Tuesday, 6 March 2018

part 6: kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi


riddhima opened eyes and got up immediately getting the hot sun peeping through the window. She saw the mobile and got it was 9 a.m. she tensed thinking that arman went to office surely cause everyday he went that time. she cursed herself for her sleep and came in dining room in her night suit and heard some sounds coming from kitchen. The drawing room was filled with delicious aroma of foods .riddhima’s sad face lightened once .she came in kitchen slowly and got arman was cooking something while singing a song in a low voice. She was mesmerized to see her husband, who was looking very cute in chef’s uniform. Her heart wished to hug him and to kiss his dimples.suddenly she heard arman’s voice : “uth gayi? good morning wifey..Need achchi hui na?”

riddhima didn’t surprise in arman’s question cause she knew it was common for arman,to fight at night and next day buttering her. She asked : “tumhe office nahi jana arman?”

arman thought a while blinking eyes and uttered only : “na...
riddhima was surprised hearing it.she uttered : “kyon?”
arman kept the haluwa in a bowl and uttered : “I took leave.”
Riddhima got more surprised .she asked again : “kyon?
Arman looked at her and uttered dancing eyebrows : “office kyon nahi gaye? Leave kyon li?cooking kyon kar rahe? Gana kyon ga rahe? kyon..kyon…kyon…arey yaar,kitna kyon kyon karogi? Jao jaldi se fresh hokar aao.i know my darling wify didn’t had dinner last night….so I made her favourite breakfast…garmagaram muli paratha,aloo dum aur haluwa…yummy..
Riddhima smiled on his words and uttered : “par kaki kahan hai?”
Arman : “nahi aayi.”
Riddhima : “kyon?”
Arman uttered frowning : “phir kyon?jao jaldi se ready ho jao riddhima aur haan maine tumhare dresses rakhe hain table par,wo pahan lena.”
Riddhima again got surprised.she asked : “nayi dress?why?
Arman laughed and uttered : “ab kyon chodkar why…arey yaar,hum breakfast karke jayenge kahin duuuuuuuur…
Riddhima gave him a question look.
Arman uttered smilingly : “ab aankhon se ‘kyon’ kah rahi ho…nahi..mai abhi nahi batane wala,tum pahle ready ho jao.”
Suddenly he saw the watch and whined : “omg!we are already late riddhi baby..go go..aur haan thoda make up bhi karne..waise I know meri biwi hai hi itni khubsurat ki usey make up ki jarurat nahi,phir bhi..
Riddhima smiled and went from there to get ready.arman smiled and ran to kitchen as he kept milk on the oven.
When riddhima came getting ready ,arman whistled looking at her and uttered : “wow!aaj toh gajab dha rahi ho riddhima..you are looking so so beautiful…
Riddhima uttered smilingly : “ab maska marna chodo aur batao kahan jana hai.”
Arman gestured her to sit then forwarded her plate and uttered : “rahul and muskan invited us,unke baby girl ka aaj happy birthday hai so.”
Riddhima remembered about rahul and muskan,both are arman’s school friend.arman showed their photos. They were living in Canada ,just last month they back here .rahul was a software engineer and muski was also.rahul got a job here in a big company but muskan was staying at home now a days to take care of their kids,whom were of a 4 years old boy and a 1 year baby girl.
Riddhima got happy but asked : “baby ke liye kuch gift kharida?aur unke liye bhi sweets lekar jana chahiye.aise khali hath nahi jate pahli baar. Aur haan,unke ladke ke liye kuch lenge ,wo bhi to chota hi hai..hai na arman?
Arman ,who was looking at her,uttered in a praising voice : “I know my wife is so so intelligent..ab dekho,mujhe ye sab yaad hi nahi rahta.”
Riddhima uttered smilingly : “ ladkon ko yeh sab khyal nahi rahta arman.yeh toh ladies ka hi kaam hai.”
Arman finished his breakfast and uttered : “aur isiliye girls ya ladies hi ghar ko swarg banati hai,khushiyan lati hai kyonki unhen sabkuch khyal rahta hai.”
Riddhima smiled and uttered : “I know arman tumse baton mein koi nahi jeet sakta. Par tumhe abhi ready hona hai aur hum late ho rahe hain.”
Arman jumped ,uttered : “omg!mai toh bhul hi gaya tha…” and ran to the room. Riddhima smiled and finished breakfast fast. She was excited to meet with rahul and muskan and their kids.
Rahul and muskan welcomed them warmly. Muskan yelled happily : “my ghosh! Arman,you are looking so so handsome and hot…”saying she winked at riddhima.
Rahul uttered in a scolding tone : “kya kar rahi hai,sambhal kar bola kar.beechari riddhima ghabra jayegi.”
Arman uttered smilingly : “riddhima,yeh muskan bachpan se hi aisi hai..aise hi bolti hai..
Muskan chuckled : “means tu bachpan se hi handsome aur hot tha?”
arman laughed and replied folding hands : “meri amma! Mai tujhse baton me nahi jeet sakta.”
Rahul uttered looking at muskan : “sirf baaten hi banayegi ya inhe baithne ke liye bhi kahegi?
Muskan uttered holding riddhima’s hands : “come riddhima…
Riddhima kept the sweet packets on the table and asked looking here and there : “bachche ?”
Muskan uttered smilingly : “sohni so rahi hai aur sonu khelne gaya hai,abhi aa jayega.”
Riddhima gave the gifts to muskan and uttered : “ye bachchon ke liye hain.”
Muskan uttered smilingly : “sonu ko tum hi de dena ,wok hush hoga.par tumlog itna late kyon aaye? Maine toh morning hi aane ko kaha tha ,breakfast bhi banaya tha maine.”
Arman uttered smilingly : “abhi hum azad panchi hain muski,zara late uthte hain.”
Rahul laughed and uttered : “chalo koi baat nahi,lunch bhi ready hai,bas zara juice de dena muskan.”
After sometime when all were busy in chatting, muskan’s son came running but seeing unknown person ,stood on the doorstep and started staring them from there. riddhima’s eyes went on him,she uttered : “muskan,sonu shayad ander aane se dar raha hai.”
Muskan looked at him and yelled : “panjabi da putter aise darte kya? Shame shame sonu..chal idhar aa,pair chu uncle aur aunty ke.”
Sonu obeyed his mumma and touched arman and riddhima’s feet. Riddhima kissed on his cheek and forwarded the gift to him while uttered : “yeh aapke liye.”
Sonu’s eyes flashed with joy.he asked in his kiddish voice : “kya hai isme?”
Arman uttered : “aap khud hi kholkar dekho lo.”
Sonu tore the packet immediately and seeing ‘chota bheem’,he yelled happily : “yeeeeeee..chota bheem..”
Muskan uttered smilingly : “thank you bolo beta.”
Sonu mouthed thank you and went from there.their maid came and asked : “table laga dun didi?”
Muskan nodded in yes.
The whole day arman and riddhima spent there and it became a memorable day for riddhima. After their lunch,muskan talked a lot with riddhima while they were resting in muskan’s bedroom. afternoon all of them went to ‘lakshmi narayan temple’ then they visited an orphanage near rahul-muskan’s house.rahul and muskan had taken cakes,sweets and chocolates for orphan kids.they shared it among them.the kids were very happy getting it. Sonu ,whom muskan took there many times,had a lot friend there so he started playing with them where riddhima took the responsibility of muskan’s baby girl. She carried her the whole time,fed her milk and changed her diaper also. Muskan uttered smilingly : “riddhima,ek kaam kar,idhar hi aa ja rahne ko,phir meri tension hi khatm ho jayegi ,sohni ko tu sambhal lena.”
Then she whispered : “shadi ke 4 years ho gaye na? kya planning hai?
Riddhima nodded in na and uttered slowly : “wo arman..actually he didn’t want..so..
Muskan laughed and uttered : “hayo rabba! mera hero itna romantic hai mujhe pata hi nahi tha,phir to usise shadi karti.waise sach kahun riddhima,bachche aaye to romance ka ‘the end’ to hota hai..
Riddhima uttered with a smile : “tumne to 6 years me 2 bachche le liye..
Muskan nodded and uttered : “by mistake..yeh rahul ki galti hai meri nahi…
Riddhima thought in heart…”kash! Yeh galti arman bhi karey!par pata nahi arman ko bachche kab se napasand aane lage…
But it was not true…arman didn’t hate babies and riddhima got proof. She saw a baby girl around 3 years,couldn’t able to eat her cake,arman was feeding her making small pieces of cake,while taking her in his lap. She loved that scene and imagined her baby in arman’s lap but sighed coming back in reality.
After having dinner in rahul’s house,they came back at late night. arman changed dresses and lay down on the bed while riddhima went to freshen .after freshened ,she came out in nightdress and came in front of mirror and tied her hairs but heard arman’s voice : “khule rahne do na ,achche lagte hain.”
She turned and saw arman was looking at her. Riddhima loosened the knot and uttered slowly : “arman…
Arman : “hmmm..
Riddhima : “wo muskan kuch kah rahi thi..
Arman got up and uttered : “kya?
Riddhima hesitate a bit then uttered : “ki wo tumse shadi karna chahti thi..means tum bhi usey like…kya yeh sach hai?
Arman smiled on her words and uttered : “mai,rahul aur muskan bachpan se ek hi school me the,neighburs bhi the par class 10th tak aate aate rahul ke dil me ek soft corner ban gaya muskan ke liye aur muskan ka mere liye.”
Riddhima looked at him.
Arman : “par muskan ke papa ko businessman bilkul pasand nahi…and rahul knew it so he went in engineering …aur mujhe apne papa ka business sambhalna tha..so I moved to it.
Riddhima uttered sighly : “means mai tumhare life me pahli ladki nahi hun?
Arman gestured her to come there. riddhima went and sat on the cot. Arman held her hand and uttered peeping in her almond eyes : “tum hi mere life me pahli aur akhiri ladki ho riddhima. I told you muskan liked me but not I. she is my best friend only,samjhi?”
Riddhima nodded only.arman uttered mischievously: “toh ab kuch aur kiya jaye yeh sab baten chodkar?”
Riddhima blushed hearing it .arman wrapped his arms around her waist and dragged her into him.riddhima kept her head on arman’s shoulder and uttered slowly : “par aaj mai ek baat jaan gayi hun.”
Arman ,who was playing with her locks,asked : “kya?
Riddhima looked at him and uttered : “ki tumhe baby pasand hai..tum jis tarah us bachchi ko cake khila rahe the..I saw everything arman.”
Arman was not able to reply for a minute. after sometime he uttered slowly : “riddhima,aisa karte hain hum ek baby orphanage se le lete hain.”
Riddhima was shocked hearing it !she asked : “par kyon arman?”
Arman : “kyonki mai nahi chahta tumhe pregnancy ki takleef jhelna pade.”
Riddhima uttered confusingly : “isme takleef ki kya baat hai arman? I love you aur tumhare baby ko carry karna,mere liye sabse badi khushi hogi.”
Arman uttered : “and I love u riddhima…aur tumhe pain me dekhkar mujhe takleef hogi..anyways,I think ab humey rest karna chahiye.”

Saying he lied on the bed and closed eyes. Riddhima felt insulting…she got up and came in the balcony and sat on the swing.but in a while she heard arman’s voice from back : “thand lag jayegi riddhima,kamre me chalo.”

But she didn’t move from her place. Arman came to her and uttered holding her hand : “riddhima,ek baat batao,maine tumse aur tumne mujhse pyar kiya tha aur humey ek dusre se bahut pyar hai..kya kisi aur wajah se isme kami aani chahiye?”

Riddhima nodded in na then replied : “maine aisa nahi kaha arman,par tum kyon sochte ho isse pyar kam hoga,wo toh aur badhega na?”

Arman uttered with mischievious look : “nahi,jab tum usey mujhse jyada pyar karogi toh mujhe gussa aayega,I will feel jealous and humme fight hogi..anyways,is barey me hum baad me baat karenge…god made this time for sleep aur wo bhi apne pyar ko bahon men lekar…toh agar ab tum nahin jaogi toh mai…..”saying he dragged riddhima to him and lifted her in his arm.

Riddhima uttered sacredly : “mai gir jaungi arman,please mujhe neeche utaro.”

Arman nodded in na and uttered : “mai tumhe girne nahi dunga dear wifey…”

Saying he took her in room and made her lay on the bed and rolled over her. He kissed her cheek and whispered : “I love you jaan…

Riddhima was sad in heart but didn't want to spoil arman's mood so responded : “love you too..

Arman kissed her lips and dragged into him and in a while they lost in their love land .

Love u all

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