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part 6 A : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima stood frozen to her spot then she turned to Priya who was standing right behind her visibly embarrassed on being caught red-handed…..but much to Priya's amazement instead of shooting a tornado of questions Riddhima just burst out laughing and then she spoke after a couple of minutes….

"Oh my god Priya this is your major crush? Armaan Malik….I can't believe that this is the guy that you have been crushing on for like almost a year." Riddhima laughed harder and fell on the floor and then Priya spoke up "What's wrong with it? You make it sound so funny and weird……do you even know that Armaan is the most eligible bachelor in India? Here see this." Priya handed over a magazine to Riddhima and Riddhima saw Armaan's photograph on the front page and their was a lengthy article on how he is a talented and hardworking guy and has won a number of awards in the young achievers category and is also every girls dream with his killer looks…….all in all Armaan Malik is a complete package…. the most eligible bachelor of the nation.

Riddhima was impressed and then she thought… wonder pa is trying to hook me up with him….Riddhima turned to Priya and asked her "So have you told him? Are you two going around?" Priya looked down and then she moved towards the window and Riddhima heard her speak in a very low voice "Ridzie……I and Armaan…..I mean we did……u know we kinda….

Riddhima stood up abruptly cutting of Priya she spoke in a shocked voice "You two slept together?" Priya nodded her head while Riddhima was too shocked to respond.

Man this guy has slept with my friend and here he was flirting with me the whole time…..oh no wait a minute….Priya says she is in love with him but he told me that he is not in love with anyone and doesn't think that he can ever fall in love with anyone….Priya won't do it just for fun. Is Armaan playing some sort of game with her. Oh my god I have to know or maybe she too did It just for fun………I won't spare him if he hurts her in any way.

"Priya are you guys committed to each other? Did he say he will……….."

Riddhima stopped when she saw a tear roll down Priya's eyes. Riddhima quickly walked towards her and before she knew it Priya hugged her and started sobbing in her arms. Riddhima hugged her back and waited for Priya to explain and then she heard her say "Riddhima you remember I told you that I will confess my feelings to him? I had gone to the club to do exactly that when…….


Priya walked into the club and saw Armaan sitting near the bar sipping on a drink. Priya walked towards him and she waited for him to notice her but Armaan didn't. He was busy drinking. Priya moved closer and placing an arm on his hand she spoke "Armaan!!" Armaan finally turned towards her and Priya noticed that he was a little wobbly because of the drinks. "Hi Armaan…..I wanted to talk to you."

"Heyyyyy…..but you are……Riya or nisha or tanya……..hey do I even know you?"

Priya shifted uncomfortably and then she told him "Ya Armaan I work in your office. I am the chief editor. Priya sahni." Armaan nodded his head and gave her a million dollar smile and Priya's face brightened. He suddenly got up and took her to the dance floor where they danced for a long time and Priya told him a nuber of things to which Armaan kept nodding his head and all this time Armaan kept picking up drinks from the waiters around him and kept drinking due to which after some time he felt dizzy and he handed over a key to Priya "This is the key to my room. Room no. 201. I hope you don't mind taking me there?" Priya smiled at him and placing his one arm around her shoulder she took him to the room.

She placed him on to the bed and was about to leave when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her on to him and slurred "Don't go please. Don't leave me alone? I don't want to be alone." He moved a little on the bed and pulled Priya next to him on the bed and placed his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes trying to go to sleep. Priya was all shaken up but happy to be in the arms of the man she loved and then as if on an impulse she faced him and cupping his face she placed her lips against his. Armaan opened his eyes with a jerk but didn't react for a long time but after sometime he grabbed her waist and pulling her close he kissed her back. The kiss was rough and hard and before Priya knew Armaan was kissing her neck and shoulders. Things soon got heated up and Priya lost herself in her passion.

Flashback ends

Riddhima was shocked. Then she heard Priya speak "And next morning….I………… I told him that I love him but he told me that he could never love a girl like me………that am ugly and just because he slept with me doesn't mean that he loves me…..and when I pleaded with him to not leave me he threw a blank cheque in my face and walked out. Ridzie I don't know what to do. He gave me a birth control pill and he was all cool about whatever happened between us." Riddhima was stunned and then she remembered all that had transpired between her and Armaan.

And here I was thinking that he is a really nice guy. He is such a monster. How could he do this to Priya. I know its Priya's fault as well but to humiliate her like that and he gave her a cheque. Who the f****** hell does he think he is? The audacity of that man….I am not going to spare him. He has no respect for women. I hate him so much……I wish I could kill him with my bare hands.

Then Riddhima's eyes fell on Priya who had slumped to the ground crying….Riddhima's eyes filled up. The two people that Riddhima can never see in pain are Muskaan and Priya but at the moment they both were hurting because of the men they LOVED. Riddhima swore that she will teach both the men a lesson .

Coming out of her thoughts she went to Priya and gathered her in her arms. The whole night she sat with Priya in her arms and consoled her promising her that everything will be fine. She moved Priya to the bed and then rummaged her cupboard and as expected she found the blank cheque in the box where Priya used to place all the articles and photographs of Armaan……Priya had told her this once. Riddhima could see how much Priya liked the guy though Riddhima felt somewhere that what Priya felt for Armaan wasn't actually love but still didn't give that guy the right to insult her friend. She placed the cheque in her handbag and taking out a black dress she took a shower and changed and then she went closer to a sleeping Priya and holding her hand she spoke slowly "Priya I promise everything will be fine . I am going to teach both the guys a good lesson. First its Armaan's turn."

Riddhima took Priya's car and drove to Armaan's house. She found the door was open…she didn't knock. She stepped inside and walked into the living room and was shocked when she saw a group of guys sitting inside with VIVEK one of them.

Riddhima felt like she was hit by a boulder as the realization struck her that Armaan and Vivek were actually friends. Her lips curved into a cold smile and then she thought that both friends are the same and maybe that is why they get along so well……..planning strategies for hurting and using girls around them. When Riddhima saw the two men patting each others back every inkling of doubt about Armaan not being fully responsible left her and she clapped her hands loudly.

Armaan heard the applauding and turned towards the door and saw Riddhima standing there. He quickly got up and walked towards her while all his friends were shocked to see the super model Riddhima Carter but then they thought that anything was possibly for the CASANOVA Armaan malik. They all exchanged knowing smiles. Armaan was about to hug her when she moved back and lifted her hand to stop him and then brushing past him she moved towards where Vivek was sitting and then turning around she asked Armaan "YOU both are friends?" Armaan was confused with her behavior but he answered her nonetheless "Ya we are…… in fact we are the best of friends." Riddhima now gave him a bitter and cold smile and then she hissed "Why am I not surprised? People like YOU could be BEST FRIENDS with people like HIM only." Armaan stared at Riddhima totally confused now. But before he could do anything Riddhima walked towards Vivek and grabbed his collar "How dare you hurt Muskaan? You B****** do you even know how much she loved you? You ruined the poor girls life. What did you do that for? Punishing her for falling in love with you when being in love with a scumbag like you is a punishment in itself." Vivek stood up with Riddhima still holding his collar. He could see murder in her eyes but he didn't know how she knew Muskaan. He glanced towards Armaan who understood and removing Riddhima's hand from Vivek's collar turned her around. "Riddhima what are you doing? I don't know what relationship you have with Muskaan but its not Vivek who has hurt her in fact its Muskaan who broke the engagement saying that she didn't want to get married and was more interested in her career." Riddhima lashed out "Oh really……so she broke the engagement but then what did she cut her wrist for? You are such a nice liar Armaan. Trying to defend your friend huh? Muskaan loved this guy with all her might but he cheated on her and she was so hurt that she tried to kill herself." Armaan was shocked he turned towards Vivek and looked questioningly at him but Vivek just shrugged and then Armaan spoke "Vivek why did you lie to me? Why didn't you tell me….." but he was cut off by a furious Riddhima who barked at him "Oh for heavens sake Mr.Malik drop the act. Don't pretend as if you are an angel and had no knowledge about your friends character……..but I am pretty sure that you must be having another convincing and innocent story to tell about your own crimes." Armaan whipped around and then facing Riddhima he spoke "What are you talking about? What crime have I committed?" Riddhima laughed sarcastically and then she took out the cheque and threw it on Armaan's face who looked at the cheque and looking up he spoke in a low confused voice "This is my signature but what is it doing with you?"

"Priya Sahni. Do you even remember her?" Armaan smiled and sat down on the chair and spoke "Of course I remember that s***. How can I forget what a pain she was to handle. I had a one night stand with her and let me tell you she was the worst I had ever been with and the next mor…..

But before Armaan could say anything further Riddhima slapped him hard across his face. Armaan held his warm cheek and stood up with his blood boiling and raging eyes while his friends gasped……no one had ever dared to mess with Armaan Malik and they knew at that moment that the girl will be paying a good price for what she did.


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