Thursday, 8 March 2018

part 5 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Armaan chuckled hearing the kiddish tone and picking up his guitar he spoke in a sensuous voice "Just make sure Ms.Riddhima Carter that you don't fall in love with me after this." Riddhima raised an eyebrow at him challenging to continue and he did……he suddenly changed his mind and went to the drums and spoke "Riddhima this is one of my favorite songs" he started singing hitting the drums……his passion for music clearly visible and soon he was lost in the song and his drum…

Don't, don't want you back

You hit me faster than a shark attack
And you were more than just a pretty face
But how you fooled me, I'm still amazed babe
But I should have known that I would be
Another victim of your sexuality
But now we're done and over with
Don't, don't want you back

Don't want you back
Cuz you're no good for me, I know
That's all I can say
Don't want you back
Forgive my honesty but you gotta go
I don't want you back

You started going out with so-called friends
But I was blind and so I lost all common sense
But there were things that made me realize, realize
Like all the hundred no, thousand lies

Baby, don't bother telling me your reasons why
Just let us sing this story 'bout you and I
Don't want you back
That's all I know (don't want you back, don't want you back)
All I can say
Don't want you back
You know you gotta go

Riddhima was surprised with the song he chose…..even after finishing the song he didn't look up at her but she spoke anyways "You think that THIS song can make a girl fall in love with you……hey it was a nasty choice for such a pretty night. You disappointed me." Riddhima ended in a grumpy tone and then she heard Armaan say "Hey backstreets are my favorite and so is the song and this is the kind of music I like…….why don't you sing and tell what kind of music you like…..oh no I am sorry you definitely can't sing after all you just know how to flaunt your body and walk on a ramp armed with tons of make up……" he ended with loads of sarcasm in his voice.

Riddhima was clearly offended but Armaan felt more offended then she did after all he was accustomed to loads of applause and compliments from girls whenever he sang so he got up to leave the room but stopped in his tracks……….

Riddhima too was highly offended with Armaan's remark and decided it was time that someone taught the spoilt brat a lesson…..she moved towards his instruments and picking up his guitar she sang in not so perfect but sweet and melodious voice and saw Armaan stop on his tracks and turn around……as he heard her singing…

bahut pyaar karate hain, tumako sanam (2)
qasam chaahe le lo (2)
khudaa kii qasam

hamaarii Gazal hai, tassavur tumhaaraa (2)
tumhaare binaa ab, naa jiinaa gavaaraa
tumhe yuun hii chaahenge (2)
jab tak hai dam
bahut pyaar ...

saagar kii baahoin mein, maujein hain jitanii (2)
hamako bhii tumase, muhabbat hai utanii
ke ye beqaraarii naa (2)
ab hogii kam
bahut pyaar karte hain tumko sanam…

Riddhima chuckled when she saw Armaan standing at the threshold of his room with his jaw hanging open….she walked up to him arrogantly…

"So you see……that's the kind of music I like and maybe I am not as good a singer as you are but I sing what I fee……anyways I guess we should go and join our parents." she brushed past him and left his room smiling to himself as he still had his mouth open.


Armaan was stunned when he heard Riddhima singing………that was totally unexpected and out of the blue…….she was as she said not as good as he was but she had a very sweet and touching voice which was still ringing in his ears….she sang a hindi song but her words weren't perfect as she didn't pronounce them correctly and they all had an English touch to it and the accent was also broken but that instead of making her sound silly made her song even more cute……..the song that she chose was beautiful but Armaan didn't hear such songs they always spoiled his mood but he loved the song she sang maybe because of the passion in her voice….……Armaan knew that her song had a number of flaws but he still wanted to hear her sing but one thing was sure that she was quite an expert with the instruments……Armaan smiled at the number of qualities Ms.supermodel had….


Riddhima saw Armaan sitting across her on the dinner table with a foolish grin plastered on his lips…….she was getting irritated by the way he had been looking at her ever since the dinner started……she heaved a sigh of relief when she was done with her dinner and excused herself and went in the direction of the washroom but to her utter dismay she heard Armaan also excusing himself in the pretext of having to make a call and as expected he followed he followed her……..

"Riddhima wait….." Riddhima stopped but she didn't turn around…..she felt Armaan standing right beside her "I am sorry about my rude comment but I am not really used to people criticizing my singing or my taste in music…….you see music is my passion…….my escape…… love……..and……I can go on with the list but I have to tell you that I loved your song though it was a little tainted with your English accent but still I loved it and would love to hear you sing once again……please…" Riddhima smiled to herself but turned around with a solemn expression on her face and she spoke "Don't you believe in love Armaan? The choice of your song was kinda………..rude….ya it was so not sweet…….." Armaan's expression hardened and he spoke bitterly "I don't know what love is Riddhima……I guess I'll start believing in it when I fall in love with someone myself………but I don't know if its ever gonna happen….." Armaan trailed off and Riddhima noticed the change in him and desperately wanted to change the topic and exactly then her cell rang breaking the sullen moment……she quickly took the call without even looking at the caller's name….

"Hello!!" Riddhima spoke into her cell and then she suddenly jumped in joy attracting Armaan's attention who looked at her with curiosity and amusement and then he heard her say "Oh Andy I am so happy and I love you so much for that……………….absolutely Andy……I can never say no to you…….bye."

Riddhima had a dreamy expression on her face but then she realized that Armaan was looking at her and then she spoke to him "Oh that was my photographer. I had done a shoot for this new brand and he called to tell me that it was a superb hit and the public loved it and so did the organizers and I am getting a number of offers…." then she added a little arrogantly "Not that there ever has been shortage of them. I have always been flooded with modeling and acting offers. I think I'll try acting someday." Riddhima had a thoughtful expression on her face but she was snapped out of it when Armaan suddenly extended his hand towards her and spoke in a happy voice "Congratulations Riddhima. I am really happy for you and I have no doubt that you are best model the industry can ever have." Riddhima shook his hand and was touched by his compliment because she had understood till now that Armaan Malik was not a generous man when it came to complimenting people. They both interacted for sometime and then they went back to where their parents were and soon it was time for Riddhima and her father to leave.

"Thank you so much Mr.Malik for inviting us. I had a great time." Riddhima told Abhimanyu Malik in a grateful voice to which he replied "You don't have to be so formal Riddhima and the pleasure is all mine. You made our evening special by your beautiful and pleasant company and I hope to see you here again very soon." Abhimanyu ended with a hint of something that was totally lost on Armaan but not on Riddhima as she was completely aware of the plan cooking between the two fathers.

She saw her father engrossed in a conversation with Armaan's father standing next to his car. She saw Armaan standing in front of her with his hands in his pocket looking very debonair…..she moved towards him and placing a kiss on his cheek she spoke in her same old kiddish tone "Thanks a lot for making the evening so memorable. I had a great time. Hope to see you soon. Goodnight." She gave him a heart-melting smile and moved towards her car.

Armaan gazed at her back and then involuntarily his hand went to the cheek where she had kissed him and he felt her lips……he was about to smile when he suddenly shook his head violently and slapped himself hard and spoke in a low voice to himself

"Dude get a grip…….you are loosing it. You can't let her control your senses like that………I mean common she is not the first girl who has kissed you…………but she is so sweet and adorable… no no dude….this is exactly what she wants……her magic all over you but that's so not gonna happen. I am the boss and very soon she'll realise that" Armaan shook his head violently but then he saw Riddhima and her father leaving in their car and his hand lifted in the air and he waved to Riddhima with a dreamy expression again and a smile……


"Dad please drop me at Priya's house. I am going to stay with her for the night." Riddhima told her father happily and he dropped her at her friend's place.

Riddhima went inside Priya's house and met her parents who told her that Priya was waiting for Riddhima in her room. Riddhima went inside her room and saw her friend standing near the window with a photograph in her hand………Riddhima instantly knew that this was the very guy Priya had been telling her all the time and finally she would get to see him……she rubbed her hands in glee and without making any noise she creeped towards Priya and snatched the photograph from her hands and ran in the opposite direction but she suddenly stopped when her eyes fell on the photograph and she was speechless as she saw that the face in the photograph belonged to none other than…………………….ARMAAN MALIK……


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