for Mumbai tonight or tomorrow. I asked for one day time to wind-up everything here. Actually I'm pretty much ready to leave, as you know. Bus ek bahana kardiya ki tumhey lekar kuch shopping karloon charminar mein."

Kripa laughed with joy "oye hoy! Abb humara Sapna dulhan banegi!! Chalo issi bahaney main bhi kuch shopping karoongi tere liye aur khud ke liye bhi."

Sapna hummed in mischief "mere baat chodo, Kripa! Tum bhi abb dulhan banne ke liye taiyyar hojao. Shayad tumhara 'bava' is calling you from bottom of his heart. Mere sung chalney ke liye taiyyar hojao." She secretly whispered in Kripa's ears.

Kripa's cheeks became pink "chal hut! Agar tum aise chedegi toh main tere shadi mein nahin aaney wali."

Sapna laughed mischievously "yeh such much gussa hai? Mann mein laddoo toh phoot raha hai. Mere shadi pur ajao phir humdonon aagey  kya karna hai sochengey. Abki baat batao. Shopping ke liye taiyyar hai?"

Kripa looked at Gayatri who was watching them whispering. She gave them permission for shopping and to return home before dark.

Sapna settled beside Kripa after dinner "abb tum meri shadi mein aana itna jaroori hai ki humey wo Khanas ko doondna hi padega." Kripa leaned onto pillow and turned head to Sapna, "tumhey itna fursat kahan milegi apni shadi mein??"

Sapna dropped her hand around Kripa "dosti ke liye kuch waqt toh nikal sakti hoon, yaar!" both laughed and chatted for some more time about past and Khannas.


"Raat bhar kahani sunliya?" Naina sarcastically asked Kartik at his swollen eyes for lack of proper sleep when he entered into her bedroom. He laughed "haan, Mom! Bahut mazedar aur dardbhari kahani hai. Mujhey yakein hi nahin hota ki abhi bhi itna conservative loge hai." He sat beside Naina as dropped his hand around her.

She sighed aloud "conservative? South mein log bahut conservative hai aur khaass kar tumhara Dadi ki khaandan loge." She turned colors on her face as remembered the bitter past.

"I'm sorry to hear about it, Mom! They shouldn't insult you like that. Aapka pregnancy ka toh khayal karta." He tried to console Naina.

Naina shook her head "Wo mujhse thodi naraz they? They didn't like Dadi to visit them. Uski galti thi abhi tak unlogon pur lagaon rakhna." She heaved out her breathe once again and gave some papers to Kartik "Bose company project ka file hai. Sign karlo aur baaki logon ko bhi batao. Anittah toh karliya hai."

Kartik silently signed the papers showed by Naina "Mom! I wonder uss jamaney mein itna sadachar gharelu ki Dadi humara Dada se rista jodliya. Yeh itna simple baath toh nahin tha. I wouldn't have done it. Tub toh kya abb bhi iss pyar vyar chakkar mein main nahin padney wala." He smiled adorably. Naina affectionately smiled at him as boxed his ears and patted his cheek.

"Tum pur mujhey pura bharosa hai, Kartik! Tum meri baat kabhi taalega nahin. Magar Angad tumse alag hai.  Sab bachon se bhi alag hai. Wo Dadi ki hur baton ka bahut maantha hai. Pata nahin abhi se uss pariwar ki barein mein  kya kya khwaab dekhraha hoga. Mujhey shak hai ki Dadi aaj bhi uss pariwar se rista jodney ka prayatne karengi. Hope, he won't get hurt like Dadi in these love matters."Naina showed her fears about the reunion.

Kartik smiled as remembered Angad's dreams about unknown cousin and silently walked out to inform other siblings for signatures.

Aalyah entered along with Angad. She irately asked, "Mom! Mainey kitne baar keh chuki thi ki yeh papers, documents, files mere buss ka baat nahin hai. Why don't you sign on my behalf?"

Angad laughed at her usual disinterest in business dealings. "Mom wanted us to grow smart business personalities. Abhi se kuch toh seekhlo agar wo Bose pariwar ki bahu banna hai toh." He teased Aaliyah as Damini Bose showed interest in Aaliyah from her childhood. Aaliyah pouted as rolled her eyes "I'm not ambitious or dream 'girl' like you, bhai! I don't care." Angad became red as she talked about his dreams.

Naina affectionately looked at siblings fight and made them sign the papers. "Yeh kya mom! Blank documents? Kiska hai?" Angad never signed papers without scrutinizing unlike other siblings. Naina was irritated many times for his scrutiny in everything. "Bose requested in case of need."

 Angad irately signed "its weird policy, Mom!. Yeh Bose walon se business somehow mujhey shuru se hi pasand nahin hai, No offense Aaliyah!"

Aaliyah tied lips as she was fine with his statement.

"It's not your choice, Angad! I and Damini have been good friends for ten years now. I don't want you to show any differences here." Naina warned Angad and walked away to save the files in safe place.

"I don't mean to…" Angad tried to explain but Naina interrupted him "Angad! This would be a great project. We know many participants return homes empty handed after the reality shows. They get support from our project and we get profits from their performance." She explained about the new project norms as making albums with amateur singers.

"How do you trust their performance when they fail to do in the shows?" Angad tried to explain to Naina.

"Angad! Hur baat jo shows mein dikhata hai wo such nahin hota. We interview the candidates and take them for us. It depends on how we use them and their talents," Naina argued.

Aaliyah and Angad shrugged their shoulders and left the room.


Misthy waited till Arman left for hospital in the morning and ran to Ridhima's house. "Hi, Naani! Kaise hai aap? Ghar mein Ridhima nahin hai?"

Naani pleasingly received Misthy and seated next to her "wo phone pur baath kar rahi hai. Batao kaise aana huva?"

Misthy embarrassingly smiled "kuch nahin dadi! Bus yoohin agaya. Main soch rahi thi ki Ridhima ko kahin shopping pur ley jaasakti hoon."

Naani immediately agreed "kyon nahin? Wo toh humesha ghar mein ladkar yahan aajati hai. Magar yahan bahut bore hojaati hai bechari."

Misthy smiled and waited till Ridhima joined her. Both of them did shopping, had lunch out, as spent time till evening.

"Ridhima! If you don't mind, mera saman ghar mein drop kardo na. I suddenly remembered this work!"Misthy sent Ridhima home pretending she remembered some important work.

"No problem, anything for friends!" Ridhima reassured Misthy as agreed to help her and took house keys. Ridhima's heart skipped as she could able to meet Arman alone at home now.


"Kartik! Main studio pur late aoonga. Aaj studio mein kuch khaas kaam toh nahin hai. Mannan akela sambhal sakta hai." Angad informed as if seeking for permission.

Kartik smiled after paused reading the message on his mobile "hmm, toh abhi se mission shuru?!!"

Angad laughed with shy as understood Kartik's meaning, "aisa baat nahin hai, Kartik!"

"Kyon bhai! Mujhse kya chupana. Humey pata hai ki tum kitna bechain ho yeh pata laganey ki Sarma pariwar mein koyi ladki hai" Kartik teased with joyful laugh.

Aaliyah joined him "you are right, Kartik bhai! Angad toh Subhankar Shah se milney jaaraha hai. Best of luck, bhai!"

Angad laughed with joy and left for his mission.


"TUM?" Arman screamed when he came out of shower with towel around his waist and saw Ridhima in his room with tray of snacks. Ridhima innocently batted her eyelids and nodded her head.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" he screamed again impatiently. She glared at him from head to toe. He checked himself and realized his status and immediately jumped into bathroom screaming "GO OUT". He opened the bathroom door half way and called aloud "MISTHY!! MISTHY!!"

Ridhima replied him "Misthy ghar pe nahin hai. Usse kuch jaroori kaam agaya tha. She sent me to help you" she rolled tongue inside as leaned back to the study table after placing the tray on it.

 Arman twisted his brows with confused expression and cursed in mind "yeh Misthy bhi na iss ladki ki jaal mein phasti jaarahi hai. Pata nahin yeh gupta pariwar ka haaton mein kya 'mohini astre' hai. I should have checked the house before walked into my room. Mujhey kya pata yeh ladki yahan hogi?" He cursed himself for casually opened the lock with his spare key and jumped into shower as routine.

Ridhima continued while he was in his own thoughts "aap fresh hokar snack leejiye main chai banakar laati hoon."

Arman immediately responded "I can do my work. Tumhey takleef leney ki koyi jaroorat nahin hai."

Ridhima smiled sweetly "it's not at all trouble but my pleasure, Arman!" She walked away without waiting for his response. Arman stared at her way for a while and sighed.

As he walked at dinner table, Ridhima was ready with spicy tea. He sighed and silently placed the tray he brought from his room.

Arman changed stares at the plate and Ridhima "I appreciate your efforts. Waisey main onion nahin khata. And I prefer coffee."

Ridhima felt sad and disappointedly looked at the untouched snack and tea cup. "Abhi main kuch aur banake laoongi." She composed immediately and tried to walk into kitchen.

Arman bluntly warned her "you don't have to. I don't eat anything now. Misthy baad mein aakar kuch banayegi. You can leave now. I have some work to do."

Ridhima's eyes moistened as his ruthless behavior caressed her disappointment.  She ran out to her house to hide her tears. Arman noticed her tears and felt bad "I didn't ask her to make all this. It's her fault to take so much trouble." He tried to defend his acts.


"Uncle! Kripa ko mere saat bhej dijiyega. Wo yahan karti bhi kya hai? Padhayi khatam honey ke baad free toh hai. Please maan jayiye na." Sapna stayed back in Kripa's house night after they shopped to convince Sarma couple.

Surya refused to send Kripa way before the wedding "abb tak engagement bhi nahin hua hai aur abhi se wo tumhara saat chalke kya karegi? Yahan rehti toh kuch kaam vaam dhoondlegi."

"Aaj tak wo Hyderabad chodkar kahin gayi nahin," Gayatri also supported Surya as she knew why Sapna wanted Kripa with her.

 "Mumbai ghumegi, mere pariwar se milegi." Sapna didn't lose confidence in convincing Suryaban.

Kripa understood her parent's hesitation, "Mama aur papa theek keh rahey hai, Sapna! Mein shadi ke do din pehle ajaoongi. Abhi se wahan aakar main kya karoongi?" Kripa was also hesitant to go to Mumbai with some unknown fears.

Sapna scolded her secretly "main tere liye itna koshish kar raha hoon aur tum peechey hut rahi hai kyon? Chup chap mere saat chalo."

"Aunty! Uncle! Yeh sirf 15din ki baat hai. Meri shadi toh do hafta mein hojayega. Phir Kripa toh wapas ajayegi." Sapna atlast convinced Surya and Gayatri when her maama and maami also reassured them through phone.


"Subhankar was not in town, Kartik! Wo apni behen ki engagement mein apna pariwar ko laaney Ahmedabad gaya tha," Angad disappointedly informed after dinner when Kartik walked into his bedroom.

"OHh!" Kartik empathized with him. "Then you can meet him only at the function, probably."

Angad shrugged his shoulders and tied lips with disappointment. Kartik patted his shoulder "itney saal wait karta aaya kuch aur din intezaar karo."

Angad sighed "wo baat nahin hai, Kartik! I thought I would go to Hyderabad and take Sapna's help but now wo yahan shadi ke liye aaye toh wo busy hongi na?"

Aaliyah overheard and consoled Angad "shayad tum Surya maama ki beti se Sapna ki shadi mein mil lega?" Angad unbelievingly looked at Aaliyah.

"Shayad Sapna has a friend in Sarma's house!!" Kartik encouraged him with some more predictions as linking tidbits.

Angad shook his head "you both are unbelievable. Tum mere madat kar rahey hai ya yoohin mujhey fool bana rahey hai?"

Aaliyah and Kartik said in unison "arey  bhai! We are optimists. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai."


"Kya hua, darling saali!! Tumhari awaz ka kya hua?" Ridhima wiped her nose when she heard a concerned tone on other end of the call. "Batao na," person on other end got impatient.

Ridhima sniffed "kuch nahin hai, Jijoo! Main Arman ke barein mein kuch bhi jaanti nahin. I don't even know his likes and dislikes. Bus yoonhin ussey pyar kar bhaithi."

"Toh yeh baat hai! kya kaha Arman ne?" Jijoo asked concernedly.

Ridhima explained whatever happened a few hours ago in Arman's house. "Tumhara bhai ko patana bahut tough hai, Jijoo! Tumhara jaisa nahin hai wo."

Atul, Jijoo of Ridhima, laughed, "main toh sur se paon tak Anjali ki pyar mein duba hua hoon, Saali ji! Arman abhi tak pyar mein ABCD bhi padha nahin. Yeh padhana tumhara kaam hai. Pyar me tum bhi kuch seekh jaogi." He encouraged his saali.

Ridhima smiled through tears "seekhoongi aur sikhaoongi bhi, Jijoo! Thanks for your encouragement."

Atul laughed and hung up the phone. Ridhima sniffed heavily and plotted her plans for next day.


"EK MINUTE!! ROKO!! ROKO!!" Kripa hurriedly ran towards elevator. Angad twisted his eyebrows and stopped the door from closing.

"Thanks!" she smiled as stepped in and relaxed by leaning back to other side as checked some file in her hands.

Angad stole eyes from Kripa while played with his mobile data. He studied her from head to toe from corners of eyes "Southey!!" he swallowed as heat ran through his spine.

Kripa wore maroon south cotton chudidhar in modern style; braided her long hair with a rose aside; red tickly on forehead with kumkum between two brows; dark eyeliner, matching glass bangles on right hand and gold wrist watch on left. Small handbag hung on right shoulder. A cheerful smile played on her thin pink lips when her jaw moved as if she was practicing a song inside secretly. Angad unknowingly memorized her psyche.

She was in her own world without worried about her surroundings. He couldn't stop steeling looks from her until the elevator stopped at his usual destination.

He stepped towards exit but paused as she was also about to take steps out. He apologetically tied his lips and politely showed her way out. She adorably smiled at him 'thanks' and walked out.

Next Part: What are the next plans of Ridhima? Will AK recognise each other? How?


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