Tuesday, 6 March 2018

part 4 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima got out of the car along with her father and her eyes fell on the beautiful mansion in front of her. It seemed like a king's palace. It was huge and beautiful and now she knew that Armaan Malik was not just handsome and sweet but rich as well……….just what her father needed.

"So you like the house?" Riddhima heard her father asking to which she replied with a simple nod. They went inside and a butler opened the gate. They went inside the living room which was beautifully done with French furniture and glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling reflecting the multicolor light onto the floor. Riddhima was impressed…………..while she was busy appreciating the beauty of the house, Armaan was busy appreciating her beauty.

He saw her when he walked down the huge open staircase, located in the middle of the living room. His eyes fell on her and his mouth fell open………He knew her more as Riddhima Carter, the international model who added beauty to the western garments with her stunning figure and seductive and sensuous looks but the girl that he was seeing was somebody entirely different……………..she was wearing a plain red salwaar kameez with the soft dupatta suspended around her neck…………she looked nothing like the international model instead she looked like a beautiful, innocent angel…….

Okay…………now this is seriously not possible. How can any women look good in anything she wears……….she is wearing an absolutely plain salwaar kameez but she still looks stunning to me. And those strands falling on her face………I want to touch her………feel her soft skin and nestle in her long, beautiful hair……..is she even for real? Or am I just dreaming? Hey is she walking towards me………wow man she walks so well and that smile on her yummy lips Is totally driving me crazy……

"Hi Armaan" Riddhima greeted Armaan who was standing on the top of the stairs with a dazed expression staring at her. When he didn't reply Riddhima felt really uncomfortable so she moved her hand in front of his eyes but she got no response. She waited for a couple of seconds and then she stepped onto his feat with force and he yelped in pain. The heel of her sandal had actually pierced his bare skin in the slipper slightly. He looked at her with confusion. She shrugged and said "I am sorry I did that but you weren't saying anything and was lost somewhere. I have been standing here for last 5 minutes and now your dad is calling us downstairs so if u don't mind shall we?" He looked confused and then he spoke in a barely audible voice "But I thought you weren't for real."

"What?" Riddhima asked him with her eyebrows raised and then placing her hand on his arm she spoke "Armaan are you on drugs?" Now it was Armaan's turn to be all shocked and he replied in pretty much the same way "What? What are you talking about? Why would I take drugs?" Riddhima shrugged and spoke "Its just that you look so dazed and lost and that's exactly how druggies behave. I have seen quite a few of them………..its quiet common in our profession."

Now everything registered in Armaan's brain and he decided that it was time to take control before the super model Riddhima Carter takes THE ARMAAN MALIK as a fool or a druggie or any other such thing.

He moved closer to her and bending near her ear whispered "Drugs are not always needed to get high or dazed……there are things that work better then drugs like someone's absolutely breathtaking beauty." Armaan gave a suggestive smile and for the first time Riddhima blushed and stuttered "Armaaaannnnnn……..I….I…….I think we should go sit with others. They are waiting for us to join them." She was about to leave when Armaan grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards himself………she came crashing on his chest. Her head was against his chest and she smelled his intoxicating cologne and didn't raise her head for sometime…she wanted to snuggle in his chest but knew that that wouldn't be appropriate.

"You look beautiful enough to kill Riddhima." Armaan whispered in her ear, his breath tingling her neck. Her head jerked up and she saw the million dollar smile on his handsome face and then she saw him disappear downstairs. She was confused with the sudden change in her body by his touch………….she blushed because of his compliment and she shivered when his breath touched her neck. She shook her head to clear all the thoughts and went downstairs.

"Armaan son why don't you show Riddhima around the house?" Abhimanyu Malik suggested to his son……….noticing the way both the kids were stealing glances at each other………..he was thrilled and decided to give them some lone time. Armaan nodded and left the living room with Riddhima following him closely.

He took her to all the rooms till only two rooms were left………..he took her to the pooja room that they had on the 1st floor in their house which his mom had built with great devotion and care. Armaan suddenly felt nostalgic as he remembered how his mom used to get up early in the morning and do her everyday rituals here………..singing in her beautiful, melodious voice. He controlled his tears and saw Riddhima standing behind him gazing at the room as if under some spell. Armaan suddenly thought that Riddhima might be alien to all this and might not be a very religious person or worse didn't know anything about Indian religion since she had spent most of her life in England but Armaan was proved wrong the very next moment……………Riddhima had removed her sandals, washed her hands and had covered her head with her dupatta. She stepped inside the room with her hands folded and eyes closed. She stood in front of the idols and said a little prayer in her mind.

Armaan stood there transfixed………he suddenly had a vision of his mom standing next to Riddhima with his father and he standing next to Riddhima……….a smile lit up his face as he imagined his whole family along with Riddhima as HIS WIFE………he suddenly frowned and rebuked himself for loosing grip on his imaginations…………

Dude relax…………..just because she is praying exactly the way mom used to doesn't mean that you'll get married to her………….she is just another girl……..fine she is a super model but there are girls prettier then her also then why are you going all bonkers over her……….crazy enough to imagine yourself being married to her……….she can never be like mom……..no girl can be like mom…………just chill or else she'll have you under her thumb in no time instead of the other way round……….remember LOVE ONLY BREAKS IT NEVER MAKES and the only thing you get in love is defeat so now no getting lost in her and keep your guards up.

Riddhima came out of the room and had a magical glow on her face when she told him that she loved the room………there next destination was Armaan's room.

Riddhima was highly impressed when she went inside Armaan's room which was done neatly but certain things caught her attention………..right above Armaan's king size bed was a huge family potrait in which Armaan was standing behind his parents who were sitting on a couch………they looked like royalty. She smiled at it and then her eyes shifted to a corner where a number of musical instruments were kept………..there were drums in the front…….a guitar along with other instruments.

Riddhima's eyes widened in surprise…….she turned around and asked Armaan "YOU can SING?" Armaan chuckled at the way she had asked him the question…he moved closer and spoke in his deep sensuous voice "I can if I have some inspiration around me." Riddhima knew that he was referring to her as his inspiration…..she knew at that moment what Armaan was trying to do………..the way he spoke with her standing on the stairs, his dazed look and his indirect flirting…..Riddhima blushed and smiled to herself.

She spoke in an excited tone "Oh please Armaan you have to sing today. I want to hear you singing please." Armaan's heart melted at her cute expression and tone and he nodded his head positively. She clapped her hands and jumped slightly just the way a kid would at the sight of a candy……….her little kiddish gestures filled him with warmth. She hardly ever behaved like a hot shot super model instead she looked like an innocent, inexperienced shy teenage girl and this excited Armaan.

He went to his instruments and tuned his guitar and got ready to sing……….


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