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part 5 : Lamhe (AR ff)

Next Day
At locker room

At – yaar jab se yeh Dr Armaan geye hai tab se Dr Kirti ne hamari Vaat laga di Hai

M – pooch matt yaar band bajake rakhi hai iss hitler ne or upar se kitna kaam.. baap re (stretching out)

R –muskaan tu bi na agar kaam nahi karegi toh Doctor kaise bane gi

Rahul entered lokking really happy and exicited

At – kya baat hai mera bhai bada khush lag raha hai (while putting his arm on rahul sholder

Ra – bas  khush hoon

M- kyon

Ra – abey Kyon ka kya matlab hai

M –oye agar tu bataye ga nahi to pata kase chale ga ki khush kyon hai

Ra – main kyon bataoo tujhe

M- kyu ki

Ra – mujhe nahi batana toh nahi batauga kya kar legi

Muskaan hold his neck with her hands and he start chocking and here Atul and Ridhima was trying to separate them

At – abbey yaar kya kar raha hai chod ouse

Ra – tune dekha nahi baat kar rahi thi merae sath

they left each other and atul and ridhima was between them to keep them away from each other.Just then Anjali entered and and rolled her eyes as she saw them fighting (as it is daily drama going on) and went to pick her lab coat and left in huff.

Then again Muskaan was about to snap back at rahul but the announcement came


They all left to nurse station and Anjali was already present at the nurse station

They were waiting for Dr Kritti as she didn't showed up they again start talking.

At – yaar kuch bi kaho yeh hospital wale humse kaam bahot karvate hai

M – oye Atul tu na bilkul sahi bolta hai

An- (attitude) waise toh tum logo ko aadat honi chachiye I mean tum log toh ghar ka kaam bi khud karte hoge na

Ra – why so!!!!!!

An – well abhi tum logo toh apne ghar ka kaam karne ki adat hogi as so what the heck yaha bi honi cheye as for me my maid does all the work for me

M – toh

An – oh!!! Please don't even let me started

M – oye tu khena kya chahati hai

V – Interns

Only ridhima heard the voice and turned to only find Armaan Sir looking at them furious he told Ridhima to step aside so he can handle them Ridhima obeyed and step aside and let him move closer to them.

M – oye tere intni himat ki tu hamara mazzak udeye

At – dekho Anjali tum

An – Shut up

Ra – now will…..


All went quite and looked around only to find really angry looking Armaan there All quickly stood in line

All – sorry Sir

A – Well good morning Interns and now duties Dr – Atul path lab, Dr muskaan children Ward  , Dr Rahul OPD and Dr Ridhima and Dr Anjali to General ward.

A – Now get to work all start moving

General Ward

Anji has given the wrong medicine to the patient as she was busy on the phone for making plans for the party and ridhima saw the patient breathing heavily she didn't knew what to do as it was Anjali's patient and Ridhima was panicking and Armaan was happened to pass by as it was his time for taking round

A (came running) – What happened to the patient

Then he starts checking and took him to the ICU and Dr John handle him as he was special in it and Armaan came back and saw Ridhima in still position where he left her

A (shaked her) - Dr ridhima

She came out of the trance and looked around and saw very angry Armaan

R – ye..s si..

A – how could I always thought u were responsible doctor but today u have let me down … I still can't get the fact that you could harmed the patients ..Or appka dyaan kaha tha Dr ridhima aaj aapki galti ki vajeh se patient ki jaan chali jati (but sudenlly armaan stopped as his eyes fell on the chart where it was signed by Dr Anjali not Ridhima )

it was not ur patients right but why didn't u tell me

A - i am ..

She didn't let him complete as she just left from there

A - (said to himself) well great Armaan couldn't u see first

Armaan was looking for her and she was sitting in the firescape

Armaan saw the fire escape's door open and went in as he  had the  feeling that she would be here and saw her sitting at last stair and crying he closed the door behind him and sat beside her and uneasily put his hand on her shoulder and she looked up her face was covered with tears and looked pale too

A - i am really sorry pata hai kabbhi aisa nahi hoya ki main bina sochee samje kuch glaat bol soon par main bina dekehe hi chillyea kyuki mujhe yeh kabhi nahi laga that ki tum kabhi bi irresponsible ho sakti ho u know i always admire u 4 ur work ... i mean you have a desire to prove something... i am really soory i didn't mean to hurt you

R -(smiled that reaches her eyes)

app ko pata hai appp bahot acha bolte ho i know app ek doctor hone ke nathe apna farz neba rahe the aur phir wasie bi mujhe pata hai ki appne jaan buuj ke nahi kiya

A - so am i forgiven...

Ridhima smiled and noodded her head

A - so what say friends

R - lekin app toh...

A - that doesn't mean we can't be friends or it does...

R - nahi aise baat nahi hai

A - hmmm toh iska matlab tumne mujhe isileyee maff kiya ki main tumhara senior hoon

R -nahi

A -then tumhara dost hoon

R - ji

A - good

Armaan's pager went on

A -well i have to go see u around ridhima

ridhima noodeed and armaan left and she smiled at her new friend...

later armaan gave anji to do rectal exam's for two days and all left home after their duties

when Armaan and rahul came home they saw Kritii and suhb were sitting with girl ..wait with Aryana

A - OMG i thought u were coming tommorow

Ra - yeah (they went to hug her )

A- i missed u Angel

Ary- mee too bhai

Ra -(pouted) what about me

Ary - do i smell something burning

A - me too

Ra - not fair u guys always tease me as i am younger

All chuckes at his kidish baheviour

Ary - don't worry i missed u too

after nine month the malik house has lots of laughter and alot of musti after a while all went to sleep early as aryana came so she was tried so all went to sleep.

Next day

At sanjeevani...

At nurse station

all interns were waiting for Dr Armaan But Dr kritti Showed up

Dr K - Good Morning Interns I willl assist today as Dr Armaaan will come in the Afternoon

Dr kirtii - well Dr Armaan probably mentioned that we will be having new intern soon so today he is going to join us like in min

All were curiously to know except Rahul and Ridhima

Sudenlly there was a guy behind Doctor Kritti he turned around and was shocked and yet very happy to see someone from enterns

Rahul came and introduced himself and then others and shaked hands with other when he came front of Ridhima he smirked and looked at her her from head to toe and she felt really uncomfortable

R - hello (kept herself away from him)

Man  - Hello (smriked looking at how nervous she looked and uncomfy) Dr Vivek Shah...


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