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part 5 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

'Excellent! Ms.Kripa! I liked your talent in music and we can immediately take into our team. Aaj se hi kaam suru karsakti hai. If you are okay with it.' Prithvi Bose, CEO, Bose Art and Music Academy, showed his interest in Kripa's resume.
Kripa felt happy for her first trial on job search fulfilled so easily 'Thank you, sir! Main aaj sey hi kaam shuru kar sakti hoon. I'm glad you liked my qualifications.'

'Sir? I'm not that old Ms.Kripa! You know! You can call me Prithvi. Just call me 'Prithvi'. I would love to be one of my team and not as a boss. You know!' Prithvi corrected Kripa and called his personal assistant Manek Ahuja to finish formalities for appointment.

'Kaisa raha tumhara interview?' Sapna's sister-in-law, Dr.Kirti asked when Kripa returned home. Kripa explained her experience and appointment in Bose studio. 'That's great, I told you, you have talent and you get selection in first attempt.'

Kripa came to Mumbai along with Sapna a week before engagement. Sapna's parents and near relatives came from Ahmadabad for next day. Sapna introduced Kripa to her family.

Shah family arranged a small gathering within family and relatives when Sapna's would-be, Amit reached Mumbai.  Amit visited his grandparents in nearby village of Ahmadabad before he reached Mumbai. Sapna's family was impressed by Kripa's singing during the gathering. Dr.Kirti immediately had recommended Kripa to Bose Academy as Dr.Kirti was familiar with them as family doctor. Kripa went to meet Bose on second day and met Angad in the elevator without knowing about each other!!!!!!!


Arman sighed as stared at the way Ridhima ran away and defended him as it was Ridhima's fault to intrigue in his personal matters.

He took the snack plate and cold tea to his room. He opened his laptop to start his new thesis he was working on since last month. He stroked the pakode in the plate for few times as he tried to concentrate on his work. Ridhima's innocent expressions, disappointed and tearful eyes disturbed him intermittently and stole his concentration. He sighed as paused on his work to stop turbulence in his mind and looked at the pakode. He took one piece and chewed slowly to relinquish the taste. 'Hmm, not bad.' He felt to have some more and slowly enjoyed them with cold tea. His mind automatically started concentrating on work too.

He was completely immersed in his work and didn't notice when Misthy cleaned his plate and cup.

'Bhai! Khana lag gaya hai.' Misthy's call brought him into this world.

Arman frowned at Misthy's stare 'kya hua tum aisa gur ghur kar kyon dekh rahi hai? Am I looking funny?'

Misthy folded her hands at elbows and nodded her head with a smile on face 'haan, funny toh tum lagi raha hai, bhai! All of sudden tumhey onion pakode khaney ka mann kyon laga tha?' she raised her brows at him in funny way as demanding for reply.

Arman smiled embarrassingly, 'wo?'

She moved hands dramatically 'haan wo hi?'

Arman stroked his back of head 'wo, Misthy! Actually wo na'..bus yoohin.' He hesitated whether to reveal about Ridhima's work.

Misthy still stood with same pose and he sighed 'hmm, arey behena,  itna suspicion se mut dekho. It was just sympathy. Bechari wo ladki itna trouble lekey banaya tha. Socha tha waste karoon kaise.'

Misthy nodded her head mischievously 'bechari? Wo ladki kaun hai??'

Arman reddened 'wahi Ridhima. She was in tears when I told I don't like onion and tea. so''

'So kal se main bhi ro padungi jab bhi tum koyi cheesey pasand nahin kiya toh!!' she threatened him.

Arman twitched his lips 'tum thodi paraya hai, mein tumse beshak mana kar sakta hoon.'

'Paraya ya pyari??' Misthy raised her eyebrows mischievously.

Arman smiled with shy 'tum bhi na, Misthy!' He settled at dining table.

Misthy dropped her hands around his shoulders 'bhai! Yeh paraya ladki ko ek din apna banado.'

Arman removed his hands 'don't dream, Misthy! Mein Gupta gharana ka daamaad kabhi nahin ban sakta.'

Misthy pouted 'hmm, Ismein Ridhima ki kya galati hai? She likes you.'

'Can we eat now?'Arman changed the topic.


'Tumhey Mumbai mein job mila? Magar wahan kyon? Hum wahan nahin rehpayengey, Kripa! Papa maanega nahin. Sapna ki shadi hotey hi turant wapas ajaao.' Gayatri was upset for Kripa's decision to take up job in Bose studio.

Gayatri cautioned several times about Khannas before sending Kripa for Mumbai. 'papa ki izzat ki khayal rakhna. Agar tumhey wo log milgaye toh turant humey batadena. Wo log kuch ulti seedi baat karey toh tum akeli nahin sehpaogi. Agar papa ko yeh baat pata chalgaya toh wo humey maardalega. Mein tum per bharosa karkey Sapna ke saat bhej rahi hoon. Ghar ki izzat ka khayal rakhna.'

Kripa hugged Gayatri 'I know Mama! Mein aapki bharosa kabhi nahin todoongi. Main Dadi se milne ke liye bekaabu jaroor hoon magar itna toh nahin ki aapki aur papa ki dhyan hi nahin rakhe. I promise I take care of our prestige.'

'Mama! Aap log bhi yahan ajaayiye na. Yahan mera job bahut acha hai.: Kripa gave the details of her job and emoluments to convince Gayatri.

'Main papa ko mananey ki prayatne karoongi. Magar wo nahin maan jaey toh tumhey wapas aana hoga.' Gayatri cautioned and hung up.

 'Sapna! Tumhari shadi hotey hi mein chali jaoongi. Mujhey nahin lagta papa maan jayengey.' Kripa informed the conversation between her and Gayatri, when both friends settled on their bed.

'You mean tumhari 'bava' ka pata lagaye bina chali jaogi?' Sapna surprised at Kripa's decision.

Kripa twitched lips with moistened eyes, 'main soch rahi thi ki agar mere naani ki pata milgayi toh, mere sapne pura ho jayengey. Aur main mama aur papa ko yahin bulaloongi. Mujhey nahin lagta papa mujhey jada waqt dengey iss mamley mein.'

Sapna pressed Kripa's hand 'don't worry! Tum yeh job accept karlo. Mere engagement hotey hi hum donon enquiry karengey. Pura Mumbai mein sarey Khannas ka pata lagayengey. Kuch na kuch clue toh milhi jayega. Bhai toh abb bahut busy hai mujhey iss baat karney ki mauka hi nahin milraha hai.'

Kripa immediately warned her 'nahin, Sapna! Sabko nahin batao. I don't want this become primary subject to discuss among everyone.' 

Sapna smiled and played her brows 'yeh tum donon ke beech ki secret hai, pata hai.' Kripa pouted her lips and got up with pillow in her lap,  'pata nahin wo bhi mere tarah tadap raha hai ki nahin. Abb mujhey mama papa ko bhi manana hai.' She put chin in her palms as rested on knees. Sapna dropped her hand around her shoulders 'let's hope so. Bus ek din aur intezar karo. Hum donon humare mission per lug jayengey.' Sapna promised Kripa to enquire about Khannas after her engagement.

'Tum engagement ke baad join karogi ya pehla? Chutti milegi?' Sapna asked.

Kripa smiled 'thanks, Sapna! I already informed Prithvi about your marriage.'

'Prithvi? Oh your boss? Kya wo handsome hai?' Sapna enquired.

Kripa slapped on her hand 'chup, mein kissi aur ko aisa nazariyan se nahin dekthi.'

'yuh Yuh I know 'bava' ke sivai kissi aur ke barein mein nahin,' Both laughed and laid back.


'Kya soch raha hai, Angad!' Kartik entered with some documents into Angad's room. 'kuch nahin, Shah ke barein mein aur Hyderabad ki barein mein soch raha tha. Do din chala gaya but couldn't take any steps forward,' he recollected the girl in the lift 'Shayad Surya mama ki beti ho toh aisa hi hogi,'he thought in mind.

Kartik sighed 'tum bilkul pagal hogaya hai. Uski chinta chodo aur yeh documents dekho. Humey ametuer singers ke liye pura desh trip karna padega. I think Prithvi Bose already started interviewing singers for new project. Suna hai kuch naya singers ko in do dinon mein recruit karliya tha. We need to work simultaneously too. Before we start our joint venture we should hold couple of projects exclusively for us. You know how Damini Bose will grab the credit into her account. Humey naam ke siva kuch bhi nahin milega.' Kartik explained how joint venture would be more helpful to Bose than them.  Angad shook his head and concentrated on work along with Kartik.


EK MINUTE!! EK MINUTE!! ROKO RUKO!' Angad surprised to see yesterday's girl hurried to his elevator in similar way.

'Thanks!' she leaned back to the wall as heaved out her breath to calm down her pulse rate. Angad folded his hands at elbows and cross legged to watch the girl, in blue today. Light blue embroidered sleeveless chudidhar with pearl ear hangings, white rose on braid, same bindi with kumkum at forehead; matching light blue bangles on right hand. 'I think she takes too much time in getting dressed!!' he commented in his mind as the reason for her last moment entry into elevator.

Kripa smiled embarrassingly as his looks caressed her from head to toe. Three more people joined the elevator on the way up. Angad continued scrutinizing her with his eyes. Kripa checked her watch several times before she walked out of the elevator 'aaj yeh elevator itna slow kyon jaa raha hai? yeh ladka toh aankhon se hi mujhey peejaa raha hai!'

Angad showed the way out to Kripa again as if it became his daily routine from now onwards. Kripa formally thanked him and hurried herself towards Bose Art and Music Academy.

Angad remembered Kartik's information about Bose recruitment 'yeh ladki shayad new recruitment hogi.'


Arman frowned at the plate of sandwiches on the table when he came out of shower 'Ridhima!!' he mumbled silently inside.

'Andar aaoon?' Ridhima knocked the door from outside without showing herself to him.

'Nahi!' Arman immediately responded. Ridhima waited for couple of minutes and walked inside.

'Tum phir yahan kyon aaye ho?' Arman asked irately with a glint on his face. Ridhima adorably smiled and placed a glass of water beside sandwiches 'Misthy ka kuch interview hai. Wo raat ko late ayegi. Aaj ka dinner bhi mere haaton ka banega.'

Arman moved the plate aside 'interview? Issey job ki kya jaroorat thi?' he mumbled as if asking himself. Ridhima shrugged 'jaroorat nahin just ambitious. Padhai ka kuch toh use hona chahiye na!'

Arman glared at her recollecting Misthy's words about Ridhima's interest in teaching than medical practice 'yeh tum kehraha hai?.'

'I didn't quit medical practice. I like teaching.'

'Whatever! It's your wish.' he opened his laptop 'mujhey kuch kaam hai,' he sounded her to leave.

Ridhima was upset, 'main chai lekey aati hoon.' She left without waiting for his response. He sighed and started his work.

Ridhima walked in and placed tea on the table, 'first have something to eat.' She closed the laptop without any hesitation.

Arman irately grabbed her hand 'DON'T TOUCH MY THINGS!'

Ridhima was startled and trembled at his anger. Arman angrily looked into her eyes but calmed down immediately after seeing her fearful batting of eyelids. He heaved sigh out 'tum kyon humesha mere cheson mein interfere hoti ho? Can't you understand I don't like your presence?'

Ridhima looked at his grip which was still held her tightly. His voice was stern though his eyes were guilty for screaming at her. She composed herself and swallowed her fears. She slowly stood straight and settled after releasing her hand. She stared into his eyes 'kyon ki mein tumhey pasand karti hoon.' She slowly spoke out and stepped towards doors. His face reddened with her words and he clinched his jaws. She turned to see in his eyes. He moved his jaws and flared nostrils as composing his turbulence. She smiled at him with sparkling eyes and he turned his eyes away from her.

'Enjoy the snack with cold tea' her sweet softened voice caressed him and he looked at her unbelievingly. She batted her eyes and waved hand 'bye' she whispered and walked out.

His lips twitched slowly at recollecting her words. He shook his head and settled back to work. His eyes fell on the snack and he adorably took it. He savoured the food with warm tea recollecting Ridhima's presence.

Next part: AK search progress....Ridhima's intense trials


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