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part 6 B : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

A furious Armaan advanced towards Riddhima and raised his hand to hit her but he stopped mid-way realizing just on time that it was a girl he was dealing with and hitting a girl was so not cool. He balled his fist and then he looked into Riddhima's eyes and last night, their songs, her kiss and her angelic face flashed in front of his eyes and his face hardened…….he lowered his eyes and then he barked into Riddhima's face "Get out"

Riddhima was also burning with anger. She picked up her handbag and was about to leave when she turned around…… "Its not over Mr.Malik."

Armaan just gave her a sarcastic smile. All his friends were shocked that the high and mighty Armaan Malik had done nothing on being SLAPPED and that too by a GIRL. Armaan gave them a look which clearly implied that it would be better if they will leave. They all took the hint and left but Armaan stopped Vivek…… "Dude that girl Muskaan loved you. Why did you cheat on her?"

"Oh common Armaan. I had thought that she'll be satisfied with an engagement and then I'll be able to do whatever I want but no ……. once the engagement was done she wanted to get married so I decided to just forget her for sometime but she caught me with Ana in the Pub and its not my fault that she took it so bad." Vivek ended with a shrug but was shocked when he heard Armaan say "You shouldn't have done that Vivek. That girl really loved you…… were so lucky to have found true love… should have treasured that girl for the rest of your life." Vivek couldn't believe that it was Armaan talking to him………he stared at him…….open-mouthed and eyes widened in shock while Armaan returned his intense gaze and after 5 long minutes they both burst out laughing and Vivek spoke "You had me there for a moment………I mean seriously Armaan Malik talking about true love……oh dude that was hilarious." They both laughed for sometime and Vivek continued "But its really sad that Muskaan and what was her name…….oh ya Priya……came out to be Riddhima Carter's best buds……..I mean now we don't stand a chance with her…..and she was smoking hot…….what a babe dude but you are lucky that you got to spend at least spend sometime with her…..did you guys???/ummmm you know what I mean???" but when he got no reply from a suddenly sullen Armaan he spoke in a disappointed voice "Man if I would have been in your place I would have already s****** her and with her I won't mind doing it again and again……."

But he was cut off by a pissed Armaan "Vivek you can leave now." Vivek looked at Armaan and thought that maybe mentioning Riddhima brought back the fact to his mind that she had just slapped him. He shrugged and left after saying a short goodbye to Armaan.

Armaan paced the living room for a long time……he couldn't help but feel really hurt on being accused by Riddhima. He didn't know why but it suddenly mattered to him that she understand him……….he once again rewinded all the things that had happened between him and Priya and he still didn't get what his fault was……he spoke to himself

"She was the one who had come to me in the club and she was the one who had kissed me. I was just feeling a little down so wanted somebody to be with me and anyways I would have gone to sleep had she not started all that and having sex doesn't make you fall in love with someone……..and with her that sex too wasn't much fun and just because of that b**** I lost Riddhima……I mean not that I care but still….she blames me for everything. I mean fine I insulted her but how am a supposed to treat a girl who just came and did all that with me knowing fully well that I wasn't even in my senses… decent girl would ever do something like that. I have to explain this to Riddhima…… why should I explain all this to her……..she slapped me………called me a liar. One thing that I never do is lie……no matter how major my mistake is……Armaan Malik never lies. Mom hated liars……I love her way too much to lie. Why don't you understand Riddhima and now what am I supposed to do?" Armaan slumped down on the couch and then he ran his hand through his hair. He got up and went to his room and stood before his mom's portrait and spoke "Mom I don't know why but I am not angry at Riddhima when I should be really mad at her……..and I don't understand why but I feel so hurt by her accusations just the way I felt when my teacher had complained to you about me cheating in my exam and you had believed her without even listening to me….but mom that was because I love you….but I don't love Riddhima mom or do I? How can I just fall in love with her. I met her just a day back……..nobody can fall in love in such a short period of time and I had promised to myself never to fall in love again and that is why I made this Casanova image my shield and I had no problems till now……..I know I used all those girls for having a good time but they too had fun on my expenses……I gave them expensive gifts, took them to fancy restaurants and when I dumped them they never really complained……they were always pissed but nothing more then that.

What do I do mom? You are the only one who can help me now. Please show me some way mom." Armaan sat down on his bed and covered his face with his hands in helplessness and defeat.


Riddhima sat in her car reading the papers that contained all the information about Vivek. Riddhima already had a plan cooking in her mind to teach the b****** Vivek a lesson that he will remember for his whole life. Riddhima had an evil grin on her face. She was going to make sure that Vivek never again played with any girl's life but Riddhima didn't know why but she wasn't fully convinced about Armaan being completely responsible for Priya's condition. She banged her fist on the steering wheel of her car in frustration and leaning back on the chair she sighed.

"Why are you so stupid Priya? What were you thinking when you kissed him? That guy was drunk……I know she loves him but still didn't she realize even once where it would lead to? Priya why are u so nave? And I don't even think she loves him……I don't know why but it seems that she is just crushing on him and interpreting it as love. He sure is the kind of a guy any girl would want so what if Priya too is just one of them. I don't understand why girls are so dumb…..whats so special about Armaan Malik. I liked that simple sweet Armaan who I have been with so far and not this rude, arrogant Casanova but I think that's what he is……..a rich and spoilt playboy. Why did he pretend being a good boy with me? Was he trying to trap me as well?" Riddhima smirked and then she spoke a little loudly "Well Well Mr.Malik fooling Riddhima Carter isn't that easy. But should I give him a chance to plead his case?" Riddhima was totally lost when her cell rang and seeing her father's name flashing on it…..she drove home.


Armaan called up his assistant riya..

"Hey Riya this is Armaan here." Riya was about to faint when she brought herself back to reality and remembered that he was her boss and even though he had called her on her personal number it still must be something business related… she finally found her voice and spoke "Good afternoon sir."

"A very good afternoon to you too. Riya I was wondering if you could do me a favour?"

"Of course sir anything."

"Good. There is this Priya sahni working in our office on the post of chief editor. I want you to e-mail me every information about her……her telephone no., her address, her hobbies, her favorite food, her likes and dislikes and every other thing that you can manage. I need it within an hour so you better make it fast. Thanks a lot hun."

Armaan closed his cell and then turning towards his mom's photograph he spoke "You are right mom its time to make amends and show Riddhima Carter how wrong she is about your son. Love you mom. You always help me out of all troubles." He kissed his mom's photograph and switched on his laptop.


Riddhima wore a silver sexy halter tie neck crop top with open split bodice wrapped around her midriff and rest of the back left bare with a sexy low rider shirred black Capri pants and high heels. She wore smoky eye-makeup and a pink lip gloss and tied her hair a little above her shoulders with a few strands touching her neck and her black danglers.

She stood in front of the mirror and looking at her reflection she blew herself a kiss.

"Ridzie darling you look like a killer…..awesomely seductive. Wonder how that guy is going to resist you?" She smiled and then she suddenly dialed a number on her cell

"Hey dude ready to have some fun? Sure be there on time."

Then she made another call…….. "Hey Raj are you ready? Cool be there on time please otherwise you'll loose everything and will also miss out on all the fun."

After ending the call she smirked to herself and moved out of her room only to be face to face with her father. She groaned inwardly and then heard her father's voice "Ridddhimaaaaaa how many times do I have to tell you that don't dress up like this. This is India and here you are not Riddhima Carter but Riddhima gupta. I don't like it when you wear such………"

An impatient Riddhima cut off her father and spoke in a deeply apologetic tone "Dad am really sorry but I am going to a disco and I can't wear salwaar kameez there. Please dad." She hugged her father and placing a kiss on his face she was about to leave when her father spoke up again "Riddhima wait. I won't allow you to go alone. Ask Armaan to accompany you……..I am sure he will love to come with you." Shashank ended with a smirk but was disappointed when Riddhima spoke "Sorry dad but I am not alone Rahul is going to be there with me and as for Armaan……..he is busy with some work. Bye dad I am getting late." She quickly ran out of the house before her father could start with anything new.


Riddhima stepped inside the chic discotheque…….the music loud and the lights blazing……everyone was busy on the dance floor including the guy she was here for. She smiled and moved towards him.


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