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part 6 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Jijoo! Aap phir se mujhey hospital laana chahte hai?" Ridhima irately stomped foot while talking on phone with Atul.

"Arey saali ji! Samjha karo na. This way you would be closer to bhai. Kab tak uska khana khilakar time waste karogi? Hospital mein toh jada waqt bita sakti hai na." Atul explained his plans.

Actually Atul couldn't hide anything and told Anjali about Ridhima's crush on Arman. Anjali jumped up as she admired Arman's work. "That's great, Atul! This is the best thing you ever did so far."

Atul pouted "kyon aisa kehti hai, Anjali! Tumsey shadi bhi toh karliya na? Wo best thing nahinhai?" Anjali glared at him and turned head into her magazine.

"Anjali! Humara baat chodo. Arman is not our type, you know. How could we bring him to Ridz? Tum kuch socho na."

Anjali thought for a while and her lips twitched with the idea of bringing Ridhia back home "why don't we appoint Ridz in the hospital? Har waqt aankhon ke saamney rahi toh pyar apne aap hojayegi."

Atul jumped with excitement "brilliant, Anjali! You are intelligent. Humey bhi aisa hi pyar hua tha."

Anjali irately looked at him for his innocence. Atul smiled without reading her expressions and lay beside her.


"Hi! Ridhima! You're looking gorgeous! Kahin jaa rahi hai?" Misthy greeted Ridhima who walked into their dining room. She was indeed looking gorgeous in green anarkali style chudidhar with matching light jewelry. Arman checked her with appreciative looks and turned his eyes. Ridhima noticed his expressions and smiled herself.

"Main hospital join kiya hai, Misthy! Papa wanted me to work with him." She replied giving side glances to Arman.

"Hospital? Aisa ayegi? Looks like shadi per jaarahi hai," Arman rolled his eyes sarcastically at Ridhima before walked into his room with cup of coffee, "Misthy! Mera time ho raha hai.  Sham ko jaldi aoonga, taiyyar rehna. Yaad hai na Pune jana hai?" He shouted from behind.

Ridhima frowned at Arman's comment and angrily stared at his way. Misthy smiled to ease her, "You know how he reacts at you. My Best wishes with you always, "Ridz!"

"Pune jaaraha hai?" Ridhima immediately enquired inquisitively. Arman overheard her and thought himself "Gosh! Let her not escort us."

"Ridz! Tumbhi aa sakti hai humara saat" Misthy  offered with excitement, "humara bua bahut aci hai." she added. They dint know Arman hit his head with palms.


"Hi!" Angad greeted Kripa while waiting for the elevator. "Hi!" Kripa reciprocated.

"Aap yahan naya join kiya hai?" Angad couldn't hold his inquisition anymore.

Kripa adorably nodded her head "Jee!"

Both walked into elevator. "Aaj pehla din tha. Bose Art & Music Academy mein, 8th floor."

Angad nodded as understood, "I'm Angad. MD, Sur recording Studios, 10th floor," He introduced himself and expected her to mention her name.

Kripa hesitantly twitched her lips "I'm Kripa!" Both smiled embarrassingly after exchanging names.

Angad wanted to know her complete whereabouts; "Aur Kya poochoon? Her native place? Kahan padhi likhi hai? yahan ki hai ya bahar ka? Rehti Kahan hai? Poochloon? What if she mistakes me? Shuru mein hi kaam bigad jayega. Dadi ki family ko lekar main such much pagal hogaya hoon. Let me wait till I meet Subhanker. As Kartik said I waited for so many YEARS, why not for some more DAYS?"

Kripa wanted to get rid of him as quickly as possible, "magar lag raha hai ki issey roz jhelna padega. We both come to work at same time.. Kuch jada baat karna bhi safe nahin hai. Agar mera peecha padgaya toh?" she recollected Gayatri's words "agar naani ki pariwar se hi itna careful rehna hai toh paraya logon se aur bhi jada hoshiyar rehna chahiye." She alerted herself.

Both immersed in their own thoughts till the elevator hauled on ground level.

"Bye, see you, take care" Angad bade goodbye. Kripa shyly shook her head "you too."

"Very sweet smile. Khaash aisi ladki miljata." Angad smiled himself as picked his bike.


"Shah ka ghar se  invitation aaya tha." Dilip informed as part of his conversation at dinner table. Naina nodded her head "haan suna hai. Kirti bhi call ki. Kal engagement hai aur teen din mein shadi. Aaj kal shadiyan itni jaldi horaha hai ki preparations ke liye kuch time hi nahin milta. "

Devyani smiled "logon mein aaj kal itna phursat kahan milti. Hur baat mein jaldibaaji."

Dilip agreed "haan mama! aap sahi kehrahey hai. Pata nahin humara bachon ka kaise shadiyan hongey."

Naina was alarmed about the eventual topic towards Devyani's family and changed the topic "kal sham ko Bose house mein bada party hai. New project ki silsiley mein. We all have to attend it."

Kartik looked at Angad for his choice "mom! Shah ke function mein koyi represent karna padega."

Naina knew why he wanted to go to Shah House, "Hum wedding per jaasaktay hai. Engagement mein hum kya karengey? Let it be private."

Angad secretly warned Kartik to discuss later when Kartik expected his voice at the matter.


"kyon Angad! Tum Shah ke ghar nahin jayega? Sapna se mililo aur kuch clues millega." Kartik settled besides Angad in the patio after dinner.

Aaliyah walked to them with fruit bowl and ice cream, "haan, Angad bhai! Main bhi chaloongi aapke saat."

Angad shook his head sideways "nahin, Aaliyah! As mom said, engagement mein hum kya karengey. Waise wo log toh busy hongey. Sapna se milne se bhi kya faida hoga. Just we get some idea about the city, nothing else. We can do that later too."

Aaliyah and Kartik surprised and exchanged looks at Angad's casual talk. Kartik left to attend some call on his mobile.

"Bhai! Aap itna udhaas? Sab theek toh hai," Aaliyah found Angad was not much interested in Shah' matters as he was eager to learn about his cousin(s).

Angad smiled "Aisa koyi baat nahin hai Aaliyah! I was just thinking how far Shah could help us. Mannan ka bhi kuch ristedar hai Hyderabad mein. Hum wahan se bhi help le sakte hai. So why do we unnecessarily bother Subhanker at this time?" Actually Angad was expecting Kripa with Bose Academy. "Ho sakta hai wo bhi wahan miljaaye?" He wondered for thinking of the girl.

Aaliyah shook Angad "bhai! Main yahin hoon, kahin gaya nahin. Aap Kahan kho gaye they?"

Angad blushed "kuch nahin, Aaliyah! Bus Dadi ki pariwar ke barein mein soch raha tha."


"TUM?" Arman was irritated to see Ridhima in his cabin.

Ridhima less cared his irritation "Arman! Itna surprise honey ki kya baat hai? Mein toh batadiya tha na mein hospital join kar rahi hoon."

"Haan haan, pata hai. Magar main nahin jaanta tha ki tum mere saat kaam kar rahi hai," he frowned.

Ridhima heaved sigh out dramatically, "main hospital join ki hi tumharay liya,"

Arman tried to hide his smile, "kya matlab?"

"Matlab saaf hai, Arman! I wanted to work with you." Ridhima mischievously batted her eyelids. Arman tried to escape her looks, "Ridhima! I expect seriousness in work." He went thru the list of patience he supposed to see that day.

Ridhima leaned over him into files "I'm also serious about WORK, Arman! Main kabhi koyi kaam adhura chodta nahin." Arman sharply moved his eyes at her closeness and paused at her eyes. She innocently looked into his eyes. Ridhima stared deep into his blue eyes, "khaash inn aankhon mein doob jaye." Arman felt the heat near his throat and ears. Heat steamed out of his ears and neck. His lips dried and throat irritated with dryness. Both felt the sweet tremble in their body because of nearness and eyelocks. Her familiar body fragrance soothed his heart. He tried hard to suppress the desire to caress her soft parted lip petals, pink cheeks and kiss the dark eye lashes.

"DOCTOR!" the assistant nurse' call brought them into the present world.

Arman coughed embarrassingly as settled his throat "haan..batao.."

Ridhima consciously settled her psyche. Nurse smiled at them "Patients wait kar rahey hai, Doctor!" she reminded Arman's duty. Arman shook head as his throat was still dry. He stared at Ridhima after nurse left, "Ridhima! Go and check the patients."

Ridhima smiled through eyes at his soft voice and stroked hair sideway with two hands and graciously walked out as he stole her eyes from behind. He cheerfully smiled himself after she disappeared, "yeh ladki ke saat kaam mushkil hojayegi. I need to get rid of her. Nahin toh iski aankhon mein doob jaoonga main" he confronted himself.


"Hey, Arman! How are you? Aur Ridhima kaisi hai?" Atul enquired him as part of his "Mission Cupid"

Arman twisted his eyes "Kya matlab? Aaj achanak mere haalchal poochraha hai? Tumhara kya matlab?" He suspiciously questioned Atul.

Atul mumbled with faint smile "wo aaj se tumhara saat kaam kar rahi hai na. Issiliye, I just wanted to know about her work. Dad was worried about her."

Arman clinched his jaws when heard Dr.Shashank Gupta' name.

Atul and Ridhima secretly showed thumbs up when Arman walked away to his cabin.


"Kissey dhoondraha hai? bhai!" Aaliyah whispered teasingly in Angad's ears. His eyes were steadily searching for someone though he was exchanging pleasantries with other guests in the party of Bose..

Angad startled "koyi nahin hai, Aaliyah! I wasn't searching anyone."

Aaliyah disbelievingly stared at him "kal se tum bahut khoya khoya lag raha hai, bhai! Batayiyena kya baat hai? Kaun mera bhai ko pershan kar raha hai …. ya..kar rahi hai?"

Angad blushed "tum bhi na Aaliyah! Aisa kuch nahin hai."

Aaliyah didn't believe him but left as Naina took her to Damini. Angad looked affectionately at her as she reciprocated by turning her head.

Angad recollected their conversation as remembered his elevator-mate. "Why am I expecting her here? Why I postponed search for Dadi's family? Kya hai uss ladki mein. Mein kyon uski friendship chah raha hoon? Just because she looks like what Dadi always described about her childhood? Kya main aisi ladki ki talash mein tha? How can I grow interest in her when I was thinking about my cousin? What about my dreams?"

"Kyon Angad! Itna khoya khoya kyon hai aaj? What happened man? Are you okay? Tumhey Shah ka ghar jana hi tha. Why are you so upset?" Kartik dropped his hand around Angad when host, Damini Bose addressed all guests and formally welcomed.

Angad apologetically looked and smiled.

"As of welcoming our new project I request Angad Khanna to present a song." Damini concluded her welcome speech.

Angad excused himself as he would sing after sometime. He walked to food lounge for appetizers. Kartik, Aaliyah followed him. Angad lowered his head as tired of their nagging "chalo, abb toh tum donon mujhey akela chodega nahin. Asal mein Kuch nahin hua. Kal mein ek ladki se mila tha. She newly joined Bose Academy. That' all. She attracted me. Say crush or what. I was wondering about my feelings. That's all."

Aliyah and Kartik exchanged looks at each other, "hmm, looks like major crush. We have to look into the matter. Nahin toh kahan Angad Khanna aur kahan wo ajnabi ladki? She over passed Angad's dream girl. That's bad."

Angad laughed with blush "you don't have to worry about this. Main solve karloonga. Ek baar Hyderabad gaya tho yeh problem apne aap solve hojayegi. That's all."

Aaliyah teased Angad, "hum tumhey chod dengey agar ek pyarasa gana uss first crush ke liye hojaye?"

Angad smiled "first crush? I don't think so. I admired many girls in college."

Kartik patted his shoulder "chalo, maangaya. This is not first crush. But she could make you forget your dream girl, if not forever atleast for a moment!"

Angad smiled proudly, "Ladki aisi hi hai. I couldn't get her out of my mind. I could feel her everywhere."

"So you expected her here through Bose academy?'" Aaliyah wondered at Angad's feelings.

Angad shook his head as agreed and walked to present a song.


While Angad expected Kripa in the party on behalf Bose Academy, Kripa was enjoying Sapna's engagement. She was the leader among the friends of Sapna and teased the bride and groom with her melodious Gujarati wedding songs that were practiced with the help of Sapna's aunty.

She became center of attraction in the wedding crowd. "You should have tried for Bollywood, Kripa!" Subhankar praised Kripa when she was leisurely chatting with Sapna. Sapna took advantage of the situation and brought the issue of missing family in front of Subhankar. "Bhaiyya! Aap jaroor Kripa ki madat kardijiyega. We need to find out Khannas.  She didn't mention about kripa's worship on her 'bava'.

"Arey Sapna! Tum mujhey pehla batana tha na. Humara business partner Khanna pariwar hi toh hai na. Kya naam hai tumhara papa ka bua ki?" Subhankar enquired further.

"Devyani Khanna, kareeb 70 saal ki hongi abb. Uska ek beta hai Dilip Khanna aur bahu Naina Khanna. Wo business loge tha. Abb pata nahin kahan hai aur kya kar rahey hai."

Subhankar eyes lit "itni si baat toh hai. Devyani Khanna toh humara business partner hi hai. Hum hur hafte ussey miltey hai. Dilip uncle ka beta Kartik bhai toh humara bahut acha dost bhi hai. Aur uski beti Sapna ke school mein padti thi, Aaliyah. Sapna Hyderabad chali gayi thi issiliye uss se contact pe nahin thi. Anyway wo shadi mein toh ayengey. Tub jaroor milogi." Subhankar reassured Kripa in his Gujarati accent.

Kripa was excited as if she got a million dollar lottery "thanks subhankar bhaiyya! Wahi log hai humarey naani aur mama. Uska beta Kartik hi hai. Aur humey yeh pata nahin hai ki kitney aur bachey hai. Mujhey abhi milna hai unlogon se."

Sapna giggled and tickled Kripa "oye hoye! Abhi se wahan daudney ki mann kar raha hai? Thoda sabar karo. Hum bhi ayengey tumhari saat." Sapna planned to visit Khannas next morning around 10 after breakfast. That time all groom side people would leave for their house so, Sapna would be free to take care of Kripa.

Kripa couldn't hold her excitement and ran into her room. She wanted to share with Gayatri immediately but waited to give complete information about Khannas..

 Next Part: Does Kripa go to Khanna house? What happens in Pune between AR?


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